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Power Rangers Lightning Force

by Crystal Ranger

Episode 14

"Legend of Nature"


Narration: "Previously on Power Rangers Lightning Force"

Clip 1

Victor is taken by Timezone as the Rangers run for him.

Red Ranger: "I'll save you Victor. I promise."

Clip 2

Man in the shadows: "The project is almost complete. I trust you made sure our "subject" knows only what I want it to?"

Timezone gets up: "Yes master. It knows only to destroy the Rangers. Then after that goal to serve you and fight along side me to destroy the others."

Clip 3

Red Ranger: "Where's Victor Timezone. I want the truth."

Timezone smirks: "Hmhmhmhmhm." Breaking into laughter, "Hahahahaha! Your brother is dead Red Ranger."

Clip 4

Black and white flashback.

Timezone's Narration: "You see you brother was a test subject."

Shows Skeletors pressing buttons and sends electrical shocks throught wires that are connected to Victor. He yells a silent scream of pain.

Timezone's Narration: "However, he didn't survive the testing and was of no use to us."

We then see Skeletors lifting a limp Victor between them as they leave the lab.

Clip 5

Red Ranger attacks Timezone and is cleaning the floor with him.

Red Ranger: "PREPARE TO DIE!!!!!"

Clip 6

Lightning Hunter: "No one can stop the mighty Lightning Hunter!"

Lightning Hunter defeats all the Rangers in battle.

Clip 7

Lightning Hunter holds up his right wrist: "Hunter Lightningzord, online!"

The ground shakes as his Zord appears.

Clip 8

Lightning Victor attacks and takes down Red Ranger.

Red Ranger's voice"......Victor...!?"

Lightning "Victor"'s voice: "There is no Victor, he's dead! I am the Lightning Hunter prepare to die."

Clip 9

Lightning Hunter: "Prepare to meet your fate."

Timezone behind Lightning Hunter laughs: "Hahahaha! Thats it, finish the job Lighning Hunter. I want your brother dead."

Lightning Hunter turns to him: "WHAT!?"

Clip 10

Lightning Hunter's voice: "Farewell Timezone. Wish I could say it has been fun, but it hasn't. Hunter Lightning Slash!"

The Hunter Lightingzord destroys Timezone with its finishing move.

*Quick Note: I've gone back and changed a part of the morphers. Its nothing major. I mearly added a strap so that it can be worn on thier wrist.*

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: Over a thousand millenia's ago on Eltar. We're inside a jungle and it's a pouring down rain with lightning in the background.

In the middle of the forest stands a monster. In front of him stands a lone man with people around them in a cicrle foramtion.

The man is covered in red primative armor.

The monster looks mostly brown. His muscles bulg through his body. His eyes are covered by black rings like a racoon. His mouth has two jagged teeth sticking out of each end. On his right knee is a piece of brown, torn cloth tied in a knot. His chest seems to be a golden chest plate with the picture of the elemntal symbols of all kinds. The most obvious ones are the fire, water, air, earth, thunder, and lightning. On his hands are gloves made out of stone.

The monster speaks with a hint of british in his voice: "You dare tempt me Goonga?"

The man in red armor replies: "Your powers are great, but you have lost the way of good Earthquake. I'm afraid our former friendship is over. For the sake of Eltar I must stop you."

Earthquake: "Try to stop me Goonga."

Earthquake yells and runs for Goonga, who jumps into the air summoning a long twisted sword, with jagged teeth, much like Furio's or Ecliptor's and a red gem in the center.

Earthquake looks up only to get a sword slash down the back. Earthquake steps forward in pain, but turns and punches Goonga through a set of trees. Goonga quickly gets up and streaks past Earthquake striking him several times before becoming a solid figure again. Earthquake raises an arm into the air and falls with explosions erupting around him.

Goonga looks at the spot not convinced: "Don't mock me Earthquake. We've fought together for years. I know very well your still alive."

Earthquake picks himself up off the ground: "Very smart of you. However I shall win this fight and rule all of Eltar."

Goonga: "I can not allow that my friend. Feel the power of the Fire Sword!"

He holds the sword high above him and the gem in the middle engulfs the sword in flames. Goonga rushes forward and jumps into the air. He comes down striking Earthquake in a zig zag foramtion then jumps into the air again landing striking Earthquake strike right down the middle.

