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Power Rangers: Lightning Force

by Crystal Ranger


Episode 15

“A Change of Heart”


Narration: "Previously on Power Rangers Lightning Force"


Clip 1

Red Ranger attacks Timezone and is cleaning the floor with him.


Red Ranger: "PREPARE TO DIE!!!!!"


Clip 2

Lightning Hunter: "No one can stop the mighty Lightning Hunter!"


Lightning Hunter defeats all the Rangers in battle.


Clip 3

Lightning Hunter holds up his right wrist: "Hunter Lightningzord, online!"


The ground shakes as his Zord appears.


Clip 4

Lightning Victor attacks and takes down Red Ranger.


Red Ranger's voice"......Victor...!?"


Lightning "Victor"'s voice: "There is no Victor, he's dead! I am the Lightning Hunter prepare to die."


Clip 5

Lightning Hunter: "Prepare to meet your fate."


Timezone behind Lightning Hunter laughs: "Hahahaha! That’s it, finish the job Lightning Hunter. I want your brother dead."


Lightning Hunter turns to him: "WHAT!?"


Clip 6

Lightning Hunter's voice: "Farewell Timezone. Wish I could say it has been fun, but it hasn't. Hunter Lightning Slash!"


The Hunter Lightingzord destroys Timezone with its finishing move.


Clip 7

Earthquake: "Bwhahahaha! I'm free at last."


Clip 8

Red Ranger fights the spirit of Goonga.


Goonga's voice: "You are truly skilled, all that remains for you to claim this is to put my soul to rest, please!"


Clip 9

Goonga starts to vanish: "All will be revealed in time."


Clip 10

Red Ranger takes down Earthquake


Red Ranger's voice: "Flaming Lightning Attack!"


Act 1


Scene 1


Setting: North Star City at night. Victor is alone walking down a street in deep thought.


Victor: "There has to be more to this war than just Lord Cranston. I mean he always seemed afraid someone was watching him. Plus that darkened half of the throne room. I never saw anyone, but it seemed like most of them were always afraid of someone."


Scene 2


Setting: Flashback to an unseen scene during Victor's role as the evil Lightning Hunter. We are in one of the hallways of the Sky Carrier. Darkonda seem to be in an argument. Unknown to them Victor is watching them.


Victor hides behind a wall: "What are Darkonda and Ecliptor doing?"


Ecliptor, already upset: "Just what are you saying you mutant scum?"


Darkonda pulls out his dagger and points it at Ecliptor: "Your nothing compared to me. You're a powerless old fool."


Ecliptor knocks his dagger away with his hand: "I am far greater than you'll ever be and after I destroy the Rangers you'll be next."


Darkonda: "You sound like you have a plan."


Ecliptor: "Not yet, but once I am ready our master will finally be able to make Eltar his new base of operation."


Darkonda: "Oh please! If he isn't accepting defeat from Lord Cranston, what makes you think he will from you."

Ecliptor: "It won't fail mutant scum."


With that Ecliptor turns and walks off.


Scene 3


Setting: Back to the present. Victor stops under a street light.


Victor: "I would tell the others, but I don't think they'd believe me. Let alone understand any of it."


Victor looks into the star covered sky with a silver moon: "Although Clark did say Goonga mentioned it as he vanished."


Scene 4


Setting: Flashback to the other day.


Goonga's voice as his spirit vanishes in a bright white light: "Take my sword young warrior. It is up to you to carry on the legend and protect Eltar. Its fate is in your hands."


Red Ranger removes his helmet: "What do you mean?"


Goonga: "All will be revealed in time."


With that he vanishes and his sword floats in mid air. Clark walks up to it and takes hold of it.


Scene 5


Setting: Back to the present.


Victor begins to walk off again: "None of this makes any sense."


Opening Theme


Act 2


Scene 1


Setting: The next morning in North Star City. Along a road Clark and Angela drive in Clark's car.


Clark turns off the radio: "Angie, do you want to catch a movie tonight?"


Angela: "Sure, I guess. Do you have to come?"


Clark: "I guess not..... Hey!"


