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Power Rangers Lightning Force

by Crystal Ranger

Episode 12

"Friend or Foe, Part 1"

Narration: "Previously on Power Rangers Lightning Force"

Clip 1

A flashback to when Timezone and Ecliptor capture Zordon.

Ecliptor's voice: "He is one of the ones that made it possible to capture Zordon."

Clip 2

The Lightning Megazord preforms the Lightning Strike attack but it has no effect.

Red Ranger's voice: "He's not done yet."

Clip 3

The Rangers get up in the alternate demention and see the evil Rangers.

Close up of each Ranger.

Clark's voice: "Something's not right here."

Clip 4

Dr. Ward falls dead.

Dr. Ward: " our..last hope."

Clip 5

The Rangers step back as Timezone transforms.

Timezone's voice: "Hahaha. "At last! I have reached ultimate power. No one can stop me now."

Clip 6

Timezone talks to the Man in the sahdows.

Man in the shadows: "I know about your plans to over power me."

Timezone: "So you do. Like I care. With my power combine with those of the Rangers nothing can stop me."

Man in the shadows sends a beam of power at him.

Timezone's voice: "I am at you command."

Clip 7

Victor: "You can't stay mad at me forever, we're family."

Clip 8

Prince Cranston's voice: "Soon the ultimate weapon will be complete. Then nothing will stand in our way."

He standing in a dark room over looking something.

Clip 9

Red Ranger falls to the ground and demorphs in front of Victor.

Victor's voice: "CLARK!"

Clip 10

Clark and Victor run from an explosion.

Clip 11

Timezone takes Victor.

Red Ranger's voice: "I'll save you Victor, I promise!"

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: Clark's house at night. We are in Clark's bedroom as he sleeps shirtless, he tosses and turns in his sleep as he sweats.

Clark mutters: "I'll find you Victor!"

Scene 2

Setting: Clark's dream. We see images of him and Victor.

Clip 1: A young Victor is being picked on by a group of bullies.

Bully 1: "Come on kid. Fight back."

Clark's voice: "Excuse me!"

The bully turns to see a young Clark kicking him in the kness. He looks at the other bullies and they run.

Victor gets up: "I don't need your help."

Clark: "Yes you do, but not just from me alone."

Clip 2: A teenage Clark fights with a teenage Victor in normal fightning cloths found in dojos. Clark throws several kicks and punches. All blocked by Victor. Victor then jumps into the air to try and knock Clark to his feet, but Clark blocks every attempt.

Clip 3: They bow to thier Sensei as he hands them each a black belt.

Clip 4: Victor stands next to a woman. They look as they do now.

Victor: "I never ment to take her away from you."

Clark turns to them: "Both you and Judy can beat it. I don't want to see either of you again."

Clark storms off.

Clip 5: Victor is taken by Timezone as The Rangers run for him.

Red Ranger: "I'll save you Victor. I promise."

Scene 3

Setting: Clark's bedroom. Clark wakes up covered in sweat.

Clark uses his hand to clean the sweat off his forehead: "I've got to find him. Something tells me that he is in more danger than Zordon thinks."

Opening Theme

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The Sky Carrier. In a dark room with no light except the one above the door. The Man in the shadows stands there out of the way of the light. Timezone enters and bows.

Timezone: "What do you wish great master?"

Man in the shadows: "The project is almost complete. I trust you made sure our "subject" knows only what I want it to?"

Timezone gets up: "Yes master. It knows only to destroy the Rangers. Then after that goal to serve you and fight along side me to destroy the others."

Man in the shadows: "Excellent. Those helpless fools have no idea that I plan to kill them. They think once they defeat the Rangers for me that I'll share the universe with them. What fools. Mwhahaha!"

Timezone begins to leave: "I shall prepare the Skeletors."

Timezone leaves and the door closes.

Man in the shadows: "You are one of those fools as well my dear Timezone."

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber that morning. Clark is running scans of Eltar.

Lunar 7 walks up: "Don't worry Clark. We'll find Victor."