Earthquake erupts in explosions. Goonga looks stern: "I will not destroy you. For the sake of our previous friendship I'll only imprision you under Eltar. May you rest in peace forever."

With that Goonga realeses a red beam from his sword. Earthquake turns to stone, then is replaced by a tree.

Person 1: "Thank you Goonga. He will no long be a threat to us. He's traped in that stone form and under that tree as a protective shield. I only pray no one is foolish enough to free him."

Goonga and everyone stares at the tree that is on top of Earthquake. Just setting there, waiting for the time when some one follish enough frees him, so that he may once again attack Eltar and carry out his insane plan.

Opening Theme

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The same forest in the present day. A group of workmen are cutting down trees as a man in a business suit holds blueprints.

Man with blueprints: "We only have one tree left to cut down until we can start building."

A workman comes up with his chain saw: "What tree is that sir?"

The man points to a tree right in front of him: "That tree."

The workman nods, starts his saw and begins to cut the tree down. He's half way through when smoke rises from it and it moves to the side.

The man stops as a stone statue comes from the ground: "What's going on?"

The statue is none other than Earthquake. The man drops the blue prints and walks up to it: "Get someone out here to look at this."

A workman steps forward: "I know someone."

He walks off and returns in a matter of minutes. With him is a woman dressed in a lab coat.

The woman checks out the statue: "This is amazing. It's like nothing I've ever seen. In fact the only way I'll even be able to determine just what this creature is I'll have to take it to my lab downtown."

Lead Man: "So be it!"

His workmen try to move the statue out of place, but as soon as they do it begins to crack and through the cracks pour out white light.

Everyone drops what their doing as the statue shatters and Earthquake steps out gving an inhuman laugh: "Bwhahahaha! I'm free at last. Nothing will stop me from getting my revenge on Goonga and this mud ball of a planet.

Earthquake leaves as storm clouds cirlce around him and vanishes.

Workman 9: "What do we do now sir?"

Lead Man: "We pray that the Power Rangers Lightning Force can defeat that monster."

Voice: "They will not be able to."

Everyone turns to see the spirit of Goonga: "You must bring the Rangers to me if they are to win."

Everyone doesn't listen as they scream and run away.

Scene 2

Setting: A musem. Samantha is setting up a display of two cave men hitting each other with clubs. Almost like something you'd see in the Flinstone's. Samantha hums to herself. In doing so she doesn't here a set of foot steps until their right behind her.

Samantha jolts out of it just in time to grab the person's hand as they prepared to take her shoulder. She flips the person over her and is surprised to see that it is Victor: "Oh hey. Sorry about that. We've been getting a lot of theives around here latly."

Victor gets up: "Good thing they have a secutiry guard like you, were's the blue uniform."

Samantha: "Blue is more Michael's color. I prefer pink thank you very much."

Victor: "Well I'll have to agree with you on that point. So, do you want to get some lunch. I'm on my lunch hour at work."

Samantha looks at what appears to be a watch: "It's my lunch break too. Let's go, your paying."

Samantha starts to run out before he can say anything.

Victor stands there for a moment then rushes after her yelling: "Hey, wait a minute. Thats not fare, I've seen you eat and I don't have that much money on me."

Scene 3

Setting: An outside Cafe'. Victor and Samantha are eating lunch. Samantha has three plates of food around her and Victor only has one.

Victor looks at Samantha as she finishes off her last plate: "Where do you put all of that?"

Samantha smiles: "That's my secret. Let's just say monsters aren't my only work out. I go to a gym for two hours a night."

Victor takes a drink of what looks like a soda: "You're a very strange person."

Samantha leans in: "Victor, I want to tell you somethign, you see I sort of......"

She's about to say something when an explosion erupts from around the cornor.

Samantha sets back: "Damn!"

The two get up and run towards the explosion. They stop when they see Earthquake.

Samantha: "You look fimilair somehow."

Earthquake: "I don't know you or care what you think about me. I just want to know where Goonga is."

Victor: "I don't know who this Goonga is, but we're the protectors of this planet and we're going to stop you."

Earthquake leans his head back and laughs: "Hahahaha! I'd like to see you two Eltarian whimps try and stop me."

