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Power Rangers Lightning Force
by Crystal Ranger

Episode 1
"The Journey Begins, Part 1"

Act 1


Narration: "It has been many years since the Red Space Ranger known as Andros destroyed Zordon's energy tube in order to restore peace throughout the universe once the United Allience unleashed an all out attack."

"It has know been five years. The remaining people of Eltar rebuilt their planet. It is now much like Earth. "

"However a dark force of evil, even greater than Dark Specter and all his forces put together has decided to rule the universe for himself. He plans to start with Eltar. He has one of his followers start an attack on the planet. Now it's up to some people to work together and save their planet and the universe."

"This is their story."

Scene 1

Setting: The sky of Eltar. A very large ship flys through it.

It is six miles long and is two miles tall. It's main color is a silverish grey. It has thin black lines that make it look like tiles. The lines are hard to see. The front looks like a birds beak. Above it are to red objects that look like eyes. The back has two large thrusters that look like fans.

It goes inside the main room. It has a large throne in the middle. There are many computer consules and machines around the wall. The main color is grey with a mix of black. The right side is covered in darkness.

There are three figures there. One is hidden in the shadows. One sets at the throne and the other stands next to it.

The monster on the throne is very tall and has alot of muscles all over his body.His body is mostly red with orange strips around it. On his back is a sword. His face is gold and has no mouth. It eyes are green. For hair he has chains. His chest is covered in what looks like a silver shirt, but up close it is a chest plate. He has damaged ninja type paints on that are black.

The other monster's main color is purple with blue strips around it. He has no muscles all over but mostly on his chest and arms. He has tall boots that are purple with blue trim on the top. His face looks the same as the other monster but instead of gold it is copper. His eyes glow yellow. He also has chains for hair. It wears a small plate on his chest. On his back is a sword.

Man in the shadows: "I gave you my Sky Carrier for this job. Do not fail me Lord Cranston."

The monster gets up from his throne and bows: "Do not worry my master. I shall not fail you. However I think it would help if I had a little more help."

The man in the shadows: "I have two in mind. They worked for Dark Spector. Both very powerful. One loyal and determined. The other swift and backstabing. Which I tend to like in a monster."

The other monster steps up: " Sir, I think I know which two you are talking about. But what makes you think they will serve you and my farther?"

The figure's hand comes from the shadows and it is glowing. He holds it to the monster: "Do you doubt me Prince Cranston?"

Prince Cranston steps back and yells from fear: "OF COURSE NOT!"

The figure lowers his hand: "Then let the destruction begin. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

Lord Cranston and Prince Cranston soon follow in with a errie laugh of their own.

Opneing Theme

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: On the surfce of Eltar. Several people walk about and cars drive by. One man is riding a bicycle. He is wearing a red shirt and black pants. A red rubber ball soon bounces in front of his bicycle. He suddenly stops.

The man gets off the bicycle and picks the ball up: "What the .....?"

A little boy runs up: "Sorry sir."

The man bends done and hands him the ball: "No problem little guy. Who are you with?"

Boy: "My big sister."

A girl about the same age as the man runs up. She is wearing a skirt and a blouse. Over it with a yellow windbreaker.

The girl looks at the boy: "Josh, I told you to stay with me."

Boy: "Sorry." The girl looks at the man: "Oh hey Clark. I haven't seen you at work this week."

Clark looks at the women as he gets up: "Hey Angela. The boss gave me some time off. The cars been in the shop and I've had to ride this bike everywhere, but I'm getting the car out this afternoon."

Angela looks behind her a sees a women drive up: "Hey Josh, theres mom. You better go home. Tell her I'll come over for dinner on Sunday."

She bends down and huges Josh who huges her back.

Josh: "Ok. Bye big sis."

Josh runs off. Angela stands up and looks at Clark.

Clark rubs the back of his head: "Hey, um...... would you like to go out?"

Angela is taken back: "Yeah, I guess."

Clark: "Ok. How about today at 3:00?"

Angela: "Ok. I'll meet you here?"

Clark: "Okay."

Angela begins to turn around: "Well bye."

She walks off.

Clark looks relaxed: "Now thats over I got to get the car out of the shop."

He gets on his bicycle and rides off.

Scene 2

Setting: That day at 3:00. It is in front of a little cafe'. Angela and Clark are drinking a cup of what looks like tea.

Angela sets her cup down: "Thanks for the drinks."

Clark: "No problem. Do you want to see a movie after this?"

Angela: "Ok. I want to see that one called "I married a mutant". If thats ok?"

