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Power Rangers Lightning Force

by Crystal Ranger

Episode 13

"Friend or Foe, Part 2"

Narration: "Previously on Power Rangers Lightning Force"

Clip 1

Victor is taken by Timezone as the Rangers run for him.

Red Ranger: "I'll save you Victor. I promise."

Clip 2

Man in the shadows: "The project is almost complete. I trust you made sure our "subject" knows only what I want it to?"

Timezone gets up: "Yes master. It knows only to destroy the Rangers. Then after that goal to serve you and fight along side me to destroy the others."

Clip 3

Lord Cranston: "Let us begin the attack."

Prince Cranston's voice: "Our time has come!"

The Skeletors land in the city and start to attack everything.

Clip 4

Red Ranger with a determined voice: "Where's Victor?"

Timezone gets in a battle pose.

Timezone: "You'll never know."

The two begin to fight.

Clip 5

Red Ranger: "Where's Victor Timezone. I want the truth."

Timezone smirks: "Hmhmhmhmhm." Breaking into laughter, "Hahahahaha! Your brother is dead Red Ranger."

Clip 6

Black and white flashback.

Timezone's Narration: "You see you brother was a test subject."

Shows Skeletors pressing buttons and sends electrical shocks throught wires that are connected to Victor. He yells a silent scream of pain.

Timezone's Narration: "However, he didn't survive the testing and was of no use to us."

We then see Skeletors lifting a limp Victor between them as they leave the lab.

Clip 7

Red Ranger attacks Timezone and is cleaning the floor with him.

Red Ranger: "PREPARE TO DIE!!!!!"

Clip 8

Lightning Hunter: "No one can stop the mighty Lightning Hunter!"

Lightning Hunter defeats all the Rangers in battle.

Clip 9

Lightning Hunter holds up his right wrist: "Hunter Lightningzord, online!"

The ground shakes as his Zord appears.

Clip 10

Lightning Victor attacks and takes down Red Ranger.

Red Ranger's voice"......Victor...!?"

Lightning "Victor"'s voice: "There is no Victor, he's dead! I am the Lightning Hunter prepare to die."

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Everyone, except the Man in the shadows is there and stands around Victor.

Prince Cranston: "Great job. I couldn't have done better myself."

Victor gets an evil eye and looks at him: "Of course not. You're to weak!"

Prince Cranston steps back angered: "How dare you speak to me like that."

Prince Cranston goes to punch him but Victor grabs it and kicks him in the knees knocking Prince Cranston down.

Lord Cranston grabs Victor by the shirt and gets right in his face. Victor shows no hint of fear or any emotion. Lord Cranston: "Never! I mean NEVER do anything like that to my son again or you'll wish you were dead."

Lord Cranston puts Victor down. Victor begins to walk to the door and waves his hand: "Temper, temper Lord Cranston. Don't do anything that your dear sweet master might get word of. Heh heh heh."

Victor leaves the room.

Timezone turns to Ecliptor: "I don't like this. Something tells me he's up to something."

Ecliptor: "Hmmmmm. I see what you mean, but let us hope you are wrong."

Timezone smirks: "So do I old friend."

Darkonda turns his head as he looks at Timezone: "Hmmmmm."

Darkonda then turns and leaves the room with other thoughts on his mind.

Timezone looks were he was standing and to himself whispers: "Something tells me he's on to me."

Ecliptor turns to Timezone: "What was that?"

Timezone waves a hand: "Nothing. Just a thought I was having. Nothing to worry yourself over."

Timezone then exits the room.

Ecliptor looks down: "It appears I get left out of everything now of days. That never happened when I worked for my queen."

Opening Theme

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber. Clark lays on a medical bed in the back of the Power Chamber with an IV connected to his arm. The other four Rangers stand with Luanr 7 talking with Zordon.

Samantha: "If Victor is truly Lightning Hunter then there has to be a way to free him."

Rick looks at Samantha: "That won't be easy."

Lunar 7: "Aye yi yi! This is all over loading my circuts."

Zordon: "Calm down Lunar 7. The Power Rangers always have and always will find a way.

