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Power RangersLightning Force

by Crystal Ranger

Episode 3

"Lightning Speed"

Narration: "Previously on Power Rangers Lightning Force"

Clip 1

Man in the shadows: "I gave you my Sky Carrier for this job. Do not fail me Lord Cranston."

Lord Cranston: "Do not worry my master I shall not fail you. However I think it would help if I had a little more help."

Clip 2

Two beams of light become Darkonda and Ecliptor.

Darkonda looks around: "Where am I?"

Ecliptor: "I am intilted to agree. Where is my queen?"

Clip 3

Prince Cranston: "The planet Eltar."


Lunar 7: "This is the Power Chamber."

Clip 5

Zordon: "You have been chossen to become Power Rangers."

Clip 6

All the Rangers tail end morphing at the same time.

Clip 7

Ecliptor and Darkonda become Darkliptor.

Clip 8

An explosion erupts behind the Rangers as they pose: "LIGHTNING FORCE! HYIA!"

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Lord Cranston, Prince Cranston, Ecliptor, and Darkonda are in a side room. Several Skeletors are working on several objects.

Darkonda turns to Lord Cranston: "My plan will be unstopible. I promise you that."

Lord Cranston: "You had better be right."

Ecliptor: "He's wrong. Darkonda's plans have never done any good in the past."

Prince Cranston turns to him: "Think you can do better?"

Ecliptor gives him a cold look: "I know I could."

Lord Cranston turns to Ecliptor: "Then perhaps you would like to draw the Rangers out for us."

Ecliptor: "Yes. In fact I'll discover where they are at."

He turns and walks out of the room.

Prince Cranston turns to Lord Cranston: "I'll help him. When you and Darkonda are ready start the attack just send them down."

He also turns and walks out.

Lord Cranston prepares to leave: "I'll be sharpening my sword. Send for me when you are ready."

He walks out and Darkonda gets a huge grin on his face: "If things work out as I plan you will all be working for me once I take over this planet. Mwhahahahaha!"

Opening Theme

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: Smantha, Rick, Michael, and Angela are walking down a street. They seem to be carring bags of with several items in them.

Rick shifts the bags in his hands: "Why are we doing this again?"

Angela: "Zordon's birthday is today. According to Lunar he hasn't had a party in quit some time. I think it will be nice."

Michael: "If you say so."

They turn a cornor and see Prince Cranston and several Skeletors arrive in a massive group of lightning bolts. 

They turn around and head into a empty alley.

Rick: "Duty calls."

Angela steps up as they lift their morphers: "Lightning Storm!"

(They all morph in a four way split.)

They run around the cornor and face their enemy.

Skeletors start to charge right away.

Scene 2

Setting: A place called "North Star Tech". Clark is in his office working. It is just like a normal office for a big buisness. His boss is in there sitting in a chair.

Boss: "Mr. Powers, you're a good worker, but you dissappear all the time now. If you keep doing this I'm going to have to fire you."

Just then Clark's morpher start to beep.

Clark stands up: "Mr. Moody, can we finish this later I have to go."

Mr. Moody stands from the chair he was setting in: "This is what I'm talking about. You can't keep doing this."

Clark gets upset: "Then I'm taking one of my half days."

With that he storms out.

Scene 3

Setting: The city. The battle is still going on. Red Ranger gets within five feet but is stoped by a pare of red bems.

He turns to see Ecliptor: "I don't have time for this!"

He pulls out his sword and they start to fight. They block sword strikes as well as kicks. They push forward and back up. Red Ranger then calls his Lightning Sowrd and they charge again. Red Ranger has to use both swords to block Ecliptors attacks. Ecliptor backs off and strikes down the Red Ranger. Ecliptor runs up and picks the Ranger up by the neck with his free hand.

Ecliptor: "You are the first since the Red Space Ranger to give me a challenge. I wish I could keep you as a rag doll but I must destroy you."

Red Ranger gets free of Ecliptor: "Lightning Sword full power!"

