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Power Rangers Lightning Force
by Crystal Ranger

Episode 10
"Ranger Outlaws, Part 2"

Narration: "Previously on Power Rangers Lightning Force"

Clip 1
A flashback to when Timezone and Ecliptor capture Zordon.

Ecliptor's voice: "He is one of the ones that made it possible to capture Zordon."

Clip 2
The Rangers fight Timezone with no luck as they get blasted to the ground.

Zordon's voice: "Timezone is a class "A" monster."

Clip 3
Timezone talks to Clark dressed up as Mr. Moody

Mr. Moody: "You see I have some bad news. Your fired."

Clip 4
Clark gets thrown out of his window.

Angela's tearfilled words: "I'll get you for this."

Clip 5
The Lightning Megazord preforms the Lightning Strike attack but it has no effect.

Clark: "He's not done yet."

Clip 6
Timezone opens a portal. As the Rangers hold on for their lives.

Rick's yelling voice: "I can't hold on!"

Clip 7
The Rangers get up in the alternate demention and see the evil Rangers.

Close up of each Ranger.

Clark's voice: "Something's not right here."

Clip 8
Red Ranger blocks the attack from the Blue Ranger.

Blue Ranger's voice: "Who are you!?"

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Lord Cranston, Prince Cranston, Darkonda, Ecliptor, and Timezone watch the Rangers confront themselves.

Lord Cranston: "This is just too perfect."

Ecliptor: "With the Rangers traped the city is ours."

Timezone steps up: "The time to strike is now."

Lord Cranston doesn't turn to them but just waves his hand: "Yes, yes! Do what you will I'm loving this."

Darkonda, Ecliptor, and Timezone nod to each other and leave.

Scene 2

Setting: The alternate demention. The Rangers are at a face off.

{Quick note to all readers: I'm calling the evil Rangers by "Lightning 'then their color'". For example evil red is called Lightning Red.}

Lightning Blue: "Ranger fakes. What's going on?"

Red Ranger: "I take it in this demention the Ranger are evil."

Lightning Red: "Boy your smart. Ok Rangers let's take'em out."

Pink Ranger: "Oh crap. Watch out."

A huge battle begins between the groups of Rangers.

Opening Theme

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber. An image of the gaint Timezone, Ecliptor, and Darkonda attacking the city is shown.

Lunar 7 holds his head: "Aye yi yi yi yi. What are we going to do?"

Zordon's head shacks as he speaks: "We must do our best to protect the city until the Rangers return."

Lunar 7: "But how!"

Zordon: "Maybe by infusing the Ranger's Zords with my powers I will be able to control them for a short time. It won't be for long but we can only hope it will be enough."

Lunar 7 walks to a consule: "I'll start bringing up their sysem data."

Scene 2

Setting: The city. All the mosnters laugh as they fire upon buildings with beams from their eyes, swords or fingers.

Darkonda holds his chest: "Mwhaha! I love it!"

Suddenly four pairs of red eye beams strike the ground causing smoke to rise.

Timezone: "What's going on?"

The smoke clears and the villians see the Lighting Megazord taking a battle pose.

Ecliptor: "That fool Zordon must be controling them."

Darkonda pulls out his dagger and enlongates into a sword: "I'll destroy them myself."

Ecliptor: "No you fool we should work together."

Darkonda turns and fires a beam from his hand at Timezone and Ecliptor knocking them off thier feet.

Darkonda: "Never. I'll never work with you. I'll destroy their Megazord then you."

With that Darkonda charges. The Megazord throws a punch. Darkonda dodges and strikes the Megazord's under belly. Sparks fly but the Megazord kicks Darkonda far enough giving it time to summon it's saber.

Darkonda: "Now we're talking. Bring it on!"

The two gaints clash swords and come to a stand still. Sparks fly from the blades as they both struggle. Finally the Megazord grabs Darkonda's wrist that's holding his sword and starts to twist it. The Megazord then head butts Darkonda sending him to the ground.

