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Power Rangers Lightning Force
by Crystal Ranger

Episode 11
"A Brother in Need"

Narration: "Previously on Power Rangers Lightning Force"

Clip 1
A flashback to when Timezone and Ecliptor capture Zordon.

Ecliptor's voice: "He is one of the ones that made it possible to capture Zordon."

Clip 2
The Lightning Megazord preforms the Lightning Strike attack but it has no effect.

Clark: "He's not done yet."

Clip 3
The Rangers get up in the alternate demention and see the evil Rangers.

Close up of each Ranger.

Clark's voice: "Something's not right here."

Clip 4
Red Ranger blocks the attack from the Blue Ranger.

Blue Ranger's voice: "Who are you!?"

Clip 5
The Lightning Megazord takes down darkonda and then Ecliptor.

Clip 6
The Rangers fight their own Rangers in a heated battle.

Lightning Red's voice: "Mwhaha. No one can beat true Power Rangers."

Red Ranger's voice: "We are the real Power Rangers. Your fakes."

Clip 7
Dr. Ward falls dead.

Dr. Ward's voice: " our..last hope."

Clip 8
The Ranger step back as Timezone transforms.

Timezone's voice: "Hahaha. "At last! I have reached ultimate power. No one can stop me now."

Clip 9
Timezone talks to the Man in the sahdows.

Man in the shadows: "I know about your plans to over power me."

Timezone: "So you do. Like I care. With my power combine with those of the Rangers nothing can stop me."

Man in the shadows sensd a beam of power at him.

Timezone's voice: "I am at you command."

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: A bright sunny day. We are taken down the streets of North Star City as the city is being rebuilt due to the battle between Darkonda, Ecliptor, and the Lightning Megazord. A man walks down the street. He is in what looks like normal cloths as he walks down the street he looks at everything in a mess.

Man: "This is pointless. Those Rangers try to save Eltar, but they destroy part of it in the process."

The man walks into a building that he comes to. We are lifted up as he enters to show us that the name in big gold letters says "NORTH STAR TECH."

Scene 2

Setting: Inside Clark's office. He still has a bandage on his forehead. He is bent over his desk and signing several papers. theres a knock at the door.

Clark looks up: "Come in."

The door opens and the man enters.

Man: "How's it going Clark?" Clark gets a look of anger on his face: "What are you doing here?"

Man: "I wanted to talk. To clear the air between us."

Clark: "Forget it Victor. Now get out."

Victor: "You can't stay mad at me forever, we're family."

Opening Theme

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: Inside a diner. The Rangers seat at a booth. They seem to be talking.

Samantha: "Why not talk to him. What could he have done that made you so mad?"

Clark: "A few months before we became Rangers and I started to have feelings for Angela (Angela turns to him and smiles) I was dating a women. We got serious, or so I thought. It turned out she was cheating on me with Victor. After I found out I told myself I'd never talk to either of them again."

Michael: "I know how that must feel, but you should at least talk to him about it. Maybe it wasn't completely his fault."

Rick: "You know, for once I have to agree with Michael on this one. Talk to him."

Angela: "I'll even come with you."

Clark looks at Angela and a smile breaks out on his face: "Hmhmhmhm. Something tells me I'm never going to get my way in this relationship."

Angela in a playful tone: "And don't you forget it either."

Clark grabs her hand and she gets up. Clark: "I'll go talk to him."

The couple leave.

Rick: "Man that couply love crap they do makes me sick sometimes."

Michael: "No kdding. I think I'm going to barf."

Samantha, who is seating next to Michael starts to rub his chest: "So, you wouldn't want a relationship or to be in love?"

Michael's eyes dart all over: "Well, um *clears throat* I guess....."

Samantha stops rubbing his chest: "Boy your easy to mess with."

Samantha and Rick laugh at Michael who looks down.

Scene 2

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Lord Cranston seats in hs throne. Ecliptor and Timezone stand behind him to his right. Darkonda stands alone behind them to his left. The Man in the shadows stands in his shadowed part of the room.

Man in the shaodws: "How much longer until the ultimate weapon is complete?"