Clark turns to him: "You don't get it. I think something bad is wrong with him."

Zordon: "There is not much you can do. Maybe you should go relax with the others."

Clark just looks at Zordon with a cold stare: "It's not time for me to relax while Victor is out there alone with the likes of Lord and Prince Cranston."

Luanr 7: "Aye yi yi yi yi! Maybe you should listen to Zordon."

Clark pushes past him: "Forget it!"

Clark starts to press several buttons.

Scene 3

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Everyone is gathered. Even the Man in the shadows is there.

Lord Cranston rises from his throne: "We shall attack at once. My son and Timezone shall lead the charge with the Skeletors."

Darkonda: "Mwhahaha! Then our special weapon finishes the job. It's so evil not even I could have thought of it."

Ecliptor looks at him: "That's not saying much."

Darkonda pulls out his dagger and in forms his sword as he does. He points it at Ecliptors throat: "Care to repeat that?"

Ecliptor: "With pleasure!"

Lord Cranston: "Enough! Let us begin the attack."

Prince Cranston: "Our time has come!"

Scene 4

Setting: An over look of the city. The Sky Carrier shadows it. Several people look up only to see the bottom hatches open. Then out from it comes dozens, what seems to look like hundreds of Skeletors are being realesed by jumping out with nothing to break their fall and land on the ground. Once their feet hit the ground they attack with thier weapons. People scatter and run in fear screaming.

Timezone and Prince Cranston appear in their fashions.

Timezone: "This is the beginning of the end. Soon the universe shall be in the hands of the mighty......."


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: The city. Rick and Michael are trying to get people out of the area and fight off some of the Skeletors.

Rick: "We gotta do something."

Rick punches one in the gut an then trips another. He then grabs two charging at him with whips by the whips and throws them into three other Skeletors. Michael takes the blaster and sword of a fallen Skeletor. He fires a blast one in the chest and strikes two with a roundhouse strike. He then leaps over a group firing into it. He lands throwing the sword, striking several as it lands sticking into the ground. Rick and Michael regroup.

Michael turns to Rick: "We need more help."

Zordon's voice over the morphers in their pockets: "Return to the Power Chamber."

Rick pulls out his morpher and speaks into it: "You got it big man!"

The two Rangers teleport away as Skeletors begin to charge, but their strikes hit thin air.

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. Clark, Samantha, and Angela are already there. Rick and Michael arrive.

Samantha turns to Zordon: "Lord Cranston is going all out this time. He must be planing something."

Angela looks at Samantha and then back to Zordon: "No kidding. He sent Timezone and Prince Cranston. Those are his two best warriors."

Clark holds up his morpher: "No time. " It's then a close up of his face as he yells, "Lightning Storm!"

(Five way Lightning Force Rangers morphing sequnce)

Scene 3

Setting: The city. Timezone and Prince Cranston are in the heart of the city. Skeletors lay waste to the city. Buildings are on fire and cars are knocked over, also on fire. There are no people in the area. The sky has grown dark from the smoke.

Timezone holds his sword in his hand: "Where are those Rangers, I want some action."

Suddenly a motorcycle roar is heard. The five Rangers arrive riding their Lightning Cycles.

Red Ranger lifts his right fist: "Take the Skeletors. I'll handle the two lead snakes."

Pink Ranger turns to him: "You got it!"

The Rangers split up and take to diffrent directions.

Black Ranger picks up speed and turns into black energy. He appears behind a row of six that he has gone through and they explode. The then turns the cycle to face another dozen.

Black Ranger pumps his right fist before hitting the button: "Eat this you boneheads. Lightning Quake!"

Two of his mallets appear from the middle of his rear tire. They slam into the ground and causes a earthquake taking out all twelve Skeletors.

He is then blasted from behind and knocked off his cycle. More Skeletors sworm over him.

Scene 4

Setting: Another location in the city. Yellow Ranger fires energy bullets from her blaster she holds in her right hand and driving with the other. She returns the blaster to her back.