Ecliptor step up: "Timezone let's finish this the right way."

Timezone steps up: "To be honest I have another plan in mind. I want to make sure the Rangers get destroyed."

Ecliptor turns to his friend: "Very well. That should be our top concern."

With that Timezone vansihes in a black and red flame.

Ecliptor holds his sword in front of him as he charges the Lightning Megazord who charges with his saber.

Scene 3

Setting: The Power Chamber. Lunar 7 and Zordon are watching the battle. Zordon is breathing hard.

Lunar 7 looks at Zordon with concern: "Your straining yourself too much."

Zordon: "I can hold out long enough to handle Ecliptor."

Scene 4

Setting: The city. Ecliptor and the Lightning Megazord are in a heated battle.

Ecliptor pulls back and charges his sword in a powerful flame. He roundhouse strikes the Megazord and it falls in pain. While on the ground the Megazord fires it's Fox Lasers at Ecliptor's knees. He falls back and drops his sword as he falls in pain with sparks erupting around him.

The Megazord gets up holding it's saber once more as Ecliptor and Darkonda get up.

Darkonda charges sword before him: "I'll destroy it myself."

Ecliptor is charging the same way: "No I will. You couldn't destroy anything."

As they charge the Megazord charges it's saber for it's Lightning Strike attack. However the two villains keep chargeing yelling at each other.

(Power Chamber) Lunar 7: "See ya losers. Hehehehe!"

The Megazord preforms the Lightning Strike. Explosions erupt from all over as the two stop in their tracks and fall in slow motion. When they hit the ground theres a massive explosion.

The Lightning Megazord stands over the smoke filled sky and it's victory. Suddenly Ecliptor and Darkonda stand up badly hurt."

Darkonda points at the Megaord: "This is far from over."

Darkonda warps away.

Ecliptor points his sword at the Megazord: "I defeated you once Zordon and I'll do it again."

Ecliptor vanishes in a green ball of light.

Scene 5

Setting: The Power Chamber.

Luanr 7: "Way to go Zordon. Your the man!"

Zordon: "Um...Thanks Lunar. Now let's hope the Rangers can find a way to free themselves."


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting : The other demention. All the Rangers are in a heated battle with their doubles.

Pink Ranger throws a punch but it's blocked by Lightning Pink, who after blocking a punch with a punch kicks Pink Ranger in the gut. She stumbles back but comes back in holding her whip. We are taken to a birds eye view of the battle and both are cracking whips blocking attacks until Lightning Pink gains the upper hand by fireing her blaster with her free hand. Pink Ranger goes flying back and lands on her back.

Black Ranger's face off in a heated battle of strangth. Lightning Black throws a kick. Black Ranger forearm blocks it and throws his own sideways kick while holding Lightning Blacks leg. The kick does nothing as they both back up holding up their mallets. They both charge but Lightning Black gets in the first slam and sends Black Ranger flying back landing on his back.

Both Blue Rangers have their claws stuck in the middle as they pull to break free. They finally do. Blue Ranger goes for a roundhouse strike but it gets blocked and Lightning Blue grabs Blue Ranger by the neck with his claw and throws him into the air flying. He lands hard on his back.

Yellow Ranger stabs her Lightning Lance into the ground and runs for a leg sweep. Lightning Yellow jumps behind Yellow Ranger to miss the attack and grabs Yellow's Lance. She then summons her own lance and double strikes Yellow Ranger in the chest. She falls and get kicked hard in the ribs. She goes rolling backward.

Red Ranger stops his fight and sees his fellow Rangers on the ground: "This is not going to well."

Lightning Red cocks his head: "Mwhaha. No one can beat true Power Rangers."

Red Ranger turns to him: "We are the real Power Rangers. Your fakes."

Lightning Red pulls his sword off his back as does Red Ranger: "You lie."

