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Power Rangers Lightning Force
by Crystal Ranger

Episode 16
“Freezing Hot”


Narration: "Previously on Power Rangers Lightning Force"

Clip 1
Red Ranger attacks Timezone and is cleaning the floor with him.

Red Ranger: "PREPARE TO DIE!!!!!"

Clip 2
Lightning Hunter: "No one can stop the mighty Lightning Hunter!"

Lightning Hunter defeats all the Rangers in battle.

Clip 3
Lightning Hunter holds up his right wrist: "Hunter Lightningzord, online!"

The ground shakes as his Zord appears.

Clip 4
Earthquake: "Bwhahahaha! I'm free at last."

Clip 5
Red Ranger fights the spirit of Goonga.

Goonga's voice: "You are truly skilled, all that remains for you to claim this is to put my soul to rest, please!"

Clip 6
Goonga starts to vanish: "All will be revealed in time."

Clip 7
Red Ranger takes down Earthquake

Red Ranger's voice: "Flaming Lightning Attack!"

Clip 8
Darkonda clenches both fist: "I tire of working for these worthless drones. None of them can defeat the Rangers. Soon though I will, and no one will stop me. Not even that washed up loser................"


Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Lord Cranston and Prince Cranston are the only ones there besides the Shadowed Man. They appear to be talking with the Shadowed Man.

Prince Cranston: “You wished to speak with us master?”

Lord Cranston gets up from his throne and bows his head: “Yes, we only the two of us?”

Shadowed Man: “Simple, Ecliptor’s previous plan failed and Darkonda’s motives lately have been unclear.”

Prince Cranston nods: “I understand sire.”

Shadowed Man: “I understand you have a plan Cranston.”

Lord Cranston: “Yes master. You see the few times we came close to beating the Rangers were with either Timezone or Samurai Ninja.”

Shadowed Man: “So, do you plan to bring them back to life?”

Lord Cranston: “No, because those were just two of my points. Remember the most previous creation that almost came close?”

Shadowed Man: “Of course, but the Lightning Hunter has gone the way of the hero, how sickening. If Timezone hadn’t slipped up he would have destroyed them.”

Lord Cranston: “Yes, well I have a plan. If we can get him to come to us. We can put him back under our control. Our at least destroy the worthless tratior, it doesn’t really matter.”

Shadowed Man: “Isn’t that a recycled old plot used by narrow minded villains?”

Lord Cranston: “Yes, but unlike those times it will really work. We just need the right monster.”

Shadowed Man’s voice turns to a slightly twisted one: “If it’s a powerhouse monster you need, I have one in mind.”

Prince Cranston rubs his hands together: “Then let the games begin. HAHAHAHA!”

Scene 2

Setting: Outside the door to the “throne room/ bridge”. Darkonda has his ear whole against the door and hears their plan.

Darkonda: “Oh, you shall know my motives here shortly, but first let’s see how I can ruin your plans.”

Opening Theme

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The beach. It appears to be a mid summer day. Several families, friends, couples and even random people by themselves are there. Among them are the five Rangers, minus Victor.

Rick and Michael are cover up to their neck with sand. Samantha and Angela, wearing bikini’s of their own Ranger color, have fake plastic shovels in their hand. They both but one last scoop on the then jams the shovels on top of them, almost like a flag.

Angela gets up and brushes her hands off: ‘That was some mighty fine work if I do say so for myself.”

Rick tries to break free: “Speak for yourself, I’m stuck!”

Angela laughs a little, but Clark soon comes running up, in red swim trunks: “I take it you let them bury you in the sand again. Heh, I’d never let a girl do that to me. Or anyone for that matter.”

The two girls look down at the two guys and they all nod.

Clark steps back, a bit concerned: “Oh no! I know that look, especially from you Angie.”

Rick and Michael use all their strength to stick their arms up through the sand and are able to get free, they then stand up and the four Rangers now start to chase Clark, who begins to run: “Man, me and my big mouth!”

