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Power Rangers Lightning Force
by Crystal Ranger

Episode 4
"The First Arrival"

Narration: "Previously on Power Rangers Lightning Force"

Clip 1
Man in the shadows: "I gave you my Sky Carrier for this job. Do not fail me Lord Cranston."

Lord Cranston: "Do not worry my master I shall not fail you. However I think it would help if I had a little more help."

Clip 2
Red Ranger: "Lightning Blaster!"

The Rangers fire the blaster at Elemenator.

Clip 3
Mr. Moddy to Clark: "If you don't stop then I'll have to fire you."

Clip 4
Zordon: "You have been chossen to become Power Rangers."

Clip 5
Lunar 7: "I give you the Lightning Cycles."

Clip 6
The Rangers ride in on their Cycles and defeat the Skeletors.

Clip 7
Clark and Angela morph infront of Mr. Moddy.

Clip 8
An explosion erupts behind the Lightning Rangers as they pose: "LIGHTNING FORCE! HYIA!"

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: A forest. Several little kids with bookbags on their backs walk down a dirt path.

Ahead of them is a young women with blonde hair. Next to her is Samantha.

Women: "Thanks for your help Samantha. It's been hard to get anyone to come out into the woods now for about a week."

Samantha turns to her: "Why's that Karen?"

Karen turns to her: "Ever since then they claim to see glowing lights that look like eyes. Many people who see them run. Then there are other people who's bodies turn up."

Samantha is shocked: "Dead!?"

Karen: "That's the odd thing, their not. Doctors say they have no energy left. They keep trying to find a way to help them but they say that within a week they could all die from their energy lose."

Samantha: "Can't they just ask the people what it was?"

Karen gives a sort chuckle: "Hello. I just said they had no energy. They can't talk or nothing. The only way their bodies were even found was bcause a dump truck pased by and called it in."

Samantha: "Ok I have two questions. One, you said they were not dead but it sure sounds like it. Second, how do you know all of this?"

Karen: "They aren't dead or alive. There in between. So in a way they are not alive or dead. Also I have friends in high places."

Samantha: "Guess it pays to know you."

They keep talking until they notice it has been almost an hour and it is getting dark.

Karen turns to the kids: "Ok. Its time to set up camp."

With that they all start to put up tents as Karen and Samantha help them with them.

Scene 2

Setting: Deep in the darkness. A pair of red eyes shine in the darkness.

A monsteress female voice: "Soooooo. It looks like my next vitcims include the Pink Lightning Ranger. The master will be pleased."

The eyes focus on Samantha and doesn't move.

Monster voice: "Sleep well. For you will soon be working for the all powerful Lord Cranston. HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

Opening Theme

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The next day. The city. The other four Rangers are walking down a street. Suddenly Prince Cranston appears with Skeletors.

Prince Cranston: "It's time for a rematch."

Clark steps forward: "Fine by us."

All four Rangers hold up their morphers after making sure no one can see. Clark: "Lightning Storm!"

(Lightning Red morphing sequence)

(Lightning Yellow morphing sequence)

(Lightning Blue morphing sequence)

(Lightning Black morhping sequence)

Prince Cranston holds his sword up: "Now thats more like it. Skeletors attack!"

With that the Skeletors charge the Rangers.

Black Rangers grabs one and throws it into another three. He then jumps on top of another Skeletor who trys to get him off. Finally Black Ranger jumps and kicks it in the back. As he lands he pulls his sword out to block the attack of two Skeletors with their swords. He blocks the attacks and strikes them down.

Blue and Yellow double team with their weapons. Blue Ranger grabs one in the chest with his weapon and throws it over him into the ground. He then runs into another group of Skeletors and slashes them all to the ground. Yellow Ranger blocks five swords with her Lance. She pushes forward and they fall to the ground. She turns to three more. They look at each other and leave.

Red Ranger falls to the ground from an energy attack from Prince Cranston.

Prince Cranston: "You are no match for my power."

The others run up to Red Ranger and help him up.

Blue Ranger: "Your done for."

Prince Cranston: "Doubt that. Skeletor Bikers!"

Several Skeletors on their bikes arrive on the scene.

Red Ranger: "Nice try. Lightning Cycles, online!"

In a flash of dancing light their Cycles appear in their own color. Each Ranger jumps on but does not attack. They only drive a bit.

Black Ranger: "Let's try the speical attacks but keep driving. It will give it more of an effect."

Blue Ranger: "Lightning Hooks!"

From the lightning bolt headlight of his Cycle several Claws on strings attached shoot out and grab a hold of Skeletors. After grabing them they send several electrical currents through their bodies. They all stop and explode.

Yellow Ranger: "My turn. Lightning Javeline!"

The lightning bolt headlight opens on the front of her cycle and shoots her lance like a javeline. It strikes down several enemies that are in its path until it strikes one in the chest. The capartment closes.

Black Ranger: "Lightning Quake!"

Two of his mallets appear from the middle of his rear tire. They slam into the ground and causes a earthquake that takes down several Skeletor Bikers. They then vanish once again.

