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Power Rangers Lightning Force
by Crystal Ranger

Episode 5
"Double Trouble"

Narration: "Previously on Power Rangers Lightning Force"

Clip 1
Five morphed Power Rangers stand before Darkliptor and Elemenator.

All Rangers: "Lightning Force!"

Clip 2
Lunar 7: "I give you the Lightning Cycles."

Clip 3
The Rangers ride in on their Cycles and defeat the Skeletors.

Clip 4
Clark and Angela morph infront of Mr. Moddy.

Clip 5
Sucker: "Time to get my meal. No one escapes Sucker."

Clip 6
Sucker arrives and grabs Kimberly.

Samantha : "Let her go!"

Sucker: "Never.Your days are numbered"

Clip 7
Sucker: "With all the energy I gather I get stronger and fast. No one will ever stop me."

Clip 8
Sucker grows into a gaint.

Sucker's voice: "Now to defeat you."

The Pink Cheetha begins to do battle with Sucker

Clip 9
Man in the shadows: "NNNOOOOO! This can't be. The Pink Cheetha Lightning Zord has come forth."

Clip 10
Pink Cheetha destroys Sucker.

Pink Ranger's voice: "Pink Cheetha Lightning Zord, full power!"

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber. Lunar 7 and Zordon are running scans on the planet Eltar.

Lunar 7 looks up at Zordon: "I still can't locate those power sources we discovered early this morning.

Zordon: "Keep looking Lunar. We must know if this power source is of a friend or that of Lord Cranston and his evil."

Lunar 7 goes back to punching stuff in: "Aye yi yi yi. I'll keep looking."

Scene 2

Setting: A dark shadowed location. For pairs of red eyes glow through it.

Scene 3

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Lord Cranston and Prince Cranston appear to be talking. Ecliptor and Darkonda fight each other. A fight that destroys many controls.

Ecliptor backs off: "After all these centuries I'll finally get rid of you."

Darkonda prepares an energy beam: "You'll never defeat me. I am more powerful than you can ever hope to be."

He throws it at Ecliptor who rolls to miss it and it is about to destroy the main consule until it is stoped.

Darkonda looks at it: "What happened?"

Man in the shadows: "I did. I am getting bored with your little war. It is destroying my ship. Now I have no choice but to place you under mind control."

With that he lifts his glowing hands. He sends the energy beams to Darkonda and Ecliptor. It hits their heads and takes full effect.

Man in the shadows: "Now you will no long want to destroy each other. Now you will work next to each other."

Ecliptor bows: "Yes master."

Darkonda bows: "Why were we fightning in the first place?"

With that Darkonda turns with a smirk. To himself: "To bad your trick didn't work on me. Now it will be easier to destroy Ecliptor."

He begins to leave: "I'll be sharpening my sword."

With that he leaves.

Lord Cranston turns to the shadowed man: "Master. We have a plan to get the power morphers and the Pink Cheetha zord. It is actually quite simple. We kidnap us a Ranger or two and hold them hostage."

Prince Cranston steps up: "Sir. It sounds old and stupid. However with the right monsters it can not fail."

Man in the shadows: "Very well. I know two monsters perfect for the job. MWHAHAHA!"

Opening Theme

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The streets of North Star. Michael walks out of an office building in a dark blue suit and walks down the street.

Michael looks at the sky: "Man I need to get my car out of the shop."

He then gets a grin on his face and runs into an alley off to the side.

He is about to teleport when a cloaked monster from grabs him from behind.

Michael struggles to get free: "What gives?"

He smashes the monsters foot. The monster let's him go and Michael gets out of the way. He then turns to the monster: "I don't know who you are, but no monster will defeat me."

Cloaked Monster: "We'll see about that."

With that the monster removes his cloak to show what he really looks like. The body is silver with black trim. The same goes for the head. It has long narrow yellow eyes. It head looks like a dinosaurs. A T- Rex to be exact. On his forehead is a gem. It looks like spinning smoke is on the inside. His chest has a chest plate on his right peack. On the center of his chest is a spinning whole.

Monster: "They call me Quantum Wizard. I am one of the most powerful warriors known to man."

Michael holds up his morpher and yells: "Lightning Storm!"

