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Power Rangers Lightning Force
by Crystal Ranger

Episode 2
"The Journey Begins, Part 2"

Narration: "Previously on Power Rangers Lightning Force"

Clip 1
Man in the shadows: "I gave you my Sky Carrier for this job. Do not fail me Lord Cranston."

Lord Cranston: "Do not worry my master I shall not fail you. However I think it would help if I had a little more help."

Clip 2
Two beams of light become Darkonda and Ecliptor.

Darkonda looks around: "Where am I?"

Eciptor: "I am intilted to agree. Where is my queen?"

Clip 3
Prince Cranston: "The planet Eltar."

Darkonda turns to the man in the shadows: "What are we doing here?"

Man in the shadows: "It been years since all the evil forces started to attack and even longer since the battle of Eltar. It has been rebuilt. I plan to rule the universe. To do that I plan to start with this planet. For a speical reason."

Darkonda: "What reason.?"

The screen turns to the mans point of view as he steps out of the shadows. Ecliptor and Darkonda are in shock. Lord Cranston and Prince Cranston are not shocked.

The man steps back into the shadows and the screen turns back to normal: "I believe you know why."

Clip 4
Angela and Clark are fighting Skeletors to free a little boy.

Clip 5
Lunar 7: "This is the Power Chamber."

Clip 6
Zordon: "You have been chossen to become Power Rangers."

Clip 7
Angela and Clark morph.

Clip 8
Ecliptor and Darkonda become Darkliptor.

Clip 9
Red Ranger gets up: "We have to stop that thing somehow."

Yellow Ranger gets up and stands next to him: "How, our weapons are no match for that creep."

Red Ranger: "We have to find a way. Eltar is depending on us."

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: North Star city. Darkliptor walks to the two Rangers.

Darkliptor stops a few feet before them: "You are no match for my power."

Red Ranger: "Let's find out."

Red Ranger charges. He gets in three good strikes with his weapon. They cause little damage but the monster is sent to the ground when Yellow Ranger comes up from behind and strikes him with her lance.

Yellow Ranger walks up to red: "That should give us some time."

Darkliptor suddenly gets up: "You will never defeat me. How about help!"

Suddenly Skeletors arrive and aim their blasters the same time Darkliptor crosses both swords to fire a beam.

Yellow Ranger: "This is going to hurt."

Darkliptor: "You don't know the half of it."

With that all the evil forces fire their attacks. Both Rangers are sent through the air by a great expolosion. They land to the ground with a great force.

Darkliptor: "This is only the begining. HA HA HA!"

Opening Theme

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber. Zordon and Lunar 7 watch the fight.

Lunar 7 watches the viewing globe: "Aye yi yi yi. What should I do?"

Zordon: "Teleport them back now."

All of a sudden Red Rangers voice is heard: "Zordon listen to me. I bet you plan to take us out of the fight. You better not though. We are not leaving. Try to find the other three chossen Rangers."

Lunar 7 turns to Zordon: "How did he......!?"

Lunar 7 puts his hands to his head: "What should I do?"

Zordon: "We must find the other chossen Rangers or Eltar is doomed."

Lunar 7 starts to work on the controls.

Scene 2

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Lord Cranston watches the fight.

Lord Cranston: "This is perfect."

Prince Cranston enters through a door with a monster.

Prince Cranston: "I give you the Elemenator.

The monster is mostly yellow. He has wires all over his arms and legs that give off sparks. His face has a vaser like Lord Zedd's old one for a eye. His chest has a six pack and silver and gray lines going around. On it's back is a sword and on the right side of his hip is a blaster. On his chin are two gray thorns twisted around each other.

Elemenator bows: "I will not fail you master."

Lord Cranston: "Perfect. Wait till I give the order to attack."

They all turn to watch the fight.

Scene 3

Setting: North Star city. The Rangers are fighting Skeletors as Darkliptor watchs.

Darkliptor lifts his head up: "HA HA HA! This is the greatest feeling I've had."

Red Ranger strikes down four with his sword. They fall but he is soon stroke down by two swords by two other Skeletors. While on the ground he uses his blaster to blast them down. He picks his sword up and charges more. They block his attacks and blast him down. He can't get up and demorphes.

Yellow Ranger drops her lance when she falls to the ground from a blast. She gets up, picks her lance up and strike the Skeletor down. She then clashes weapons with four others. Then from behind four others fire their weapons. She falls and is picked up by two and is striked down by two with their swords. One more runs up and side kicks her in the chest. She flys and lands next to Clark as she demorphes.

Darkliptor and the Skeletors gather before them.

Darkliptor points his swords at them: "Destroy them."

Skeletors step forward when three feet kicks them in the face. The people they belong to helps the Rangers up off the ground.

Clark looks at them: "Thanks guys"

Girl: "No problem."

Angela: "We have to stop these guys. Thanks for your help."

Boy 1: "Anytime."

Scene 4

Setting: The Power Chamber.

Lunar 7 lifting his head from the controls: "Rangers. Those are the three. Bring them here at once."

Scene 5

Setting: Back to the fight.

Angela is taken back: "I don't believe it. We found them."