 Angela laughs: "Hehehe. We'll go, what movie is playing?"

Clark: "Well, the one with top reviews is "When Triforians Attack" or so I think."


Angela: "Sounds good. Maybe the Gold Ranger will be in it."


Clark: "I don't think a Ranger like him would take up a job in acting."


Clark stops the car and the two get out of the car that is in front of North Star Tech.


Scene 2


Setting: Inside Angela's cubical. She types away at her computer.


Angela suddenly stops and looks at one of her pictures. It's of her and one other woman.


Angela: "What am I going to do with her this time."


Scene 3


Setting: Flashback! Angela seems to be talking with a woman.


Woman: "I live my life the way I want. Just because it may not be the right way of living doesn't mean it doesn't work for me."


Angela turns around and leaves: "Fine, then never come near me or talk to me again. As of now I don't know who you are Jessica."


Jessica looks at the leaving Angela with tears in her eyes.


Scene 4


Setting: Back to the present. Angela looks sad. suddenly her phone rings.


Angela picks up the phone: "Hello, North Star Tech. Angela speaking."


Clark's voice: "Angela, its me. Want to go to lunch?"


Angela: "Sure."


Angela hangs up, grabs her coat, and leaves her work area.


Scene 5


Setting: The museum of History where Samantha works at. Samantha moves the set of a display around. In fact it’s the display of Goonga and Earthquake.


Samantha finishes and admires her work: "That should do it."


Victor walks in and surprises her from behind: "Hello Sammy."


Samantha jumps and turns: "Oh, it you. I thought it was someone else."


Victor fakes hurt feelings: "Well, I can just come back then."


Samantha stops him: "Wait, lets talk. Now what did you want?"


Victor stops and turns: "Well, I was wondering if you'd want to have dinner with me tonight."


Samantha surprised, yet almost happy: "You mean like a date?"


Victor: "Yeah, sort of."


Samantha: "Pick me up at seven o'clock."


Victor smiles: "You got it!"


Victor, turns, smiles and walks out.


As soon as he leaves Samantha grabs a coat, purse, and cell phone: "Mr. Parker, I’m taking a personal day."


Samantha runs like a school girl: "He finally asked me out."


Scene 6


Setting: The Sky Carrier. Lord Cranston, Prince Cranston, Darkonda, and the Man in the shadows watches the fight between Earthquake and Red Ranger.


(Screen Image:


Earthquake rubs his stone gloves: "I've waited a long time for revenge."


Red Ranger comes flipping through the sky.


Red Ranger: "Looks like you'll have to wait a little longer then buddy."


Earthquake: "Perfect! You are the one that shares the powers of Goonga. Now I will take great joy in destroying you."


Red Ranger: "I don't think so, here's why."


Red Ranger holds his right hand out in front of him a flame jets up from the ground and through his closed palm. The flame stops and forms the Fire Sword. Red Ranger takes a pose with it and we see him holding it from several different angles.


Earthquake steps back in fear: "Oh no! Not that thing."


Earthquake shakes his fear off: "No matter, I'll still destroy you."


The two charge. Earthquake tries to touch him with his stone gloves, but Red Ranger slices them and they fall to the ground. Red Ranger then kicks Earthquake away. Earthquake then holds his arms to sky, he begins to bring them down. The acid rain begins to fall again.


Red Ranger: "Give me a break."


Red Ranger swings his sword around as it glows. A giant tornado of flame consumes all the acid rain and sends it back at Earthquake. Earthquake yells in pain as parts of his body melts. Earthquake gets mad and sends a massive flame at Red Ranger, however he adds a gust of wind to make it wide spread.


Red Ranger: "Nice try."


Red Ranger pushes the gem and the sword absorbs the massive flame.


Earthquake: "Oh man! It took all my attacks."


Red Ranger summons his Lightning Sword in his other hand: "I'm ending this now."


With that his Lightning Sword is cast in a red glow. The Fire Sword is consumed in a flame.


Red Ranger charges: "Flaming Lightning Attack!"


