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Power Rangers Lightning Force
by Crystal Ranger

Episode 9
"Ranger Outlaws, Part 1"

Narration: "Previously on Power Rangers Lightning Force"

Clip 1
Pink Cheetha destroys Sucker. Pink Ranger's voice: "Cheetha Lightning Zord, full power!"

Clip 2
Blue Ranger's voice: "Blue Fox Lightning Zord, power up!" Blue Fox attacks Phantom Wizard.

Clip 3
Yellow Ranger's voice: "Yellow Fox Lightning Zord, power up!" Yellow fox attacks Phantom Wizard.

Clip 4
Black Ranger's voice: "Alright. It's my time to shine. Black Wolf Lightning Zord. Ready for action."

The Black Wolf preforms its streak attack.

Clip 5
Red Ranger's voice: "Red Ninja Lightning Zord. Ready for action."

The Red Ninja Lighting Zord fights with Samuri Ninja.

Clip 6
Red Ranger'a voice: "Lightning Megazord power now!"

The Megazord stands still as Samuri Ninja attacks it.

Clip 7
Red Ranger's voice: "Lightning Strike!"

The Megazord uses it's finishing attack on Samuri Ninja.

Clip 8
Michael in a prison cell: "You guys have got to get me out of here."

Clip 9
Blue Ranger takes on Judge Doom.

Clip 10
Blue Ranger destroys the shield that was holding the Rangers. Blue Ranger's voice: "Nobody sets me up and gets away with it."

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Ecliptor and Darkonda stand off to the right. Prince Cranston stands next to his farther who is seating on his throne.

Lord Cranston: "When is your friend going to arrive?"

Prince Cranston turns to Ecliptor: "What makes you think he'll do us any good."

Ecliptor: "He is one of the creatures that helped capture Zordon. You see......"

Scene 2

Setting: Ecliptor's flashback. It's on the planet Eltar inside what looks like the newer Power Chamber for the Lightning Force Rangers. Theres smoke and no power. All you see for light is Zordon's glowing energy tube.

Ecliptor's narration: "Once we were able to get inside the Power Chamber it was up to Timezone and myself to capture Zordon."

Ecliptor and another monster who is Timezone storm in with swords in hand followed by Quantrons.

The monster's right half is black and the other half is red. He has thin bug eyes that glow green. On his right hip is a blaster. He has finger tip missles and two small crown like braclets on his wrist. His shoulders are spiked and come up to a point. He wears golden knee pads with an outline of a flame on them.

Timezone: "The great Zordon will at last be defeated."

Zordon: "I will never be defeated by the hands of evil."

Ecliptor and all the Quantrons run to the controls and press several buttions. Zordon's energy tube is the traped in a black cage with a black crane attached to it.

Ecliptor: "Easy enough and don't try to escape into the Time warp. That cage not only seals you tube, but you in it as well. Take him away."

The Quantrons bow as they stand next to Zordon and beam away in their fashion.

Timezone walks up to Ecliptor: "We have defeated the mighty Zordon. Soon his powers will be Dark Spectors."

Ecliptor: "Yes. He was wise to trust us to do this job. It must be eating up Darkonda that I was choosen to lead the invasion of the Power Chamber and not him.

Darkonda's voice: "Actually I could care less."

Darkonda then warps before them: "You may have been choosen buts only because he thinks your one of the best warriors."

Darkonda turns his back to them and starts to walk away: "But to be honest neither of you are nearly as powerful than me."

Darkonda warps away.

Timezone turns to Ecliptor: "I truly hate that mutant. He's to evil even for my taste."

Scene 3

Setting : The Sky Carrier. Ecliptor has finished his story.

Ecliptor: "If he could help capture Zordon then he can help us destroy the Rangers. Besides, theres always his special power to............"

Timezone's voice: "Don't give it away."

Timezone arrives in a black and red flame.

Ecliptor: "This is Timezone."

Timezone puts one foot forward: "The time for the Rangers destrusction is know."

All the monsters, even Darkonda laugh with evil delight.

Opening Theme

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: A park in North Star City. The Rangers are with other people picking up litter and other garbage. Clark picks up a pop bottle of "Tepsi"(I know it sounds bad but bare with me here.)

Clark: "Why can't people just pick up their garbage and none of this would be a problem."

Michael: "Who cares? I don't get why we're doing this."