Clark pulls out a paper that is most likly movie listings: "That's fine by me. In fact it starts at 3:30. We should get going."

They start to get their things.

Scene 3

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Lord Cranston is standing in front of the figure in the shadows.

Lord Cranston pulls out his sword. He lifts into the air right above him: "Are you ready master?"

The man in the shadows pulls up a hand: "Yes. Once this is done Eltar will be my new base of operation."

With that he fires a beam at Lord Cranston's sword. It goes from the hilt and moves up. It gets to the tip and splits to the right and left and takes form. The figures begin to glow.

Man in the shadows: "It is done. HA HA HA HA HA!"

Scene 4

Setting: A movie theather on the inside. Many people are watching a movie. In the middle of them all is Clark and Angela.

Angela laughs: "Ha ha ha. Jake cracks me up."

Clark just turns to her and smiles.

Scene 5

Setting: The Sky Carrier. The two figures begin to take form.

Prince Cranston steps back as they become solid: "I don't like this."

The two figures become Darkonda and Ecliptor.

Darkonda looks around: "Where am I?"

Ecliptor: "I am intilted to agree. Where is my queen?"

Man in the shadows: "See for yourself."

He waves a hand and several clips appear on a hologram screen before everyone.

Clip 1: Krone morphing into the Pink Galaxy Ranger.

Clip 2: It shows the Pink Ranger fighting along the other Galaxy Rangers.

Clip 3: It shows Andros and Krone laughing together.

The clip show ends and the screen vanishes.

Ecliptor is in rage: "I'll destroy them all."

Man in the shadows: "Hold it right there. Those Rangers are not on this planet. However what about destroying all Power Rangers. That would be a great revenge. Don't you think?"

Ecliptor would smile if he could: "Yes. I'll help you. Where are we anyways?"

Prince Cranston steps up: "The planet Eltar."

Darkonda turns to Prince Cranston: "WHAT!?"

Darkonda turns to the man in the shadows: "What are we doing here?"

Man in the shadows: "It been years since all the evil forces started to attack and even longer since the battle of Eltar. It has been rebuilt. I plan to rule the universe. To do that I plan to start with this planet. For a speical reason."

Darkonda: "What reason?"

The screen turns to the mans point of view and you only see the other monsters as he steps out of the shadows. Ecliptor and Darkonda are in shock. Lord Cranston and Prince Cranston are not shocked.

The man steps back into the shadows and the screen turns back to normal: "I believe you know why."

Darkonda: "Of course. Mwhahahaha!"

Soon everyone in the room starts to laugh with him.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Outside the movie theather. Everyone leaves. Suddenly lightning strikes the ground in front of them and forms into the group of monsters with foot soilders behind them.

In the front is Lord Cranston. Behind him to his right is Prince Cranston. To his left is Ecliptor and next to him is Darkonda.

The monsters behind them are colored black and very bulky. They wear skeletons as armor. They have green eyes and no mouth. On their fingures are claws. Each holds a certain weapon.

Lord Cranston lifts his arms into the air: "This planet is now under my command."

He lowers his hand as people run in fear screaming. Several of the warriors in the background start to grab Angela.

Some then grab Clark and hold him back as he trys to get to her. He gets his right arm free and holds it in the air: "ANGELAAAAAAAAA!"

He is able to get free. He runs at the warriors and jump kicks one in the face. It lets go of Angela. He grabs one by the arms and spins it away. Angela is able to get free. They soon turn to see a little boy cornored between a car and mini van. Several of the warriors close in on it.

Lord Cranston takes joy in this: "Yessss. Destroy the little brat."

Angela gets upset: "NO!"

Angela and Clark run for the little boy.

They get to it and start to fight them off.

Scene 2

Setting: A odd demention. It looks like a silverish white grid. It has crystals and objects that look like rocks all around. On one stands a figure in a cloak. It opens it's eyes and they flash blue for a second.

Figure: "It is time."

Scene 3

Setting: The city of North Star. Clark and Angela still try to fight off the warriors.

Clark kicks one in the back. Angela pulls one away and throws it into two. Suddenly they are blasted. They fall to the ground. They look up and see the warriors with blasters there. Lord Cranston and Prince Cranston are with them.

Lord Cranston: "You fools. No simple human can defeat the Skeletors."

Clark is breathing hard and tries to get up: "*gasp* Up yours @$$hole."

Clark and Angela start to get up. Skeletors fire at them again. This time when the smoke clears they are gone.

Darkonda steps forward in rage: "No. It can't be. Where did they go?"

Ecliptor looks into the sky: "I know. So, you did survive the attack"

Everyone looks at him.