Scene 2

Setting: A rocky mountain side. Victor walks up in with no emotion on his face.

Victor: "Soon I'll finish those Rangers off and start with those fools the master dare call warriors."

Suddenly Timezone appears in a black and red flame with a hint of the Rangers colors in it.

Victor: "What are you doing here?"

Timezone puts a hand on Victor's shoulder. Victor knocks it away. Timezone: "Very well. Well, you see I came to make sure the true masters plan is carried out without any trouble."

Victor turns to him: "What kind of plan do you have?"

Timezone turns and walks away: "You'll see soon enough."

Scene 3

Setting: The Power Chamber. Clark is still in the back of the room. Angela stands beside him holding his hand.

Angela is holding back tears: "You have to be ok Clark. We all need you. Even Victor needs your help to free him from the spell."

At the head of the Power Chamber the others are working on the systems with Lunar 7.

Lunar 7: "The Lightningzords are almost fully repaired. However theres no promise that there'll be done before they attack again."

Suddenly all the alarms blare. Samantha hits a few button on her consule system. Everyone, except Clark looks up. They see Victor walking up the mountain towards the Power Chamber.

Samantha: "Looks like we'll have to try and do this on our own."

Rick: "At least he's not morphed. If we fight him without powers we may stand the better chance."

Michael: "We can only hope. Lets do this for Clark!"

All the Rangers nod at each other and head for the exit.

Lunar 7 holds his head and shakes it: "Oh boy! I hope their ok."

Zordon: "You must have faith in them Lunar. If anyone can free Victor it is them."

Scene 4

Setting: Outside the Power Chamber. The four unmorphed Rangers stand there waiting for Victor with their arms crossed in front of them.

Victor comes walking up: "Well, well, well. What are you doing here?"

Angela: "You'll never get into the Power Chamber without destroying us first."

Victor steps back: "I will get in there and destroy Zordon then finish the job I started with the Red Ranger."

Rick takes a stance: "Give it a shot Victor!"

Victor gets outraged: "That man is dead. Only Lightning Hunter lives and I plan to prove that!"

Victor charges the Rangers. Angela tries to side kick him, but Victor grabs the foot. She tries to use the other foot to break free but he grabs it too and throws her to the graveled mountain ground.

Victor: "Who else would like to try?"

Samantha steps up: "If I can't stop him, its up to you two."

Samantha jumps over him and tries to grab him from behind. Victor side steps and holds out his leg. She trips and hits the ground face first.

Samantha holds her cut face: "My face!"

Rick: "Lets go Michael!"

Michael: "Our turn."

The two charge but don't even get the chance to land an attack. Victor grabs them both by the neck and throws them next to the other Rangers. The Rangers get up and limp together.

Rick: "I say the no powers thing is not working."

Samantha sighs: "Your right. Let's take him to school."

The Rangers turn to Victor: "Whats the matter? Giving up?"

Samantha: "Not a chance!"

Scene 5

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Everyone is watching what is going on on a screen, except for Timezone who is missing.

Prince Cranston: "It seems we will finally be rid of those no good punks."

Darkonda crosses his arms: "They are lucky it wans't me that is fightning them out they would already be dead."

Ecliptor looks away from him: "Yeah right!"

Lord Cranston: "Silence. The master's plan is working. Let us watch."

Man in the shadows seems to be looking at  Lord Cranston if you could see him you might know that he is: "This is it. If he doesn't destroy the Rangers your time is through."

Lord Cranston shrinks in his throne: "Yes sire! I understand."

They all turn back to the fight.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Outside the Power Chamber. The Rangers have morphed and Victor has transformed into Lightning Hunter.

Linghtning Hunter strikes down the charging Yellow Ranger: "Don't try and fight me unless you plan on really fighting."

Blue Ranger turns to Black Ranger: "Let's show him how much fight we've got."

Black Ranger turns to him and nods: "You got it."

They both hold up thier weapons and swords. Blue Ranger rolls between Lightning Hunters legs. He jumps up behind him and strikes him with both weapons. Lightning Hunter steps back.