Samantha and Victor hold up their morphers. Samantha: "Lightning Storm!"

Victor at the same time as Samantha: "Hunter Storm!"

(Lightning Hunter morphing sequence)

(Lightning Force Pink tail end morphing sequence)

Earthquake: "You two are still no match for my power."

Pink Ranger and Lightning Hunter race for Earthquake. Lightning Hunter goes for a gutter punch, but Earthquake grabs the fist and flips Lightning Hunter to the ground. Pink Ranger cartwheels into the air to give him a swift kick in the chin. The kick does nothing and Earthquake throws her into a parked car, which slides back about a foot.

Earthquake holds his stomach as he laughs: "Hahahaha. You are nothing compared to my powers. Now tell me where Goonga is."

Pink Ranger gets up holding her right shoulder: "Do you mean 'Goonga the Warrior of Eltar' Goonga?"

Earthquake: "Of course I do."

Lightning Hunter gets up and summons his blaster: "Then I hate to break it to you, but that was over a thousand millenia's ago."

Earthquake's mouth turns to a frown and he grows angry: "You lie. Goonga is not dead, beacuse I didn't destroy him.!"

Earthquake starts to run forward when several blast hit him. Everyone turns to see the other Rangers standing there holding up their blasters, still in a firing stance. Black Ranger: "Back off creep."

Blue Ranger: "You don't want to mess with us."

Earthquake: "You Eltarian scum do not hold the power to defeat me. Mwhah....."

He is cut off and gives Red Ranger a cold glare as they lower their blaster: "You! You hold the same energy signatures as Goonga. I'll destroy you for that."

Earthquake goes to run at Red Ranger, but they all hold their blasters back up and start firing. Pink Ranger and Lightning Hunter join in. The beams gather alot of smoke. They all stop firing.

Yellow Ranger: "Did that get him?"

Pink Ranger: "I seriously doubt it."

Earthquake's voice: "You are correct Pink one."

The Rangers and Lightning Hunter look around to hear the voice when massive flames come out of nowhere and hit the Rangers. They ignite in saprks and roll to the ground. The flames stop and Earthquake steps up: "Here Rangers, let me cool you off."

He holds his hands to the sky and several storm clouds form from nowhere and a heavey rain hits the Rangers, however it's an acid rain, which causes their suits to start and melt showing some wires.

Lightning Hunter hits the rain with his Hunter Blade, but the rain melts it. Earthquake lowers his hands and the rain stops.

Earthquake: "Do you give up yet scum?"

Blue Ranger jumps through the air with Lightning Hunter, both holding weapons. They land trying to strike him with their Claw or Axe, but Earthquake grabs one weapon in each stone gloved hand. They give off a white light. Once it stops their weapons are pure stone.

The two drop their weapons and step back.

Blue Ranger: "Um, uh.... Any idea's Cark?"

Red Ranger: "We only have one choice. We have to fall back for now. Let's go!"

The Rangers run side ways away from the scene holding their damaged suits.

Earthquake: "Run while you can. Soon I'll get my revenge and nothing will stop me."


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting:  The Power Chamber. The Rangers stand unmorphed and bandaged in front of Lunar 7. As well as Zordon of course.

Angela: "That guy is rough. We couldn't even leave a dent."

Rick looks at Clark: "He seemed intrested in Clark the most."

Zordon: "I see. Did the monster mention anything else that may give us a clue?"

Samantha crosses her arms and rubs her chin: "He kept mentioning the name Goonga. The thing is, I feel like I've heard the name somewhere before."

Clark puts a arm around her shoulders: "It's ok Sammy. All that we have to worry about is stoping that thing, some how?"

Luanr 7 sets up from the controls: "I've been running scans. Whoever he is he wasn't sent by Lord Cranston. His energy readings even over loaded the scaners."

Michael: "That can not be good. There has to be something we can do."

Samantha steps up: "There is. Somehow I seem to know that guys name. His and the mosnter's name seems fimilair, I think the Goonga is the Goonga, Warrior of Eltar. I just wish I knew if I was right. Go back to work. If something comes to me I'll contact everyone."

Victor crosses his arms and nods his head: "Be sure you do."

