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Power Rangers Lightning Force
by Crystal Ranger

Episode 6
"Black Courage"

Narration: "Previously on Power Rangers Lightning Force"

Clip 1
Sucker's voice: "Now to defeat you."

The Pink Cheetha begins to do battle with Sucker.

Clip 2
Pink Cheetha destroys Sucker.

Pink Ranger's voice: "Cheetha Lightning Zord, full power!"

Clip 3
Darkonda: "Um.... 'friend' the master wants you to attack the other Rangers and destroy them."

Ecliptor looks at Darkonda: "Why? With the others traped I thought he was going to have them hand over their powers."

Clip 4
Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger fight Quantum Wizard and Phantom Wizard.

Clip 5
Blue Ranger: "Blue Fox Lightning Zord, power up!"

Clip 6
Yellow Ranger: "Yellow Fox Lightning Zord, power up!"

Clip 7
All three Zords combine attacks. Phantom Wizard turns and explodes.

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: North Star City. It looks like a peaceful Sunday morning. People walk down a sidewalk as cars drive by when suddenly an explosion erupts from the city.

People run in fear as they see a monster arise from the destroyed building.

The monsters is nothing but a group of eyes together. A bit like the old Eyeguy monster. Her head is one giant eye with a blue pupil. All over her body there nothing but eyes. Altough they look as if they are attached to a body. The pupils are also all blue, except the ones he has as finger tips. They are colored that of a Ranger. On her upper wrist are slots that looks like blades would pop out. She speaks with a high picthed female voice.

The monsters eyes fire at another building causeing it to explode. More people run in fear: "Yes. run from me. You are no match for the mighty Omni Eye."

Vocie: "Wanna bet."

The view changes to show the five Rangers on their cycles stop in front of the monster as it turns in their direction.

Omni Eye: "You kiddies are no match for my power."

Black Ranger: "Let's find out."

Black Ranger pushes a button: "Lightning Quake!"

Two of his mallets appear from the middle of his rear tire. They slam into the ground and causes an earthquake. It goes through the monster but it is unharmed.

Black Ranger: "No way!"

Red Ranger: "Michael try yours."

Blue Ranger: "Lightning Hooks!"

From the lightning bolt headlight of his Cycle several Claws on strings attached shoot out and grab a hold of Omni Eye. After grabing her they send several electrical currents through her body. This also does nothing.

Yellow Ranger: "My turn. Lightning Javeline!"

The lightning bolt headlight opens on the front of her cycle and shoots her lance like a javeline. It strikes Omni Eye in the main eye that she has as a head and causes the monster to step back. The capartment closes.

Omni Eye holds her eye: "You brat that hurt."

Red Ranger: "Looks like we know our target. Go for it Smanatha."

Pink Ranger: "You got it Clark."

Pink Ranger: "Lightning Multi Strike!"

Pink Ranger revs up her cycle and drives at the monster. Several pink energy beams that look like arrows fire from her lightning bolt headlight and strike Omni Eye. The attack causes the monster to fall in more pain.

Red Ranger: "Ok. Let's try the hands on attack method."

The Rangers get off their cycles and charge from diffrent directions with their swords ready.

Omni Eye has regained her senses: "Fools. You got lucky with those shots. Now try this."

Her entire body gives off a blue glow and the screen is filled with a blue light.

Omni Eye's vocie: "Enjoy this minor victory you had Rangers. Next time there will be no lucky shots."

The screen clears and the five Rangers lay on the ground face first. They have demorphed and look like they have passed out.

Opening Theme

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: Several hours later in the Power Chamber. The Rangers are all bandaged up and are in front of Lunar 7 and Zordon.

Zordon: "You did your best Rangers. At least we know the monsters weakness."

Samantha steps forward: "But Zordon she'll be more careful next time."

Clark: "How do we stop a monster that can see everything we do?"

Rick steps up: "That chick is nothing. I could have taken her if she didn't use that attack on us."

Zordon: "Now is not the time to debate this. Go home and rest. Lunar 7 and myself will come up with something."