Lightning Hunter summons his blaster: "Ok, we'll play rough!"

He's caught off guard when the Lightning Whip wraps around his wrist and knocks the blaster from it.

Pink Ranger steps up: "You need to learn your lesson."

Lightning Hunter's Axe appears in his free hand: "I don't need no lesson. Lightning Axe, HYIA!"

He slashs the Whip and it falls to the ground. He then becomes gold energy and strikes past Pink Ranger, then Blue Ranger and Black Ranger. They all hit the ground. Lightning Hunter reforms behind them.

Lightning Hunter: "Hmhmhmhmhm! You fools think you can stop me?"

Red Ranger's voice: "No! But I bet I could!"

Everyone turns to see Red Ranger charging Lightning Hunter.

Lightning Hunter holds up his blaster: "You fool!"

He fires the blaster twenty time but no blast strikes Red Ranger. He gets to Lightning Hunter and pins him to the ground.

Red Ranger struggles to hold him still: "If you won't listen the easy way, then I'll have to make you listen."

Lightning Hunter grabs Red Rangers wrist and throws him over his head: "You'll never stop me weakling."

Red Ranger pulls out his sword: "Let's find out then."

Lightning Hunter transforms his blaster into its blade mode by pushing the button above the handle: "Yes we shall."

Suddenly Timezone appears holding his blaster. He opens fire on the Rangers.

Timezone: "He isn't going to have all the fun."

Lightning Hunter turns to him: "Then handle the other four."

Timezone pulls out a black device with several multi glowing buttons on it: "That's why I'm here."

A presses one button and a green energy field appears around the other four Rangers.

Yellow Ranger pounds it with her fist: "Clark! Get out of here. Your not at full strangth. You need to rest."

Red Ranger turns to her: "No can do honey. I have to save Victor."

Pink Ranger steps up: "She's right. You can't beat Timezone and Lightning Hunter."

Red Ranger: "I have to try."

Red Ranger charges Lightning Hunter as Timezone stays to the side and watches. The two warriors lock blades and sparks fly from them. They pull back and Red Ranger jumps through the air. He tries to strike Lightning Hunter but he uses his sword to block it and strike Red Ranger right down the chest.

Lightning Hunter then sweeps the legs out from under Red Ranger.

Timezone still holds his blaster: "I love it when a plan comes together."

Lightning Hunter grabs Red Ranger by the neck and throws him through the air. He forms his blaster back into blaster mode and opens fire as he lands. Red Ranger is able to land on his feet but is barly standing on his feet. Lightning Hunter makes his blaster vanish and summons his Axe again. He runs up and pins Red Ranger to the ground. He holds the Axe's handle to Red Rangers neck.

Lightning Hunter: "Prepare to meet your fate."

Timezone behind Lightning Hunter laughs: "Hahahaha! Thats it, finish the job Lighning Hunter. I want your brother dead."

Lightning Hunter turns to him: "WHAT!?"

There is a white flash that fills the screen that takes us to. . . .

Scene 2

Setting: Lightning Hunter's memory. Everything is in an orange tint. There is no sound, only a low monotone music.

We see an image of Clark and Victor as little kids laughing and playing on a swing set.

We then see a teenage Victor and Clark walking down a hallway with bookbags on thier backs talking and laughing.

The next is the same scene of Clark and Victor fightning about Judy.

Next is Timezone capturing Victor.

We then see Victor being worked on and being carried out of the room by the two Skeletors. He is taken acros the hall. The two hands of the Man in the shadows appear glowing gold. They touch Victor. His whole body glows as he gives a silent scream. He then transforms into Lightning Hunter.

Scene 3

Setting: Back to normal. Timezone is behind Lightning Hunter.

Timezone gets angry: "Waht are you waiting for? Destroy him."

Lightning Hunter gets up and turns to him: "How dare you do this to me!"

He charges Timezone and strikes him with the Lightning Axe.

Timezone rolls up off the ground holding his blaster ready to fight: "What are you doing?"

Lightning Hunter: "Teaching you a lesson."