Samantha: "Shut up. It wouldn't hurt to help save Eltar in another way other than fightning monsters."

A woman catches a bit of what she said: "What was that, did you say monsters?"

Samantha turns to the woman: "No. I'm sorry you miss heard me"

Woman: "Oh."

The woman turns back to work when Ecliptor and Skeletors teleport in in their own fashions.

Ecliptor: "Run or be destroyed."

People drop thier things and run in fear screaming: "AAAAHHHHH! RUN, MONSTERS!"


As if on cue Red Ranger jumps between the people and monsters. The other Rangers join him.

Red Ranger: "This stops now."

Ecliptor holds his sword out: "I'm not the only thing that you need to worry about. ATTACK!!"

The Skeletors run into attack.

Scene 2

Setting: Some bushes near the fight. Timezone watchs in glee.

Timezone: "Soon those Rangers will be out of the way soon."

A man walks by and sees Timezone. Man: "AAHHHH!"

Timezone turns and zaps the spot in front of the man, who wets himself as he runs in fear."

Scene 3

Setting: Back to the fight. It shows a view so that you can see all the Rangers fightning at once.

Yellow Ranger dodges the attacks of three. She then thrust punches the middle one in the stomach and does a air split kick to knock down the other two. Blue Ranger forearm blocks one attack and kicks the Skeletor in the stomach. Blue Ranger then jumps in the air and starts to spin. He becomes blue enrgy and goes right through five more. Pink Ranger uses her whip and cracks the ground with it. She then wraps it around the waist of one and throws it at another three. She wraps around the neck of another one, pulls it forward and punches it in the face.

We now see the fight with Ecliptor and Red Ranger. They slash each other in the chest and back away. Red Ranger charges his Lightning Sword with red energy. Ecliptor charges his with green energy. They charge and clash glowing swords. Red Ranger goes in and delivers a under belly strike. Sparks fly as Ecliptor falls back. Ecliptor gets up to charge only to be struck down by Red Ranger's glowing sword. Ecliptor falls in slow motion and Red Rangers sword stops glowing and vanishes.

All the Rangers get up. Ecliptor gets up.

Ecliptor: "It's time to end this little war."

Timezone rushes out of the bushes and strikes down all the Rangers at once. He stands next to Ecliptor.

The Rangers grab their shoulders in pain as they get up. Black Ranger: "Who are you?"

Timezone: "I am Timezone. I am here to finish the fight."

Ecliptor: "With both of us working together you Rangers are goners."

Blue Ranger jumps in the air and preps a side jump kick: "I doubt that."

He trys to hit Timezone but Timezone fires his missle fingers upon him. Blue Ranger falls to the ground as sparks and smoke erupts from his suit.

The Rangers run to him. Pink Ranger: "MICHAEL!"

They help Blue Ranger up.

Timezone: "This battle has just begun."

Scene 4

Setting: The Power Chamber. Lunar 7 and Zordon watch.

Zordon speaks with fear in his voice for once: "Lunar, warn the Rangers about Timezone. He's a class A monster. He help the invasion of Eltar and captured me.

Lunar 7: "Aye yi yi. That guy must be hard core."

Zordon shacks his head: "Yes he is."

Scene 5

Setting: The battle.The battle is about to go under way.

Timezone: "I'll take the three men."

Ecliptor: "Fine by me."

The girls battle it out with Ecliptor. Yellow Ranger goes in for a punch but Ecliptor grabs her forearm and twists it causing her to flip backward to the ground. Pink Ranger comes in and strikes him with her sword. He falls but rolls on the ground and gets up. He sees Yellow Ranger coming and detaches his head. It floats over to Yellow Ranger and blast her with eye beams. Pink Ranger take a beating from Ecliptor's body until she is able to jump in the air and uses both feet to kick him in the chest. Still in the air she pulls her sword out and strikes Ecliptor's body down the middle.

Yellow Ranger dodges blasts from Ecliptor's head. She summons her Lightning Lance and jumps in the air. She uses it to block all the attacks and strikes the head with it. The head and body reattach and the two Rangers regroup in front of the fallen Ecliptor. Ecliptor vanishes in a green ball of light.

Scene 6

Setting: The fight with Timezone.