Rick steps away from the others and gives Zordon a mean glare: "NO! The next time she shows up I'll take her myself. No chick is getting the best of me."

With that he teleports out before anyone can stop him.

Michael looks at where he was standing: "What's with him?"

Clark: "I think I know."

Scene 2

Setting: Flashback to the other day. The gaint fight with Phantom Wizard.

(Pink cockpit scene) Pink Ranger: "Cheetha wave!"

(Both Yellow and Blue cockpit scene at the same time in a split screen) Both Rangers: "Fox lasers!"

Pink Cheetha fires its attack at the same time the two Fox Zords fire beams from there eyes. The four eye beams swirl and combine with the wave. The massive attack strikes Phantom Wizard and he spins around: "You'll pay for this."

He falls and explodes.

Black Ranger looks up in a depressed voice: "That's three down. I wonder who's next."

Scene 3

Setting: The present in the Power Chamber.

Clark turns to the others: "I think he feels like he is being left out not having a Zord and all."

Michael joking: "You don't have one yet yourself."

Clark: "It doesn't bother me as much but I think we need to talk some sense into Rick."

Scene 4

Setting: The Sky Carrier. In an empty room. There is nothing there except a table. Prince Cranston is there and looks like he is waiting for someone.

Darkonda's voice echos throughout the room: "You wanted to see me."

Darkonda warps in front of Prince Cranston.

Prince Cranston looks at him. However unknown to them another figure is there hiding in the shadows. It is Ecliptor: "What is this about?"

Prince Cranston: "I thought we might have a fighting match. You see I know a secret about you. Now if I win I'll tell the master and my farther. However if you win........."

Darkonda cuts him off: "If I win you will do my every command."

Pricne Cranston pulls his sword out.: "Deal. I've wanted to do this for a long time know."

Darkonda pulls his dagger out and engolves it into his sword: "Begin."

The two monsters charge. Darkonda tries to strike Prince Cranston but Cranston dodges and strikes Darkonda in the knees.

Darkonda falls holding his knees: "You fight like a true monster. But it won't be enough for me."

Darkonda tries to blast him but Cranston dodges it and deals out a powerful roundhouse kick to Darkonda's face. Darkonda falls face first holding his face: "Ok ok. You win."

Prince Cranston helps him up: "That was fun."

Darkonda brushes himself off: "Yeah yeah yeah. So tell the secret already."

Prince Cranston looks at Darkonda: "I know the masters spell didn't work on you?"

Darkonda looks at him: "What makes you say that?"

Prince Cranston: "Well that came to me when I saw you the other day in the hall with Ecliptor.

Scene 5

Setting: Flashback. The Sky Carrier. It in the hallways. Ecliptor is walking down them when Darkonda comes up.

Darkonda: "Um.... 'friend' the master wants you to attack the other Rangers and destroy them."

Ecliptor looks at Darkonda: "Why? With the others traped I thought he was going to have them hand over their powers."

Darkonda turns with his back to Ecliptor and smiles: "Yes, well the plans got changed. You must go this second."

Ecliptor bows: "I'll leave now then."

He then teleports away in his green ball of energy.

Darkonda laughs: "MWHAHAHAHAHA!!! That fool. With any luck the Rangers will destroy him or Lord Cranton will when he finds out what he's done."

He walks away laughing.

Prince Cranston comes around from a cornor where he has just heared everything: "He really is a twisted minded creature."

Scene 6

Setting: Back to the dark room.

Prince Cranston: "That's how I know."

Darkonda is about to speak when he is blasted in the back by two red beams. Both monsters and the camra turns to see Ecliptor lowering his left hand from his eyes.

Ecliptor lowers his hand: "So the truth comes out."


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: What appears to be a house Rick sits on a couch holding a picture. Around him is a TV, a rocking chair, a love seat, computer, and a phone throguhout the room.

Rick holds a picture. It shows a man and women in their mid twenties holding a baby of about six months between them.

Rick keeps looking at the picture: "I know I could beat her if I had my own Zord."