Scene 2

Setting: North Star Tech. We see the outside view then are moved into a cubical. Angela types at a rapid speed on her computer. Her computer sets in the middle front. Beside her are two other tables. On one sets a coffe mug full of pens and pencils, next to it is a tissue box. On the other set a group of pictures near the computer and next to her sets a stack of folders.

The phone rings and snaps her out of it. Angela turns and answers the phone: "Hello. North Star Tech. Angela speaking."

She pauses as if someone is talking. She then replies: "I don't want to talk about this."

She stops again to listen the person and then: "NO! I won't help you out again. It's time you did things for yourself."

She once again listens to the person. Angela gets upset: "Listen! The last time I helped you it almost costed me everything. Don't ever call me again at work or for anything like this again."

She then slams the phone down. She grabs a tissue from her tissue box and uses it to clear the tears from her eyes. She gets up and walks to an office door and knocks.

Clark's voice: "Come in!"

Angela opens the door and steps in. She closes the door behind her as the screen fades to black and to....

Scene 3

Setting: The Musem Samantha works at. Samantha walks around the displays. She seems to be looking for one certain display.

Samantha talks to herself: "Somehow I remember those names from a display."

She stops and her eyes widen "Oh man! I knew it."

Samantha gets even more worried: "That means if the legends are true, we're done for."

Scene 4

Setting: Clark's office in North Star Tech. were Angela is in a slightly better mood.

Angela sets up: "Thanks for the advise Clark."

Clark puts a arm around her and pulls her in: "There's nothing I wouldn't do for you, I love you!"

Clark catches what he said and tries to take it back: "Ummm...What I mean is......*cough*, what I ment was..."

Angela steps forward: "To late, you said it and can't take it back."

They embrace each other and are sucked into a passionate kiss for ten seconds, until theres a knock at the door.

They step apart. Clark: "Come in!"

Mr. Moody enters the room: "Mr. Powers, we have a problem. A extreme one at that."

Angela looks worried: "What is it sir?"

Mr. Moody: "Our truck that contained the prototype for the new line of computer software was attacked by a monster. I assume you know of this thing."

Clark sets behind his desk as the other two set in the chairs in front of it. Clark gets a stern look: "Depends, did the drivers happen to catch anything?"

Mr. Moody: "Only that he kept demanding to see someone named Goongo or something like that."

Angela corrects him: "Goonga! Earthquake just won't stop."

Clark: "Sorry sir, but we've fought him, we couldn't even put a dent in him."

Mr. Moody looks down then jolts up: "Wait one minute. Goonga is part of the...."

He is cut off by a beeping. Clark turns his seat around to answer his morpher/communicator: "What is it?"

Samantha's voice over it: "Get to the musem quick. I already got ahold of the others. I think I figured it all out."

Clark: "We'll be right there."

Clark spins back around and get up: "Sir! Angela and I have to go."

Mr. Moody waves his hand in a "get going" pantomine: "Then go you two!"

They nod to each other and rush out of the office. In hopes of a way to solve the problem that is Earthquake.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The musem. All six heros are there. The other five stand in front of Samantha.

Victor: "What did you want to show us?"

Michael crosses his arms: "Yeah, come on already I have to get back to work soon."

Samantha ignores him: "I know where I heard the name Goonga and Earthquake. You see theres an old legend of Eltar that goes all the way back to the beginning where people first started to appear here. There was a mosnter known as Earthquake that had the same powers as nature. He helped them build shelters and things they would need to survive."

Samantha: "However, there were also many other mosnters on Eltar. The people had a warrior with great skills and powers named Goonga, as much as he tried he couldn't destroy them all. His power came from a sword known as the Fire Sword, however not even its power was strong enough for them all. So Earthquake and Goonga fought side by side for years destroying the evil of our world."

Rick: "Get to the point already."

Samantha goes on: "Anyways. Earthquake soon hungered for power. He tried to destroy the people, that is until Goonga was forced to seal him in a stone statue in the forest, hidden from everyone. He then put the powers of his sword to rest, as well as himself. He did this, because it is said that he declared and I quote: "When the day comes that this evil shall be freed once more, a team of heros will fight against him and lose. Only the one powerful enough to withstand my powers will be able to use my sword to defeat him". I can't believe I had forgotten all about this."

Something clicks with Rick: "That monster freak was saying something about Clark and Goonga's power I think."