(Lightning Blue morphing sequence)

Blue Ranger gets into a battle pose: "Let's see about that."

Blue Ranger charges. He throws a punch at the Wizards chest but the spinning whole sucks it in and spits it back out. Blue Ranger falls to the ground but gets back up. He runs forward and pulls his blaster off his back. He opens fire but every shot gets absorbed and sent right back at Blue Ranger. He takes every hit. He falls to the ground and blacks out as he demorphes.

Quantum Wizard walks up to him: "That was easier than I thought."

With that a large whole appears above them and suckes them both into it.

Scene 2

Setting: A busy highway bridge. Clark and Angela are in a red car that looks alot like a Mustang GT. They ae surrouned by traffic.

Clark: "Looks like we won't make that play after all."

Angela turns and smiles: "It doesn't matter. At least I'm spending time with you."

Clark turns, he is about to say something when a cloaked monster appears above the bridge.

Cloaked Monster yells: "Now you all die!"

With that the monster raises his hands and lowers them as beams hit every car except the one they are in.

Clark and Angela have just seen all the people die. Angela: "NNNNNOOOOO!!!"

Clark and Angela get out of the car. Angela: "That's it. Let's do it!"

They hold up their morphers and Clark yells: "Lightning Storm!"

(Lightning Red morphing sequence)

(Lightning Yellow morphing sequence)

The cloaked monster jumps down in front of them. He removes his cloak to show his true form. His body is all black with silver pads all over as a type of armor. On his right hip is a sword. His head looks like a helement. It has no marks except a thin white line that seems to outline some type of odd vaser.

Monster: "Hello. I am Phantom Wizard. Your destroyer."

Yellow Ranger holds her lance up ready to fight: "Who cares."

She charges and is followed by Red Ranger holding his Lightning Sword. They both strike each shoulder but the monster vanishes before their weapons make contact.

Red Ranger looks at his weapon: "What gives?"

Yellow Ranger looks around: "Once I find him he'll pay."

Then a fuz of air strikes down Red Ranger. He falls face first and doesn't get up.

Yellow Ranger starts to run at him but is grabed: "CLARK!!! HELPPPPP!!!!"

Red Ranger looks up: "NOOOO! ANGELAAAAAAAA!!!"

With that Yellow Ranger vanishes into thin air.

Scene 3

Setting: A dark place with spinnig smoke on the ground. Angela and Michael walk around trying to figure out where they are.

Michael still looks around: "Where are we? We can't even reach Zordon."

Angela stops when she sees Phantom Wizard and Quantum Wizard appear in a cloud of smoke: "Right now we have a bigger problem."

Michael looks at the monsters: "Let's do it."

They both hold their moprhers up and yell: "Lightning Storm!"

In a blue and yellow flash of their own color they appear fully morphed and do a battle pose.

Phantom Wizard points at Blue and Yellow Ranger: "You two alone can not stop us."

Yellow Ranger summons her lance: "I'll take Phantom boy. We have a score to settle."

Blue Ranger summons his claw: "Fine by me."

The monsters and Rangers charge.

Scene 4

Setting: The Sky Carrier. It in the hallways. Ecliptor is walking down them when Darkonda comes up.

Darkonda: "Um.... 'friend' the master wants you to attack the other Rangers and destroy them."

Ecliptor looks at Darkonda: "Why? With the others traped I thought he was going to have them hand over their powers."

Darkonda turns with his back to Ecliptor and smiles: "Yes, well the plans got changed. You must go this second."

Ecliptor bows: "I'll leave now then."

He then teleports away in his green ball of energy.

Darkonda laughs: "MWHAHAHAHAHA!!! That fool. With any luck the Rangers will destroy him or Lord Cranston will when he finds out what he's done."

He walks away laughing.

Prince Cranston comes around from a cornor where he has just heared everything: "He really is a twisted minded creature."


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: The city. Ecliptor and Skeletors arrive in their respective ways.

Ecliptor holds his sword high: "Destroy everything."

The Skeletors run and chase people away. They all scream and run in fear.

Man as he runs: "Where are the Power Rangers when you need them?"

As if on cue the three remaining Rangers arrive on the scene morphed.

Black Ranger: "Ok Ecliptor where are our friends?"

