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Power Rangers Lightning Force
by Crystal Ranger

Episode 7
"The Final Piece"

Narration: "Previously on Power Rangers Lightning Force"

Clip 1
Sucker's voice: "Now to defeat you."

The Pink Cheetha begins to do battle with Sucker.

Clip 2
Pink Cheetha destroys Sucker.

Pink Ranger's voice: "Cheetha Lightningzord, full power!"

Clip 3
Blue Ranger: "Blue Fox Lightningzord, power up!"

Clip 4
Yellow Ranger: "Yellow Fox Lightningzord, power up!"

Clip 5
All three zords combine attacks. Phantom Wizard turns and explodes.

Clip 6
Omni Eye's voice through blinding blue light: "Enjoy this minor victory you had Rangers. Next time there will be no lucky shots."

Clip 7
Ecliptor confronts Prince Cranston and Darkonda: "The spell may not have worked on you. But it also didn't effect me. Now you pay for what you did to me."

Clip 8
Black Ranger: "Alright. It's my time to shine. Black Wolf Lightningzord. Ready for action."

Clip 9
The four zords stand in the sun as an explosion destroys Omni Eye.

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: A unkown planet. The area seems dead. All that is around is the left over debris of buildings that are still on fire.

A monster stands in the middle of it all: "I didn't even have to try this time."

The monster is a mix between a samuri and a ninja. He wears red ninja boots and has on black and white striped ninja paints. His upper half of his body is covered in a samuri armor. The chest of the armor is skin tight. It is gold with a black trim. On the middle of it is a dragon twisted around a sword and it is covered in a black see through case that almost touches it. His arm covers are also gold with a black trim and are skin tight. On his wrist are dragon braclets. His hands are just skin with claws about two inches long. His skin is orange. His head is covered in a samuri armored helement. He has a mask over his lower face that looks like one that a ninja would wear. His eyes are a dark black with no pupils. What skin that you see on his face is also orange. On his back is a long black sword.

Suddenly a dozen Skeletors arrive as several lightning bolts and head for him.

The monster gets in a ninja pose: "Whoever you are you better stay back if you wish to live."

The Skeletors don't listen and still advance on the monster.

The monster runs up and sweeps the legs out from under two. They fall but get up only to get kicked in the face by a double sidekick. Three more Skeletors charge him. The monster just jumps out of the way and lands behind them. He pulls his sword out and delivers a roundhouse strike with it into the chest of the three. One comes from from behind to try and strike him with its sword but the monster turns and kicks the Skeletor in the chest sending it into two. He then returns his sword to its case and runs at the other four. He jumps in the air and fires his claws like missles from his fingers. They strike the remaining Skeletors and they fall to the ground with smoking chest.

The monster lands: "Where did they come from?"

Lord Cranston then arrives as several lightning bolts striking the ground.

Monster: "Well. Hello old friend."

Lord Cranston just stands there: "Hello. Sorry about that I just wanted to make sure you were still at the top of your game."

Lord Cranston turns to the monster: " Now how are you Samuri Ninja?"

Samuri Ninja nods his head to the right: "Ok. I just wish I could get a little bit of a challange in an opponet."

Lord Cranston would smirk if he had a mouth: "How about I take you to my master. He has a problem that will work out for the both of you."

Samuri Ninja bows: "That would be great."

Lord Cranston: "Let's go."

He then leaves as severl lightning bolts.

Samuri Ninja then warps away.

Now you only see the firing remains of the planet. Suddenly a dirty hand come from the debris. A monster then stands up from the remains. Its too hard to know what he looks like because he is missing parts all over and what is left to dirty.

The monster holds his sides: "I hope whoever fights him next is powerful enough to defeat him. If not their planet is doomed."

The monster then falls face first and explodes.

Opening Theme

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: North Star Tech. Clark is behind his desk. Papers are scattered everywhere. There is a knock at the door.

Clark looks up: "Come in."

The door opens and Mr. Moody walks in. He stands in the middle of the room.

Clark: "Hi sir. Have you found anything yet?"

Mr. Moody: "No. I don't know how North Star Corp. is getting all of our data and ideas. If this keeps up we're going to go under."