Scene 4

Setting: A location that looks like the the Power Chamber and the Astro Megaship mixed together. In the front of it in the middle is a energy tube between two consules. Clark and Angela are there looking around.

Angela is amazed looking around: "What is this place."

Clark just looks around: "I don't know, but the technology is amazing."

Robotic voice: "I can help you."

They turn around to see a Alpha type robot, except instead of the main color being red it is black. The lightning bolt on his chest is copper. On his shoulder and knee pads are little lightning bolts.

Robot: "I am Lunar 7. This is the Power Chamber."

Angela: "This is amazing."

Suddenly the energy tube glows and Zordon appears.

Zordon: "Greetings, I am Zordon."

Clark's eye grow wide: "Zordon? The great Zordon. I thought you were defeated."

Zordon: "When my energy tube was shattered I lost contact with this universe. I was still in the Morphing Grid. From there I kept tabs on a great force. One more powerful then Dark Spector and all his forces combine."

Angela: "Who is that?"

Lunar 7 sees that Zordon is nerves: "That is not important. What is is that you were choosen by fate to hold a power used to defend the universe over millions of years ago."

Zordon: "Yes. You were choosen to become the Power Rangers Lightning Force. If you wish. Do you want the power?"

Angela: "If I was choosen then of course."

Clark: "Same here. I'd love to be a Power Ranger."

Zordon: "Very well. Lunar, get the morphers."

Lunar 7 bows: "Yes Zordon."

He walks out and reenters with two morphers. They are oval with a coin in the middle. Around the coin is a colored outline. One red and one yellow. The coins symbol is a lightning bolt. Theres a strap for them to waer it on He hands them each a morpher.

Lunar 7: "These will allow you to transform."

Zordon: "Rangers, to call your powers call out 'Lightning Storm'."

Clark looks at Zordon and nods: "You got it sir!"

With that Angela and Clark teleport away.

Lunar 7 turns to Zordon: "Aye yi yi yi. Why didn't you tell them?"

Zordon: "No one needs to know that the mastermind behind this is ................."

Scene 5

Seetting: North Star city. Clark and Angela teleport in front of them.

Lord Cranston pulls out his sword and looks at them: "What do you think you are doing?"

Clark steps forward: "Taking you down creep."

Lord Cranston gets outraged: "BRAT! I'll destroy you for that you little dog. However even a dog deserves to know the names of their destroyers."

Lord Cranston points to everyone as he says thier names: "I am Lord Cranston. That is my son Prince Cranston. This is Ecliptor and that is Darkonda. These foot soilders are Skeletors. Not that you will live long enough to know our names."

Angela steps up: "I think it's time to take them down."

Angela and Clark pull their morphers from thier belts and hold them up.

Clark yells: "Lightning Storm!"

(Lightning Force Red morphing sequence: Clark is behind the same blue background as the Space Rangers. Several red lightning bolts strike him and he is incassed in a glowing red light until a sword flys at him and shatters the case. Clark is fully morphed. Across his back is a sword with the case forming a blaster.)

(Lightning Force Yellow morphing sequence: Angela is behind the same blue background as the Space Rangers. Several yellow lightning bolts strike her and she is incassed in a glowing yellow light until a Lance flys at her and shatters the case. Angela is fully morphed. Across her back is a sword with the case forming a blaster.)

Scene 6

Setting: The Sky Carrier. The man in the shadows watches the scene on a screen: "I should have known Zordon would do something like this. Lord Cranston had best not fail me.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: North Star city. The fight has started.

Red Ranger fights off several Skeletors and Prince Cranston. Red Ranger is able to block the shot of one Skeletor with another one. He then runs up and roundhouses Prince Cranston. The monster steps back and runs at the Ranger ready to attack. Red Ranger sweeps the legs out from under six Skeletors and doesn't see Prince Cranston coming at him. He falls face first. He reaches his right hand up in the air as the remaining Skeletors hold their blasters at him. He sees a sheet of metal right in front of him.

Prince Cranston points at Red Ranger: "Destroy him. Ha ha ha ha ha!"

The Skeletors open fire. As they do Red Ranger grabs the sheet of metal and places it in the middle of the blast. The beams bounce off of it and hit the Skeletors. They all vanish in defeat. Red Ranger then gets up.

Red Ranger pulls out his sword from his back: "Looks like it's just you and me."

Prince Cranston: "I guess so."