With that he charges Red Ranger. They block sword strikes then strike each other at the same time in the sides. Sparks fly as they fall back but they get back up and go for another attack. They both jump into the air and strike swords as they spark. They pull away as they land. They turn to face each other and charge again. They struggle to hold their sowrds in place as they spark with power. Their swords glow as they fall back and their swords fall to the ground as well smoking and burnt.

Red Ranger: "I don't need that. Lgithning Sword!"

His sword appears at the same time Lighting Red's does. They charge again blocking strikes. They step back and fill their swords with power. They charge again and are in another struggle until Lightning Red breaks free and roundhouse strikes Red Ranger, who is sent flying.

The evil Rangers meet up in front of the fallen Rangers.

Lightning Red: "Ok, now let's show them what we really got. Lightning Blaster!"

(Lightning Blaster formation)

The weak Rangers get up. Red Ranger in a weak voice: "Lightning.....Blaster....Now!"

(Lightning Blaster formation)

Split screen of both groups: "FIRE!!!!!"

Theres an explosion within an explosion that sends the heros flying down to the ground hard face first.

Lightning Yellow: "That was easy. Let's just leave them for later."

Lightning Red turns to her: "You got it hot stuff."

The five Rangers leave as their color lightning bolts.

The five Rangers try to get up as people come out of hiding after watching the fight.

Woman: "How can there be two groups of Power Rangers?"

Man: "I don't know, but these ones tried to save us."

Man 2: "Let's get them out of here before those other ones come back."

Woman 2: "Wait, something strange is happening."

In a flash the Rangers demorph. The poeple are shocked.

Woman 4: "These Rangers are human."

Man 6: "Then we know for a fact their not the evil ones. The evil ones are robots."

With that everyone around the area begins to move in and help carry the Rangers off.

Scene 2

Setting: A cliff top. the five evil Rangers are standing there talking.

Lightning Black: "Next time we should destroy them and that time we shouldn't take it easy."

Lighting Blue: "Those Rangers are a joke."

Timezone's voice: "Yes they are."

The Rangers turn to see Timezone.

Lightning Pink: "Who are you?"

Timezone: "I am Timezone. I have a thought to run by you."

Lighting Red looks interested: "What is it?"

Timezone: "Combine with me and have ultimate power."

Lightning Red: "Intresting. Perhaps we will. How do we know your telling the truth?"

Timezone smirks: "You don't have too, but..."

Lightning Red: "Very well. We shall think about it, maybe. Just don't hold your breath."

Timezone begins to walk away: "As you wish."

He then turns around: "One last thing, who created you?"

Lightning Blue: "What's it to ya!?"

Timezone waves his hand: "Nohting much. But you creator and the townspeople will surly help those Ranger defeat you. After all whenever someone creates something they always have a way to weaken them. Heh heh heh heh."

Lightning Red looks at his fist then throws his head up: "He's right. We have to find them before they tell what our weakness is."

Lightning Pink: "Those people will take them to the hospital. It's pretty much one of the only buildings left standing."

Lightning Red: "Not for long."

Timezone to himself as he walks away: "Things are working out just as I planed. Soon no one will be able to stop me. Not even the mighty......."

Scene 3

Setting: We zoom through the burning city that is North Star City in this time and enter a hospital. The five Rangers are being carried by several towns people.

Man 9: "We need help, NOW!"

Nurses and doctors rush over.

Doctor: "What happened?"

Man 4: "Those Rangers got to them. They tried to fight them off."

Doctor 3: "Are they mad?"

Woman 10: "You don't understand. They are also Power Rangers."

A nurse looks at them with shock: "If thats the case there may be a chance to safe our world."

Another man walks up. He is wearing a white lab coat. He has a fire in his eyes: "They may be the ones that can help me destroy my aweful creations."

*A tone you would here when people are in shock is made in the background.*


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The hospital. An hour has passed. The Rangers are bandaged up and in the lobby with the doctors, nurses, townspeople and the creator.

Clark: "Let me see if I've got this right. In this time those things were created by Dr. Ward. However when he activated them they shorted out and have been like this ever since."