Clark: "Sir. How many people know of the new database we've created?"

Mr. Moody rubs his forehead: "You, me, Angela Nichols, Leo Evens, Marcus Johnson, and Victor Adler. Why do you ask?"

Clark: "The way information is getting to them I think it might be a inside job and if thats the case we need to rule out who it is."

Mr Moody sets in a chair in front of Clark's desk: "I think I know where you are getting at. If thats the case it could be someone working on that project."

Clark leans back in his seat: "Well if that were the case that would rule out you, Angela, and me."

Mr. Moody: "I'm terminating the project at once."

Clark: "I'll go through the employee files and see what I can find out."

Clark turns to his computer as Mr. Moody gets up: "Ok. Go over the ones that work on that project first."

Suddenly Angela walks in: "Clark we have to go."

Mr. Moody looks at her and then knows: "Go. I'll start the search."

Clark still is at his seat: "Ok. Mr. Moody sir. Please call us by our first names. Being called by our last names make us sound old.

Angela jokenly: "No kidding."

Mr. Moody walks out as Clark gets up and walks over to Angela: "What is it?"

Angela: "Ecliptor and Darkonda are downtown. The others are there but they need our help."

Clark: "Let's get going."

They hold up their morphers as they face the camara and they both yell: "Lightning Storm!"

(Lightning Force Red morphing sequence)

(Lightning Force Yellow morphing sequence)

Scene 2

Setting: The city. Red and Yellow Ranger teleport in as the other three Rangers land at their feet.

Red Ranger helps Pink Ranger: "Need some help?"

Blue Ranger in a cocky tone: "No way."

Black Ranger: "Cram it Michael."

Red Ranger: "Shut up everyone. I need to get back to the office soon."

Red Ranger looks at Black Ranger: "You three handle Darkonda. Angela and I can take Ecliptor."

Black Ranger pumps his fist: "You got it."

The Rangers get in a battle pose and all yell: "Lightning Force!"

Darkonda holds his sword up: "Bring it on."

He and Ecliptor begin to charge the charging Rangers.

Scene 3

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Lord Cranston sets in his throne as Prince Cranston is in the background working on some control systems. Samuri Ninja stand before the Man in the shadows. He has just been told about whats going on.

Samuri Ninja after just hearing the story: "I'd be glad to rid you of those Rangers."

Man in the shadows: "Prove it. Defeat the Rangers before they get the last Lightningzord and get me the others."

Samuri Ninja bows: "Yes sire. I'll wait till those two goofs lose and I'll battle the Rangers."

Samuri Ninja warps away.

Man in the shadows: "He is powerful but cocky. You had better hope he defeats those Rangers Lord Cranston or you will regret it."

Lord Cranston gets up and grovels: "He won't fail master. I promise."

Scene 4

Setting: The streeets of North Star City. The battle begins.

Darkonda strikes down Blue Ranger with his sword. Blue Ranger falls and Darkonda begins to charge him until a whip wraps around his arm. He turns to see Pink Ranger holding her whip as Black Ranger comes in and strikes Darkonda with his mallet. The whip lets lose as Darkonda falls to the ground. But he gets up and fires beams from his finger tips at the Rangers. They take the hit and fall to the ground. The Rangers get up and fire their blasters at him. He takes the blast and falls to the ground.

Darkonda is on one knee and holds his chest: "This is far from over."

With that he warps away.

Scene 5

Scetting: Another part of the city. It warps and Samuri Ninja appears.

He hides behind a cornor and watches Darkonda leave in defeat.

Samuri Ninja: "Hmmm. What a weak creature."

Scene 6

Setting: The fight. Yellow Ranger and Red Ranger fight Ecliptor.

Yellow Ranger comes in with a jump kick. As Ecliptor is distracted by this Red Ranger comes up from behind and roundhouse kicks Ecliptor. Ecliptor falls but gets back up and fires eye beams at the Rangers. They fall to the ground. Ecliptor runs at them sword ready when he is slashed from behind. He turns to see Blue Ranger holding his weapon and the other two standing beside him.

The Rangers run over to Red and Yellow and help them up. They all hold up their weapons.

Red Ranger: "No more games Ecliptor. It ends now."