Samantha's voice: "We bet you could."

Rick turns to see the other Rangers standing there.

Rick gets up: "How did you get in here?"

Michael holds up a hair pin: "I picked up a few things from my brother."

Samantha walks over to Rick and gives him a hug. She then pulls back and sets next to him as the other Rangers already have.

Samantha looks at him: "Just because you don't have your Zord yet doesn't mean you won't soon. The Zords just pick when their time is right to come forth."

Rick gets out of his seat: "I don't need your pitty."

Angela: "Something tells me this isn't just about your Zord."

Rick looks at her with anger in his eyes: "No duh. You really do give women a bad name in the dizz department. I'm tired of being the outcast. Someone who is always in the way and......."

He looks down at the picture: "And someone no one wants."

Michael gets in his face: "Look man. You were seven months old when they gave you up. Your in your twenties now. If they wanted to find you they would have. Now get over it."

Rick punches Michael in the face and Michael falls to the ground.: "Up yours you @$$hole. You don't think I know that. I understand that. I'm also glad that I have foster parents that love me as much as live itself. The fact is that I never knew them."

He then storms out. Michael gets up rubbing his face: "We better find him. The way he is acting he may do something rash."

The Rangers turn to each other nod and run off.

Scene 2

Setting: The room in the Sky Carrier.

Ecliptor confronts Prince Cranston and Darkonda: "The spell may not have worked on you. But it also didn't effect me. Now you pay for what you did to me."

Darkonda: "Try and make me."

The two monsters charge. They lock swords and are at a stand still until Ecliptor blast down Darkonda with eye beams. Darkonda gets up and prepares to fire eye beams of his own. Ecliptor sees this and jumps right into Darkondas trap. Nowing he would do this Darkonda gets on one knee and strikes Ecliptor in the knees. The warrior falls and doesn't get up.

Prince Cranston gets between the two: "That is enough. If you keep this up I'll report this to my farther and the master."

Ecliptor nods: "Very well."

Darkonda returns his sword to its holder: "For now at least."

Prince Cranston smirks: "Good. Now, the Black Lightning Ranger is alone. Send Skeletors too draw the others out so that my monster can finish him off. This time my plan is going to work."

Ecliptor: "I'll send them at once prince."

Prince Cranston leaves the room.

Darkonda begins to leave as he shoves Ecliptor: "This is far from over."

Ecliptor follows him: "Count on it."

Scene 3

Setting: The streets of North Star City. Rick walks around with his head down and hands in his pockets.

Rick: "I need something to take me out of this funk."

Omni Eye's voice: "Will I do?"

Rick looks up: "Yeah. You'll do just fine."

He holds up his morpher as he yells: "Lightning Storm!"

(Lightning Black morphing sequence)

Black Ranger confronts the monster with his mallet raised above him: "I'm not afriad of you."

Omni Eye: "Let's find out."

Black Ranger lowers his weapon and begins to charge Omni Eye.

Scene 4

Setting: Another part of the city. The other four Rangers are looking for Rick when Skeletors arrive.

Clark steps forward as they all hold up their morphers and yells: "Lightning Storm!"

(Four way split morphing sequence)

Red Ranger: "Let's make this quick. We need to find Rick."

Rangers: "Right."

The Rangers split up and start to fight.

Pink Ranger side steps and causes one to fall to the ground face first. She then runs up and double jump kicks two in the face. She then pulls her sword out and strikes down four more. Several then run up with several types of blasters. They all open fire but Pink Ranger ducks and all the attacks hit the ones that were coming up behind her. She gets up and brushes herself off.

Pink Ranger finishes brushing herself off: "That was easy."

Yellow Ranger trips two using her lance. She then jumps and strikes three in the chest with a side sweep. She lands turns around and roundhouse kicks three more. Two come up with thier swords but Yellow blocks them with her lance and kicks them in the knee caps one at a time.

Blue Ranger with claw in one hand and blaster in the other fires into the group around him. He fires the blaster and takes down five with each shot. He then grabs one Skeletor by the waist and throws him through the air. He then turns and strikes another in the chest with his claw. He then fires the blaster two more times and takes down two more.