The gem on his sword glows as lightning hits the sword. With his weapon glowing he charges Ecliptor. Before he reaches him his other sword start to glow as well. He strikes down his enemy with both swords.

With sparks flying  Ecliptor spins to the ground face first.

Red Ranger turns and starts to run: "Now to help the others."

Scene 4

Setting: The battle with the other four Rangers.

They are all fighting Prince Cranston. He sends a energy ball at them and sends them to the ground. While down he prepares to fire another when he is blasted from behind. The screen turns to show the Red Ranger holding a smoking blaster.

Red Ranger jumps over him and lands next to the Rangers as they get up: "Sorry it took so long. Now lets show him what all our powers together can do."

Others: "RIGHT!"

They also pull out their blasters and open fire along with him. When they stop they see that it had no effect on him.

Prince Cranston: "I will make up for my mistakes I made last time."

Red Ranger speaks as they return their blasters and hold up their weapons: "Ok guys let's show him what a bigger blaster can do."

(Lightning Blaster formation)

The Rangers open fire. As soon as the attack hits Prince Cranston he holds his arms out and takes control of the blast."

Black Ranger: "No frik'n way!"

With that Prince Cranston adds his own power to the blast and it's sent back at the Rangers. Theirs a huge explosion that sends the Rangers every which way.

Prince Cranston starts to march forward when a rumble can be heard in the background.

The Rangers try to lift themselves up.

Yellow Ranger: "Now what?"

In the distance are several shadows driving at them with awesome speed.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: The battle site. The objects come into view. They are Skeletors riding cycles.

They have bone handle bars and the entire body for that much looks like it is made out of bones.

Prince Cranston: "That fool. I had them right where I wanted them. He'll pay for this."

With that he warps away like several lightning bolts.

The Ranger finally get up.

Pink Ranger: "What are those?"

The Skeletors split up and start to attack buildings and people.

Red Ranger: "What ever those things are we better stop them."

With that the Rangers take off. Pink Ranger steps in front of one biker that is about to fire at a little boy and girl. She takes the hit but it barly hurts her. She trys to run after it as it takes off but it is followed by four more. They drive past her and strike her down. As she gets up she calls her Lightning Whip and pulls two off their bikes and cracks it on the backs of the last three.

The other Rangers are circled by several Skeletors on thier bikes. Black Ranger holds up his mallet and strikes the ground. The ground quakes and takes down several other bikers. This allows them to get away and join up with pink.

Blue Ranger: "Let's try the blaster."

Red Ranger: "Lightning Blaster, powered up!"

(Tail end of Lightning Blaster formation.)

The blaster fires and takes down all but six bikers. The others turn and take off.

Blue Ranger: "I don't know what their deal is but we have to come up with something in order to stop them."

The Rangers teleport away as pure beams of energy.

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. The Rangers arrive unmorphed.

Rick: "Those bikes they have are to fast."

Clark to Zordon: "How can we stop the Skeletors if they can move faster than we can."

Lunar 7 steps up: "Allow me to show you something. Follow me."

He starts to walk out and is followed by the Rangers

Scene 3

Setting: What appears to be a holding bay. The Rangers and Lunar 7 walk in.

Lunar 7: "Rangers, I give you the Lightning Cycles."

He removes a tarp. This shows five cycles. They look like normal motorcycles but bufed up. They are colored for each Ranger. Behind the handle bars in front of the seats are a series of buttons. On the front is a lightning bolt for each Rangers color replaces the headlight. They have several blasters on the handle bars.

Clark looks at them: "Sweet."

Angela: "I like it."

Rick and Michael: "AWESOME!"

Samantha: "When do we use them?"

Lunar 7: "When they attack again."

Clark: "Then I better get back. My boss was getting on me for leaving all the time."

Angela: "He got on me too."

Clark: "We're going to have and do something about Mr. Moody."

Scene 4

Setting: North Star Tech. Mr. Moddy is talking to Angela and Clark in Clark's office.