(Lightning Blaster formation)

Red Ranger: "Fire!"

The blaster fires and an explosion erupts sending Ecliptor flying.

Ecliptor starts to get up: "This isn't over."

He teleports away in his green ball of light.

Scene 7

Setting: Samuri Ninja's location.

Samuri Ninja: "It is time."

He jumps out from his hiding place.

Red Ranger: Who are you?"

Samrui Ninja gets in a ninja stance: "I am Samuri Ninja. Your fate has been sealed."

Red Ranger aims the blaster: "Doubt that. Fire!"

The blaster fires again and hits Samuri Ninja. It hits him and does nothing.

Samuri Ninja: "You five spandex dorks have no chance against my strength and power."

The Rangers break formation and the blaster vanishes.

Samuri Ninja breaks his pose: "I want to fight you all one on one. If you win I will surrender. If I win I get the Lightningzords."

Blue Ranger: "No deal. But I'll take you anyways."

Samuri Ninja: "Very well."

Samuri Ninja throws a punch at Blue Ranger. Blue Ranger ducks and misses the attack. He is then able to land a punch at Blue Ranger and strikes him down. Samuri Ninja then sweeps the legs out from under him. However Samuri Ninja grabs him by the neck before he falls. Blue Ranger puts his hands around the monsters arms to try and get free but to no luck.

Samuri Ninja: "I tire of you."

He throws him at the Rangers feet.

Samuri Ninja: "Whos next?"

Yellow Ranger steps up: "I'll fight you."

Yellow Ranger goes in for a sidekick but gets slashed in the chest with Samuri Ninja's sword. She gets up and pulls her sword out. She charges again to make another attempt but Samuri Ninja strikes her down with a powerful roundhouse strike. He then rushes her and kicks her in the sides. She rolls over and she stops at the other Rangers feet.

Samuri Ninja: "That was no fight. That was childsplay."

Pink Ranger steps up: "Let me give it a shot."

Red Ranger: "Go for it."

Pink Ranger runs in with her whip in hand. She tries to crack it on him but he grabs it and pulls her in only to punch her in the helement. She starts to fall but Samuri Ninja, still holding her whip spins around and throws her at the others.

Samuri Ninja: "Next!"

Black Ranger runs at him sword in hand. Samuri Ninja pulls his out and they begin to sword fight. Samuri Ninja slashes Black Ranger in the chest and kicks him in the groan. Black Ranger flys back in pain and can't get up.

Samrui Ninja returns his sword to its holder: "You Rangers are powerless against me."

Red Ranger gets in a battle stance ready to fight: "This looks bad."


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: The Sky Carrier. All the monsters except the Man in the shadows watches the fight.

Prince Cranston: "To bad the master is not here to see us triumphent. Where is he anyways farther?"

Lord Cranston still setting in his throne doesn't turn his head from the monitor with the fight on it: "He said that he was leaving to tend to something. How should I know."

Ecliptor: "If I had known I was only a way to draw out the Rangers I would never had agreed to it."

Darkonda laughs: "Mwhaha. That's what you do best 'old friend'."

Ecliptor turns and fires eye beams at them.

Ecliptor turns back to the fight: "Shut it."

Lord Cranston: "Silence!"

Scene 2

Setting: The battle in North Star City.

Samuri Ninja: "Your next Red Ranger."

Red Ranger: "Bring it on!"

The two begin to fight. Red Ranger throws a punch to Samuri Ninja's chest but the monster quickly blocks it. Samuri Ninja throws a punch but Red Ranger ducks and sweeps the legs out from under the monster. Samuri Ninja uses his feet to push himself up and punch Red Ranger in the gut. He steps back three feet and holds his stomach. Samuri Ninja comes in sword ready. Red Ranger lets go of his stomach and summons his Lightning Sword. They clash weapons and are at a stand still pushing at each other with their swords as they spark.

Samuri Ninja pushes on his sword more: "You are my first real challange. To bad I most destroy you. You'd make a good traning dumbie."

Red Ranger pushes forward and more sparks fly even more: "Lord Cranston's monster will never defeat us."

Samuri Ninja: "I am one of the most powerful monsters in the universe. Not even that fool Zordon could destroy me with that wave of his."