Scene 2

Setting: A sidewalk near the beach. Victor comes walking down it, already in black and gold swim trunks and a towel over his shoulder.

Victor: “Man, it’ll be great to get some down time.”

Victor enters the beach area and sees Clark getting chased by the other four Rangers: “My big brother an his big mouth. Hahahahaha!”

Samantha stops chasing Clark and looks around, and she spots Victor and yells: “Hey, Victor, how about lending us a hand!”

Victor merely smiles, drops his towel and starts rushing down the slope and joins the chase. It takes Victor no time at all to grab Clark and pin him to the ground.

Victor: “Well big bro, what’s your big mouth gotten you into?”

Samantha’s voice: “You mean the two of you!”

Victor begins to turn: “What?”

Before he can turn, he is also pinned to the ground and the four Rangers begin to cover them in sand.

Scene 3

Setting: The Power Chamber. Almost an hour later. Lunar 7 is working on the controls.

Lunar 7: “Aye yi yi yi yi, Zordon, I’m picking up some strange readings on the global climate control.”

Zordon: “Yes Lunar, I’ve noticed it as well. The temperature is dropping slowly, if it keeps up it may cause problems.”

Lunar 7: “Should I contact the Rangers?”

Zordon: “Not yet, do a search of Eltar, let us see if there is any other strange readings before we take any action.”

Lunar 7 shakes his head: “If you say so, Aye yi yi yi.”

Scene 4

Setting: The beach. The Rangers are packing up there things, but Victor is already gone.

Rick looks around: “Where did Victor go?”

Samantha: “I don’t know. He always disappears lately, I think he’s up to something. Do you know what it is Clark.”

Clark: “From my understanding, he working on something, but he won’t say what it is.”

Angela: “That sure seems mysterious to me.”

Michael: “No kidding, you would think he.......”

He is cut off when they all look up to see it starting to snow.

Samantha and Angela begin to catch snowflakes on their tounge, but the three guys gather together.

Michael looks around to see people getting out of the water and gathering their things trying to leave: “What’s going on?”

Rick: “Good question.”

Clark looks around at the falling snow: “Snow, in the middle of summer?”

Samantha over hears them and stops goofing off, as does Angela.

Angela: “Good question, but can we put our clothes back on. Wearing a bikini in the snow is very drafty, if you get my drift.”

Michael: “No kidding, its no better being in swim trunks.”

They begin to grab their bags and towels to leave, but are stopped by a blaze of fire hitting them at the feet, sending them to the sand face first.

Rick gets up with the others: “Ok, who made me eat a mix of sand and snow?”

A monster appears out of literally thin air before them: “I did, Freezire, at your service.”

The monster is slightly hunched over but has no hump. It’s body appears to be that of a mid evil knights, matching the armor to the T, but it is hard to determine the color through the creatures “outer body” which is half and half. The right half appears to be nothing but a giant flame, almost as if the whole right half of his body is on fire. The same goes for the left half, but instead of fire, its all ice. The same thing goes for its head, but its eyes are pitch black, and are not covered. Its mouth is a zig zag of the two elements crossing.

Clark: “Where does Lord Cranston get these losers?”

Freezire takes offense: “Loser? I am one of the strongest monsters in the known universe. I’ve defeat several teams of you so called Power Rangers on many planets.”

Michael gets an attitude between cockiness and anger: “Well, we’re going to stop that track record you hunched back freak.”
Freezire motions his hands as if he doesn’t care about them: “You are not who I am after. I am after the one called Lightning Hunter.”

Clark: “If you want my brother, you have to go through me.”

Samantha steps up: “As well as his girlfriend.”

Freezire: “Oh very well. I could use a good laugh.”

Clark: “You won’t be laughing for long. Lightning Storm!”

(Lightning Force Red morphing sequence)

(Split screen of the other four morphing sequences)


Red Ranger: “Let’s get him!”

Scene 5

Setting: The Power Chamber. Victor is talking with Zordon and Lunar 7.

Victor: “So, you think I’m right. It will take more than what we’ve got to stop Cranston?”