Blue Ranger comes in with his claw. Timezone jumps out of the way and kicks Blue Ranger in the back on the way down. Black Ranger trys to attack with his Lightning Mallet but Timezone fires a massive clock shaped beam at him from his right hand. Red Ranger comes in with both swords. He brings down both but Timezone forearm blocks both of them. He pushes and sends him flying next to the other Rangers. He then pulls out his blaster and fires at them. Sparks and smoke flys as they hit the ground.

Timezone marches forward blaster aimed: "I was hoping for at least a challange."

He stops and aims the blaster.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Timezone has just stoped before the guys.

Timezone: "I didn't even have to use my ultimate weapon. Oh well. You don't always get what you want."

He starts to pull the trigger when the guys are teleported away. The girls who are running to help are then teleported away.

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. The Rangers stand in front of Zordon and Lunar 7 with thier helements off.

Michael: "That guy was hard core."

Angela: "How can we beat someone that powerful?"

Lunar 7 turns to them: "It gets worse I'm afraid. You see, he help in the invasion of Eltar and captureing Zordon."

Clark: "If that's the case we can't take chances with this guy. The next time he comes back we hit him hard and fast."

Zordon: "Rangers, he has left for now. Just go about your day. If he attacks again I'll contact you."

Samantha nods and smiles at Zordon: "You got it Zordon."

Scene 3

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Lord Crasnton and Ecliptor are the only ones there with Timezone, who is on his knees before them both.

Lord Cranston: "You did well. Next time though destroy them without giving them a chance to fight back."

Timezone smirks: "Fight dirty? I can do that. Hahaha."

Ecliptor turns to his master: "In the mean time we should prepare for the second half of our plan."

Lord Cranston doesn't look at him but waves his hand: "So be it. Just leave my sight. All of you."

Timezone and Ecliptor nod and leave.

Lord Cranston: "The master won't take failure much longer.

Scene 4

Setting: Clark's office at North Star Tech. He is trying to look at some papers but can't keep his focus on them. Suddenly Mr. Moddy appears at the door.

Clark looks up: "Oh. Mr. Moody. I didn't hear you come in."

Mr. Moody: "Of course not kid. You see I have some bad news. Your fired."

Clark jumps from his seat and walks over to Mr. Moody. He places his hands on his shoulders: "Sir, why?"

Mr. Moody: "I don't like weaklings, that's why."

Mr. Moody suddenly jerks around and low punches Clark in the stomach. Clark holds his stomach in pain: "Your...not...Mr. Moody."

Mr. Moody spins around and in a red and black flash he transforms into Timezone.

Timezone speaks with a mocking tone: "Oh you figured me out. Guess I shouldn't have punched you."

Clark let's go of his stomach: "I'm taking you out."

Timezone: "I don't think so."

He grabs Clark by the shoulders and throws him out of the window and it breaks as he goes through it. He starts to fall as he holds up his morpher: "Lightning Storm!"

(Lightning Red morphing sequence)

Red Ranger keeps falling and he lands somehow on his feet.

Red Ranger: "I better get back up there before he destroys the place."

Scene 5

Setting: Back in his office. Angela runs in hearing the noise.

Angela sees Timezone: "You!!! Where's Clark?"

Timezone: "He's gone and your next."

Angela holds up her morpher and has tears in her eyes: "I'll get you for this. Lightning Storm!"

(Lightning Yellow morphing sequence)

Timezone pulls out his blaster: "Let's see about that."

Red Ranger's voice: "Ok. I'm game."

Timezone is struck down from behind he turns to see Red Ranger holding his Lightning Sword. Red Ranger then runs over to Yellow Ranger.

Timezone holds up his free hand: "It's time for you all to die."

He fires his missle tip fingers and the Rangers are sent through the wall. They land on desk and everything else around them and pretty much total it. Everyone looks with intrest.

Yellow Ranger turns to them and waves her hand in a "get out of here" gesture: "Get going. It's to dangerous."

Everyone doesn't move until Timezone comes out firing his blaster. People then run and scream in fear.

Timezone: "Hahaha. They are weaklings. If you and the other Rangers want to finish this meet me at the beach in five minutes."

He teleports away in a black and red flame.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber. All the Rangers are standing before Zordon.

Zordon: "Rangers, you must stop Timezone before he is able to use his ultimate power."

Clark: "Got it Zordon. Lightning Storm!"