She revs her motor and goes speeding into the group: "Lightning Javeline!"

The lightning bolt headlight opens on the front of her cycle and shoots her lance like a javeline. It takes out sixteen in its way as it sticks in the chest of the last one. Then before she can do anything else whips are around her wrist and yanks her off her cycle.

Yellow Ranger pulls the whips forward knocking down the two Skeletors. She then gets up and kicks another in the chest. Yellow Ranger then jumps into the air and gives a scissor kick to another Skeletor.

Yellow Ranger pulls out her sword as she lands: "Try this on for size."

She fills her sword with power and strikes it into the ground. Lightning appears out of the ground taking down even more Skeletors.

Scene 5

Setting: Yet another part of the city. Blue Ranger appears from blue enrgy behind a group of Skeletors. They fall and explode. Another grroup then charges.

Blue Ranger: "Lightning Hooks!"

From the lightning bolt headlight of his Cycle several Claws on strings attached shoot out and grab a hold of one Skeletor each.

Blue Ranger pumps his right fist: "Feel the shock baby!"

He press's a button that sends electrical currents through the claws and into the Skeletors. They explode on impact.

Blue Ranger then leaps off his cycle pulling out his sword. He takes down three with a side slash and then hits one in the chest with the butt of his sword. He then side kicks one coming at him from his left. The then jumps and in a cartwheel lands striking down another Skeletor. He returns the sword to his hulster and pulls out the blaster and starts to fire into the group.

Scene 6

Setting: A part of the city not so populated with Skeletors. Pink Ranger arrives on her cycle.

Pink Ranger: "This looks like one of the last spots.

She drives into the group ready to attack as they charge her.

Pink Ranger: "You morons never learn. Time for a real lesson plan."

Pink Ranger fires a button: "Lightning Multi Strike!"

Several pink energy beams that look like arrows fire from her lightning bolt headlight and strike down all the ones in the area. The other three Rangers come riding up. All look short of breath.

Yellow Ranger: "We have to help Clark Samantha. He can't handle those two alone for long."

Pink Ranger looks at Yellow: "Don't worry! You man can handle them for a while. Is that all the Skeletors?"

Black Ranger: "Northern side is clear."

Blue Ranger: "So is the eatern side of town."

Pink Ranger to herself in a low tone: "That would make a good show title, Eastern. Hmmmmm."

Yellow Ranger tilts her head a little: "Um, Samantha!?"

Pink Ranger snaps out of it: "Ok lets go help Clark."

The Rangers turn and drive off.

Scene 7

Setting: Timezone and Prince Cranston keep firing at Red Ranger, who avoids them on his cycle.

Prince Cranston channels a blast in his hand: "Stay still maget!"

Red Ranger: "That's it. Lightning Cannonball!"

Red Ranger revs up his cycle and drives at Prince Cranston. It becomes a ball of red light and shoots forward like it was fired out of a cannon as it goes through Prince Cranston. Red Ranger returns to normal behind him ending it in a sideways skid. He then jumps off his cycle.

Prince Cranston holds his smoking and stomach: "You can take this. I think he wants to take care of something with you."

Prince Cranston vanishes as several lightning bolts pulling away.

Red Ranger comes up in front of Timezone holding his sword from his back.

Red Ranger with a determined voice: "Where's Victor?"

Timezone gets in a battle pose.

Timezone: "You'll never know."

Red Ranger: "Have it your way."

The two warriors charge ready for a battle to the death. Red Ranger goes for a sword strike to Timezone's chest but it gets blocked by Timezone's arm and Red gets kicked in the stomach. He steps back holding his stomach but charges again. He jumps into the air to give a sword strike on the way down but Timezone knows this and pulls out his blaster. He opens fire and Red Ranger deflects each shot to the ground.

Red Ranger lands striking Timezone from the head down to his chest. This does little to Timezone as he gives a glowing punch to Red Ranger as the Rangers run up and Yellow Ranger helps him up.