Red Ranger is distracted from the monsters talking that he doesn't see Darkonda come up behind him and strike him in the back. He lifts his head and screams in pain as he falls.

Samuri Ninja looks at Darkonda and strikes him with his sword: "What are you doing? This is my fight and my fight alone."

Darkonda warps away as his voice is heard. Darkonda's voice: "Some people just don't like being helped."

Samrui Ninja turns to where Red Ranger fell: "Now to finish our fight."

He looks down and sees that Red Ranger is gone. He then looks over to see the other are gone as well.

Samuri Ninja lifts his head up in anger: "NOOOO!!!"

Samuri Ninja lowers his head: "If that Darkonda would not have showen up the Rangers would be gone by now. The Red Ranger must be the first to go."

Samuri Ninja warps away in anger.

Scene 3

Setting: The Power Chamber. The Rangers are standing before Zordon, hardly but standing none the less. They are bandaged around their arms head and under their shirts but you can only see the bulg of the bandages.

Zordon: "He has the powers and strangth of a samuri as well as a ninja. He will be hard to defeat."

Angela: "Then how do we defeat him?"

Luanr 7 looks up from the controls: "Ay yi yi. It's hard to say. Their are no files on him. All any one knows is that most who have met him never lifed long enough to find out."

Samantha: "We have to come up with something. If he is let lose on the city it won't survive."

Michael looks at each Ranger then to Zordon: "I doubt even the Lightningzords could stand up to him."

Zordon: "Rangers. For now just go home and rest. We will review your fight and try to discover something."

Clark: "I can't go home. I have to get back to work and try to figure out whats going on."

Angela: "I'll come with you. Let's go."

The two Rangers teleport away.

Samantha shacks her head: "Those two love their job."

Scene 4

Setting: North Star Tech. It shows an outside view then shows Clarks office. Angela sits on the other side of Clarks desk and is going through papers as Clark is working on his comupter. Mr. Moddy enters.

Mr. Moody: "Have you discovered anything Mr., I mean Clark? Sorry I'm not used to talking to employees by thier first names."

Clark looks up: "No problem. Well the only one that seems to fit the profile of a company snitch would be Marcus Johnson. He's been fired from 'Eltar Industry', 'North Star Robotics', and 'Engux Technology'. All for a reason no one would say."

Angela looks up from the papers she is looking at: "If we want to catch him we need to set a trap."

Mr. Moody rubs his chin: "What do you think we should do?"

Angela: "If Marcus is the snitch then he will be trying to get parts of that database and give it to North Star Corp. and when he goes for it we can catch him in the act."

Mr. Moody: "However to do that I'd have to reopen the project."

Mr. Moody begins to leave: "I'll restart it right away. Just be ready."

Scene 5

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Lord Cranston sets at his throne and the others stand about the room. Samuri Ninja stands in the middle.

Samuri Ninja: "If Darkonda would not have steped in those Rangers would be dead now."

Lord Cranston: "I'll deal with Darkonda. You just get back down there."

Samuri Ninja: "As you wish old friend."

Samuri Ninja warps away.

Lord Cranston rest his head on his right fist, which is on his arm rest: "If the Rangers aren't destroyed by the time the master comes home I'll be done for."


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: North Star Tech. Angela and Clark are going over some papers and having a conversation.

Clark: "So that's the plan?"

Angela doesn't look up: "Yeah. Simple enough don't you think?"

Clark looks up: "Yeah. Look I'm going to get something to eat. You want something?"

Angela looks at him: "Sure."

Clark walks to the door and stands there: "What do you want?"

Angela: "It doesn't mater."

Clark then opens the door and closes it behind him as he leaves.

Scene 2

Setting: A busy highway. Clark is in his car with bags of food in the seat next to him.

Clark: "Just my luck. I get stuck in lunch hour traffic."

There is suddenly a loud exploison that is about two miles away from the bridge Clark is on.

Clark: "I don't like the looks of that."

He looks both ways and then pulls to the side, once there he drives on the side of the road being careful not to hit the side of the bridge or any cars.

He gets off the bridge and pulls into a empty area. Once there he gets out.

Clark: "I could get there alot faster on my Cycle."