Lightning Hunter picks up Timezone by his collar and head butts him.

Lightning Hunter: "You'll never break up the Powers brother again evil creature."

Scene 4

Setting: The Power Chamber. Zordon smiles as we see on the viewing globe Lightning Hunter helps up Red Ranger. Lunar 7 holds his hands together and jumps up and down.

Lunar 7 in a child like voice more so than normal: "He did it! He did it!"

Zordon: "It appears we now have a sixth memeber on our team."

Scene 5

Setting: The Sky Carrier's main room. Only Prince Cranston and Lord Cranston are there. Lord Cranston sits in his throne.

Prince Cranston: "I don't believe it!"

Lord Cranston: "Great! Now the master will surly destroy me."

He fires a palm blast at the screen destroying it as he gets up and leaves.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The mountain outside the Power Chamber. Lightning Hunter helps up Red Ranger.

Lightning Hunter powers down: "Looks like I'm one of you now big brother."

Red Ranger's helement vanishes and Clark smiles: "I guess so."

He looks back at the other Rangers still traped in the energy field. His helement reappears: "Time for me to free the others!"

He pulls the sword off his back and charges it in a red glow. He sends it to the top where it appears to come to a point. His sword hits and the energy field desolves downward into the ground. The other four Rangers run up to Red Ranger and Victor as Red Rangers sword returns to him and he buts it back in its hulster.

Black Ranger: "Thanks for saving us Clark."

Timezone stumbles up holding his blaster aimed at Victor: "You two timing worm. I'll destory you!"

He fires a series of blast from his blaster. The Rangers all rush up and push Victor out of the way and take the hits themselves. The explosion causes them to go flying and hitting the ground demorphing.

Victor runs up to them: "Are you ok?"

The Rangers get up and huddle with Victor. Clark turns to him: "Ready to do this?"

Victor nods: "Born ready bro."

The Rangers all hold up the morphers and yell: "Lightning Storm!"

(Lightning Red morphing sequence)

(Lightning Yellow morphing sequence)

(Lightning Blue morphing sequence)

(Lightning Pink morphing sequence)

(Lightning Black morphing sequence)

Victor holds up his arm to show a morpher. Its a golden wrist device shaped like a zeonizer, only slightly bigger. In the center is a green gem. Above it is a a black button with gold trim used for morphing.

Victor holds it up across his chest: "Hunter Storm!"

(Lightning Hunter morphing sequence: Victor stands in front of the same background as the others, only its gold. He pushes the black button and crosses his arms in front of him and the green gem is hit with two gold and two green lightning bolts. They move through the morpher and through his body and transform into his suit.)

Red Ranger poses: "Lightning Force Red!"

Yellow Ranger poses: "Lightning Force Yellow!"

Black Ranger poses: "Lightning Force Black!"

Pink Ranger poses: "Lightning Force Pink!"

Blue Ranger poses: "Lightning Force Blue!"

Lightning Hunter poses: "Lightning Hunter!"

An explosion erupts behind them and the Lightning Force Rangers now take their offical battle pose.

(See picture at bottom of page.)

Lightning Hunter strikes a pose similar to the Pink and Yellow Rangers, only he holds up both arms.

All six together yell: "POWER RANGERS LIGHTNING FORCE!"

Red Ranger: "We're a full force team know. Let's see Lord Cranston try to stop us."

Timezone: "Bring it on!"

The Rangers all charge Timezone. Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger grab his arms as Blue Ranger comes in with his Lighting Claw. He strikes Timezone in the chest. Black Ranger comes spinning from the sky and kicks Timezone across the head. Red Ranger and Lightning Hunter come in with thier weapons in hand. Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger jump away as the two brothers strike Timezone in the sides. He sparks and falls face first exploding.

The Rangers gather together and their helements vanish in their glowing color.

Victor: "That was easier than I thought."

Samantha gets a complexed look on her face: "A little to easy if you ask me."

Suddenly the ground starts shaking. The Rangers turn to see a gaint Timezone heading for the city. The Rangers helements reappear.

Red Ranger: "Let us try to handle this one Victor."