Yellow Ranger as Red breaks lose of her: "You ok Clark?"

Red Ranger: "I'm fine. We need the weapons. Michael, Rick, stay back to finish the attack once Samantha has ahold of him with her whip."

Black and Blue Rangers: "Got it!"

Pink Ranger holds her whip up: "Let's do it!"

The others hold their weapons up.

Yellow Ranger: "Lets get to work."

Timezone chuckles: "Give it a shot losers. I can take everything you can give me. You foret. I have your other selves in me. I know any move you can dish out."

Pink Ranger: "Shut that mouth!"

The three Rangers run to fight.

Yellow Ranger goes for a strike but Timezone blocks it and gives a jab to her gut spining to the ground droping her Lightning Lance. Pink Ranger cracks her whip on the ground then tries to wrap it around Timezone but he cuts it with his sword that he quickly summons. Timezone fires a blast from his sword sending down Pink Ranger.

Black Ranger: "The plans failed. Time to take a shot at it."

Blue and Black come in for an attack. Blue takes a swing with his claw but Timezone gets it stuck in his sword on purpose. He then kicks Blue in the gut to the ground landing him on his back. Black comes in with his mallet. He doesn't even get the chance when Timezone produces his own mallet blocking it and destroying both. The shock send Black Ranger to the ground.

Timezone sticks his chest out: "Fools. With those other Rangers in me I can even copy your weapons."

Red Ranger comes up holding his Lightning Sword: "Forget this. Where's Victor Timezone. I want the truth."

Timezone smirks: "Hmhmhmhmhm." Breaking into laughter, "Hahahahaha! Your brother is dead Red Ranger."

You see his eyes under his helement. His eye's grow wide: "WHAT!?"


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Recap of the last few seconds.

Timezone smirks: "Hmhmhmhmhm." Breaking into laughter, "Hahahahaha! Your brother is dead Red Ranger."

You see his eyes under his helement. His eye's grow wide: "WHAT!?"

Scene 2

Setting: A black and white flashback of Timezone and Prince Cranston ordering Skeletors around in a lab. However there is no sound and Victor is tied and gaged to a chair in the center of the room.

Timezone's Narration: "You see you brother was a test subject."

Shows Skeletors presses button and sends electrical shocks throught wires that are connected to Victor. He yells a silent scream of pain.

Timezone's Narration: "However, he didn't survive the testing and was of no use to us."

We then see Skeletors lifting a limp Victor between them as they leave the lab.

Scene 3

Setting: Back to normal time. Red Ranger looks at his shacking fist in anger.

Red Ranger in a sad low tone: "Victor!"

(Recap of Clark's dream)

Red Ranger looks up at the laughing Timezone as his Lightning Sword appears.

Red Ranger speaks with a ferm tone: "Your finished Timezone. You killed the wrong Power's brother. PREPARE TO DIE!!!!!"

The other Rangers huddle together only to see their leader charge Timezone in a blind rage.

Timezone pulls out his blaster and fires several shots at the charging Red Ranger. He deflects each shot right back at him. As Timezone is sent through the air Red Ranger dashes in an even quicker pace. Before Timezone can hit the ground Red Ranger jumps in front of him and strikes him down the middle. Timezone sparks all over and lands. He gets back up, holding his sword.

The two warriors charge ready to fight. They clash swords as they spark on impact. They both push back and forth for a moment until Clark pulls his other sword out and under strikes Timezone in the under belly. Timezone stumbles back holding his stomach only to see the angry Red Ranger charging with both swords glowing a bright red. Red Ranger brings them down in an "X" formation. Timezone spin falls to the ground sparks erupting.

Timezone as he gets up: "You no good gnat! I'll destroy you for this!"

Red Ranger jumps into the air and lands on his cycle that has appeared out of thin air: "Just try me Timezone!"

Red Ranger revs his motor as he peels forward: "This is for you Victor. Lightning Cannonball!"