He then pulls out his morpher and yells at the camra: "Lightning Storm!"

(Lightning Force Red morphing sequence)

Red Ranger jumps in the air and suddenly lands on his Lightning Cycle.

Red Ranger revs the motor: "It's time for round two."

He then drives off to the direction where the explosion took place.

Scene 3

Setting: A part of North Star City. Buildings fall and debris fills the streets as people run in fear.

In the middle of all of this are Biker Skeletors and Samuri Ninja.

Samuri Ninja destroys buildings with his missle finger tips: "Yes! This is great."

Red Ranger's voice: "Stop right there."

Samuri Ninja turns to see Red Ranger coming up on his cycle: "It's time for round two you samuri fake."

Samuri Ninja: "I agree. This time it's a one on one fight. A fight to the finish."

Red Ranger stops his cycle: "Agreed."

He revs his motor and skits at Samuri Ninja: "Lightning Cannonball!"

Red Ranger revs up his cycle and drives at the monster. It becomes a ball of red light and shoots forward like it was fired out of a cannon as it goes through Samuri Ninja. The energy becomes a solid form again behind the monster. Red Ranger sees that the monster is unharmed.

Samuri Ninja: "Is that all you've got?"

Red Ranger gets off his cycle: "Not by a long shot."

Red Ranger pulls his Lightning Sword out of thin air and charges forward. Red Ranger charges his sword and goes for a roundhouse strike but it gets blocked by Samuri Ninja's sword. Samuri Ninja then delivers a powerful blow to the stomach. Red Ranger falls back jumps when he sees Samuri Ninja coming at him. He lands on his cycle and revs the motor.

Red Ranger is about to attack when he hears Black Ranger's voice: "We're coming Clark."

The other four Ranger arrive on the scene riding thier cycles.

Red Ranger truns to them: "Stay out of this. You handle the Biker Skeletors."

He turns back around. Still holding his Lightning Sword he drives at Samuri Ninja. The sword glows red as Red Ranger charges. Once he is at Samuri Ninja he strikes the monster across the chest he then turns around and does this again. He then turns for a third strike.

Red Ranger holds his sword in front of him but drives with his other hand: "New plan."

He throws the glowing sword at the monster. It striks Samuri Ninja. As it does this Red Ranger drives up faster than ever.

Red Ranger: "Lightning Cannonball!"

Red Ranger revs his motor and drives at the monster faster. It becomes a red ball of light and shoots forward like it was shot out of a cannon. It goes for Samuri Ninja. However Samuri Ninja grabs the ball of energy in his hands and throws it to the ground. The ball reappers and shows a injured Red Ranger and a damaged Lightning Cycle are the ground.

Samuri Ninja: "Enough of this. I'll just take you all down."

Samuri Ninja looks to the sky: "Now make me grow."

Scene 4

Setting: An outside view of the Sky Carrier. The two red eye type objects glow and fire two red lightning bolts towards Samuri Ninja. The lightning bolts strike Samuri Ninja and encase him in a red glow as he grows into a gaint.

Samuri Ninja looks down at the Rangers. He stomps his foot on the ground that causes a wave that knocks the Ranger down. Samuri Ninja: "Nothing can stop me now."

The Rangers all get up.

Yellow Ranger looks up: "I doubt that."

The four Rangers lift their right arms into the air and yell: "Lightningzord power now!"

Deep in the forest. There is a deep growl and birds scatter. Then out of nowhere the Pink Cheetha Lightningzord leaps from the trees and runs to the scene. It stops next to the Pink Ranger.

Deep in the jungle. There is a deep roar and two pairs of red eyes are seen. You then see the Blue and Yellow Fox Lightningzords running to the scene. They stop next to their Ranger.

A rocky mountain top. The Black Wolf Lightningzord sets their and howls. It then takes off in a black streak of light. It lands next to the Black Ranger.

The four Ranger jump in the air.

(Pink cockpit scene) Pink Ranger lands in her seat and takes the controls: "Pink Cheetha Lightning Zord, ready for action."

(Blue cockpit scene) Blue Ranger lands in his seat and takes the controls: "Blue Fox Lightning Zord, ready to jam."

