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Power Rangers Lightning Force
by Crystal Ranger

Episode 8
"Blue Judgement"

Narration: "Previously on Power Rangers Lightning Force"

Clip 1
Pink Cheetha destroys Sucker.

Pink Ranger's voice: "Cheetha Lightning Zord, full power!"

Clip 2
Blue Ranger's voice: "Blue Fox Lightning Zord, power up!"

Blue Fox attacks Phantom Wizard.

Clip 3
Yellow Ranger's voice: "Yellow Fox Lightning Zord, power up!"

Yellow Fox attacks Phantom Wizard.

Clip 4
Black Ranger's voice: "Alright. It's my time to shine. Black Wolf Lightning Zord. Ready for action."

The Black Wolf preforms its streak attack.

Clip 5
The four zords stand in the sun as an explosion destroys Omni Eye.

Clip 6
Samuri Ninja takes down the Rangers.

Clip 7
Samuri Ninja takes down the four Lightning Zords.

Clip 8
(Red cockpit scene) Red Ranger teleports to his seat and takes the controls: "Red Ninja Lightning Zord. Ready for action."

Clip 9
Red Ranger'a voice: "Lightning Megazord power now!"

The Megazord stands still as Samuri Ninja attacks it.

Clip 10
Red Ranger's voice: "Lightning Strike!"

The Megazord uses it's finishing attack on Samuri Ninja.

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: A side alley. There are boxes, trash cans and trash all over the street. A gang of people 6 who are head to toe in black attack an old man.

Old Man tries to get away: "Get away from me."

Man in black 1: "Not until we get what we came for."

Old Man: "I don't even now what you want."

Suddenly there are cops everywhere.

A cop pulls out his gun: "Freeze. Your all under arrest."

One man in black then pulls a knife out. He then uses it to stab the man in the lower stomach and grabs his wallet out of his side jakcet pocket. The gang then makes a run for it.

Cop 1: "I'm going after them."

The cop starts to chase the gang of people in black.

Scene 2

Setting: A side street. Michael walks down the street when the gang in black run up behind him and knock him to the ground.

Michael gets back up: "Hey! Stop right there."

The gang stops and they transform into Skeletors as their human cloths fall to the ground.

Michael gets in a battle pose: "Just my luck."

The Skeletors charge but Michael blocks their attacks and kicks one into another two with a side kick. He then grabs two by their forearms and judo flips them to the ground. The last one comes up but Michael sweeps it off its feet. They then vanish.

Michael bends down and picks up one of the jackets: "Nice jacket. I wonder if they have it in blue."

Cop's voice: "Freeze. Stand up with your hands in the air."

Michael does as he is told and the cop cuffs him. The cop then starts to read his rights to him: "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say, can and will be used against you in a court of law. Blah, blah, blah."

Scene 3

Setting: Back to the alley. The cops are packing everything up and the body is still there some odd reason. The cop comes up with Michael.

Cop: "I got one of them."

They pass the body. Michael looks over to see the body transform into Darkonda and warp away.

Michael seeing this struggles to get him. The cops think he is tring to get away and hit him with thier clubs right in the stomach. He knees over on the ground in pain.

Michael whispers to himself: "Darkonda must have set this up. That worm."

Scene 4

Setting: Not to far from the alley. Darkonda warps in and sees them drive off with Michael in thier back seat.

Darkonda turns and laughs: "Mwhaha. With the Blue Ranger out of the way those fools won't be nearly powerful enough to defeat my monster."

He lifts his head up into the air: "Mwhahahaha. I love it when a plan comes together."

Darkonda warps away laughing all the way.

Opening Theme

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: A grey metal covered room. In the center is a grey metal table with a chair on both sides. Michael sets in the one facing the door. His hands are coffed to the chair.

Michael with hate in his voice: "That little punk of a mutant is going to pay for this."

The cop that cuffed Michael walks in with another two at his side. The cop seats in the seat in front of Michael: "Do you wish to tell us the truth behind all this."

Michael gets mad and struggles: "I already told you. A gang of teens ran past me head to toe in black. They knokced me to the ground. They transformed into Skeletors and vanished. That's when you showed up."

Cop setting down: "Let me if I got this right. Those Skeletor monstesr the Power Rangers fight killed an old man just for his wallet?"

Michael: "I told you it was a monster. I shall him transform as we left."

Center cop: "We'll look into it. However you are still our top suspect and must remain in the prision till we know what is really going on."

Michael: "Fine."

The two other cops uncuff Michael and take him out the door.

Scene 2

Setting: The Sky Carrier. The man in the shadows is missing but the other main villians all watch the actions at the police station.

Lord Cranston turns to Darkonda: "With the Blue Ranger out of the way what do you plan to do about the others?"

Darkonda steps up and holds his hands in front of him: "We simply destroy the other four Rangers now."