Zordon nods his big floating head: “Yes Victor, I believe it may take more than what you and the others have at this time. While I have confidence in you all, I also know the powers of Lord Cranston and his son.”

Victor crosses his arms: “What about the ‘master’ behind it all or should I say Shadowed Man?”

Zordon gets a look that shows he may be hiding something: “What do you mean?”

Victor: “I’m no fool Zordon. I heard them talk of him and I saw the shadowed corner, all I don’t know is, who it really is.”

Zordon: “I assure you I know nothing more than you do.”

Victor just looks at Zordon and decides to press it no further: “Ok, I believe you. Although I think we need to find out who it is. If Lord Cranston is afraid of him, he’s sure to be trouble.”

Lunar 7: “Aye yi yi, you may just get that chance. Look at the viewing globe.”

(Viewing Globe screen:

Clark: “Where does Lord Cranston get these losers?”

Freezire takes offense: “Loser? I am one of the strongest monsters in the known universe. I’ve defeat several teams of you so called Power Rangers on many planets.”

Michael gets an attitude between cockiness and anger: “Well, we’re going to stop that track record you hunched back freak.”

Freezire motions his hands as if he doesn’t care about them: “You are not who I am after. I am after the one called Lightning Hunter.”

Clark: “If you want my brother, you have to go through me.”

Samantha steps up: “As well as his girlfriend.”

Freezire: “Oh very well. I could use a good laugh.”

End viewing globe screen)

Victor: “I may have an idea, I just hope it works. Hunter Storm!”

Scene 6

Setting: The fight with the Rangers and Freezire. The Rangers appear to fall to the ground from a blast of fire.

Blue Ranger gets up slowly, but holds a patch of his suit that is burned: “This guy is though.”

The other Rangers slowly get up and are also holding a patch of missing suit.

Yellow Ranger: “We can’t even touch him let alone stand on our feet long enough to think of anything that could actually stop him.”

Black Ranger looks to the sky: “Guys, I just thought of something, maybe it’s this monster that is causing this snow in mid summer. What do you think?”

Red Ranger looks at Black Ranger: “I think we figured that out Rick. I hope it’s just one of those ‘stop the monster and stop the spell’ deals like it normally is.”

Freezire lifts his head back to laugh: “Ha! It’s to bad for you that you’ll never get a chance to prove that theory.”
Black Ranger clenches his fist and charges at Freezire: “I’m tired of your big mouth, LIGHTNING MALLET!”

He summons his weapon and leaps into the air, The background turns black and black lightning bolts strike the gem on it, it moves up and through the handle right to the mallet, causing it to glow black. Black Ranger descends slamming the Mallet right into Freezire. The impact causes a ripple around where it struck, but the attack has no effect.

Black Ranger is sent back by the shock waves: “Man! This guy really is hardcore!”

Pink Ranger: “Took you that long to figure it out?”

Freezire: “As weak as you are Black Ranger, you are correct, I am the cause of this and it’s not just the cold I can control.”

Freezire lifts his arm that is consumed in flame and aims it right into the air, sending a blaze of fire straight up. Suddenly the snow stops and it becomes very hot. Out of reflex the Rangers whip their helmets forehead.

Blue Ranger: “Man, we’re starting to fry like bacon.”

Freezire throws his ice covered arm up into the air and fires a beam of ice. Snow once again begins to fall.

Freezire laughs: “Hahahahaha! Unless the Lightning Hunter returns to the master by the end of the day, this city is doomed.”

Black Ranger: “What?”

Blue Ranger steps forward: “How do you expect snow to destroy a city?”

Freezire points past the Rangers: “Just look Rangers.”

The Rangers turn to look and see people and buildings beginning to ice over.

Yellow Ranger as they turn back around: “You are going to pay.”

Freezire: “Try and make me!”

Lightning Hunter’s voice: “Gladly!”

Lightning Hunter lands between them and fires his blaster. After several shots he stops and regroups with the Rangers knowing that the blast had no effect.
Freezire: “At last, the one I am after.”