Scene 2

Setting: Flashback to the battle earlier. Everything is a light orange tint.

Blue Ranger: "You don't want to mess with us."

Earthquake: "You Eltarian scum do not hold the power to defeat me. Mwhah....."

He is cut off and gives Red Ranger a cold glare as they lower their blaster: "You! You hold the same energy signatures as Goonga. I'll destroy you for that."

Earthquake goes to run at Red Ranger, but they all hold their blasters back up and start firing. Pink Ranger and Lightning Hunter join in. The beams gather alot of smoke. They all stop firing.

Yellow Ranger: "Did that get him?"

Scene 3

Setting: Back to the present.

Michael looks at Clark: "That must mean that you're the one that can use that weapon and finish him."

Victor: "We must get to the forest at once."

They all begin to leave when Samantha: "Wait! It also says that the warrior must do it alone and pass the test in order to be worthy."

They all look down.


They all look at their morphers and Victor talks into his green gem in the middle: "Go for it Lunar?"

Lunar 7's voice: "How did you know it was me. Oh well, no time for that. Earthquake is in the housing area. Hurry!"

Clark looks at them: "Hold him off. I'm going out to the forest. If we're right. I'll be back soon, with a new weapon."

Clark runs out as the others get ready to morph making sure no one is around.

Samantha stands before the four Rangers and they all yell: "Lightning Storm!"

(Four way split morphing sequence)

Victor: "Hunter Storm!"

(Lightning Hunter morphing sequence)

Scene 4

Setting: A street of houses. It looks like a picture perfect housing area. Earthquake appears and trashes the place by firing beams of fire all over, setting grass and houses on fire.

Earthquake: "If I can't find Goonga, then I'll just destroy the planet he protects."

Lightning Hunter's voice: "Over here!"


Earthquake turns to see the four Rangers and Lightning Hunter standing there.

Yellow Ranger points at Earthquake: "We know who you are. We've heard the legend, but we have some bad news...."

Black Rangers starts rushing forward: "Goonga is dead. It's time for you to join him."

Black Ranger leaps into the air preparing to jump kick the monster, but Earthquake punches it with his stone gloves and Black Ranger's boots turn to stone. Black Ranger hit the ground with a thud.

Black Ranger rubs his stone boots: "Man I really hate that thing."

Pink Ranger: "We have to keep him busy long enough for Clark to find the weapon, just make sure you don't end up like Rick."

Lightning Hunter holds up his Lightning Axe: "No problem!"

The other three Rangers summon their weapons and Lightning Hunter points his axe towards Earthquake: "Rangers, CHARGE!"

Scene 5

Setting: The forest. Clark walks around looking all around.

Clark: "Just what am I suppose to find out here?"

Goonga's spirit appears before Clark, who gets bug eyed.

Goonga: "Are you Clark Powers, the Lightning Force Red Ranger?"

Clark looks interested: "Yeah thats me."

Goonga: "If you wish to have my weapon you must pass the test."

Clark: "Well can we make this fast, my friends won't be able to hold off Earthquake for long."

Goonga: "In order to put my spirit to rest, and free my weapon you must defeat me in battle."

Clark holds up his morpher: "Fine. Lightning Storm!"

(Lightning Force Red morphing sequence)

Red Ranger is now holding his sword from his back.

Goonga summons a sword, but its not his Fire Sword: "Let the test begin."

The two warriors clash swords. Sparks fly from the impact and they each put their weight into it. Goonga pulls back and round strikes Red Ranger in the right shoulder. Red Ranger steps back, but Goonga fires a beam from his hand. Red Ranger leaps to miss it and strikes Goonga down the middle, breaking his sword in half.

Goonga breaths heavly, even for a spirit: "You fight well, but you have yet to prove yourself."

Red Ranger summons his Lightning Sword: "I haven't even started yet."

Goonga summons his Fire Sword: "Here is what you get if you win, now lets see if you can handle its powers."

The two warriors charge with loud battle cries. They block sword strikes and go for lower strikes. Red Ranger goes for a upper slice, but as Goonga goes to block it Red Ranger switches attacks and roundhouse strikes him. Goonga goes spining back and hits the ground.

Goonga gets up: "You are truly skilled, all that remains for you to claim this is to put my soul to rest, please!"