He runs forward and strikes Earthquake with his Lightning Sword, as he does this lightning bolts swirl around his feet. He lowers the Fire Sword and a small fire breaks out from under him. He turns and does a pose. Earthquake falls back as sparks eject from his body. He doesn't even hit the ground before he explodes.


Red Ranger: "That was for you Goonga, may you rest in peace."


End Screen image)


Shadowed Man: "That fool of a legend was powerful, but foolish. I wondered how long it would take for someone to free him."


Prince Cranston turns to the dark area of the room: "You knew of him master."


Shadowed Man, with a twisted voice: "But of course. After all................"


He's cut off by Darkonda, before we can discover something major about who he is.


Darkonda: "Who cares. Just let me go destroy those Rangers."


Lord Cranston raises from his throne and pulls his sword out, with the tip at Darkonda's neck: "Do not talk to us that way mutant."


Darkonda shows no fear: "I don't feel you my lord you’re a joke."


Lord Cranston prepares to impale him when a Skeletor runs in. He appears to say something to Prince Cranston.


Prince Cranston steps up to his farther: "Farther, it appears two Rangers are alone, as well as another two. There on dates it appears."


Lord Cranston returns his sword: "Perfect. Have Ecliptor and his monster attack one group while you and a group of Skeletors keep the others busy. It's about time you earned your keep son."


Prince Cranston simply bows and walks out.


Shadowed Man: "Ecliptor's plan is promising. Let us hope it works. I'm getting tired of all of your failures."


Lord Cranston sets at his throne: "As am I master."


Darkonda walks out the door in anger.


Scene 7


Setting: The hallway. Darkonda walks through it in anger.


Darkonda clenches both fist: "I tire of working for these worthless drones. None of them can defeat the Rangers. Soon though I will, and no one will stop me. Not even that washed up loser................"




Act 3


Scene 1


Setting: Outside a movie theater. On each side of the theater are two back allies. Clark and Angela walk out hand in hand laughing.


Angela: "That was a great movie."


Clark shrugs: "I'm not for movies that mix horror and romance. Give me just a basic horror or action movie and I’m good, but since you like them I guess I have to put up with them."


Angela playfully punches his arm: "Darn right you do."


Female's voice: "Ahahahaha! Such a lovely couple, but not for long."

While Clark and Angela looks around for the voice several balls of purple energy come from nowhere and merge into a monster who walks forward to the two Rangers who back up with each of her steps.


The monster appears to be a slender female. Her main color is purple, but with a pink lining. Her body, arms, and legs appear to be covered by "Skin" but it's bulked out to look like armor. Just by the look of it you see that its rough skinned. The neck has no "skin armor" and its just plan skin that’s a very light purple. On each ear the monster wears gold earrings. On each wrist are two gold bracelets. The monster appears to have a mouth, but its in the shape of a heart. She has glowing green eyes and her hair is purple with pink highlights. Her hair is spiked up into pig tails like another female villain’s once was in her time.


The monster stops: "Hello dears, I do hope I can ruin your date."


Angela gets upset even quicker: "You already have you purple haired bimbo."


Monster, taken back by Angela's comment: "Bimbo? I'll make sure your destruction is even worse."


With that the monster fires a purple palm blast from her right hand right at Angela, however Clark knocks both of them to the ground and out of the way.


Clark helps Angela up as the two ready their morphers and take off running towards the monster yelling: "Lightning Storm!"


Angela becomes a yellow streak of light and Clark becomes a red streak of light. They go through the monster and land behind her. They turn to see the monster unharmed.


Red Ranger: "Ok, lets take her down."


The two Rangers charge at the same time the monster does. Red Ranger throws a left hook while Yellow Ranger comes up from behind with a swift side jump kick, but the monster leaps into the sky and the two Rangers hit themselfs, knocking them both back.


Yellow Ranger clenches her fist: "Who are you?"


Monster, bowing: "Why dear, I am Lovely Loran. It will be an honor to defeat you."


Red Ranger gets back up: "We'll see about that. Fire Sword!"