Prince Cranston turns to the figure and bows: "Very soon. I only need to get a disk from a company and to find a subject."

Lord Cranston snaps his fingers and the huge screen on the one big main monitor shows Victor working: "I believe you can get both using him my son."

Ecliptor: "What's so big about him?"

Timezone: "Let me guess, he's close to the Rangers. Right?"

Darkonda smirks: "Yes. He's the brother of Clark Powers, the Red Ranger."

Prince Cranston: "I'll take a monster and deal with this."

Prince Cranston turns to Darkonda: "I need you to come with me. Someone will have to stand gaurd over the........."

Scene 3

Setting: Outside a business. Victor walks out. Clark and Angela walk up. Victor is surpriesed.

Victor giving Clark a hug, who doesn't return it: "Glad you decided to talk."

Clark: "Yeah. This is my girlfriend Angela."

Angela shacks Victor's hand: "It's nice to meet you."

Victor: "I'm on my lunch break, let's go eat."

Clark: "We just did. But I could go for a Pepsi."

Victor and Angela in unsion: "PEPSI!?"

Clark: "I mean Tepsi,what is Pepsi?"

Victor: "Let's go!"

The three start to walk away when Prince Cranston, Darkonda and a monster appears with Skeletors.

The monster looks like a human sized mutated crow. His beak is made of metal as is his wings. He has wires connected from the side of his head and they go down to his pecks. On each shoulder are computer monitors. It has glowing yellow eyes and his claws are copper. On his back is a long black sword.

Victor: "Not again."

Prince Cranston: "We'll keep them busy. Robo Crow, go find that disk."

Robo Crow turns to Prince Cransotn and bows: "As you wish."

He runs into the building as Darkonda pulls out a sword and enlongates it into his sword the same time Prince Cranston pulls his out: "Mwhahaha. Time for some fun."

Clark turns to Victor and pushes him away: "Run!"

Victor: "Are you nuts? They'll kill. you."

Clark: "I'll keep them distracted long enough for you to get away. Now I'm your older brother. Listen to me and go."

Victor nods and starts to run. Once he is out of sight. Clark and Angela hold up their morphers. Clark yells: "Lightning Storm!"

(Tail end of both morphing sequnces)

Red Ranger: "Go for Darkonda and the Skeletor's. I'll try to handle Prince Cranston."

Yellow Ranger: "You got it."

The two charge into battle.

Yellow Ranger blocks the attacks of three Skeletors and sweeps the legs out from under them. She then turns and punches one in the stomach. It flys back takeing out another two. The last six try to come in for a attack but Yellow Ranger jumps over them firing her blaster taking them out. She lands only to have to fight with Darkonda.

Both have swords in hand. Darkonda fires chains from his one free hand. They wrap around Yellow Ranger making her drop her sword and making it almost impossible for her to move. Yellow Ranger is unable to move at all: "CLARK!"

Red Ranger is struck down by a sword strike from Prince Cranston and falls to the ground. He sees Yellow Ranger being chained up. He then sees something out of the cornor of his eyes that shock him. He sees Victor running to the scene and jump kicks Darkonda in the arm. Freeing Yellow Ranger. Red Ranger smiles under his helement and snaps out of it just in time to block the next atack from Prince Cranston. Red Ranger ignores him and runs for the two.

Yellow Ranger: "Thank you, sir."

Victor: "I'm looking for my brother and his girlfriend. They were suppose to follow me, but I can't find them."

Red Ranger: "Do you mean that young man and that cute little girl?"

Yellow Ranger cathcing his drift: "*giggle*"

Victor: "Yeah. Have you seen them?"

Red Ranger: "Yeah. They headed east."

Victor nods: "Thank you Red Ranger."

Just then Robo Crow flys out of the building holding something in his hand. from what we can see it's a small disk. He lands next to Prince Cranston: "Here it is master."

Prince Cranston takes the disk: "Perfect. Now get that man."

Robo Crow steps before the Rangers and Victor: "You're coming with me boy."

Victor: "Like to see you try."

Robo Crow doesn't answer in words. Instead he throws wires around Victor and pulls him towards him. Victor yells: "HELP!"