Red Ranger revs up his cycle and drives at the scared Timezone. It becomes a ball of red light and shoots forward like it was fired out of a cannon as it goes through Timezone and returns to normal behind him ending it in a skid. Red Ranger gets off. The Rangers run to join him as Timezone gets himself together.

Blue Ranger: "You really let him have it man!"

Pink Ranger: "Way to go."

Timezone gets up: "Don't cheer him just yet. I was a mere prelude."

Timezone lifts his arms to the sky and lightning begins to fill the sky.

Timezone: "Meet your destroyer!"

A pitch black portal appears next to him. It opens and gives off a black light. A figure emerges covered in the light.

Timezone: "This is the end Rangers!"

Blue Ranger: "What's going on?"

Pink Ranger: "This looks like trouble."

Black Ranger: "Something tells me this is with a captail "T" for trouble."

Yellow Ranger: "Shut up!"

Red Ranger: "Show yourself coward!"

Figure with a robotic mono tone: "Timezone, what do you think?"

A black boot steps into the light. Suddenly the whole figure steps out to show himself. The Rangers gasp in shock as to what they see.

(Concept of suit came from "Gogo V: Sudden Shock! A New Warrior!" movie. If anyone knows a place where I could download it. Post the site on the messageboard. As well as Tuboranger episodes.)

His upper body and outer arms are covered in a gold armor. He wears a helement with a black face plate. His legs are black spandex. The top of his boots are gold rimmed to show the difference between his legs and boots. In the middle of it is a small green gem.

Timezone: "I'll leave you to this my friend."

Timezone leaves as a red and black flame with the Rangers colors mixed in with it.

Pink Ranger: "Let's take him out before he can do any harm."

A blaster, the very one in the picture appears: "Just try it. No one can stop the mighty Lightning Hunter!"

With that he sends a blast into the dead center of the group and causes an explosion. The Rangers are sent flying and fliping in mid air from the explosion. They hit the ground face first.

Lightning Hunter powers down the blaster: "Is that all you've got. You Rangers are powerless against me."

Red Ranger pounds his fist to the ground as he gets up: "You monsters and robots never win."

Lightning Hunter: "You speak as if you have a score to settle."

Red Ranger stands tall as do the others with patches of their suits burned, and wires hanging out: "Yes I do!"

Lightning Hunter crosses his arms: "Give it a shot!"

Red Ranger yells: "Charge!"

The Rangers rush Lightning Hunter. Black Ranger throws a punch, Hunter grabs the fist in his bare hand and sends a quick jab into his under belly. Black Ranger is sent back into a building. Blue Ranger comes in next charging like a bull. Lightning Hunter simply holds his right arm out and grabs Blue by the helement, he starts to swing his arms but they don't hit the robot. Lightning Hunter then knees Blue Ranger in the vasor and he gets sent back. Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger come in blasters in hand. They jump into the air and sends a blast at his helement. He looks up and holds both hand to block it. The blast is sent back. The girl Ranger's chest sparks as they fall backward to the ground from the blast.

Lightning Hunter turns to Red Ranger: "Your next. Prepare to join your brother!"

Red Ranger starts to shake in rage and his voice sounds like a little kids in pain: "Victor!"


We are now in Red Ranger's mind. We see several images.

One is of Victor and Clark standing next to each other laughing and having fun.

The next is of the image of Clark and Victor getting in a fight over Judy.

Next is of Red Ranger standing before Lightning Hutner, who is giving an evil laugh.


Red Ranger holds his fist up: "You scum will pay for what you did!"

Red Ranger and Lightning Hunter charge for hand to hand combat. Red throws a punch but it gets blocked. Lightning Hunter sweeps the legs out from under Red. He falls back but uses his arms to balance himself. He gets up holding the sword from his back. He tries to strike him with the sword, but Lightning Hunter blocks it with is right forearm. He then grabs the sword out of his hand and strikes him down with it.

Lightning Hunter drops the sword: "Nice try Ranger, but it will do no good."