A flame jets from the ground into the palm of the Red Rangers hand, it then turns into the Fire Sword.


Red Ranger poses with the sword: "This is for attacking my girlfriend you witch."


Lovely Loran holds her hand to her mouth and laughs: "Hahahahaha! I'd like to see you try."


Red Ranger begins to charge.

Scene 2


Setting: A diner, everything appears to be a bright silver. Several round tables set everywhere. All the tables are filled. Waiters rush all around with trays or other objects. Victor and Samantha appear to be dressed nicely in a suit and dress. Two candles are on the table lit. Between the candles is a thing of flowers. The two appear to be eating and drinking wine.


Samantha smiles: "I'm surprised you asked me out. Not to mention this place, its so high class."


Victor grins: "I'm just glad you came out with me."


Samantha turns to notice in the next room that there is a group playing classical music with people slow dancing: "Say, lets say we dance?"


Victor looks away and starts to ramble: "Well,*cough*.... You look great know I really like that dress and you...."


Samantha smiles: "Oh stop that drvile and let me guess, you can't dance."


Victor: "Oh no! I can dance. I just wanted to ask you, you know, the whole "man ask the woman" to dance thing, you know?"


Samantha grins: "Yeah, I know."


Victor gets up and holds his right hand to Samantha: "Care to dance?"


Samantha puts her hand in his and he pulls her up: "I'd love to."


They begin to walk to the dance floor when their morphers beep. They quickly cover them up and head to a dark empty corner.


Victor holds up his morphers: "Vic. here, what is it?"


Zordon's voice: "Victor, sorry to ruin your date, but Clark and Angela need your help out side the North Star Movie Theater. Hurry, the monster is very powerful."


Victor: "We're on it."


Samantha and Victor hold their morphers up.


Samantha: "Lightning Storm!"


Victor: "Hunter Storm!"


(Lightning Force Pink morphing sequence)


(Lightning Hunter morphing sequence)

Scene 3


Setting: The fight. Yellow Ranger thrust her Lance into Lovely Loran's chest, the monster grabs the Lance and throws Yellow Ranger over her.


Red Ranger looks down at Yellow Ranger then back to Lovely Loran: "That does it!"


He charges the Fire Sword in a flame and sends it in a zig zag formation across her chest. The attack has no effect and  Lovely Loran sends Red Ranger rolling next to Yellow Ranger with a open palm punch to the face.


Red Ranger holds his chest: "I hope the help gets here fast."


Scene 4


Setting: The streets of North Star City. Pink Ranger rides her Lightning Cycle as Lightning Hunter rides on the back holding on to her waist for support.


Lightning Hunter: "Hurry Angela and Clark need help fast by the way it sounded."


Pink Ranger: "Hold on, I'm gonna gun it!"


They are cut off by a bright flash and from it comes Prince Cranston as well as Skeletors.


Prince Cranston: "You two shall go nowhere."


Pink Ranger stops and the two Rangers get off. Lightning Hunter summons his blaster: "Gladly Prince Geekston, its payback time anyways."


Prince Cranston points at the two Rangers and yells: "Attack!"


Skeletors charge as well as the two Rangers. Lightning Hunter rushes down the middle firing at random Skeletors to reach Prince Cranston. Lightning Hunter reaches the villain and throws a punch, but Prince Cranston blocks it and sends a punch into Lightning Hunters chest sending him into the backs of three Skeletors.


Pink Ranger turns from slashing three with her sword: "Victor!"


Lightning Hunter gets up holding his blaster in blade mode.


Lightning Hunter: "I'm fine Sammy. Its time to take this guy to school."


Pink Ranger begins to get overpowered by the number of Skeletors: "I just hope Clark and Angela can hold out until we get there."


Lightning Hunter blocks an attack from Prince Cranston and his sword: "So do I, from the sound of it they need the help big time. I hope Lunar was able to get a hold of Rick and Michael."

Scene 5


Setting: The fight with the two Rangers and Lovely Loran. Red Ranger and Yellow Ranger have gotten back up and try to stand their ground.


Yellow Ranger looks at Red :"Clark, we're going to need some major help here."