Boy 2: "Found who?"

Clark: "This may sound odd, but we need you to come with us."

Girl: "Why?"

Angela: "You may be the ones that can help us."

Boy 1 shrugs: "Anything to help."

Clark and Angela stand next to them and they teleport away.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: The Sky Carrier. The three monsters watch the fight and the Rangers retreat with the three people.

Lord Cranston gets up from his throne in rage: "NOOO!!! Send Elemenator down there at once."

Prince Cranston: "At once."

Elemenator vanishes in a wraping of wires.

Lord Cranston: "He had best not fail me son. Or the master will have our heads."

Prince Cranston stands next to him: "He will not fail us farther."

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. The five youths teleport in.

Boy 1 looks around: "Where are we?"

Zordon: "This is the Power Chamber however there is no time for that. Lunar 7, get the morphers."

Lunar 7: "At once."

He walks out of the room.

Clark: "Now maybe you could tell us your names."

Boy 1: "My name is Michael."

Girl: "They call me Samantha."

Boy 2: "The name is Rick."

Samantha walks up to Zordon: "Are you the great Zordon?"

Zordon: "Yes. I know I was destroyed. The Red Space Ranger known as Andros destroyed my energy tube. However I was not destroyed. I only lost contact with this universe. Now I most ask you a question. Do you wish to become Power Rangers?"

All three at once: "YES!!!"

Lunar 7 walks in with three more morphers. The only diffrence is the colors. One is blue. The other is pink and the last one is black.

Lunar 7: "These belong to you."

Each takes a morpher.

Angela steps forward: "Good. Now let's get out there."

Clark steps in front of everyone and yells: "Lightning Storm!"

(Lightning Red morphing sequence)

(Lightning Yellow morphing sequence)

(Lightning Blue morphing sequence: Michael is behind the same blue background as the Space Rangers. Several blue lightning bolts strike him and he is incassed in a glowing blue light until a Claw flys at him and shatters the case. Michael is fully morphed. Across his back is a sword with the case forming a blaster.)

(Lightning Pink morphing sequence: Samantha is behind the same blue background as the Space Rangers. Several pink lightning bolts strike her and she is incassed in a glowing pink light until a whip flys at her and shatters the case with a crack. Samantha is fully morphed. Across her back is a sword with the case forming a blaster.)

(Lightning Black morphing sequence: Rick is behind the same blue background as the Space Rangers. Several black lightning bolts strike him and he is incassed in a glowing black light until a Mallet flys at him and shatters the case. Rick is fully morphed. Across his back is a sword with the case forming a blaster.)

The Rangers are fully morphed.

Zordon looks at the Rangers: "It is great to see the powers of the Lightning Force Rangers together again. Now go and bring down these evil forces."

Red Ranger: "We will Zordon."

With that said the five Rangers teleport away.

Scene 3

Setting: The city. The Rangers teleport in front of Darkliptor, the Skeletors, and Elemenator.

Red Ranger poses: "Lightning Red!"

Yellow Ranger poses: "Lightning Yellow!"

Blue Ranger poses: "Lightning Blue!"

Pink Ranger poses: "Lightning Pink!"

Black Ranger poses: "Lightning Black!"

An explosion erupts behind them as they pose: "LIGHTNING FORCE! HYIA!"

Elemenator turns to the Skeletors: "Leave us. The two of us can handle five little Rangers."

With that the Skeletors leave.

Blue Ranger: "If you think you can defeat us your nuts."

Elemenator fires a beam at the Rangers and they fall: "That's what you think."

The Rangers get up. Red Ranger: "Try to take out Darkliptor. Take care of him and that other monster should be no problem."

Other Rangers: "RIGHT!!!"

With that the Rangers charge.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The battle. The guys fight Darkliptor as the girls fight Elemenator.

Yellow Ranger trys to kick the monster but Elemenator kicks her foot away. Pink Ranger trys to strike Elemenator with her sword at the same time as yellow, but Elemenator throws wires at them and pull the swords to him. With swords in hand he strikes down the girl Rangers.

Elemenator throws their swords at them: "If that's all you've got I'd go home."

The guys try to fight Darkliptor. They however have the upper hand. Red Ranger comes in with a powerful punch to the face. Darkliptor starts to fall back when two blast hit him from behind. He turns to see Blue and Black holding their blasters. He is then struck in the back by a blade. Red Ranger has pulled out his sword. Darkliptor gets up only to see three Rangers holding their blasters. They all fire at once and causes Darkliptor to jump from an expolosion.

Red Ranger returns his blaster at the same time all the Rangers meet up: "Let's break out the weapons and finish these guys off."

Red Ranger: "Lightning Sword!"

Yellow Ranger: "Lightning Lance!"

Blue Ranger: "Lightning Claw!"

A blue Claw with a silver trim and has a handle like the Navey Antler of the Navey Thunder Ranger {Power Rangers Ninja Storm}. A blue gem is in the middle just above the handle.

Pink Ranger: "Lightning Whip!"

A long pink whip appears. A pink gem is on the top of the handle.

Black Ranger: "Lightning Mallet!"

A mallet with a black handle appears. Below the mallet part is a black gem.