(Yellow cockpit scene) Yellow Ranger lands in her seat and takes the controls: "Yellow Fox Lightning Zord, lets take him out."

(Black cockpit scene) Black Ranger lands in his seat and takes the controls: "Black Wolf Lightning Zord, it's time to rock."

Samuri Ninja pulls out his sword and gets in a samuri pose with it: "Bring it on you gaint tin cans."

Scene 5

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Lord Cranston watches in glee from his throne. Prince Cranston stands to his right. Ecliptor is off to the side. Darkonda is not in the room.

Lord Cranston jumps from his throne in delight: "Yes. Those Zords of theirs stand no chance against him. The Rangers defeat is at hand."

Ecliptor watchs from the side: "It would appear so."

Prince Cranston: "This is the greatest feeling."

Scene 6

Setting: The gaint fight. The Zords fall to the ground before Samuri Ninja as he laughs.

Samuri Ninja: "Hahaha. Nothing is going to stop me."

The four Lightningzords get up.

(Black cockpit scene) Black Ranger: "I've had it. Wolf Strike!"

The Black Wolf Lightningzord takes a running charge and turns into a black streak of light. It goes through Samuri Ninja. This does nothing.

(Pink cockpit scene) Pink Ranger: "Let me try. Cheetha Wave!"

The Zord opens it's mouth and fires several small pink energy objects that look like teeth at Samuri Ninja. This does nothing.

(Blue and yellow spilt cockpit scene) Blue and Yellow Ranger: "Fox Lasers!"

Red beams fire from the two Zords eyes. They merge and strike Samuri Ninja. This also does nothing.

Samuri Ninja then then holds up a black device: "Try one of my moves."

He throws the device. It strikes the ground. Explosions erupt all around the Zords. They fall to the ground and the power is out.

(Black cockpit scene) The place is dark without power. Black Ranger: "We have no power left."

(Yellow cockpit scene) The cockpit is also dark. Yellow Ranger: "If we don't do something we're done for."

Samuri Ninja pulls out his sword and sends a wave of energy from it and strikes the four Lightning Zords. Sparks fly like crazy.

Red Ranger looks up at the scene: "If I could have my own Zord this would be a perfect time to get one."

As if on cue a fist punches Samuri Ninja in the back.

Samuri Ninja turns to see who it was: "Who dares?"

Samuri Ninja sees what it was: "NO! It can't be."

Scene 7

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Lord Cranston sees the object and stands up in a quick motion of rage.

Lord Cranston: "This can't be happening."

He destroys the monitor with a open palm beam from his right hand.

Scene 8

Setting: The fight. We can now see the object that punched Samuri Ninja.

We see a giant humanoid robot. It's primary color is red with a black trim. It has alot of bulk and armor. It wears heavy armor all over. Its head looks like that of a hooded Ninja's. It has glowing red eyes and a built in mouth for show, but it can not be seen from under the mouth part of the hood.It's legs are all silver without armor except for the last two feet of them too make the armor on the feet look like boots. In the middle of the "boots" are gold lightning bolts.

Red Ranger: "Alright. It's my turn."

Red Ranger jumps into the air.

(Red cockpit scene) The inside is mostly grey. Consules are all over the place and in front are two control sticks that are in front of the seat that is in the middle. On the back wall is a red lightning bolt symbol. Red Ranger teleports to his seat and takes the controls: "Red Ninja Lightningzord. Ready for action."

Samuri Ninja gets outraged: "Nothing can stop me."

(Red cockpit scene) Red Ranger cracks his fist and grabs the controls: "Let's see what you've got."

The two gaints charge. Samuri Ninja throws a punch that sends Samuri Ninja to the ground. He gets back up and kicks the Zord in the chest. The Zord steps back but then charges and delivers a double punch to the monsters chest, however its not powerful enough to destroy the case over the dragon. Samuri Ninja hits the ground but rolls over and gets up. He pulls his sword out and gets in a pose.

Samuri Ninja: "You're good. But you are still no match for me. Not you nor your tin can."

(Red cockpit scene) Red Ranger: "Oh yeah well try some of this."

(Red cockpit scene) Red Ranger presses a button on his controls: "Ninja Fire Blasters!"