Red Ranger contacts Lunar 7: "Lunar, Zordon, can you hear me?"


Zordon's voice: "Yes Clark. Victor and Samantha are being held up by Prince Cranston and some Skeletors. Michael and Rick are on their way."


Red Ranger to his morpher/communicator: "Got it Zordon!"


Red Ranger then gets in a fighting stance: "Well, lets hold of this low life until help arrives."


Lovely Loran does a slight bow: "You can get all the help you need, but it won't help you for what I have planed."


Black Ranger's voice: "We'll see about that!"


Lovely Loran turns just in time to get two white boots kicking her in the chest.


Blue and Black Rangers run over to the other two.


Blue Ranger: "Lunar and Zordon said  you needed some help."


Red Ranger looks at them: "Thanks. I just hope Victor and Samantha are ok."


Lightning Hunter's voice: “You called?”


Lightning Hunter and Pink Ranger ride up on Pink's cycle and stop getting off.


Pink Ranger: “Now that we're all together, lets finish this.”


Scene 6


Setting: One of the back allies. Ecliptor’s red eyes glow through the darkness as he watches the fight.


Ecliptor’s grip on his sword tightens: “Perfect. With the four out of the way two Rangers will be no problem.”


Scene 7


Setting: The Dark Carrier. Lord Cranston sets in his throne, Prince Cranston stands behind him. Darkonda appears not to be there. We also assume that the Shadowed Man is there in the dark shadows.


Prince Cranston looks down at his farther: “Farther! Call me crazy, but I don’t think this plan of Ecliptor’s is going to work. Similar schemes have been used far more than once in past Ranger teams.”


Lord Cranston merely watches the main screen, which is showing the fight: “Perhaps, although even if Ecliptor fails, it should prove to be an interesting fight.”


Shadowed Man: “Agreed!”


Prince Cranston simply shakes his head, turns and the doors open as he leaves and close behind him.


Shadowed Man: “Cranston, you had best keep an eye on your son, for if he doesn’t learn his place, he will be dealt with.”


Lord Cranston shows a hint of fear, but hides it and nods his head: “Of course my lord, but what of Darkonda, he seems to have his own agenda. I fear he may try something.”


Shadowed Man is probably smiling, but its hard to tell: “I’m well aware of Darkonda. Although I’m still not sure what his motives are.”


Scene 8


Setting: Outside the “throne room” of the Sky Carrier. Prince Cranston walks down the halls. As he walks he notices Darkonda leaning against the edge of the wall at the end of the hallway.


Prince Cranston reaches Darkonda: “What are you doing here. The master wanted everyone in the bridge.”


Darkonda stands straight up and keeps his arms crossed: “So, you know perfectly well that Ecliptor and I are rivals. Besides, I already know the outcome of the battle. Ecliptor and his monster will lose and then it will be my chance to strike, but to do that I will need some help.”


Prince Cranston looks down at Darkonda: “You expect me to go against my farther and the master to destroy the Rangers?”


Darkonda starts to walk, but stops once he walks past Prince Cranston, but Darkonda keeps his back turned: “I only figured that you would want to prove that you had what it took to defeat the Rangers in combat. In the end we’d both get what we want.”


Prince Cranston turns to Darkonda: “And what might that be?”


Darkonda: “You’d get to destroy the Rangers and prove yourself to your farther and the master.....”


Prince Cranston interrupts: “and you’d get what?”


Darkonda: “I’d get what I’ve always wanted. Ecliptor out of my way once and for all.”


Prince Cranston: “How do I know I can trust you?”


Darkonda begins to walk off again: “You don’t, but then again when will you have this chance again? Think about it.”


With that Darkonda turns a corner and is gone.


Prince Cranston rubs his chin with a finger as he thinks: “Hmmmmmm!”


Scene 9


Setting: The fight with Lovely Loran and the six Rangers, who are on the ground after being blasted.


Lovely Loran walks towards the fallen Rangers: “Just give up!”


Lightning Hunter stands up in a determined stance: “We’ll never give up.”