Ecliptor: "You'll never know. Skeletors attack!"

All the Skeletors turn away from what they were doing and start to attack the Rangers.

All three Rangers take a battle pose: "Lightning Force!"

Black Ranger roundhouse kicks one into three Skeletors. He then turns around and picks one up by the neck and throws it like a lawn dart. It hits the cement and shatters the creatures head. Several more with blasters surround him but he summons his mallet and slams it into the ground. This causes the ones surrounding him to collapse. As well as any others in a six inch range.

Pink Ranger wraps her whip around the waist of one Skeletor. She pulls it towards her and punches it in the face. Its body goes limp and she throws it at two more. They all three hit the ground. She then sees out of the cornor of her eye three that are about to fire their blasters. She turns and uses her whip to knock them out of the Skeletors hands. She then strikes them all in the face one by one.

Ecliptor and Red Ranger circle each other holding their swords in front of them.

Ecliptor charges: "Enough of this."

The two clash swords and appear to be evenly matched. Red Ranger pushes forward a bit and is able to free his sword. He then brings it down slashing Ecliptor down the middle. Ecliptor turns and falls face first. While on the ground he fires eye beams at the Rangers boots. Red Ranger hops and is able to avoid them. Ecliptor gets up only to be in front of three Power Rangers with their arms crossed and turned sideways with their heads facing him.

Red Ranger snaps out of the pose and faces Ecliptor: "Tell us where our friends are."

Ecliptor begins to teleport away: "Never."

He completely teleports away.

Red Ranger turns to the others: "Let's get to the Power Chamber and try to find them the old way. Scanning."

Black Ranger: "Fine by be."

The three Rangers teleport away.

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. Rick, Clark, and Samantha all run scans to try and find their friends.

Samantha punches the consule in rage: "Nothing."

Clark turns to Zordon: "Zordon. Can you tell us anything?"

Zordon: I'm afriad not."

Lunar 7 buts in: "We are getting a transmission."

They turn to the viewing globe and see Lord Cranston's face: "Hello Rangers. I have come to make a trade offering."

Samantha: "What is that?"

Lord Cranston: "Hand over the Pink Cheetha Zord and your morphers or your friends die. You've got two hour. HAHAHAHA!"

The tranmisson ends.

Clark turns to the other Rangers: "We have to find Angela and Michael and get them back."

Rick: "But how?"

Zordon: "If we can pinpoint their morpher signals we can get them back."

Lunar 7: "I'll get started right away."

He walks to a consule and starts to push several buttons.

Scene 3

Setting: The dark place. Blue and Yellow Ranger fall to the ground from an explosion.

Blue Ranger trys to get up: "This sucks. There has to be a way to stop them and get out of here."

Yellow Ranger looks at the ground and then at Quantum Wizard. She then turns to Blue Ranger: "We're going about this all wrong. We only need to worry about Quantum Wizard."

Blue Ranger gets up then helps her up: "What do you mean Angela?"

Yellow Ranger turns to him: "Look around the ground then at Quantum Wizard. This is his domain. If we can at least destroy or weaken him it might get us out of here and the others can help us defat Phantom Wizard."

Blue Ranger bends over and feels around. He then stops and holds his claw up. He stands up and looks at Yellow Ranger: "Sounds good to me."

Quantum Wizard and Phatom Wizard both hold glowing septers as they march towards the Rangers.

Quantum Wizard: "This is the end of the line."

With that the two fire their septer beams. Theres an huge explosion that engolves the two Rangers.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Quantum Wizard's domain. The two Rangers fall to the ground but roll and strike Quantum Wizard. He sparks and falls to the ground.

The domain starts to fade in and out. Quantum Wizard gets up and the effect stops: "You'll pay for that."

Phantom Wizard drops his septor and pulls his sword off his hip and holds it up: "No more games."

He charges with his sword and Quantum Wizard charges with his septor. Phantom Wizard prepares to bring his sword down on Yellow Ranger but she ducks and strikes Quantum Wizard at the same time as Blue Ranger does with his claw. The attack stuns Quantum Wizard and he steps back about twenty feet.

Quantum Wizard holds his smokeing chest as the vortex begins to fade again.