Red Ranger uses both of his swords and strikes down seven Skeletors. He then jumps to miss the leg sweep from another three. He lands and strikes those as well as two more in the chest and finishes his attack by double striking one more in the chest.

The Ranger regroup without any weapons in hand.

Red Ranger: "We have to find Rick. Let's move."

Blue Ranger: "Let's do it a little faster."

Red Ranger looks at him and gets it: "You got it. Lightning Cycles, rev up!"

Thier cycles drive up. The Rangers get on their own cycles and ride off.

Pink Ranger: "Hold on Rick we're coming."


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: North Star City.The battle between Omni Eye and Black Ranger.

Black Ranger goes for a swing with the mallet but Omni Eye jumps to miss and lands as she kicks Black Ranger in the helement. Black Ranger stumbles back but regains his focus to try again with his mallet but Omni Eye uses her arm blades and slashes the mallets handle in the middle. The upper half falls to the ground. Black Ranger drop the other half.

Black Ranger gets in a fighting stance: "I don't need my mallet to finish you off."

Omni Eye: "I can see everything. What makes you think you can stop me?"

Black Ranger: "You may see everything but I know your weakness."

Omni Eye: "You may know it but you will never get close enough."

With that Omni Eye fires a serious blow of energy at Black Ranger. An explosion erupts causing Black Ranger to jump from it but falls as it hits him in the back. He falls to the ground face first. He looks up but has trouble seeing anything as Omni Eye's shadow begins to lome over him.

Scene 2

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Prince Cranston, Lord Cranston, and the Man in the shadows watchs the fight.

Man in the shadows: "Your plan seems to be working young prince. Keep this up and you may replace your farther."

Lord Cranston: "Let's not give our hopes up. The others haven't arrived yet."

Prince Cranston: "Don't worry farther. Those Rangers will soon be out of our way."

Man in the shadows: "They had best be."

Scene 3

Setting: The battle. Omni Eye is about to finish off Black Ranger. Right when she is about to lower her blades she turns to blast the Rangers riding up on their cycles.

The Rangers leap off their cycles and land next to Black Ranger.

Black Ranger turns to the Rangers: "What are you doing here?"

Blue Ranger hands him a new Lightning Mallet: "We're here to help."

Black Ranger: "Ok. But how do we stop the monster from dodging it. After all it can see everything."

Pink Ranger: "We're hold her still. As we hold her you blast her with the Lightning Blaster."

Red Ranger steps up: "Enough talk. Lightning Blaster!"

(Lightning Blaster formation. However it now falls into Black Rangers hands and the others do not stand behind him.)

Yellow Ranger: "Be ready."

The Rangers minus Black run up and dodge blows from Omni Eye. They are finally able to grab her arms and legs.

Red Ranger struggles like the others: "Hurry Rick. We can't hold her for long."

Black Ranger: "Right. Fire!"

The blaster fires a beam at Omni Eyes main eye. The Rangers let her go and run to Black Ranger as she starts to spark and explosions erupt all over her.

Pink Ranger: "Good job Rick."

Black Ranger: "Thanks Samantha."

They all turn to see Omni Eye still sparking all over from the blast: "You can't do this to meeeeeeee."

She spins then falls to the ground as an explosion starts to erupt however it is pulled in as two red lightning bolts hit it causing a gaint Omni Eye to emerge.

Omni Eye stomps the ground near the Rangers, who jump just in time.

Pink Ranger looks to the sky: "No games. Pink Cheetha Lightning Zord!"

Deep in the forest. There is a deep growl and birds scatter. Then out of nowhere the Pnik Cheetha Lightning Zord leaps from the trees and runs to the scene. It stops next to the Pink Ranger.

Blue Ranger looks to the sky: "Blue."

Yellow Ranger looks to the sky: "Yellow."

Yellow and Blue Ranger together: "Fox Lightning Zords power up!"