Lovely Loran: “Then die sweetheart!”


With that Lovely Loran fires beams from the palms of her hands and sends Lightning Hunter through the air, but he lands on his feet and summons his blaster: “My turn ‘sweetheart’!”


Lightning Hunter then fires his blaster several times while charging. Once he gets closer to the monster he switches it to blade mode and strikes her several times and turns.


Lovely Loran sparks and begins to fall: “I’m to beautiful to dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”


Lovely loran suddenly explodes.


The other Rangers rush up.


Black Ranger: “That was great man!”


Blue Ranger: “Yeah, but that seemed way to easy.”


Black Ranger: “Come one! Your talking about a guy who whipped our collective butts without even trying.”


Red Ranger: “Yeah, but...........”


Red Ranger is cut off when several blast knock them down. The Rangers mange to get up and see Ecliptor standing there, along with Lovely Loran.


Ecliptor points his sword at the Rangers: “Did you Rangers think my monster would be that easy to beat?”

Lovely Loran: “Ecliptor, dear I need the four Rangers alone if the plan is to work.”


Ecliptor nods: “Easy enough.”


With that Ecliptor rushes forward and becomes a black streak, sending Black and Blue Ranger back a great distance away from the fight.


Lightning Hunter: “What’s going on?”


Red Ranger: “I don’t know, but I don’t like it.”


Yellow Ranger points to the monsters direction: “Look!”


Lovely Loran is marching towards the four Rangers, but stops: “It’s time for you Rangers to have a change of heart, literally.”


With that Lovely Loran holds her hands out, palms up and a giant purple heart appears: “Meet what will cause your defeat.”


With that she lets go of the purple heart and it begins to float in mid air. The purple heart begins to glow as bolts of lightning come from the dark sky and strike it.


Lovely Loran begins to chant: “Take the one you love and change it with the one you love not, break their heart as you have a change of heart!”


With that the lightning bolts stop hitting the heart and the purple heart gives off an eerie glow. The four remaining Rangers suddenly begin to grab their heads, as their chest glow purple, the spot that glows is where their heart is.


Red Ranger: “What’s happening?”


Pink Ranger: “Whatever it is, it sure hurts.”


The glowing gives one final flash and vanishes. The four Rangers seem to no longer be in pain. They simply stand there and demorph.


Clark looks at Angela, who is also looking at him: “What are you looking at, you tramp?”


Victor, who appears to be eyeing Angela suddenly storms in front of Clark: “Don’t talk to someone as gorgeous as her like that.”


Clark gets in his face: “Your one to talk. After what you and Judy did to me.”


Victor: “You need to let that go man.”


Clark doesn’t respond,  he just gives Victor a hate filled glare and decks him.


When Victor hits the ground, Clark gets a clear look at Samantha: “Hmmmmmmm!”


Clark steps past Victor and up to Samantha: “Say good looking, lets say you and me drop these losers and have some fun?”


Samantha: “Forget it, your both pig headed, well pigs!”


Victor gets up: “Hey bro, wait was that hit for.”


Clark turns to him: “You know damn well what it was for.”


Angela looks at the two fight: “Kick his ass Victor!”


Samantha looks at Angela: “Why,  need a man to fight your battle for you. No wonder you’re the Yellow Ranger.”


Angela turns to Samantha: “Take that back!”


Samantha: “Try and make me.”


All four Rangers stop fighting with each other. They look at each other then smile. They all back up as if it were a wrestling ring and get ready to morph.


Angela: “Lightning Storm!”


(Lightning Force Yellow morphing sequence)


Samantha: “Lightning Storm!”


(Lightning Force Pink morphing sequence)


Clark: “Lightning Storm!”


(Lightning Force Red morphing sequence)


Victor: “Hunter Storm!”


(Lightning Hunter morphing sequence)


Lightning Hunter gives Red Ranger what passes as an evil glare: “Now let’s make this more interesting.


With that the two Powers brothers and the two women Rangers charge each other in a fight.