Dr. Ward: "Yes. There is a way to defeat them. All you have to do is...."

KA- BOOM! The doors fly open and the evil Rangers come storming in fireing at everthing around the people. Fires break out and everyone is traped.

Lightning Yellow: "Miss us? You won't be telling them anything daddy."

Clark steps up with the other Rangers as they hold up thier morphers: "Lightning Storm!"

(All five morphing sequnces all together.)

Everyone stands in shock to see that they are the same as the other Rangers.

Red Ranger: "Get them out of here Samantha."

Pink Ranger: "You got it."

She rushes to a part of the fire and grabs people throwing them over the flames. Dr. Ward doesn't jump: "You have to listen, you need to..."

Pink Ranger grabs his arm and throws him: "No time for that doc."

She gathers with the other Rangers.

Lightning Yellow: "This place won't last much longer and once it goes you will to."

Yellow Ranger: "That might be true but so will you."

Lightning Blue: "Hahaha! Fools we plan to leave before that."

Blue Ranger to Red Ranger: "What should we do Clark!"

Red Ranger holds up his Lightning Sword: "We may go down but we're taking them with us."

He charges his sword in a red glow and throws it into the flaming circle. The enrgy feeds the flames and theres explosions erupting all over.

Scene 2

Setting: Outside the hospital. Everyone watches when the hospital explodes. Everyone blockes their faces as the debris flys at them.

Everyone looks up.

Dr Ward: "Blast, they may have gotten rid of my creations but it costed their own lives."

All the women start to cry as the men hold themselves together in an attempt to be strong.

Man 12: "We should honor them."

Voice: "Doubt that!"

They look up to see the five Ranger's arsise from the remains. Their suits damaged showing wires.

Red Ranger: "Those Rangers are history. (mood change) Now for you."

People look in shock now knowing that it's the evil Rangers. Dr. Ward: "This can't be."

The Rangers pulls off thier blasters and march forward.

Lightning Red: "Hahaha! This world will be ours."

Red Ranger's voice: "Think again."

A blast hits the center of the evil group of Rangers causing them to sent flying. They land face first. The screen turns and you see all the Rangers, with the Red Ranger holding the Lightnign Blaster.

Lightning Red as they get up: "What's the deal. That shouldn't have hurt us."

Black Ranger: "Your like us. Your weak from the explosion."

Dr. Ward steps up: "Rangers, you must strike them in thier chest where the heart should be, it their weak......"

A red and black finger beam goes through Dr. Ward and he falls face first. The Rangers run over to them.

Dr. Ward: " our..last hope."

With that his body becomes limp and Red Ranger closes his eyes. The Rangers turn to see Timezone standing with the evil Rangers.

Lightning Red turns to Timezone: "They know who we are. It's time to take you up with that deal."

Timezone turns to face them: "Very well."

His hands glow as they are waved in front of the five evil robots. The evil Rangers turn into beams of thier own light and merge with Timezone. Timezone glows and then stops. He has changed a in look just a bit. His left eye is now pink and the right is yellow. His red and black color is the same but darker. He now has blue gloves and boots.

Timezone: "Hahaha. "At last! I have reached ultimate power. No one can stop me now. If you want to go home meet me at the cliff at dawn."

Timezone vanishes in a red and black flame with the a twist of the other Ranger colors.

Red Ranger: "This is going to be rough."

Scene 3

Setting: The Power Chamber back in the Ranger's time. Lunar 7 is working on the controls.

Lunar 7: "Aye yi yi. This isn't working. I can't seem to detect them in that time."

Zordon: "That is because the evil Rangers are using the same signals. Try to pick up on their morphers energy."

Lunar 7: "Yes Zordon. I'll try."

Scene 4

Setting: At the cliff in the other demention. Timezone is standing there.

Timezone: "When are those Rangers going to get here?"

On cue the Rangers come running morphed.

Red Ranger: "This ends now."