M.r Moddy sets in a chair where Clark sets behind his desk with Angela standing behind him.

Mr. Moddy is almost done speaking: "I hate to have to do this, but unless you give be a very good reason for your leaving I have to fire you two."

Clark looks at Angela and is about to speak: "Sir . . . the trurth is that..............."

He is cut off when the whole building starts to rumble.

Angela: "What the heck?"

The three run to the window and look out. They see several Skeletors on bikes outside the building. With them is Darkonda.

Mr. Moddy backs up with the other two: "What ever those are they are about to destroy this place."

Angela turns to Clark: "He's right. I've seen the blueprints. It can't withstand another blast that powerful."

Clark turns to Mr. Moody: "Sir. The only thing we can do is get everyone out of here. I'll take this floor. You two split up."

Mr. Moody: "Normally I'd fire you for trying to boss around your boss but we don't have time."

The three run out to start getting poeple out of there.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Outside the building. The other three Rangers are already morphed and try to fight the biker Skeletors. They are now blasted down.

Black Ranger as they get up: "That's it. Hopefully the others get out of there ok. As for us, I'd say it's time to call the cycles."

Black, Blue, and Pink Ranger hold their right hand right in front of them: "Lightning cycles, online!"

In a flash of dancing light of their own color their three Lightning Cycles appear in front of them.

Pink Ranger as they get on: "Let's rock and roll."

The three split up and start to attack.

Blue Ranger rushes past two but spins around and blast them with his blasters. He picks up speed and drives up too eight that are ready to fire upon him. He revs his engine and becomes a blue light that goes through them and they explode. It solidfys behind them.

Blue Ranger turns around: "Peace of cake."

Black Ranger rushes past four and fires upon them with his blaster. He then looks down at a button that has two of his mallets crossed on it.

Black Ranger pushes it: "Try the Lightning Quake!"

Two of his mallets appear from the middle of his rear tire. They slam into the ground and causes an earthquake. They then vanish once again. Black Ranger: "Take that boneheads."

Pink Ranger has only to fight six. She fires her blasters which take them all out. The Rangers then regroup.

Blue Ranger: "Peace of cake."

Suddenly more appear around Darkonda.

Darkonda: You will never defeat them all. Ha ha ha!"

He turns to a building thats about to fall. Which of course is North Star Tech.

Darkonda: "Now to take care of the other two."

He starts to walk into the building as people flee for their lives.

Scene 2

Setting: Inside the building. Office items lay everywhere and lights hang from the wall and sparks come from them. Only Mr. Moody, Clark, and Angela are there.

Angela: "That's all of them."

Mr. Moody turns to the two: "Good job Miss. Nichols and you too Mr. Powers. Now lets get out of here."

They start to run out when Darkonda walks in: "Not so fast old man. You three are mine."

Clark steps up: "You two get out of here. I'll keep him busy."

Clark runs at Darknoda. He trys to kick Darkonda but is knocked to the ground. Anglea runs to him as Darkonda pulls his sword out and enlarges it into a sword. Then with one swift move he runs past her to Mr. Moddy and puts his sword to his neck.

Darkonda: "Don't move or else he gets it right in the neck."

Angela turns to Clark: "We don't have any other options. We have to do it."

Clark looks down unsure then looks back up: "Right."

They hold up their morphers. Clark yells: "Lightning Storm!"

(Two way split morphing sequence with red on the right and yellow on the left.)

The two Rangers stand with their weapons in hand ready to fight.

Mr Moddy stares in shock: "That's why."

Red Ranger: "Let him go Darkonda."

Darkonda: "What can two little Rangers do?"

Then as if on cue several blast hit him in the back. He lets go of Mr. Moddy as he falls. We then see the three other Rangers lowering their blasters.

Blue Ranger: "You ok?"

Red Ranger: "Yeah."

Yellow Ranger: "How did you get past us?"

Pink Ranger: "We'll tell you later."