Lord Cranston: "Yes. You and Ecliptor go and finish them."

Ecliptor: "Never. I will not help or work with Darkonda."

Darkonda turns to Ecliptor and sneers: "And I'll never let him be a part of my evil plan."

Prince Cranston: "Fine. Then take one of the monsters with you."

Darkonda smirks: "Forget them. I have a better monster in mind. One that fits this plan."

Lord Cranston turns his head away: "It doesn't matter. Just destroy those Rangers and do it fast."

Darkonda bows: "But of course."

Darkonda leaves through an open door and it closes behind him.

Prince Cranston: "I don't trust him farther. He's up to something."

Lord Cranston: "You worry to much. Even Darkonda knows better than to betray our evil leader. All who have never lifed to enjoy it."

Scene 3

Setting: A jail cell. The other four Rangers are on the outside and are talking to Michael.

Michael: "You guys have to prove it was Darkonda."

Clark looks into Michael's eyes: "Well get right on it pal."

Rick: "Michael, did they take your morpher?"

Mcihael: "Yes. But as luck would have it they thought it was a belt buckle."

Rick: "Good."

Their morphers beep and Clark answers his: "What is it Lunar?"

Lunar 7's voice is heard: "Aye yi yi yi. Theres trouble at North Star lake. Its Darkonda and some type of monster."

Clark: "We'll take care of it Lunar."

Clark looks at Michael: "We'll get back here as soon as possible."

Clark looks around as they hold up their morphers. Once Clark sees no one is looking or around he yells as the camra comes in on his face: "Lightning Storm!"

(Red Lightning morphing sequence)

Scene 4

Setting: The North Star lake. The only ones there are Darkonda and a monster. The Rangers arrive all morphed ready to fight.

The monsters body is covered by a black judges robe. In his right hand is a large gavel, but with its size it looks like a normal hammer almost. His face and showing skin is blue. It's got big yellow insect eyes and a jagged smile. It also has white curly hair covering the back, sides and top of his head like normal. It speaks with an echo in its voice.

Monster: "Welcome to your finial battle Lightning Force Power Rangers."

Red Ranger steps forward and speaks to Darkonda: "Your the one that set Michael up to be arrested."

Darkonda: "How smart of you. To bad it's to late to do anything."

We then see the inside of the Red Rangers helement and see Clark smirk. Red Ranger: "That's what you think."

Darkonda point at the Rangers: "Destroy them Judge Doom."

Judge Doom turns to the Rangers: "No problem."

Darkonda then warps away. Judge Doom fires a wave of energy from his gavel and knocks the Rangers to the ground.

Pink Ranger as the Rangers get up: "We better not waste our time on this creep."

Red Ranger: "Agreed. Give it everything you've got Rangers."

The four Rangers hold out their weapons and charge the charging Judge Doom.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: The battle. Each Ranger rushes the monster and is sent down.

Judge Doom bats his gavel in his other hand: "I thought you Rangers would put up more of a fight than this."

Black Ranger gets up holding his mallet: "Ok creep. Lets see which is better. A mallet or a gavel."

Judge Doom charges at Black Ranger: "There is no question about it. My gavel is more powerful."

Black Ranger tries to block the strike from the gavel but as he does he gets kneed in the lower stomach. Black Ranger falls back but charges again. This time he aims for the monsters chest and gets a free strike at point blank. Judge Doom falls back.

The Rangers regroup. Red Ranger: "Now lets put this guy away."

Judge Doom: "I think not."

Suddenly the monster gets up and blasts all the Rangers down in the blink of an eye.

Yellow Ranger tries to get up: "What was that?"

Judge Doom gathers energy in his gavel: "Heres a parting gift for you Rangers."

He slams the gavel into the ground and casues it to shake. The Rangers, who were getting up, are knocked back down again by the explosion that follows and can't get up."

Judge Doom: "I'll come back when you're able to give me a better fight."

Judge Doom spins himself around and vanishes as black energy.

The Rangers get up. Red Ranger: "Let's get to the Power Chamber and see whats going on."

The four Rangers then teleport away.

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. Clark and the others are talking to Zordon over their previous battle.

Clark: "How can we beat that monster without Michael."

Angela steps up: "He's right. That monster took us out flat."

Rick: "We'll just have to get Michael out of prision."

Clark smiles: "Yeah, lets 'show' them our prove."

The Rangers start to laugh as they teleport away.

Lunar 7 turns his head to the right: "Gesh Zordon they sure do act odd sometimes."

Zordon: "I agree. They do have their moments."

Scene 3

Setting: The jail cell Michael is setting in. The cop comes up with the four morphed Rangers.

Michael gets up and walks up to the cell doors: "What's going on?"

The cop holds up a tape recorder: "It appears you were right. Listen to this."

Red Ranger's voice on the tape recorder: "Your the one that set Michael up to be arrested."