Robo Crow gives Victor over to Prince Cranston who then runs off followed by Darkonda.

Red Ranger takes off after them as the other three Rangers show up.

Black Ranger: "What's going on?"

Yellow Ranger: "We have to help Clark. Prince Cranston took Victor and some disk."

Blue Ranger: "Let's go!"

They start to run when Robo Crow fires hand beams at them: "This time our side will win the battle.I'll make sure to that by destrying you four."

Scene 4

Setting: Down the street. Darkonda and Prince Cranston are still running with Red Ranger following them.

Prince Cranston stops, so does Darkonda. Prince Cranston: "Let's just leave. You deal with him first."

Prince Cranston vanishes as several lightning bolts with Victor.

Red Ranger: "VICTOR! NO!"

Red Ranger pulls his sword off his back: "Where's my brother?"

Darkonda: "Wouldn't you like to know."

Darkonda fires beams from his hands. Red Ranger flys back. As he lands Darkonda warps away.

Red Ranger: "I'll find you Victor. First I better go help the others."

He starts to take off.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Back to the fight. Robo Crows strikes down each Ranger with his sword. He goes in for the kill when Red Ranger comes from behind and strikes him in the back with his Lightning Sword. He gathers with the other Rangers.

Pink Ranger: "Did you get him?"

Red Ranger: "No. Now let's finish this creep."

Robo Crow gets up holding his beak and back: "Forget it! Your not worth the pain."

He vansihes in a circle of wires.

Black Ranger: "Let's get to base and see what we can come up with."

Everyone nods and runs off.

Scene 2

Setting: The Sky Carrier. In a dark room with several machines outlines are seen. In front of him is something on a table. Prince Cranston is there alone.

Prince Cranston holds up the disk: "Now with this the second piece will be complete.

Prince Cranston looks at whats being showen on the only monitor on. It seems like Skeletor's and several unseen monsters are working on something big: "Soon the ultimate weapon will be complete. Then nothing will stand in our way."

Scene 3

Setting: The Power Chamber. The Rangers are standing before Zordon and Lunar 7, who is working on some controls.

Lunar 7 jerks up and turns to the Rangers: "There are several energy readings coming from an old factory due south of the city."

Michael: "'Due south' that sounds like a cool TV show."

Samantha: "They'd never give a show that kind of name."

Clark: "Shut it! I'll check it out."

Rick: "We'll come with you."

Clark: "No. If only one of us goes theres less of a chance they'll spot us. Besides that may be where Victor is."

Samantha: "Ok. We'll deal with Robo Crow if he returns."

Clark smiles: "Good."

Scene 4

Setting: Downtown. Robo Crow appears in a circle of wires.

Robo Crow: "Search for any Power Rnagers."

The monitors on his shoulders flah in big red letters "NO".

Robo Crow fires at buildings as people run in fear: "Good. I want to have some fun first."

Yellow Ranger's voice: "Too bad."

The Rangers, minus Red ride up onto the scene on their cycles. They slow down about a mile away.

Yellow Ranger takes the lead: "Let's hit him hard. Lightning Javeline!"

The lightning bolt headlight opens on the front of her cycle and shoots her lance like a javeline. Robo Crow pulls his wings in front of him and it's sent back at Yellow Ranger. She is hit in the chest and falls off her bike: "AAAHHHH!"

Blue Ranger holds up his right fist: "Lightning Hooks!"

From the lightning bolt headlight of his Cycle several Claws on strings attached shoot out Robo Crow pulls out his sword and cuts each of them. He then fires and sends Blue Ranger flying off his cycle.

Black and Pink Ranger stop. Pink Ranger turns to Black Ranger: "You want to go first."

Black Ranger presses a button: "Sure. Lightning Quake!"

Two of his mallets appear from the middle of his rear tire. They slam into the ground and causes a earthquake. Robo Crow jumps into the air and misses the attack. He lands and whips several wires at Black Ranger knocking him off his bike.

Pink Ranger revs her engine: "That's it! "Lightning Multi Strike!"

Several pink energy beams that look like arrows fire from her lightning bolt headlight and strike Robo Crow. He flys back as Pink Ranger gets off her cycle. The others join her.