Timezone: "Agreed."

With that Timezone fires his finger tip missles. They strike the Rangers in their chest. Sparks fly as they leap into the air and fall.

Red Ranger gets up: "You'll never defeat us."

Timezone pulls out his blaster: "I doubt that. With this new power I can do just about anything."

His blaster then warps into the Lightning Sword.

Red Ranger: "My weapon!"

Blue Ranger: "Man this is going to be ugly."

Yellow Ranger: "Then lets make it quick."

The Rangers all hold up their weapons and charge Timezone.

Timezone: "Hahaha! Just try it."

Blue Ranger comes in with his Lightning Mallet. Timezone blocks it and sends Blue Ranger to the ground with a strike from his sword. Yellow and Blue Ranger come charging but Timezone jumps and fires his finger missles at them. They are sent flying as Pink Ranger comes in with Red Ranger. Pink Ranger cracks her whip and throws it at Timezone. It does nothing as he sends the his energy through the whip and into Pink Ranger. She falls to the groun in pain.

Red Ranger: "That's it. It's you and me."

Timezone: "Try me."

They both charge and block sword strikes. Timezone knees Red Ranger in the goan and then deals a very powerful roundhouse strike to Red Ranger he spins in mid air and falls to the ground.

Timezone: "Let' me show you something."

His weapon changes again, this time into the Lightning Blaster but pure black.

The Rangers slowly regroup. Red Ranger: "Oh no! Run!"

The Rangers try to run but are to weak. Timezone opens fire with the blaster. This causes an explosion that sends the Rangers off the cliff.



Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The Rangers fly off the cliff: "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. Lunar 7 jerks up.

Lunar 7: "I've got them. Teleporting now."

He presses a few more buttons.

Scene 3

Setting: The cliff. The Rangers are about to hit the bottom when they are teleported in their own color.

Timezone watches in rage: "NO! Oh well, I'll just go back to the other demention and wait it out."

A portal opens and Timezone is sent through it.

Scene 4

Setting: The Power Chamber. Some time has passed. The Rangers are standing before Zordon with bandages all over.

Clark: "Now we've got another creep to deal with."

Samantha: "As if Ecliptor, Darkonda, Prince Cranston, and Lord Cranston wasn't enough. Now we've got Timezone."

Zordon: "Rangers you must not give up hope."

Clark: "We won't Zordon. I promise."

Scene 5

Setting: The Sky Carrier. A dark room. The Man in the shadows stand their watching Timezone vanish. The screen goes blank as Timezone enters.

Man in the shadows: "You've come."

Timezone: "What do you want master?"

Man in the shadows: "I know about your plans to over power me."

Timezone: "So you do. Like I care. With my power combine with those of the Rangers nothing can stop me."

Man in the shadows holds up a glowing blue hand: "We shall see about that. My brainwashing power may not have worked on Darkonda and Ecliptor, but I learn from my mistakes."

He sends the energy at Timezone's head. He looks shocked as his head shacks from the power.

He stops and bows to the Man in the shadows: "I am at you command."

Man in the shadows: "Perfect. Soon the whole universe shall know the true power of............"

The End.

Narration: "Next time on Power Rangers Lightning Force."

Clip 1
A robtic monster wraps wires around a man.

Clark's voice: "Where's my brother?"

Clip 2
Red Ranger does battle with Darkonda in front of the young man as he fights Skeletors.

Darkonda: " Wonder if your brother would like to know the truth about you Red Ranger."

Clip 3
The monster attacks the other four Rangers with hand beams.

Monster: "This time our side will win the battle."

Clip 4
Red Ranger falls to the ground and demorphs in front of the man.

Man's voice: "CLARK!"

Clip 5
Clark and the man run from an explosion.

Clip 6
Prince Cranston's voice: "Soon the ultimate weapon will be complete. Then nothing will stand in our way."

He standing in a dark room over looking something.

Narration: "On the next Power Rangers Lightning Force."

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