Darkonda's voice on the tape recorder: "How smart of you. To bad it's to late to do anything."

Micahel gets a smirk on his face: "So can I go now?"

The cop pulls out some keys and opens the cell: "Your free to go."

Michael steps out and the cop hands him his things.

The cop begins to leave: "The Rangers agreed to take you home."

Michael: "Fine. I just want to get out of here."

Michael stands in the middle of the four Rangers.

Yellow Ranger: "Come on. Morph already we need your help."

Michael holds up his morpher: "Lightning Storm!"

(Lightning Blue morphing sequence)

Scene 4

Setting: The heart of North Star City. Judge Doom and Skeletors stand in the middle and blast away at everything in site.

Judge Doom: "This is great. Hahaha!"

Blue Ranger's voice: "Not so fast!"

Judge Doom looks around: "Huh? Where did that come from?"

Five multi colored blast then strike down all the Skeletors.

Judge Doom turns around and sees the five Rangers standing there holding their smoking blasters.

Blue Ranger: "It's pay back time."

Judge Doom: "Yeah right."

He fires at the five Rangers and they go flying until they hit the ground hard.

Scene 5

Setting: The Sky Carrier Darkonda and Lord Cranston are the only ones there. Lord Cranston leaps from his throne when he sees all five Rangers.

Lord Cranston: "This can't be happening."

Lord Cranston turns to Darkonda in anger: "Get down there and fix your mistake."

Darkonda bows: "Yes 'master'."

Darkonda warps away.

Lord Cranston sets back down in his throne: "He had best not fail me again."


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Downtown North Star City. The Rangers try to attack Judge Doom but are sent to the ground face first.

The Rangers get up as Darkonda warps in: "Mwhaha! Hello Rangers. You know I don't think that these odds are fair for my monster."

Useing his left hand Darkonda fires a beam of energy at the yellow, red, pink, and black Rangers. They are trapped in an energy field.

Black Ranger slams his fist on the walls: "Let us out you no good creep."

Darkonda: "Bwhaha! Never. We're going to destroy the Blue Ranger for ruining my plan."

The two mosnters charge Blue Ranger. Darkonda tries to backhand punch Blue Ranger, but Blue Ranger blocks it with his upper forearm. He then uses his free hand to open palm punch Darkonda in the chest. Darkonda backs away holding his chest.

Darkonda points at Blue Ranger: "Destroy him!"

Judge Doom blocks a punch from Blue Ranger and grabs his arms. Blue Ranger gets swung around like a rag doll then throwen and slams his back into the wall of the feild.

Blue Ranger gets up holding his head: "Oh man! I've got to stop him and free the others."

Blue Ranger holds up his weapon: "Lightning Claw, full power!"

His claw glows blue and blue lighting bolts hit his gem. He then turns around and throws it at the top peak of the field. The field shatters and his claw returns to his hand.

Red Ranger: "Thanks Michael. Now lets finish this."

Blue Ranger: "Ok. Lightning Blaster!"

(Lightning Blaster formation)

Judge Doom: "Give it a shot."

Judge Doom is then hit with red lightning bolts and grows into a gaint: "You'll never stop me now."

Judge Doom stomps on the ground and the Rangers are sent jumping to avoid the attack.

The Rangers get up.

Blue Ranger holds his right arn into the sky: "Lightning Zord power now!"

(Lightning Zord arrivial sequence: Deep in the forest. There is a deep growl and birds scatter. Then out of nowhere the Pink Cheetha Lightning Zord leaps from the trees and runs to the scene. It stops next to the Pink Ranger.

Deep in the jungle. There is a deep roar and four pairs of red eyes are seen. You then see the Blue and Yellow Fox Lightning Zords running to the scene. They stop next to their Ranger.

A rocky mountain top. The Black Wolf Lightning Zord sets their and howls. It then takes off in a black streak of light. It lands next to the Black Ranger.

A ninja temple. There is a sudden earthquake and the building collapses and the Red Ninja Lightning Zord rises from the remains. It then flys into the sky and lands next to the Red Ranger.

All the Rangers teleport into their own cockpits.)

(Blue cockpit scene) Blue Ranger: "Lets not paly any more games with this creep."

(Five way split cockpit scene of all the Rangers) All Rangers: "Lightning Megazord power now!"

(Lightning Megazord transformation sequence)

Judge Doom holds up his gavel: "Big deal."

Scene 2

Setting: The Sky Carrier. All the villians are there, except the Man in the shadows.

Lord Cranston: "Let's see how one of your monsters stands up to the mighty Lighting Megazord Darkonda."

Darkonda: "He'll turn that tin can into scrap metal. Trust me."

Ecliptor: "You don't even now the meaning of that word you slim."

Prince Cranston: "Silence. Let's watch the fight."