Red Ranger turns to Mr. Moody: "Sir. I hope you understand when I ask you not to tell anyone about us."

Mr. Moody: "Your secret is save with me. Also, you can have your jobs back and don't worry about a thing. Leave whenever you need. As long as its a alien attack."

Yellow Ranger nods: "Thank you sir."

Darkonda then gets up: "You win this round but I will be back to destroy you."

With that he warps away as an explosion erupts from outside.

Black Ranger: "Back to work."

The Rangers run out of the building to see a monster standing there with Prince Cranston.

The monster has long black arms and legs with silver trim. His chest looks normal but has the picture of a tire on it. His head is nothing but a tire with bugged eyes.

Prince Cranston waves his arm towards the monster: "Meet Speed Demon and meet your destruction"

With that he leaves in several lightning bolts.

Red Ranger: "We don't have time for this."

With that they hold out their weapons.

Speed Demon: "Are those ment to scare me?"

Pink Ranger: "No. There to destroy you."

Speed Demon: "Give it your best shot."

Red Ranger: "Well try this on for size."

(Lightning Blaster formation)

Speed Demon: "Well try this."

With that he runs faster than we can see and rushes to the Rangers and grabs the blaster. He then runs back to where he was standing before the Rangers can react.

Red Ranger looks at his hands: "No way!"

Speed Demon prepares the blaster: "Die Rangers."

He fires the blaster twice and the Rangers are sent flying from an explosion. They are able to pick themselves up but are weak.

Speed Demon walks at them: "Now to finish the job."

Before he can do anything the five Rangers appear on their Lightning Cycles.

Speed Demon: "Huh? Ho did they....?"

Red Ranger: "Ok Rangers fire!"

With that the Rangers fire their blasters. This does little damage.

Speed Demon: "Give it another shot."

Red Ranger speeds up: "You got it!"

He goes faster until he is nothing but red energy and goes through the monster he becomes solid behind it.

As it starts to fall the monster throws up the blaster.

Yellow Ranger stands on her seat, leaps for it and grabs it : "Got yeah!"

With that she fires as she lands. Speed Demon erupts in more sparks and expolodes on impact.

The Rangers get off their cycles and meet up.

Red Ranger to the other Rangers: "Good work everyone."


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber. There are party decerations all over. Lunar and the Rangers wear party hats and other party favors. Zordon wears a hologram party hat.

Zordon: "Thank you Rangers. This is indeed a great surprise."

Samantha: "It was all Lunar's idea."

Lunar 7 looks down: "Yeah, well it was nothing."

The Rangers and Zordon laugh at Lunar's shyness.

Clark: "I just hate that someone found out who we were."

Angela: "On the bright side we no longer have to worry about being fired."

Michael: "She has a point. Now you don't have to worry."

Rick: "I'm happy about that and all but lets eat some cake."

The Rangers laugh as Lunar 7 passes out a piece of cake to everyone.

The End.

Narration: "Next time on Power Rangers Lightning Force."

Clip 1

Samantha helps a little girl with a scraped knee.

Girl: "Thanks Samantha."

Clip 2

Man in the shadows: "These Rangers are getting more powerful than the ones in the past. Destroy them at all cost."

Clip 3

A monster attacks Smantha and a group of kids. The monster grabs one

Samantha: "Let her go!"

Monster: "Never. Your days are numbered."

Clip 4

The other four Rangers fight Prince Cranston.

Prince Cranston: "Four little Rangers are no match for me."

Clip 5

An explosion engolves all four Rangers.

Black Ranger's voice: "We can't take much more of this."

Clip 6

Samantha gets slamed into a tree.

Monster: "You are no match for me. No one can stop me now."

Clip 7

The monster grows.

Monster: "Now to destroy you."

Pink Ranger: "No one will defeat the Power Rangers."

Clip 8

Man in the shadows: "Nothing will stop me from getting my revenge."

Clip 9

A pink robtic animal attacks the gaint.

Narration: "On the next Power Rangers Lightning Force."

(Credits roll)

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