Two small blasters pop up from the Zords wrist and fire small steady beams of fire at Samuri Ninja, who tries to block it with his sword but it heats up to much and he drops it in pain holding his burned right hand with his left hand.

Samuri Ninja looks up from his hands: "You vermon. No one hurts me like that and lives."

Samuri Ninja gets up and runs for an attack. The Red Ninja Lightningzord tries to throw a punch at the chest but this time it is blocked by Samuri Ninja's right arm. The Zord is then punched in the head and it falls to the ground.

(Pink cockpit scene) Pink Ranger has one arm crossed and the other hand resting on the chin of her helmet: "Hmmm. Wait a minute. Whenever we aim for his chest he blocks. Then that last time when Clark just hit him he hit the ground hard. I think we just found his weakness. It's that dragon thats covered in the glass case on his chest"

(Red cockpit scene) Red Ranger: "Good thinking. Only one problem. None of our Zords are powerful enough."

(Blue cockpit scene) Blue Ranger: "What if we combine our Zords."

(Red cockpit scene) Red Ranger gets it: "You mean a Megazord."

(Yellow cockpit scene) Yellow Ranger: "That should be strong enough"

All five Lightningzords then get off the ground.

(Red cockpit scene) Red Ranger: "Lightning Megazord power now!"

(Lightning Megazord transformation sequence: The five Lightningzords take off running in front of a dark stormy sky. The Zords stop as more lightning erupts behind them. The Pink Cheetha Zord retracts it's legs as it folds forward at the front to form a foot. The front of the foot at the bottom is the Zords head. The tail of it folds backward and the upper half of the leg pops up from the top, replacing the tail.

The Black Wolf Zord then also stops. It folds forward at the front to form a foot as well. The front of the foot at the bottom is the Zords head. The tail folds backward and the upper half of the leg pops up from the top, replacing the tail. They stand next to each other. The Pink Cheetha foot is the left foot and the Black Wolf foot is the right foot.

The Red Ninja Lightningzord then jumps in the air. It retracts its arms and its legs.The arms and legs are replaced with hooks to attach the other Zords too. It then falls on the upper legs that poped out of the Zords to form the body of the Megazord. The Pink Cheetha and Black Wolf to form the feet.

The Yellow and Blue Fox Lightningzords leap into the air. They fold in their legs inward. Their heads lift up to reveal two hands. Their head are now on thier wrist and looks like blasters. They then attach to the hooks to form arms. The Blue Fox forms the right arm and the yellow fox forms the left arm.

A helement drops from the sky and lands over the Red Ninja Zords head. The face is just plan grey with bright green eyes. It wears a samuri helement colored black. On the forehead is a crescent moon on its side with the opened end facing up.

The Megazord poses as the lightning bolts that have erupted the whole time are now the Rangers colors.)

(Megazord cockpit scene) The inside looks like the seperate cockpits for each Ranger where they are setting. Red Ranger is in the front. Behind him to his left is the Pink Ranger. To his right is the Yellow Ranger. Behind her is the Black Ranger. Behind Pink Ranger is the Blue Ranger. In the back there is a symbol like the Zords however it's a golden coin with a silver lightning bolt. All Rangers: "Lightning Megazord power up!"

Samuri Ninja: "Big deal. I'll still crush you."

Scene 9

Setting: The Sky Carrier.

Lord Cranston is outraged: "This can't be. They have their own Megazord."

Lord Cranston calms down: "No matter. Samuri Ninja can destroy it."

Scene 10

Setting: The battle. The Megazord stands tall.

Samuri Ninja charges and throws a punch. This does nothing. The Megazord then throws a punch and shatters the little glass case over the dragon on his chest.

Samuri Ninja looks at it then looks back up: "Oh no. No one has ever discovered my weakness."

(Megazord cockpit scene) Red Ranger: "Well we have and your going down."

With that the Megazord throws a swift punch to the dragon. Samuri Ninja falls to the ground. Samuri Ninja still on the ground fires his missle finger tips. They hit the Megazord and does nothing. He then gets up and holds his sword up.

Samuri Ninja: "I will not be defeated."

He begins to charge.

(Megazord cockpit scene) Red Ranger: "Lightning Megazord Saber!"