Scene 3

Setting: The battle in the city.

Judge Doom lunges forward with his gavel but the Megazord side steps and kicks the monster in the sides. Judge Doom then comes in with a leg sweep. The Megazord starts to fall on its back when Judge Doom fires eye beams at the Megazord. Smoke and sparks fly as it hits the ground. Judge Doom grinds his foot into the Megazord's torso.

Judge Doom grins with delight: "I will destroy you like dogs."

(Megazord cockpit scene) Some consules have smoke rising from them and others are sparking. Red Ranger: "Samantha, whats are condition?"

(Megazord cockpit scene) Pink Ranger looks at a monitor on her controls: "Our power level is at half percent."

(Megazord cockpit scene) Black Ranger turns to Red Ranger: "We need to do something. Let's try the Megazord Saber."

(Megazord cockpit scene) Blue Ranger: "It's our only shot. Lightning Megazord Saber!"

A beam of energy appears in the Megazords right hand and forms a saber.

Judge Doom stops grinding his foot into the torso and looks at the saber: "What is this?"

The Megazord swings the Saber and it strikes Judge Dooms legs. The monster rolls off the Megazord in pain.

The Megazord uses the Saber to push itself up. The chest is exposed and has several wires as well as several other parts sticking out of the whole.

Judge Doom rises his gavel: "You don't scare me."

He charges with his gavel but the Megazord blocks the attack and strikes the gavel destroying it.

Judge Doom looks at his hands where his gavel was then looks at the Megazord: "You Rangers will pay for that."

He charges again and throws a punch but the Megazord blocks it with its right upper forearm. The Megazord then strikes Judge Doom with the Megazord Saber.

Judge Doom falls.

(Megazord cockpit scene) Blue Ranger: "Let's end this. Lightning Strike!"

The Megazord is now in front of a gaint storm cloud and two golden lightning bolts strike the saber casting it in a golden glow. Judge Doom gets up but is moving every which way holding his head.

(Megazord cockpit scene) Blue Ranger: "So long loser."

The Megazord lowers the Saber on Judge Doom. Judge Doom spins around, falls and then explodes.

(Megazord cockpit scene) Blue Ranger jumps from his seat in joy: "That'll teach you to mess with me Darkonda."

The Megazord stands over the city that is once again save from evil for the time being.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Darkonda is not there.

Lord Cranston sets in his throne with Prince Cranston to his right and Ecliptor to his left: "Where is that worm?"

Prince Cranston: "I have the Skeletors out looking for him."

Lord Cranston: "Good. Now we need a way to destroy the Rangers."

Ecliptor steps in front of Lord Cranston: "Sire, I have an old friend with the power to destroy the Rangers."

Lord Cranston: "Who is this friend?"

Ecliptor: "He is called Timezone."

Ecliptor then holds up his right hand: "Before you say anything master there is one thing I know you will like about him."

Lord Cranston looks more interested: "What may that be?"

Ecliptor: "Just wait and see. Hmhmhmhm!"

The End.

Narration: "Next time on Power Rangers Lightning Force."

Clip 1
A monster stands before everyone.

Ecliptor points to the monster: "This is Timezone."

Clip 2
The monster strikes down the Rangers.

Clip 3
Timezone takes out the Lightning Megazord.

Timezone's voice: "Your toys are powerless against me."

Clip 4
The Rangers get sucked into a vortex.

Clip 5
The five unmorphed Rangers get off the ground in a run down city.

Clark looks around: "Where are we?"

Clip 6
Blue Ranger is about to blast a little boy when Red Ranger stops him.

Blue Ranger: "Who are you?"

Clip 7
A scared man: "Run!! It's the Power Rangers."

People run in fear when they see the five Ranger wallking towards them.

Clip 8
The five Rangers fly from an explosion.

Clark's voice: "Something's not right here."

Narration: "On the next Power Rangers Lightning Force."


Narrator: "Coming this month on Power Rangers Lightning Force."

[Rangers fighting copies of themselves in a run down city.]

Narrator: "The Rangers will have to defeat themselves to save another universe and themselves."

[The Rangers destroy buildings in the run down town as poeple run in fear]

Narrator: "But how do you defeat something that knows every move you can make."

[Pink Ranger's punch is blocked with another punch.]

Narrator: "Then what do you do when they combine powers with a deadly monster?"

[The five Rangers become colored beams of their own light and fuse with a monster.]

Narrator: "You fight to the end."

[Shows the five Zords fall to the ground after breaking Megazord formation as the Rangers fall to the ground and demorph.]

Narrator: "Then when all else fails. You stick it out."

[Shows the warped monster standing next to Skeletors and another monster.]

Narrator: "But thats the least of their problems."

[Shows the monster with a figure that is shadowed in darkness.]

Narrator: "To find out watch Power Rangers Lightning Force.")

(Roll Credits)

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