Deep in the jungle. There is a deep roar and two pairs of red eyes are seen. You then see the Blue and Yellow Fox Lightning Zords running to the scene. They stop next to their Ranger.

Pink Ranger looks at the other two Rangers: "Let's go."

With that the three Rangers jump into their cockpits.

(Three way cockpit split screen) All three Rangers: "Lightning Zords power up!"

Omni Eye has her blades ready: "Give it your best shot."

(Pink cockpit scene) Pink Ranger: "You asked for it. Give her everything you've got."

(Pink cockpit scene) Pink Ranger: "Cheetha Wave!"

(Yellow and Blue split cockpit scene) Both Rangers: "Fox Lasers!"

All three Zords combine attacks and it flys at Omni Eye.

Omni Eye: "On please. Do you think that weak attack will defeat me."

She crosses her blades in front of her and sends the blast back at the Zords.

The blast takes full effect and they fall to the ground hard.

(Pink cockpit scene) Small explosions erupt from the cockpit. Pink Ranger sheilds her eyes out of reflex: "All systems are down."

(Blue cockpit scene) Small explosions erupt from the cockpit. Blue Ranger sheilds his eyes out of reflex: "Same here. I can't even get it off the the ground."

(Yellow cockpit scene) Small explosions erupt from the cockpit. Yellow Ranger sheilds her eyes out of reflex: "We're setting ducks."

Scene 4

Setting: Ground level. Red Ranger and Black Ranger watch the fight.

Black Ranger holds up a fist: "I know there has to be something I can do."

Suddenly a black streak of energy strikes Omni Eye. Since she wasn't paying attention to this it takes her by surprise and knocks her to the ground.

Omni Eye gets back up: "What was that?"

The screen turns to see a new Zord standing there.

The Zord itself looks like a wolf. The main color is black. It has bright red eyes with a silver trim around them. Its ears are perked up. It body looks like it has metal hair streaked back. On its paws are sets of claws. It has a medium sized bulky tail.

Red Ranger turns to Black: "Looks like it's your turn."

Black Ranger jumps into his cockpit.

(Black cockpit scene) The inside is mostly grey. Consules are all over the place and in front are two control sticks that are in front of the seat that is in the middle. On the back wall is a black lightning bolt symbol. Black Ranger teleports to his seat and takes the controls: "Alright. It's my time to shine. Black Wolf Lightningzord. Ready for action."

Omni Eye turns and prepares to fight: "I can take you just as easy."

Black Ranger cracks his knuckles and grabs the controls: "Give it a shot."

Omni Eye charges blades ready. She moves in for a strike. The wolf jumps in time and it only gets hit in the tail. It then lands and charges Omni Eye. The monster blocks herself with her blades. But they are destroyed by several small pink energy objects that look like teeth. Omni Eye turns to see the other three Lightning Zords up and ready to fight.

(Blue cockpit scene) Blue Ranger: "Thought you could use some help."

(Black cockpit scene) Black Ranger: "Thanks. She may see everything but if we can over power her she won't stand a chance."

(Yellow cockpit scene) Yellow Ranger: "Leave that to us. Your Zords energy attacks are stronger than ours. We'll keep her busy but it's up to you to finish the job."

(Black cockpit scene) Black Ranger: "No problem."

Omni Eye: "Let's see you try and stop me."

The Fox Zords and Pink Cheetha step between the two.

(Pink cockpit scene) Pink Ranger: "Give it all you've got. Cheetha Wave!"

The Zord opens it's mouth and fires several small pink energy objects that look like teeth at Omni Eye. This time however it keeps coming.

(Pink cockpit scene) Pink Ranger pumps her arm: "Take this."

The attack has no effect at first but now the monster is having trouble keeping her footing.

The Blue Fox and Yellow Fox Lightning Zords come up from the right and left. With Blue on the right and Yellow on the left.

(Blue cockpit scene) Blue Ranger: "Fox Lasers!"

Red beams fire from the Zords eyes. The beams hit but don't stop. They just keep coming.

(Yellow cockpit scene) Yellow Ranger: "Fox Lasers!"