Lightning Hunter: “Should I be flattered?”

Freezire: “Yes you should, prepare for battle.”

Lightning Hunter steps up: “If thats the way you want to die, then fine!”

Red Ranger grabs him by the shoulder: “You can’t even touch him let alone take him down.”

Lightning Hunter whispers: “I know, just get ready to sneak up behind him with whatever you’ve got.”

Red Ranger nods and removes his hand: “Got it!”

Lightning Hunter rushes forward with his blaster in blade mode. Freezire doesn’t seem scared by this. When Lightning Hunter reaches him and brings down the blade Freezire uses his “fire arm” and melts the blade.

Lightning Hunter: “What! Man this is going to be tough to beat.”

Freezire: “Correction, this is one you won’t beat.”

Lightning Hunter: “We’ll see!”

He the sees the other Rangers standing behind him with Red Ranger holding the Lightning Blaster and the others holding their separate blasters.

Freezire: “Time to end this!”

Behind him Red Ranger gives a whispered command: “Fire!”

They all fire at once. Freezire, with out looking leaps out of the way and lands behind Lightning Hunter, who takes all the hits and hit the ground hard.

Freezire: “Did you really think that would work?”

The Rangers come running up.

Pink Ranger helps him up: “Are you ok sweetie?”

Lightning Hunter: “I’ll live.”

Freezire draws attention back to him: “To bad your city won’t.”

All six Rangers look to see the city and people freeze over even more.

Freezire: “If you want your city to survive, meet me in one hour at the top of the tallest building in the city. If not, prepare to watch your city die.”

With that the monster literally vanishes into thin air.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Almost an hour later at the Power Chamber. The six Rangers stand unmorphed talking between themselves.

Samantha suddenly yells: “YOUR SERIOUSLY GOING TO DO THIS?”

Victor appears to look her in the eyes: “I have to, don’t you see, if I don’t North Star and Eltar won’t last.”

Clark looks at him oddly, thinking that there is another reason.

Victor turns to the others: “Besides, when they have me they’ll de distracted and may slip up.”

Rick shakes his head: “Yeah, they’ll be distracted as they clean your blood off their hands, Lord and Prince Cranston will kill you, at the very least.”

Victor: “Trust me guy’s, I have to do this.”

Angela: ‘Why?”

Victor just looks at Zordon then back at the Rangers: “For reasons that can not yet be explained just yet.”

Now all the Rangers look at him oddly.

Michael: “What reasons, don’t give us that crap!”

Victor doesn’t answer, he just turns and walks away ready to leave. Clark runs after him: “Hold on bro!”

Scene 2

Setting: One of the hallways in the Power Chamber. Clark runs up to Victor and stops him.

Victor: “What is it Clark?”

Clark looks at him: “I know you better than you may think. I can tell when you hide something. I’ve even noticed it in Zordon. What is going on?”

Victor: “I’m not sure, you just have to trust me.”

Clark lets go of his shoulder and turns away: “Ok, but be careful.”

Victor turns to him and smiles: “Aren’t I always.”

Clark turns and smiles: “No, but you enjoy patting yourself on the back.”

Victor pretends to frown: “Ouch, that hurt!”

Clark laughs: “Hahaha. Truth hurts man.”

Victor then nods and walk off.

Clark whispers to himself: “What id going on around here?”

Scene 3

Setting: The top of the tallest building in North Star City. Lightning Hunter stands there in wait.

Lightning Hunter: “What’s with this? First he tells me to be here, now he’s late.”

Lightning Hunter is the struck in the back by a sword made of ice. He lands on the ground and we see it to be Freezire.

Freezire: “Ha! Did you think I forgot. Now why would I do that, after all the master wants you in his company.”

Lightning Hunter: “Should I be flattered?”

Freezire: “Yes, you should be.”

Lightning Hunter: “Let’s just get this over with.”

Freezire: “Gladly!”