Lightning Hunter: "I've got your back if you need it."

Lightning Force Rangers hold their arms to the sky and yell in unsion: "Lightning Megazord Power!"

(The Megazord's helement falls from the sky to finish the formation.)

Scene 2

Setting: The city. The Lightning Megazord lands behind Timezone.

Timezone turns around: "You think you can stop me? I fought it once and I beat that tin can without even trying."

(Megazord cockpit) Pink Ranger: "We'll see about that."

The Megazord charges Timezone. Timezone punches the Megazord and causes it to stumble back. The Megazord tries to grab his right arm and are able to do so. However as soon as they do Timezone judo flips it over him to the ground. He pulls out his blaster and aims it dead point at the Megazord's head and the cockpit.

(Megazord cockpit) The Rangers shield their vasors. Black Ranger: "Guess this is it. Nice fightning with you guys."

Suddenly a blast hits Timezone in the back. Timezone stumbles up and falls to the ground. The Rangers are able to get the Megazord to stand up.

Pink Ranger points to the ground below: "I don't believe it!"

The Rangers all look down to see Lightning Hunter standing there holding up his blaster.

Lightning Hunter yells: "Told you I had your back!"

Timezone gets up: "I'm not finished yet."

Lightning Hunter: "Yes you are. Hunter Lightningzord, online!"

(Hunter Lightningzord arrival sequnce: A rocky mountain. It shakes and raddles until the Hunter Lightningzord comes flying out at high speed. It lands right behind Lightning Hunter. He leaps into the air and lands in his cockpit.)

Timezone: "I'll take you both on."

The two Megazords walk up next to each other and take a pose.

(Hunter cockpit) Lightning Hunter turns to the others: "All we have to do is weaken him. Then my attack should be strong enough to finish him. I hope!"

(Megazord cockpit) Blue Ranger: "You better hope so. Our saber doesn't have any effect on him for some reason."

The two Zords make their move. The Hunter Zord upper cuts Timezone. The Megazord then comes charging with its Lightning Saber. It deals out several quick slashes all over. Timezone sparks all over and falls to his knees in pain.

Timezone in a shocked tone: "How can this be. Neither Zord should be able to withstand my power."

(Megazord cockpit) Yellow Ranger: "When a team of heros unite theres nothing that can stop them. That includes you Timezone!"

Timezone gets back up holding his blaster. The Megazord simply uses it's Saber to knock it out of his hands.

(Megazord cockpit) Red Ranger: "Now Victor!"

(Hunter cockpit) Lightning Hunter: "You brought this on yourself Timezone. Hunter Axe!"

His gaint sized Axe appears in the Megazords hand.

(Hunter cockpit) Lightning Hunter: "Farewell Timezone. Wish I could say it has been fun, but it hasn't. Hunter Lightning Slash!"

The blade of the Axe is cast in a gold glow. The Hunter Lightningzord lifts it over it's head as the sky grows dark from storm clouds gathering. It lowers it on Timezone. Timezone is covered in a rain of sparks as he falls back. He doesn't even hit the ground before he explodes.

The Hunter Lightningzord and Lightning Megazord turn around standing tall over the once again save city of North Star City.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber. The newly formed Lightning Force team stands with Zordon and Lunar 7.

Samantha has a dreamy look in her eyes as she looks at Victor: "It's nice to have you on the team."

Victor looks back at her: "I'm honored to be on it. I just wish I hadn't almost killed you all."

Michael playfully punches him in the arm: "I could've taken you if I really wanted to."

Victor doesn't turn to him, but simply raies his arm and chops Michael in the back causing him to fall foward.

Victor bends down to speak to him: "If I could do that to you, then I doubt you could have taken me."

Victor stands up as Michael sits on the floor holding his neck. The Rangers, Lunar 7, and even Zordon laugh at Michael.

Michael mumbles to himself: "I really hate my life at moments like this.

The End.

Coming soon to Power Rangers Lightning Force: "Visitor's from the East, Part 1". A team up of the Lightning Force Rangers and Eastern Rangers. Stay tuned!!

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