Scene 4

Setting: The Sky Carrier. The Man in the Shadows watches the fight with all the villians in thier normal spots in the throne room.

Man in the shadows: "This is all to perfect. Those Rangers have no idea what their up against.

Lord Cranston shifts in his throne: "Soon they will be out of our hair."

Timezone to himself: "As will you all be."

Ecliptor turns to his friend: "What is that you said Timezone?"

Timezone turns to him: "Nothing old friend."

Timezone then turns and walks out the room.

Scene 5

Setting: The battle in the city. The Rangers have gotten up and are preparing to fire the Lightning Blaster.

Lightning Hunter: "Want to play with weapons, ok I'm game."

Lightning Hunter swings his right hand and an axe appears. The handle is gold. The blade itself is black with a gold trim. It's double sided, where they connect to the handle the back blade connects to the handle a little lower to give it a twisted look. {Just picture Psycho Blue's Psycho Axe with these colors.}

Lightning Rangers: "Fire!"

The blaster fires. Lightning Hunter jumps and misses the blast, which hits the building behind him destroying it. He then lands striking the blaster with his Axe. A shower of sparks fly from it. Red Ranger drops it in pain and the Rangers fall back.

Lightning Hunter: "Fools! I want a real challange!"

Blue Ranger: "Nothing works on this guy."

Black Ranger: "All we have left are the Zords, but we can't use them on a normal size robot."

Pink Ranger: "We have no choice. What do you think Clark?"

Red Ranger: "We have no choice."

Red Ranger puts his left wrist to his mouth plate and raises his right arm to the sky: "Lightningzord Power!"

(Quick five way split arrival of the Lightningzords.)

(The helement falls to the sky finishing the Megazord formation.)

(Megazord cockpit scene) Pink Ranger: "Try to get us now creep."

Lightning Hunter looks up: "Ahhhh! You want to play with the robots. Very well, I'm game!"

Lightning Hunter holds up his right wrist: "Hunter Lightningzord, online!"

The ground shakes. The Megazord looks around as the ground shakes. Suddenly a gold gaint foot appears. It then zooms out to see a full view of another Zord.

It has the overall same look as Lightning Hunter, but the shoulder plates are spiked. The black spandex are pure gold armor to match the suit. The face is black and has green eyes, with gold around them like a trim. It also has a gold trim all around the face.

(Megazord cockpit scene) Pink Ranger: "Wow!"

(Megazord cockpit scene) Yellow Ranger: "How can this be?"

(Megazord cockpit scene) Black Ranger: "He has a Zord of his own!"

(Megazord cockpit scene) Blue Ranger: "This looks like trouble."

(Megazord cockpit scene) Red Ranger: "Forget the talk, let's take the poser!"

Lightning Hunter: "Hmhmhmhmhmhmhm! Very well, I'll be right up."

He jumps into the air and lands in his cockpit.

(Hunter cockpit scene) The inside looks much like the other Lightningzords. Several main computers all around. In the center is a leather chair. The background is gray and on the back wall is a gold lightning bolt symbol in the center of the other five colors.

(Hunter cockpit scene) Lightning Hunter appears in a gold light in his seat and takes the controls: "Let's begin!"

The two robots charge to battle. Lightning Megazord throws a punch, it gets blocked with a hand from the Hunter Zord. The Megazord tries to kick the Zord in the knees. This also fails and the Hunter Lightingzord pushes forward and then kicks the Megazord to the ground. It falls back and lands on several buildings.

(Megazord cockpit scene) Sparks fly as the Rangers try to remain in their seats. Red Ranger: "Lucky  this part of the city is empty."

(Megazord cockpit scene) Everything calms down. Pink Ranger: "Play time is over. Lightning Megazord Saber!"

A beam of energy appears in the Megazord's right hand and forms the saber.

(Megazord cockpit scene) All Rangers: "Lightning Strike!"

The Megazord is now in front of a gaint storm cloud and two golden lightning bolts strike the saber casting it in a golden glow. It lowers it down on the Hunter Lightningzord, however the Zord holds up a gaint version of the Hunter Axe to block it.