The two charge. Cranston punches Red Ranger who falls to the ground. He gets up and is wraped in chains. He trys to get free but his arms are traped as well. He waves his feet. Suddenly lightning goes through the chains and shocks Red Ranger. He falls to the ground and the chains return to their place. Red Ranger is able to get up. He charges Prince Cranston with his sword and strikes him. Nothing happens.

Prince Cranston laughs: "I told you you were no match for me."

Red Ranger then puts his sword back in its case and forms it's blaster mode and fires upon the monster. He sparks and falls to the ground.

Red Ranger holds the blaster in front of his chest: "You talk to much."

Lord Cranston runs up: "You win this round, but we will be back."

With that the two vanish in groups of lightning bolts.

Scene 2

Setting: Another part of the city. Yellow Ranger fights off Skeletors, Darkonda and Ecliptor.

Yellow Ranger uses her blaster to defeat all of the Skeletors. She then fires at Darkonda and Ecliptor. Both deflect them with their swords. She reconnects it to her back and pulls out her sword. She charges forward and is able to dodge sword swipes. She trys to strike them down. The attack does nothing and both monsters strike her down with thier swords.

Yellow Ranger falls to the ground and Red Ranger runs up. He helps her up.

Yellow Ranger turns to him: "What can we do?"

Red Ranger looks at her: "I have no idea."

Yellow Ranger: "Let's try the weapons."

Red Ranger: "Good idea."

Their weapons appear in their hands. They are the same ones from the morphing sequences.

Red Rangers weapon is a sword. It is red with a silver trim. At the hilt is a red gem.

Yellow Rangers weapon is a lance. It's blade is the normal color but the handle is yellow. Below the blade is a yellow gem.

Red Ranger poses with his weapon: "Lightning Sword!"

Yellow Ranger poses with her weapon: "Lightning Lance!"

Ecliptor: "Those do not scare us."

They all charge.

Red Ranger and Ecliptor charge. They clash weapons and back up. Ecliptor trys to fire eye beams but Red Ranger sends them back with his sword. He then runs up and strikes Ecliptor in the chest with a great force. His chest smokes. It shows a gaint slice in his armor. He covers it with his hand.

Ecilptor: "You will pay for that."

Red Ranger and Ecliptor charge.

Yellow Ranger and Darkonda are fighting a battle. Darkonda trys to trap her in chains from his left hand. She uses the lance to protect her and they wrap around her weapon. The currents of energy that are sent throguh it go back to Darkonda and he steps back smoking and holding his sword to the ground. Yellow Ranger then runs up and cuts him with her weapon.

Darkonda holds his chest and is still smoking: "I will not go down like this."

Ecliptor runs up to him as Red Ranger runs up to Yellow Ranger.

Ecliptor looks at Darkonda: "As much as I hate you there is only one way we will defeat them. We must combine once more."

Darkonda turns to him and nods: "Agreed."

Ecliptor: "This is only till we destroy them. Then we seperate and I destroy you."

Darkonda: "Mwhaha. Whatever you say 'old friend'."

They then place their own sword on the others right shoulder. They merge into one, Darkliptor.

Red Ranger backs up: "Now what?"


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Lord Cranston and the man in the shadows watches the two monsters become one. The man in the shadow speaks.

Man in the shadows: "It seems as though those two will be more helpful than we thought."

Lord Cranston: " Plus my son is working on something that will help out in the battle.

Man in the shadows: "Yesssssssssss. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

Scene 2

Setting: North Star city. The two Rangers are blasted to the ground.

Red Ranger gets up: "We have to stop that thing somehow."

Yellow Ranger gets up and stands next to him: "How, our weapons are no match for that creep."

Red Ranger: "We have to find a way. Eltar is depending on us."

Darkliptor charges at them swords ready.

To be continued. . .

Narration: "Next time on Power Rangers Lightning Force."

Clip 1
Darkliptor: "You are no match for me."

He strikes down the two Rangers.

Clip 2
Zordon: "We must find the other three choosen Rangers or Eltar is doomed."

Lunar 7: "How will we find them?"

Clip 3
Clark and Angela are helped up after a attack by three people their age about.

Clark: "Thanks guys"

Girl: "No problem."

Clip 4
Prince Cranston: "I give you the Elemenator.

Monster: "I won't fail you master."

Clip 5
Lunar 7 holds three more morphers

Lunar 7: "These belong to you."

Clip 6
Five morphed Power Rangers stand before Darkliptor and the monster.

All Rangers: "Lightning Force!"

Clip 7
The five Rangers turn from an explosion.

Clark's vocie: "Eltar is save from evil."

Angela's vocie: "For now at least."

Narration: "On the next Power Rangers Lightning Force."

(Credits roll)

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