Blue and yellow Ranger pull their swords off their backs with their free hand. Both weapons glow.

Blue Ranger takes the led: "You're through."

He strikes with his weapons and is followed by Yellow Ranger. He falls to the ground and explodes.

The vortex fades away all together and Phantom Wizard along with the two Rangers stand in a dark factory.

Phantom Wizard: "You'll pay for destroying my brother."

He turns invisible and a fuz of air strikes the Rangers five times before they hit the ground.

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. The Rangers are all around Lunar 7 who is working on something.

Lunar 7 turns to the Rangers: "They are in the old factory downtown."

Clark and the others step back: "We're on it."

He turns to the others and they all nod. They hold their morphers up and Clark yells: "Lighting Storm!"

(Lightning Red morphing sequence)

Scene 3

Setting: The factory. The Rangers come running in and help the two fallen Rangers.

Blue Ranger: "Thanks. Now we have a problem."

Pink Ranger: "What would that be?"

Yellow Ranger: "We can't see him long enough to attack."

Black Ranger holds up his mallet: "Let me take care of that."

Then with one hard slam he smashes his mallet into the ground. The whole building and everything inside shakes. Phantom Wizard appears and is no longer able to hide himself.

Phantom Wizard shakes: "I'll get you for this."

Red Ranger: "Let's find out."

(Lightning Blaster formation)

Yellow and Blue Ranger at the same time: "FIRE!"

The blaster fires and Phantom Wizard starts to explode when two red lightning bolts encase him in a red glow and he grows into a gaint. Debris falls everywhere and the Rangers just in time run out of the building

Phantom Wizard stomps the ground the Rangers are at: "Let's see you stop me now."

Pink Ranger looks to the sky: "Gladly. Pink Cheetha Lighting Zord, power up!"

Deep in the forest. There is a deep growl and birds scatter. Then out of nowhere the Pink Cheetha Lightning Zord leaps from the trees and runs to the scene. It stops next to the Pink Ranger.

Pink Ranger jumps into the air.

(Pink cockpit scene) Pink Ranger lands in her seat: "Let's end this fast."

Pink Cheetha runs to attack Phantom Wizard. The monster jumps and strikes the Zord in the back with his sword. The Zord falls and Phantom Wizard lands smoothly on his feet.

(Pink cockpit scene) Sparks fly all over. Pink Ranger: "That was a major hit. I can't do this much longer."

Blue Ranger looks up: "If only we could help."

He looks at Yellow Ranger: "Let's try to distract him until Samantha can get up."

Yellow Ranger holds up her lance and Blue Ranger holds up his claw. Yellow Ranger: "You got it."

They run at the gaint but he stomps the ground and all the Rangers fall to the ground.

Phantom Wizard looks at them: "You can't stop me."

Pink Ranger's voice: "Cheetha Wave!"

The Cheetha wave attack hits Phantom Wizard in the back but it does nothing.

Phantom Wizard turns to the zord: "Nice try. I'll finish you first."

He runs at the zord that is hardly standing when four red beams hit him. He falls to the ground and looks behind him: "Who dares?"

The screen turns to show two new zords standing there. They both look like a fox. They both have silver legs and a silver head plate on the forhead, also around the eyes. Their eyes are red. They have medium sized tails. They have alot of bulk and look smooth despit the bulk. The only diffrence is the color. The right one is blue and the left one is yellow.

Blue Ranger looks at them: "Looks like it's our turn Angela."

Yellow Ranger turns to him: "Let's go."

The two teleport to there Zords.

(Blue cockpit scene) The inside is mostly grey. Consules are all over the place and in front are two control sticks that are in front of the seat that is in the middle. On the back wall is a blue lightning bolt symbol. Blue Ranger teleports to his seat and takes the controls: "Blue Fox Lightning Zord, power up!"

(Yellow cockpit scene) The inside is mostly grey. Consules are all over the place and in front are two control sticks that are in front of the seat that is in the middle. On the back wall is a yellow lightning bolt symbol. Yellow Ranger teleports to her seat and grabs the controls: "Yellow Fox Lightning Zord, power up!"

Phantom Wizard gets up and charges the Zords: "I don't care what they are. I'll still crush them."