With that Freezire suddenly disappears and reappears behind Victor and puts him in a sleeper hold: “Time for you to return to the side of which you belong to.”

With that they both disappear.

Scene 4

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Lord Cranston sets in his throne with Prince Cranston standing behind him. We assume the Shadowed Man stands or sets in the darkened part of the room.

Freezire enters through the door and has Lightning Hunter at his feet. He throws him to the ground and bows: “I have brought him to you as requested.”

Shadowed Man: “Excellent. Now go destroy the others.”

Freezire bows again: “As you wish.”

Freezire vanishes into thin air.

Lightning Hunter starts to stand up but Prince Cranston steps forward and shoves him down again: “I knew there was someone other than Lord Cranston behind this.”

Shadowed Man: “Yessss! Too bad you shall never know who I am. Although once you are again under our control, it won’t really matter.

Lightning Hunter: “We’ll see about that!”

Scene 5

Setting: The city, nearly everyone and everything is frozen.

Freezire appears out of thin air. After him Skeletors appear in their fashions.

Freezire: “Let’s draw out those Rangers.”

Red Ranger’s voice: “Too late!”

Freezire turns to see the Rangers diving up on their Cycles.

Freezire: “Wait! How can you drive on ice that well?”

Blue Ranger: “We got these babies winterized.”

Freezire laughs to himself:: “Like it will help, Skeletors charge!”

The Skeletors try and take off running, but slip and trip on the ice.

Red Ranger and the others stop their cycles and get off: “Seems like they took care of themselves for us.”

Yellow Ranger: “Too bad for you Freezloser.”

Freezire’s fire half erupts in anger: “It’s FreeZIRE, not “Freezloser” you yellow popsicle.”

Yellow Ranger: “What are you talking about?”

Freezire: “I’m talking about this!”

With that he fires a beam of ice. Everyone manages to get out of the way in time, except Yellow Ranger. The beam hits her and she becomes frozen.

Red Ranger: “ANGELA!?”

Black Ranger turns to Freezire: “You better let her go!”

Freezire fires two beams of ice in a row: “Not a chance. In fact you and your blue buddy can join her.”

The two beam hit the two Ranger as they try to get away, but they become frozen.

Pink Ranger turns to Red Ranger: “What are we going to do now Clark?”

Red Ranger: “We’ll just have to hold him off until I can come up with something.”

Pink Ranger: “I hope Victor isn’t having this much trouble.”

Red Ranger nods: “Me too!”

Scene 6

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Lightning Hunter is still on his knees.

Lord Cranston: “Enough talk, let’s do this!”

Lord Cranston gets up from his throne and walks toward Lightning Hunter.
Lightning Hunter to himself: “Now!”

He back kicks Prince Cranston to the ground the same time he grabs Lord Cranston’s leg and sweeps it out from under him.

Lightning Hunter gets up and make a break for the shadowed part of the room.

Lightning Hunter: “Time to find out the truth.”


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Where we left off. Lightning Hunter. Lightning Hunter continues his charge.

Shadowed Man: “Do you honestly think I will fall for your tricks?”

I black blast comes from the darkened shadows and strikes Lightning Hunter down. Lord and Prince Cranston get up.

Prince Cranston: “Forget the plan, lets just kill him.”

Shadowed Man: “Very well, this plan matters very little to me.”

Lightning Hunter gets up: “If you two want to fight, bring it on!”

Scene 2

Setting: Downtown. Pink Ranger and Red Ranger land on the ice covered ground and crack the ice.

Freezire: “Just give it up Rangers, you are no match for me.”

Red Ranger gets up holding his Lightning Sword: “Let’s take this up a bit.”

Pink Ranger: “Right, Lightning Whip!”

Pink Ranger cracks the whip and breaks a chunk of ice covered ground.

Freezire summons his Ice Sword and lunges forward towards Pink Ranger, but is slashed in the side by Red Rangers sword.

Freezire lands holding his side: “You pest!”

He fires a blaze of fire at him causing Red Ranger’s suit to burn, spark and causing him to hit the ground.