Pink Ranger turns to red: "Let take care of Darkliptor first."

With that they step forward. Pink Ranger cracks the whip and Darkliptor is hit with a massive wave of pink energy.

Black Ranger jumps over her and slams the mallet into the chest of Darkliptor.

The other three come in and at the same time strike Darkliptor. Who then seperates.

Ecliptor starts to get up: "You when this round, but the next is ours."

With that Darkonda and Ecliptor leave in their fasions.

Elemenator steps up, pulls out his blaster and fires at the Rangers. They fall to the ground but easily get back up.

Elemenator: "Don't forget me."

Red Ranger: "Rangers, ATTACK!"

Every Ranger runs in on the monster. Blue grabs the monster with his Claw as Pink strikes him in the back with a loud crack. This is followed by slashes from the Red Ranger and a slam from the Black Ranger. Blue Ranger let's go and strikes the monster himself.

They step back as the mosnter explodes.

The Rangers hold down their weapons.

Red Ranger: "Eltar is save from evil."

Yellow Ranger: "But for how long. Not all of the fights are going to be this easy."

Blue Ranger: "She's right. We have to prepare ourselves. Who knows what they are planing up there."

Suddenly from out of the smoke Elemenator appears.

Elemenator pulls his sword out: "Let's try this again."

Red Ranger steps up: "This one is mine."

He runs at the monster. They clash swords but Elemenator knees him in the groan and he falls back on a knee.

Elemenator: "Looks like your washed up."

Red Ranger gets up: "That's what you think!"

Red Ranger: "Lightning Sword, full power!"

The gem on his sword glows as lightning hits the sword. With his weapon glowing he charges the monster. Elementaor trys to blast Red Ranger before he can get to him. He misses every shot and is sent flying when he is hit by the attack.

Elemenator gets up holding his smoking chest: "I will not lose like this. Not to a group of punks in colored tights."

Scene 2

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Lord Cranston turns to Prince Cranston.

Lord Cranston: "I thought you said he could handle the Rangers. Were you liying?"

Prince Cranston: "No sir. If the fool uses what power he has left for his special attack. The Rangers will be sorry they ever became Rangers."

Scene 3

Setting: North Star city.

Lunar 7's vocie come's from their morpher buckles: "Rangers, form the Lightning Blaster."

Black Ranger: "Thanks Lunar."

Red Ranger: "Lightning Blaster!"

(LightningBlaster formation: Black Ranger throws the mallet into the air. It stays suspened horizontaly, except the front is in the back and folds down forming the handle with the mallet as the bottom of the handle. The Blue Ranger throws the Claw It opens all the way attaching to the front with the opening facing out. Yellow Ranger throws the lance. It breaks in half and each end connects to a diffrent side at the top of the Claw. Pink Ranger then throws the Whip. It becomes solid then breaks apart and each half connects to a side of the mallet's handle to form a large barrel. The Red Ranger fianlly throws the sword. It lands on top in the middle and falls into his hands. Yellow stands to the back left side and grabs his shoulder. Pink is to his back right and grabs his shoulder. Blue is behind pink and grabs her shoulder. Black is behind yellow and grabs her shoulder. Then for a second the blaster flows with their five colors and power's up.)

Elemenator switches his sword to his left hand and also pulls out his blaster: "That will not save you."

Red Ranger: "Let's see about that. Fire!"

The blaster fires a massive beam of energy. It strikes Elemenator, he falls backwards and explodes.

Pink Ranger as they break formation: "Good job guys."

Red Ranger: "That was good teamwork. Let's get to the Power Chamber."

With that the Rangers teleport away.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber. That unmorphed Rangers stand before Zordon.

Zordon: "You've done well today Rangers. I am proud to call you Power Rangers."

Clark nods and smiles: "Thanks Zordon."

Samantha: "Man that was a rush."

Rick looks at Samantha: "No kidding!"

The Rangers continue to talk about the fight as Zordon and Lunar 7 watch.

Scene 2

Setting: The Sky Carrier. All the monsters are there, except the man in the shadows.

Lord Cranston gets up from his throne and turns to the others: "We must destroy the Rangers soon. The master will not wait forever."

The End.

Narration: "Next time on Power Rangers Lightning Force."

Clip 1
Darkonda: "My plan will be unstopible. I promise you that."

Clip 2
Several Skeletors are riding bikes through the city destroying things and chasing people.

Clip 3
Rick, Samantha, Michael, and Angela are attacked by Prince Cranston.

Prince Cranston: "I will make up for my mistakes I made last time."

Clip 4
Rick's voice: "Those bikes they have are to fast."

Clark to Zordon: "How can we stop the Skeletors if they can move faster than we can."

Clip 5
Lunar 7: "I give you the Lightning Cycles."

Clip 6
The Rangers ride in on their Cycles and defeat the Skeletors.

Clip 7
Prince Cranston's voice: "You were able to stop Darkonda's plan. Now try to stop this monster."

A monster holds the Lightning Blaster and fires it twice at the Rangers. They fall to the ground hard.

Narration: "On the next Power Rangers Lightning Force."

(Credits roll)

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