He reaches them and the two Zords grabs his arms with their mouth.

(Pink cockpit scene) Pink Ranger: "Hold him still. I'll attack. Cheetha Wave!"

The Cheetha Zord fires it's attack and this time it does some damage to the monster. The Fox Zords let go but the monster doesn't fall. He just stands there.

Phantom Wizard: "Give me your best shot!"

(Blue cockpit scene) Blue Ranger cracks his knuckles and takes the controls: "Let show him what we got."

(Yellow cockpit scene) Yellow Ranger: "You got it!"

The two Zords run at Phantom Wizard and strike him down and they land next to Pink Cheetha.

(Pink cockpit scene) Pink Ranger looks at the two Zords: "Let's combine our attacks."

(Split screen of Blue and Yellow Ranger in their cockpits.) They hold there right arm up and at the same time say: "Right!"

(Pink cockpit scene) Pink Ranger: "Cheetha Wave!"

(Both Yellow and Blue cockpit scene at the same time in a split screen) Both Rangers: "Fox Lasers!"

Pink Cheetha fires its attack at the same time the two Fox Zords fire beams from thier eyes. The four eye beams swirl and combine with the wave. The massive attack strikes Phantom Wizard and he spins around: "You'll pay for this."

He falls and explodes.

Black Ranger looks up in a depressed voice: "That's three down. I wonder who's next."


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Ecliptor stands before everyone.

Lord Cranston gets up from his throne: "How dare you attack without my orders."

Ecliptor: "But I was told that you wanted me to attack."

Lord Cranston pats his hand in the air as he sets back down: "Do not lie to me. Now leave."

Ecliptor bows: "Yes my lord."

He leaves the room without looking at no one, to asshamed to.

Man in the shadow's voice: "They have two more Zords. We must stop them from getting the other two."

Lord Cranston jumps up: "Master. I didn't know you were here."

Man in the shadows: "The Rangers are getting too close to getting all their zords. We must get the other two and the three they have. That is now your top concern."

All three monster bow. Prince Cranston: "Yes master."

Man in the shadows: "Nothing will stop me from taking over this planet and all others. HA HA HA HA HA!"

The End.

Narration: "Next time on Power Rangers Lightning Force."

Clip 1
An eye monster attacks the Rangers.

Monster's voice: "You kiddies are no match for my power."

Clip 2
Clark: "How do we stop a monster that can see everything we do?"

Rick's voice: "I know I could beat him if I had my own Zord."

Clip 3
Rick looks down at a picture of a man with a woman holding their son in the middle.

Clip 4
Prince Cranston looks at Darkonda: "I know the masters spell didn't work on you?"

Darkonda looks at him: "What makes you say that?"

Clip 5
Ecliptor in front of Prince Cranston and Darkonda: "The spell may not have worked on you. But it also didn't effect me. Now you pay for what you did to me."

Clip 6
Black Ranger confronts the monster with his mallet raised above him: "I'm not afriad of you."

Clip 7
The three Lightning Zords fall to the ground in defeat.

Clip 8
Black Ranger jumps from an explosion.

Clip 9
A black wolf destroys the monster.

Clark's voice: "Looks like mine is next. I hope."

Narration: "On the next Power Rangers Lightning Force."


Narrator: "Coming this month on Power Rangers Lightning Force."

[Rangers fighting copies of themselves in a run down city.]

Narrator: "The Rangers will have to defeat themselves to save another universe and themselves."

[The Rangers destroy buildings in the run down town as poeple run in fear]

Narrator: "But how do you defeat something that knows every move you can make."

[Pink Ranger's punch is blocked with another punch.]

Narrator: "Then what do you do when they combine powers with a deadly monster?"

[The five Rangers become colored beams of their own light and fuse with a monster.]

Narrator: "You fight to the end."

[Shows the three Zords and another two that look as if they have just seperated and fall to the ground as the Rangers fall to the ground and demorph.]

Narrator: "Then when all else fails. You stick it out."

[Shows the warped monster standing next to Skeletors and another monster.]

Narrator: "But thats the least of their problems."

[Shows the monster with a figure that is shadowed in darkness.]

Narrator: "To find out watch Power Rangers Lightning Force.")

(Roll Credits)

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