Freezire walks toward with his sword ready: “For that trick, you’ll die first.”

He stops in his tracks when a whip snaps around his waist. He turns his head to see Pink Ranger holding her whip.

Pink Ranger: “You’ll get a charge out of this!”

A surge of energy goes through the whip and strikes Freezire. The effect is little, but causes him to fall.

Red Ranger gets up: “It’s time to end this and you know what they say about fighting fire with fire.”

Pink Ranger nods: “Go for it!”

Scene 3

Setting: :The Sky Carrier. Lightning Hunter dodges attempts of attacks from the two Cranston’s, who are obviously holding back as to not damage their ship.

Prince Cranston stops: “I tire of this!”

With that he fires a energy blast the is a mix of blue and purple at Lightning Hunter. The blast sends him into a console which sparks and explodes. The shockwave of that sends Lightning Hunter flying forward. He hits the ground and demorphes into Victor.

Lord Cranston walks up to Victor who is having a hard time getting up. He draws his sword and kicks Victor in the side to cause him to roll over on his back.

Lord Cranston has the tip of his sword to Victor’s neck, ready to strike: “You’ll be sorry you didn’t stay on the side of evil. Now you’ll never live to regret it!”

Victor: “*cough* *cough* We’ll see about that, won’t we Chaindie Locks?”

Lord Cranston becomes outraged and raises his sword: “Die you scum!”

Victor merely smiles as the sword comes down, right before it hits he is teleported away.

Lord Cranston’s sword hits the ground. He looks around in anger: “Damn him!”

Shadowed Man: “Hmhmhmhmhm! Why am I not surprised. At least Freezire will be able to finish the job, make him grow.”

Prince Cranston nods: “Yes master!”

Scene 4

Setting: North Star City. Red Ranger and Pink Ranger have gained the upper hand. Red Ranger gives a strike from his Fire Sword.

Red Ranger: “With that done, its time to free the others.”

With that Red Ranger turns to the Rangers and spins the sword around until it makes a tornado of flame. He send it at the Rangers and melts the ice covering them on contact.

Blue Ranger: “Man, I’m cold!”

Yellow Ranger: “Let’s never go through that again.”

Red Ranger: “Come one guys, we have to finish this before they up the stakes.”

His words come to late as two red lightning bolts strike him, causing him to grow into a giant.

Freezire stomps the ground: “How do you like me now?”

Red Ranger: “We don’t Lightningzords, power up!”

(Lightning Zord Arrival Sequence)

(Lightning Megazord Formation Sequence)

(Megazord cockpit) Rangers: “Lightning Megazord, power up!”

Freezire: “Your toy doesn’t scare me!”

Lightning Megazord charges towards Freezire, the Megazord punches him on his ice covered side and the Megazord’s arm is frozen.

(Megazord cockpit) Blue Ranger: “We can’t do much with the arm frozen. We have to break it free.”

(Megazord cockpit) Black Ranger: “Any ideas?”

(Megazord cockpit) Red Ranger: “I got one, Lightning Megazord Saber!”

A beam of light appears in the Megazords hand , shatttering all the ice and forming the Saber.

Freezire: “Like some butter knife will scare me.”

Lightning Megazord rushes forward as Freezire holds up his Ice Sword and they exchange blows. Freezire gets in a good strike sending the Megazord stumbling back. The Megazord stops itself and charges again. It blocks a second sword strike and give one of it’s own.

Freezire: “Nice shot, but I’m just getting started.”

With that he sends a blaze of fire at the Megazord. It takes the hit and falls to the ground.

(Megazord cockpit) Console erupt in sparks. The Ranger cover their visors out of reflex. Yellow Ranger removes her arms to look at the gages: “Another hit like that and we’re finished.”

(Megazord cockpit) Red Ranger: “How long till we get on our feet?”

(Megazord cockpit) Black Ranger: “At least five minutes, but I don’t think he’ll wait that long.”

Lightning Hunter’s voice: “Leave that to me!”