Red Ranger drvies back and forth by Prince Cranston and keeps blasting him: "Time to end this prince fake."

Prince Cranston: "Just try it."

Red Ranger: "Lightning Cannonball!"

Red Ranger revs up his cycle and drives at the monster. It becomes a ball of red light and shoots forward like it was fired out of a cannon as it goes through Prince Cranston. He becomes solid and stops as the others drive up to him.

Prince Cranston gets up: "I'll be back."

He vanishes in several lightning bolts, but a monster arrives in his place.

The monster is hunched over. It's body is covered in yellow hair with orange strips on its back. His chest and stomach do not seem to have hair. He has two twelve inch teeth sticking out of his mouth.

Monster: "Rangers. I am Sabertooth. Your doom is at hand."

The monster charges the Rangers as they drive at him.

Scene 2

Setting: The woods. Samantha helps a girl put her tent up.

Girl: "Thanks for your help Samantha."

Samantha: "No problem Kimberly."

Kimberly starts to walk but trips and scrapes her knee.

Kimberly: "OWWWWWWW!"

Samantha walks up and gets the first aid kit next to the girl.

Samantha start to treat the knee: "It's ok honey."

Kimberly looks up with tears in her eyes: "Thanks Samantha."

Samantha helps the girl up and they gather their things and start to join the others.

Scene 3

Setting: Some bushes in the woods. The misterious monster is now seen.

It's body is green with patches of yellow all over. It has big red insect eyes and a thin little thing that looks like a sucker for a mouth. It has gaint wings on it back that are folded down. It has little claws on its finger nails. Her feet are driping with slim.

Monster: "Time to get my meal. No one escapes Sucker."

Scene 4

Setting: The path. Karen and Samantha lead the girls down it on their way home.

Karen: "That was a fun camping trip. How did you know so many scarey stories?"

Samantha: "I'm the oldest of my brother and sisters."

Then out of no where Sucker arrives and grabs Kimberly.

Samantha steps forward: "Let her go!"

Sucker: "Never.Your days are numbered"

With that she puts her sucker mouth on Kimberly's neck and sucks the energy out of her.

Karen: "You're the one doing this."

Sucker: "Yes. With all their energy no one will stop me."

Then faster than Samantha can see everyone is on the ground pale.

Samantha looks at them: "What did you do?"

Sucker: "I stole their energy. Now if you want to now how I moved so fast thats beacause with all the energy I gather I get stronger and fast. No one will ever stop me."

With that he rushes Samantha and slams her into a tree.

Sucker: "You are no match for me. No one can stop me now."


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: The city. The Rangers are ingulfed in an explosion.

Sabertooth walks forward: "Time to die."

Black Ranger: We can't take much more of this."

Sabertooth stops next to him: "Agreed. So I'll finsh you off now."

Black Ranger then grabs him by the feet: "Don' think so. You are easy to fool. Either that or I'm that good of an actor."

Sabertooth trys to move his feet: "Let me go."

Black Ranger: "Never. Clark now!"

Sabertooth turns to his right to see Red Ranger driving up on his cycle with its sword ready.

Red Ranger: "Lightning Cannonball!"

Red Ranger revs up his cycle and drives at the monster. It becomes a ball of red light and shoots forward like it was fired out of a cannon as it goes through Sabertooth and he explodes.

Red Ranger gets off his cycle: "That's one down."

Their helement speakers go off as Lunar 7 is heard: "Rangers. Samantha is in trouble. You must get to the north woods at once."

Yellow Ranger: "We'll be there as soon as we can."

They get on their cycles and speed off.

Scene 2

Setting: The forest. Samantha falls to the ground.

Sucker: "Get up and fight."

Samantha gets up and holds her morhper: "Lightning Storm!"

(Lightning Pink morphing sequence)

Pink Ranger: "Let's rock."

The two start to fight. Pink Ranger throws a punch but it gets caught and squeezed. She falls to her knees and is kneed in the chin by the monster. She falls on her back and is kicked in the ribs. She double overs. Once she stops she is picked up by the neck by the monster.

Sucker: "You will give me great power."

She prepares to take her energy but the mosnter is blasted. When she falls you see the other Rangers run up to the Pink Ranger who is barly standing.

Sucker: "If you think you can beat me just try this."

He looks into the sky: "Let's see how you like this."

Scene 3

Setting: The Sky Carrier. The two red objects fire two red lightning bolts.

They hit Sucker and he is encased in a red glow and he grows into a gaint.

Pink Ranger as they all look up: "Looks like things just got more interesting."


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The forest. Sucker has just grown.

Sucker looks down: "Now to defeat you."

Pink Ranger looks up: "No one will defeat the Power Rangers."

She summons her whip and strikes Sucker with it. This does nothing and Sucker sweeps Pink Ranger into her hands.

Sucker: "I tire of you you pink power brat."

As she prepares to destroy her a pink wave of energy strikes Sucker from behind and drops the Ranger. The other Rangers help her up and see what attacked the monster. It is a robot animal.

It looks like a Cheetha. It's pink with very light black dots all over. It has red eyes and a long tail. It's body it long and has a bit more bulk than a normal Cheetha. It growls and attacks Sucker again.