Red Ranger swings his sword: "No problem friend. Lightning Sword, full power!"

Two red lightning bolts strike the red gem on his sword's hilt and it glows with red energy. Red Ranger charges forward and gives Goonga's spirit a mighty zig zag attack. White light begins to pour out of the body.

Goonga's voice as his spirit vanishes in a bright white light :"Take my sword young warrior. It is up to you to carry on the legend and preotect Eltar. Its fate is in your hands."

Red Ranger removes his helement: "What do you mean?"

Goonga: "All will be revealed in time."

With that he vanishes and his sword floats in mid air. Clark walks up to it and takes hold of it.

Clark: "Better get back to the others."

Scene 6

Setting: The city. The Rangers are throwen to the ground with their suits damaged with wires hanging out, and what is left is mostly burnt black.

Lightning Hunter tries to get up, but falls: "I wish my brother would get back here."

Earthquake rubs his stone gloves: "I've waited a long time for revenge."

Red Ranger comes fliping through the sky.

Red Ranger: "Looks like you'll have to wait a little longer then buddy."

Earthquake: "Perfect! You are the one that shares the powers of Goonga. Now I will take great joy in destroying you."

Red Ranger: "I don't think so, here's why."

Red Ranger holds his right hand out in front of him a flame jets up from the ground and through his closed palm. The flame stops and forms the Fire Sword. Red Ranger takes a pose with it and we see him holding it from several different angles.

Earthquake steps back in fear: "Oh no! Not that thing."

Earthquake shakes his fear off: "No matter, I'll still destroy you."

The two charge. Earthquake tries to touch him with his stone gloves, but Red Ranger slices them and they fall to the ground. Red Ranger then kicks Earthquake away. Earthquake then holds his arms to sky, he begins to bring them down. The acid rain begins to fall again.

Red Ranger: "Give me a break."

Red Ranger swings his sword around as it glows. A gaint tornado of flame consumes all the acid rain and sends it back at Earthquake. Earthquake yells in pain as parts of his body melts. Earthquake gets mad and sends a massive flame at Red Ranger, however he adds a gust of wind to make it wide spread.

Red Ranger: "Nice try."

Red Ranger pushes the gem and the sword absorbs the massive flame.

Earthquake: "Oh man! It took all my attacks."

Red Ranger summons his Lightning Sword in his other hand: "I'm ending this now."

With that his Lightning Sword is cast in a red glow. The Fire Sword is consumed in a flame.

Red Ranger charges: "Flaming Lightning Attack!"

He runs forward and strikes Earthquake with his Lightning Sword, as he does this lightning bolts swirl around his feet. He lowers the Fire Sword and a small fire breaks out from under him. He turns and does a pose. Earthquake falls back as sparks eject from his body. He doesn't even hit the ground before he explodes.

Red Ranger: "That was for you Goonga, may you rest in peace."


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: Where we left off. The Rangers stand unmorphed.

Victor: "That sword of yours will really help us."

Samantha: "Glad I discovered the legend."

Rick gets bored and changed the subject: "Thats good and all, but I'm goin' catch a bite to eat. Stay here and talk if you want though."

Clark smiles: "I can go for that."

They laugh and walk off, but unknown to them Ecliptor watches them from the shadows.

Ecliptor: "I'll destroy you yet Rangers. Then once your out of the way I'll destroy that mutant Darkonda."

With that he turns and walks off.

The End.

Narration: "Next time on Power Rangers Lightning Force!"

Clip 1

Ecliptor argues with Darkonda.

Darkonda: "Your nothing compared to me."

Ecliptor: "I am far greater than you'll ever be........"

Clip 2

Ecliptor and a female monster attack the six Rangers.

Ecliptor's voice: "....and after I destroy the Rangers you'll be next."

Clip 3

Angela and Clark walk out of a movie theather.

Clip 4

Victor and Samantha seem to be eating dinner.

Clip 5

The four are moprhed and fighting each other.

Michael's voice: "What has gotten into those four."

Clip 6

Black Ranger and Blue Ranger get knocked to the ground by the female monster.

Monster's voice: "You're no match for me."

Clip 7

Lightning Hunter: "We'll never give up."

A huge explsion erupts and fill the screen.

Narration: "Next time on Power Rangers Lightning Force."

(Credits Roll)

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