They look around until they see the Hunter Lightningzord strike Freezire in the back with his Axe.

(Hunter cockpit) Lightning Hunter: “I’ll keep him busy, get that thing up at least long enough to finish him.”

(Megazord cockpit) Pink Ranger: “You got it hot stuff!”

(Megazord cockpit) Blue Ranger lowers his head: “I think I’m going to throw up!”

Hunter Lightningzord goes to strike Freezire, but he blocks it with his sword, however the strike breaks his sword and it shatters into tiny pieces of ice.

Freezire: “What? This can’t be good.”

(Hunter cockpit) Lightning Hunter: “Go got that right, Hunter Lightning Slash!”

The blade of the Axe is cast in a gold glow. The Hunter Lightningzord lifts it over it's head as the sky grows dark from storm clouds gathering. It lowers it on Freezire. The force cracks his ice covered side.

(Hunter cockpit) Lightning Hunter: “Now guys!”

The Megazord gets to it’s feet and holds up it’s Saber.

(Megazord cockpit) Red Ranger: “Lightning Strike!”

The Megazord is now in front of a giant storm cloud and two golden lightning bolts strike the saber casting it in a golden glow. It then lowers down on Freezire. Explosions erupt all over his body and he begins to fall back, but explodes before he hits the ground.

(Split of both cockpits) All six Rangers jump from their seats and give a yell of excitement.

Outside the ice slowly vanishes as the city and its people return to normal. The ones around the area look up to the two Megazords poising as the sun glows bright behind them. The people smile, knowing who it was who saved them and are grateful for it.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The beach. The five Rangers are there relaxing.

Michael kicks back on a blue bath towel: “Man that last one was to close for comfort. We’ll have to be on guard more so than ever.”

Samantha: “Let’s not worry about being a Ranger, lets have fun.”

Angela: “Yeah, lets cover Michael up in sand again.”

Michael starts to get up: “Oh no you don’t!”

It’s too late as the girls pin him down and begin to throw sand on him.

Michael looks at Clark: “Hey, how about some help!”

Clark: “Hey, I didn’t get no help. Your on your own.”

The girls, Clark, and Rick get a good laugh as Michael tries to free himself.

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. Victor is the only one there with Zordon, even Lunar 7 isn’t present.

Zordon: “I sense you went to the Sky Carrier for reasons other than the obvious. Am I to assume by this that you found something?”

Victor looks directly at Zordon: “Yes I did! There’s just one more thing though. Why is it that when I questioned you about it earlier, you went sort of off track and wouldn’t answer me. What’s the deal?”

Zordon: “I assure you Victor that there is nothing wrong. Now go and enjoy the rest of your day. You’ve earned it.”

Victor turns to leave, but gives Zordon a side ways look: “If you say so Zordon.”

With that Victor uses one of the doors to leave.

Zordon just stares into nothing: “It seems Victor is close to discovering the truth of.............................”

The End.

Narration: “Next Time On Power Rangers Lightning Force!”

Clip 1
Michael stares at a girl and she merely huffs and walks off.

Michael’s voice: “I think I’m in love.”

Clip 2
Three monster’s stand before the Rangers.

Monster 1: “You Rangers may have been able to defeat all those other monsters, but we have one advantage they don’t.”

Red Ranger: “What would that be?”

Clip 3
The Ranger fight the three monsters, but have no luck.

Red Ranger attacks with his Fire Sword, but is knocked to the ground.

Monster 2: “Give it up!”

Clip 4
Michael to Girl: “Would you perhaps want to go out some time.”

Clip 5
Michael looks down, then back up suddenly.

Clip 6
The Rangers are ejected from the Megazord.

Pink Ranger: “What happened?”

Clip 7
The Hunter Lightningzord fights the Megazord.

Lightning Hunter’s voice: “I’m going to regret this, but here it goes.”

Clip 8
The Megazord and the city surrounding it is engulfed in flames.

Narration: “Next Time On Power Rangers: Lightning Force!”

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