Red beams fire from the Zords eyes. The beams hit but don't stop. They just keep coming.

(Black cockpit scene) Black Ranger: "Good job guys. Wolf Strike!"

The Black Wolf Lightningzord takes a running charge and turns into a black streak of light. It goes through Omni Eye. This final move finally makes the monster fall to the ground.

The Zords stop and stand in a stright line standing before the monster.

Omni Eye lifts her head and right arm in vain: "I will not lose this way. I see all and can destroy all."

(Black cockpit scene) Black Ranger: "You may see all but you can be over powered. Thats what happens to the weak."

Omni Eye with her arm and head still up: "I'm not weakkkkkkkkkk."

She suddenly explodes as she speaks that last word.

Red Ranger looks up: "Looks like mine is next. I hope."

The four Zords stand in the sunlight with a battle well won.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The Sky Carrier. The Man in the shadows is addressing everyone.

Man in the shadows: "The Rangers only have one more Lightningzord left. The worst part is that it's the most powerful of the five. If they get it they will stand a better chance at defeating our monsters."

Lord Cranston gets up from his throne: "Do not worry master I know a monster with such skill and power that he can even out match the Rangers."

Prince Cranston steps forth in shock: "But farhter you have not seen him in years. Are you sure he will help?"

Lord Cranston turns to his son: "I know he will. He always loves a challange. Then again with his power this may not be."

If you could see him you would see the man in the shadows is smirking: "If he is truly this great then bring him to me."

Lord Cranston: "I will take Skeletors and go search for him."

He turns and leaves the room.

Man in the shadows: "This might be the best shot we have. He best not fail me."

Scene 2

Setting: The streets of North Star City. The Rangers have demorphed and are walking away from the battle.

Rick: "Guess I over reacted to all this."

Michael rubs a the spot Rick punched him in: "No kidding."

Samantha: "As much as I would love to stay and chat I've got work to do."

The Rangers all wave goodbye and head their own ways.

The End.

Narration: "Next time on Power Rangers Lightning Force."

Clip 1
A samuri/ninja monster stands before the man in the shadows: "I'd be glad to rid you of those Rangers."

Clip 2
The monster faces the Rangers: "You five spandex dorks have no chance against my strength and power."

Clip 3
The monster strikes down Yellow Ranger.

Clip 4
The monster strikes down Pink Ranger.

Clip 5
The monster strikes down Blue Ranger.

Clip 6
The monster strikes down Black Ranger.

Clip 7
The monster and Red Ranger start to battle.

Clip 8
Zordon's voice: "He has the powers and strangth of a samuri as well as a ninja. He will be hard to defeat."

Red Ranger locks weapons with the monster.

Clip 9
The four Lightning Zords fall to the ground before a gaint sized version of the monster.

Clip 10
Monster: "You Rangers are powerless against me."

Clip 11
An explosion erupts all around the four Zords

Red Ranger's voice: "If I could have my own Zord this would be a perfect time to get one."

Narration: "On the next Power Rangers Lightning Force."


Narrator: "Coming this month on Power Rangers Lightning Force."

[Rangers fighting copies of themselves in a run down city.]

Narrator: "The Rangers will have to defeat themselves to save another universe and themselves."

[The Rangers destroy buildings in the run down town as poeple run in fear]

Narrator: "But how do you defeat something that knows every move you can make."

[Pink Ranger's punch is blocked with another punch.]

Narrator: "Then what do you do when they combine powers with a deadly monster?"

[The five Rangers become colored beams of their own light and fuse with a monster.]

Narrator: "You fight to the end."

[Shows the four Zords and another one that look as if they have just seperated and fall to the ground as the Rangers fall to the ground and demorph.]

Narrator: "Then when all else fails. You stick it out."

[Shows the warped monster standing next to Skeletors and another monster.]

Narrator: "But thats the least of their problems."

[Shows the monster with a figure that is shadowed in darkness.]

Narrator: "To find out watch Power Rangers Lightning Force.")

(Roll Credits)

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