Meanwhile, Lovely Loran simply stands there, with her arms and legs crossed, and watches the fight: “This is coming simply perfect. Soon those darling Rangers will defeat themselves.”


Meanwhile, the glowing purple heart continues to flat in front of her, giving off its eerie glow.




Act 4


Scene 1


Setting: Another part of the city. Black Ranger and Blue Ranger are busy fighting Ecliptor. Blue Ranger fires his blaster, while Black Ranger strikes Ecliptor with their swords. Ecliptor takes the hits, but fires red eye beams from his eyes sending them down.


Ecliptor marches towards them: “With your friends soon out of the way, you two will be no problem to destroy.”


Black Ranger gets up: “We’ll just see about that.”


Black Ranger summons his Lightning Mallet and Blue Ranger gets up holding his Claw.


Blue Ranger: “Let’s take’em down.”


Blue Ranger leaps through the air and strikes Ecliptor several times. The strikes barely effect Ecliptor until Blue Ranger turns around, then Ecliptor is consumed in explosions.


Black Ranger: “My turn.”


Black Ranger leaps through the air and slams his mallet into Eclipotr’s head. The force sends Eclipotr’s head off his body.


Black Ranger: “Oops!”


Ecliptor’s head floats in mid air and starts firing eye beams at the two Rangers, who deflect them with their weapons, causing them to strike Ecliptor’s body.


Ecliptor’s head: “That does it!”


Ecliptor’s head floats back to his body and reattaches: “I’ll be back, your to late to stop my plans anyways.”


With that Ecliptor turns into a green beam of energy and leaves.


Blue Rangers turns to Black: “Something tells me we should get back to the fight.”


Black Ranger: “Your right Michael.”


Scene 2


Setting: The fight with the four Rangers.


Red Ranger blocks a sword strike from Lightning Hunters blaster, in sword mode, with his Lightning Sword. Red Ranger goes for a strike but it is also blocked. The two then back up and charge at each other again.


Pink Ranger wraps her whip around Yellow Rangers waist and sends electrical bolts through it. Yellow Ranger screams in pain. Yellow Ranger, tired of the shock of the whip, summons her Lance and cuts the whip free from her. Yellow Ranger then rushes towards Pink Ranger and strikes her down.


Black Ranger and Blue Ranger come running up only to see what is going on.


Blue Ranger: “What has gotten into those four?”


Black Ranger points to Lovely Loran and the floating, glowing purple heart :”I’m guessing the answer is her and that thing.”


Blue Ranger pulls out his sword: “Well, let’s do it!”


The two Rangers charge Lovely Loran with their swords ready.


Lovely Loran sees them charging: “Come now dears, do you really think that will stop me?”


Black Ranger: “Yeah!”


With that the two Rangers bring their swords down, but Lovely Loran blocks the attacks and strikes by head butting them. The two Rangers land on their backs.


Blue Ranger: “We need the others help on this.”


Black Ranger looks at the other four Rangers fighting: “Well, first we need to snap them out of that.”


Blue Ranger: “Yeah, but how?”


Black Ranger points to the heart: “I’m willing to bet that thing is the cause of it. Distract the monster and I should be able to destroy it.”


Blue Ranger gets back up: “You got it!”


Blue Ranger charges Lovely Loran and leap kicks her. Lovely Loran falls back, but simply gets back up and brushes herself off: “How dare you treat a lady like that.”


Blue Ranger: “Hmph! Whoever said you were a lady.”


Lovely Loran, upset, charges at Blue Ranger.

Meanwhile, Black Ranger watches the two go at it: “Thanks Michael, just keep her busy.”


With that he jumps through the air and lands by the heart holding his Lightning Mallet: “Let’s give this a world. Lightning Mallet, full power!”


With that black lightning bolts from the dark sky strike the black gem on his Mallet’s handle and cast the whole thing in a black glow.


Black Ranger: “Here goes nothing!”


He slams the glowing Mallet into the heart, smashing it instantly.


Lovely Loran sends Blue Ranger down and sees this happening: “NNNNNOOOOO!”


She takes off running: “You fool, you ruined my plan.”