Yellow Ranger: "We have an edge. Let's not waste it."

The Rangers all charge.

Scene 5

Setting: Outside an old factory. Clark walks to a door and then sees a window. He walks over to it and looks in. What we see is a room full of light. In the middle of the room is Victor standing between a dozen Skeletors, with crossbows in a circle foramtion. Victor looks sacred. Darkonda walks back and forth in front of them. In the back is another door. This one has two Skeletors standing there with crossbows in hand.

Clark: "I have to get him out of there. Plus if they have Skeletors standing guard at that door then it must be something big."

Clark double checks to make sure no one is around out of reflex even though he nows no one comes to this part of the city: "Lightning Storm!"

(Skip moprhing he just glows red and transforms.)

Red Ranger pulls out his blaster.

He walks over to the door and kicks it open. He opens fire and takes out six of the twelve Skeletors surrounding Victor. Darkonda and all the Skeletors look at him.

Darkonda pulls out his sword and enlongates it: "I was hoping you'd show up."

Red Ranger: "You'll soon be thinking twice about that Darkonda."

Victor now filled with hope smashes the foot of a Skeletor and punches it in the face. He turns to Red Ranger and nods. Red Ranger nods back nowing that he can handle the Skeletors.

Red Ranger returns his blaster and runs for Darkonda. Darkonda takes a swing with his sword but it's blocked and he gets kicked in the face by the Red Ranger. He then jumps into the air and spins himself to send a spining fly kick into Darkonda's chest. He falls but gets back up fireing beams from his left hand. They strike Red Ranger and he falls. Darkonda gets up and marhces forth.

Darkonda: "Mwhaha. Wonder if your brother would like to know the truth about you Red Ranger."

Victor defeats the last Skeletor with a spin kick. Victor looks at the fallen Red Ranger: "Oh no!"

Darkonda puts his foot on Red Ranger's neck: "Say goodbye."

Red Ranger: "*cough*Ok. Goodbye."

His sword appears in his hand and he slashes his knees. Darkonda's knees spark as he falls. Red Ranger gets up and makes a run for the back door.

Darkonda holds up his free hand: "NO!"

He fires chains from his hands. They pull Red Ranger back and Darkonda deals out five quick strikes from his sword. Sparks fly from Red Rangers suit. But before he can fall in pain Darkonda fires a beam right at his chest. He flys back near Victor and can't get up.

Darkonda starts torwards them: "Mwhahaha. I'll finish you off."

Red Ranger gets up and charges like a bull at Darkonda. Darkonda simply fires a hand beam. Red Ranger falls back and in a red flash demorphs. Victor is shocked to see a beaten up Clark laying on the floor.

Victor: "CLARK!"


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Clark has just powered down against his will.

Victor: "CLARK!"

Darkonda: "Hmhmhmhm. Looks like the secret is out."

Victor helps up Clark. Clark gets up and pushes away.

Clark: "Before you say anything theres two things you need to know. One, you can't tell anybody."

Victor: "Done bro."

Clark: "Second, RUN!"

With a split dash they make a run for the door when suddenly a group of Skeletors appear next to Darkonda. Everyone fires their weapons the same time Darkonda fires hand beams. Theres an explosion that send the two flying out the door as the wall explodes.

They land face first on the ground nad don't move.

Scene 2

Setting: The battle between Robo Crow and the other four Rangers. The four Rangers fall to the ground. Robo Crow marches at them.

Robo Crow: "In case you didn't notice these monitors on my shoulders protect me from energy attacks of any kind."

Pink Ranger gets up holding her blaster: "Let's find out."

She fires six shots and the screens glow. Once they do the attacks are sent back to Pink Ranger sending her back down.

Robo Crow holds out his sword: "Now to finish the job."

Black Ranger gets up holding his mallet: "Not yet bird brian."

He jumps into the air swinging his mallet. It comes down and smashes the screen on the left shoulder Robo Crow looks in shock. Black Ranger then smashes the other one and to finish the attack he gives a heavy swing with all his weight and smashes it into his chest. Sparks fly as the monster falls.