In the Megazord's right hand a beam of energy forms into a saber..

Samuri Ninja stops charging: "Big deal. I'll still crush you."

(Megazord cockpit scene) Red Ranger: "We'll see about that. Lightning Strike!"

The Megazord is now in front of a gaint storm cloud and two golden lightning bolts strike the saber casting it in a golden glow. It then lowers down on Samuri Ninja. He steps back several feet and holds his gut.

Samuri Ninja: "You...may...have defeated me.....but you will never win this war in the end."

He then falls back and explodes.

(Megazord cockpit scene) The Rangers jump and cheer at their hard earned victory. Pink Ranger: "I hope the next one isn't that hard."

The Rangers then jump out of the Megazord and walk off. As the Megazord shines in the setting sunlight.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The Sky Carrier. All the monsters are there except the Man in the shadows.

Lord Cranston: "We must destroy the Rangers before the master returns."

Ecliptor: "We need to seperate them and pick them off one by one."

Darkonda steps up: "And I have the perfect plan."

Ecliptor turns to him: "Quite. Your plans never work."

Prince Cranston: "Why not let Darkonda try. A bad plan is better than no plan."

Lord Cranston turns to his son: "True." (He turns to Darkonda)"What is you plan?"

Darkonda smirks: "Hmhmhmhm."

Scene 2

Seting: That night at North Star Tech. in a dark room. A figure walks into the room and picks up something off a table.

Figure: "Sweet. North Star Corp. is going to pay me a lot of cash for this."

Suddnley the lights snap on to show a man.

Clark, Angela, and Mr. Moody step out with police officers.

Clark: "Not so fast Marcus."

Marcus turns to them: "So you figured it out. Big deal."

Mr. Moody: "Yes we figured it out. Your under arrest and your fired."

The two cops step forward and carry Marcus away by the arms.

Marcus: "I'll get you three for this."

The cops and Marcus are soon out of sight.

Mr. Moody turns to Clark and Angela: "Thanks for the help."

Clark: "No problem. Now if you don't mind I think we'll leave."

Mr. Moody: "Of course."

Clark and Anglea turn to leave.

Angela: "This was a busy day for us. Mostly you."

Clark: "No kidding. A new Zord, a Megazord, and we caught a company snitch all in one day."

Angela: "I'm ready to go home and go to sleep."

Clark smiles: "I hear that."

With that they exit the room and Mr. Moody is left behind looking at them as they leave.

The End.

Narration: "Next time on Power Rangers Lightning Force."

Clip 1
A gang of teens running past Michael and knock him down.

Clip 2
Lord Cranston turns to Darkonda: "With the Blue Ranger out of the way what do you plan to do about the others?"

Clip 3
A monster fires upon the four Rangers, minus blue with a wave of energy.

Clip 4
A police officer arrest Michael.

Clip 5
Michael whispers to himself: "Darkonda must have set this up. That worm."

Clip 6
Clark to Zordon: "How can we beat that monster without Michael."

Clip 7
The monster grows into a gaint.

Monster: "You'll never stop me now."

Clip 8
An explosion erupts around the four Rangers as they fly into the air and slam into the ground.

{Narration: "On the next Power Rangers Lightning Force."}


Narrator: "Coming this month on Power Rangers Lightning Force."

[Rangers fighting copies of themselves in a run down city.]

Narrator: "The Rangers will have to defeat themselves to save another universe and themselves."

[The Rangers destroy buildings in the run down town as poeple run in fear]

Narrator: "But how do you defeat something that knows every move you can make."

[Pink Ranger's punch is blocked with another punch.]

Narrator: "Then what do you do when they combine powers with a deadly monster?"

[The five Rangers become colored beams of their own light and fuse with a monster.]

Narrator: "You fight to the end."

[Shows the five Zords fall to the ground after breaking Megazord formation as the Rangers fall to the ground and demorph.]

Narrator: "Then when all else fails. You stick it out."

[Shows the warped monster standing next to Skeletors and another monster.]

Narrator: "But thats the least of their problems."

[Shows the monster with a figure that is shadowed in darkness.]

Narrator: "To find out watch Power Rangers Lightning Force.")

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