(Hunter cockpit scene) Lightning Hunter: "Hahahahaha! Let me give it a shot. Hunter Lightning Slash!"

The blade of the Axe is cast in a gold glow. The Hunter Lightningzord lifts it over it's head as the sky grows dark from storm clouds gathering. It lowers it on the Lightning Megazord. It explodes in sparks as it hits the ground sending the Rangers falling out screaming.

The Rangers hit the ground. Lightning Hunter lands softly on his feet.

The Rangers start to get up. Lightning Hunter's blaster appears and he fires at each Ranger.

Lightning Hunter as they fall: "Give it up!"

The Rangers hit the ground and all of them except Red Ranger demorphes, holding their right shoulder.Their faces are cut and are dirty.

Samantha: "We have to get out of here."

Red Ranger get up holding his Lightning Sword: "No! I'll take him, for Victor!"

Red Ranger charges with his sword.

Lightning Hunter holds his Lightning Axe up: "Try me. Mwhahaha!"


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The battle. Red Ranger charges but get struck down.

Lightning Hunter: "Give it up you can't win."

Red Ranger gets up holding both swords, cast in a red glow: "Let's find out."

He charges. Lightning Hunter fires at him but he jumps into the air to miss the attack. He lands striking Lightning Hunter around the neck as he lands, causing the head to fall. However when it falls you see that it is a helement. We then see the face of.....

Red Ranger drops his swords in shock and speaks with the same type voice: "......Victor...!?"

Lightning "Victor": "There is no Victor, he's dead! I am the Lightning Hunter prepare to die."

With that he lifts the Axe and charges. Red Ranger does nothing as he charges. Lightning Victor slams the blade of the axe into his helement, then strikes him down the middle of his body stoping at his stomach. Red Ranger falls backward and demorphes.

The others run to him and Michael and Rick hold him.

Angela: "Clark!?"

Samantha: "Come on Clark answer us."

Clark does not move or open his closed eyes.

Rick gets mad and stands up staring at Lightning Victor: "How could you do this to your own brother?"

Lightning Victor: "His brother is dead. I shall leave for now. Prepare yourselfs. With your leader out of the way, my only true challange, I will finish the job next time."

Lightning Victor turns and walks away. As he walks he is teleported in a gold stream of energy.

The Rangers look at him as we are zoomed into Clark's pale cut and dirty face.

To Be Continued. . .

Narration: "Next time on Power Rangers Lightning Force."

Clip 1

Clark lays on a medical bed in the back of the Power Chamber.

Samantha: "If Victor is truly Lightning Hunter............."

Clip 2

The four morphed Rangers do battle with Lightning Hunter

Samantha's voice: "...then there has to be a way to free him."

Rick's voice: "That won't be easy."

Clip 3

An unmorphed Victor attacks the Rangers outside the Power Chamber.

Victor steps back: "I will get in there and destroy Zordon and finish the job I started with the Red Ranger."

Clip 4

Red Ranger runs forward to a charging Lightning Hunter.

The two fight it out as the Rangers are traped in an energy field.

Clip 5

Timezone behind Lightning Hunter: "Finish the job Lighning Hunter. I want your brother dead."

Lightning Hunter turns to him: "WHAT!?"

Clip 6

Timezone fires upon the Rangers with his blaster.

Timezone: "He isn't going to have all the fun."

Clip 7

Lightning Hunter attacks Timezone.

Lightning Hunter: "How dare you do this to me!"

Clip 8

The Rangers strike a battle pose.

Clark's voice: "We're a full force team know. Let's see Lord Cranston try to stop us."

Clip 9

Man in the shadows: "This is it. If he doesn't destroy the Rangers your time is through."

Clip 10

Timezone attacks a beaten down Lightning Megazord.

Pink Ranger's voice: "I don't believe it!"

A blast strikes Timezone in the back

Narration: "Next time on Power Rangers Lightning Force."

(Credits Roll)

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