The Ranger gather. Yellow Ranger: "Now let's finish this guy off."

The Rangers pull out their blasters and point them point blank at Robo Crow. They open fire at once. They merge into a ball of energy and Robo Crow. He falls back in slow motion and explodes.

Yellow Ranger as they return their blasters: "Let's find Clark."

They turn and run off.

Scene 3

Setting: Outside the factory. Clark and Victor get off the ground as Darkonda comes out.

Darkonda: "Mwhahaha. Now for your death Red Ranger."

Clark holds up his morpher: "Don't count on it. Lightning Storm!"

(Lightning Red morphing sequnce)

The other four Rangers come running up.

Yellow Ranger: "Your ok."

Red Ranger turns to them: "Yeah. But now Victor knows."

Black Ranger: "Well that's just great ."

Darkonda: "I will not fail."

Red Ranger turns around and pulls the Lightning Blaster out of thin air: "Let's see about that."

Victor notices Darkonda smirking and holding something: "WAIT!"

Red Ranger trips forward since he was about to fire: "What?"

Victor points to Darkonda's hand: "He's holding a device, that I'm willing to bet will send that blast back at you."

Red Ranger: "That was a close call Vic, thanks."

Victor: "Leave it to me."

Victor grabs the blaster out of Red Ranger's hand and runs forward. He gets withn ten feet and opens fire. Victor flys back but Red Ranger cathces him. Darkonda gets up: "This is far from over."

Darkonda warps away.

Scene 4

Setting: The outside front view of the Sky Carrier. The two red like objects fire two red lightning bolts fire at the remains of Robo Crow. They pull together and he appears as a gaint by the factory.

Red Ranger looks up: "You stay here Victor. We need Lightning Zord power now!"

(Lightning Zord arrival sequnce)

(Red cockpit scene) Red Ranger lands in his seat: "Megazord power!"

(Lightning Megazord transformation)

Victor looks up: "Good look bro."

The Megazord goes in charging. Robo Crow pulls out his sword and strikes the Megazord in the chest. Sparks fly as it falls to the ground. It then gets back up.

(Megazord cockpit scene) Red Ranger: "No more games. Lightning Megazord Saber!"

A beam of energy appears in the Megazord's right hand and forms the saber.

(Megazord cockpit scene) All Rangers: "Lightning Strike!"

The Megazord is now in front of a gaint storm cloud and two golden lightning bolts strike the saber casting it in a golden glow. It then destroy's the monitors on the chest so that the attack doesn't come back at them. They then prepare to strike Robo Crow.

Robo Crow whimpers: "MOMMY!"

The saber cuts the monster in half and the pieces fall to the ground and explode.

Victor from ground level: "Great job guys."

What no one sees in Timezone arriving in his fashion and walking up to Victor.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: Ground level. Victor looks up at the Megazord when Timezone grabs him from behind.

Victor struggles: "What's the deal?"

The Rangers come jumping from the Megazord running for Victor.

Red Ranger: "VICTOR!"

Timezone: "Hahahaha! Say goodbye to your brother Red Ranger."

Red Ranger: "Let him go."

Timezone: "Never."

Timezone vanishes in his fashion with Victor.

The Rangers stop.

Red Ranger falls to his knees and holds up his fist: "I'll save you Victor, I promise!"

The End.

Narration: "Next time on Power Rangers Lightning Force."

Clip 1
Prince Cranston: "Our time has come!"

Skeletors trash the city.

Clip 2
Timezone stands next to a shadowed figure

Timezone's voice: "This is the end Rangers!"

The Rangers face off against a robot in gold armor.

Clip 4
The Lightning Megazord faces off with another Megazord.

Clip 5
Red Ranger's voice: "Where's Victor?"

The Rangers are taken down by Timezone.

Timezone: "You'll never know."

Clip 6
The robot steps before the fallen Rangers.

Creature: "You Rangers are powerless against me."

Red Ranger's voice: "You monsters and robots never win."

Clip 7
The Rangers jump from an explosion.

Narration: "On the next Power Rangers Lightning Force!"

(Creidts Roll)

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