Sucker: "I'll will not be defeated by a oversized cat."

Sucker runs at the Cheetha who jumps into the air and extends it's claws and strikes Sucker in the back. The Cheetha lands and rams Sucker in the gut. The monster flys and falls to the ground.

Sucker: "What are you?"

Scene 2

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Everyone watches the monster getting creamed by the Cheetha.

Man in the shadows: "NNNOOOOO! This can't be. The Pink Cheetha Lightning Zord has come forth. This can't be. Darkonda, Ecliptor. Get down there, NOW!!!"

The two leave in their own fashions without says a word.

Scene 3

Setting: The woods. Darkonda and Ecliptor arrive gaint size.

Darkonda has his sword in hand: "No large cat will defeat the force of evil."

With that all three monsters charge the Zord and strike at the same time. It is over powered and falls to the ground.

Pink Ranger seems to be acting odd: "Guys, I'm getting data. It's a Zord...... my Zord."

Yellow Ranger turns to her and points to the fallen zord: "Then get in there."

With that the Pink Ranger teleports to her Zord.

(Pink cockpit scene)The inside is mostly grey. Consules are all over the place and in front are two control sticks that are in front of the seat that is in the middle. On the back wall is a pink lightning bolt symbol. Pink Ranger arrives in her seat.

(Pink cockpit scene) Pink Ranger: "Pink Cheetha Lightning Zord, full power!"

The Zord glows with pink energy and stands ready to fight.

Sucker: "That won't save you."

(Pink cockpit scene) Pink Ranger: "Let's find out. Cheetha Wave!"

The zord opens it's mouth and fires several small pink energy objects that look like teeth at Darkonda and Ecliptor. They take the hits and fall to the ground.

Ecliptor while on the ground: "Handle this yourself. Darkonda get us out of here."

With that Darkonda warps them away.

Sucker: "Nothing will save you from me."

The monster charges the Zord. Pink Cheetha extends its claws and slashes the monster across the chest. Sparks fly from the chest but the monster still stands. Sucker then extends her wings and flys into the air.

Sucker: "Now try to stop me Pink Ranger."

(Pink Cockpit scene) Pink Ranger: "Glad to. Cheetha wave!"

The zord fires its wave at the monster and sends it falling in pain.

(Pink cockpit scene) Pink Ranger: "Now to finish the job."

The Pink Cheetha takes off running at a fast speed towards Sucker.

Pink Ranger's voice as the Zord charges: "Cheetha Wave, times two!"

The Zord fires an even larger blast of its Cheetha Wave at the monster who trys to suck it up but its to much and it starts to spark all over.

Sucker: "How can I lose. To a Power Ranger none the less. I'm not strong enough to fight for evil."

With that the monster falls back and explodes. Several green beams leave the remains.

Scene 4

Setting: Several pictures of people in hospital beds. The green beams hit their bodies and they come to. Doctors run up to check on them.

Doctor taking a pulse: "This is amazing."

It then shows a small distance away from the Rangers. Karen and the girls come to as the Rangers run up. Samantha has unmorphed so they will by her story.

Karen: "Where did you go?"

Samantha gestures at the Rangers: "I went to get the Power Rangers for some help."

Kimberly runs up and hugs Samantha's legs: "Thanks Samantha, your the best."

Karen, Samantha and the still morphed Rangers look at the sign of effection from the child with happiness.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Everyone is there. The Man in the shadows blast Darkonda and Ecliptor to the ground. They get up smoking.

Man in the Shadows: "These Rangers are getting more powerful than the ones in the past. Destroy them at all cost."

Lord Cranston gets up from his throne: "Do not worry master. I have a plan that will not fail. I promise you that."

Man in the shadows: "You better. Nothing will stop me from getting my revenge."

Scene 2

Setting: Samantha and Karen are back in the woods with the kids.

Karen: "This time let's hope nothing happens."

Samantha turns her head to her: "You can say that again.

The End.

Narration: "Next time on Power Rangers Lightning Force."

Clip 1
Lord Cranston turns to the shadowed man: "Master. We have a plan to get the power morphers and the Pink Cheetha Zord. It is actually quite simple. We kidnap us a Ranger or two and hold them hostage."

Clip 2
Michael is grabed by a cloaked monster from behind.

Clip 3
Angela and Clark are in a car when a cloaked monster attacks them.

Red Ranger looks up: "NOOOO! ANGELAAAAAAAA!!!"

Clip 4
A dark place. Angela and Michael walk around trying to figure out where they are at.

Clip 5
The two Rangers and monstors fight each other.

Monster 1 points at Blue and Yellow Ranger: "You two alone can not stop us."

Clip 6
Clark turns to the other Rangers: "We have to find Angela and Michael and get them back."

Rick: "But how?"

Clip 7
A yellow and blue fox combine attacks with the Pink Cheetha.

Clip 8
Man in the shadow's voice: "They have two more Zords. We must stop them from getting the other two."

Narration: "On the next Power Rangers Lightning Force."

(Roll Credits)

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