Blue Ranger gets up: “That was the idea dear.”


Black Ranger uses his Mallet to send Lovely Loran to the ground. Blue and Black Rangers then rush over to the four Rangers, who are no longer under the spell.


Pink Ranger: “Did that really just happen?”


Yellow Ranger: “Afraid so, sorry.”


Red Ranger looks around and sees Lovely Loran getting up: “No time for that. Lightning Blaster!”


(Lightning Blaster formation sequence)


All five Rangers: “FIRE!”


The blaster fires a blast of all five colors right at Lovely Loran.


Lovely Loran: “You dears won’t beat me so easily.”


The blast hits her and she explodes on impact.


Lightning Hunter: “Way to go guys.”


Black Ranger points to the sky: “It’s not over yet.”


They all look and see two red lightning bolts strike the remains of Lovely Loran, regrouping them into a giant.


Lovely Loran: “You know hones, that wasn’t very nice.”


With that she slams her foot into the ground, but the Rangers manage to roll out of the way.


Red Ranger turns to Lightning Hunter: “Let us handle this one.”


Lightning Hunter: “Right!”


Blue and Black Rangers: “Lightning Megazord power!”


(Tail end of Lightning Megazord formation)


(Megazord cockpit) Yellow Ranger: “Let’s take her out quick.”


(Megazord cockpit) Other Rangers: “Right!”


Lovely Loran: “Just try it you little pest.”


(Megazord cockpit) Blue Ranger: “Careful what you ask for...”


(Megazord cockpit) Black Rangers: “.....because you just might get it.”


(Megazord cockpit) Red Ranger: “Lightning Megazord Saber!”


A beam of light appears in the Megazords hand forming the saber.


(Megazord cockpit) All Rangers: “Lightning Strike!”


The Megazord is now in front of a giant storm cloud and two golden lightning bolts strike the saber casting it in a golden glow. It then lowers down on Lovely Loran, destroying her before she hits the ground.


(Megazord cockpit) The Rangers cheer. Blue Ranger: “Eat on that one Ecliptor!”


Scene 3


Setting: Ground level. Lightning Hunter looks up at the Megazord: “Great job guys.”




Act 5


Scene 1


Setting: The next night. Victor and Samantha are at the same restaurant they were at the other night.


The two appear to be dancing.


Samantha: “Now this is a date, no monsters to ruin it or nothing.”


Just then their morphers beep.


Victor looks at it, then at her: “You were saying?”


The two rush out of the dance floor.


Scene 2


Setting: Angela and Clark are driving in his car somewhere.


Angela: “So, where are we going?”


Clark: “It’s a surprise.”


Clark and Angela’s morphers then beep.


Angela, annoyed answers: “Yeah, wait is it?”


Lunar 7's voice: “Ay yi yi yi! There a monster in the city.”


Clark through his morpher: “We’ll meet the other there.”


Clark then starts speeding through traffic. He looks over to see Angela, needless to say upset: “What do you expect, were Rangers. Our social life is bound to go down the drain time to time.”


The couple exchange a quick look at each other and start laughing, as Clark speeds to the monster attack.


The End.


Narration: “Next time on Power Ranger’s Lightning Force!”


Clip 1

The Rangers are at a beach when it starts to snow.


Clark looks around: “Snow, in the middle of summer?”


Clip 2

Strange monster: “Unless the Lightning Hunter returns to the master by the end of the day, this city is doomed.”


Rick: “What?”


Clip 3

Lightning Hunter: “I have no choice, we can’t stop him and the city won’t last much longer.”


Clip 4

Lightning Hunter kneels before Lord Cranston, Prince Cranston and the Shadowed Man in the throne rom.


Shadowed Man’s voice: “Do you honestly think I will fall for your tricks?”


Clip 5

Lightning Hunter does battle with Lord Cranston and Prince Cranston.


Lord Cranston has the tip of his sword to Victor’s neck: “You’ll regret not staying on the side of evil. Now you’ll never live to regret it!”


Narration: “Next time on Power Rangers Lightning Force!”


(Roll Credits)

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