(Four way split screen of the Black, Blue, Pink, and Yellow morphing sequences)

(Lightning Red morphing sequence)

Scene 2

Setting: The beach. The Rangers arrive in front of Timezone and ten Skeletors.

Red Ranger: "Theres no leaving this time Timezone. No one will leave until this fight is finished."

Timezone: "Agreed. However, Skeletors leave I can handle them."

The Skeletors look at each other, shurg and leave in their fashion.

Timezone crosses his arms in front of him: "Things are about to get bigger for you power punks."

Timezone and the land around him is consumed in red and black flames as he grows.

The Ranges step back, hold up their right arms and yell: "Lightning Megazord power!"

(Five way split of Zord arrival.)

(Lightning Megazord transformation sequence)

Scene 3

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Ecliptor and Lord Cranston watch the fight.

Lord Cranston turns to Ecliptor: "Can he handle the Lightning Megazord?"

Ecliptor would smirk if his face could move: "Like the toys they are."

The both turns to the image as it closes up to......

Scene 4

Setting: The battle of the titans. The Lightning Megazord is punched in the chest and falls to the ground.

(Megazord cockpit scene) Sparks fly as the Rangers regain control. Blue Ranger: "That's it. Now I'm mad."

The Megazord fires a beam from the creasent moon on it's helement. Timezone sparks. The Lightning Megazord then fires lasers from the Fox head wrist lasers. Timezone falls in pain.

(Megazord cockpit scene) Red Ranger: "Lightning Megazord Saber!"

A beam appears in the Megazord's right hand and forms a saber.

(Megazord cockpit scene) Yellow Ranger pumps her right arm: "This ones mine. Lightning Strike!"

The Megazord is now in front of a gaint storm cloud and two golden lightning bolts strike the saber casting it in a golden glow. It then lowers down on Timezone. Theres an explosion.

(Megazord cockpit scene) Everyone except Red Ranger leap from their seats in joy. Pink Ranger turns to Red Ranger: "What's wrong Clark?"

(Megazord cockpit scene) Red Ranger turns to them: "Set down. He's not done yet."

(Megazord cockpit scene) Black Ranger looks at him: "What do you mean. Why nailed him with our best attack."

(Megazord cockpit scene) Red Ranger: "Which means nothing."

Suddenly a blast hits the Megazord in the torso and it falls to the ground.

Timezone walks forward holding his blaster: "You should listen to that leader of yours."

As the Megazord gets up Timezone fires both sets of finger tip missles. The Megazord once again falls and the Rangers fall to the ground from the Megazord's head.

All Rangers: "AAAAAHHHHH!!!"

They hit the ground on their backs and demorph.

Timezone: "Your toys are powerless against me."

Timezone begins to gather energy: "Now it's time to destroy you in my own fun way."

He holds his arms up and the energy shoots from them and takes the shape of a red and black vortex in the sky above. The Rangers fight against it as everything around them gets sucked in.

Timezone is unharmed or moved, as is the Megazord.

Rick yells: "I can't hold on!"

The Rangers are then sucked into the vortex and it closes behind them.

Timezone tilts his head back: "Hahaha! At last I've destroyed the Rangers."


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: Timezone closes the portal.

Timezone tilts his head back: "Hahaha! At last I've destroyed the Rangers."

He turns to the Megazord: "Time to have some fun."

He marches forward and grinds his foot into the back of the Megazord's back.

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. Lunar 7 and Zordon watch the Rangers getting sucked in.

Lunar 7 holds his head and shacks left to right: "Ay yi yi yi. What do we do now?"

Zordon: "I do not know. But for now we must get the Megazord out of there."

Luanr 7 runs to a control panel and presses a button: "Done Zordon."

Zordon: "Good, now we must have faith that the Rangers find a way back."

Scene 3

Setting: A city that looks like North Star City. But it's run down and small fires everywhere. It shows a close up of the Rangers lying face first on the ground. They cough and start to come to.

Clark looks around: "Where are we?"

Samantha: "Looks alot like North Star City."

Rick: "We got sucked into a vortex. How can we still be in North Star?"

Angela thinks then speaks up: "That's it! He sent us to another demention"

Rick: "But why?"

Clark steps forward: "Something's not right here."

A man's vocie is heard: "Run!! It's the Power Rangers."

People run in fear when they see the five Ranger wallking towards them. The unmorphed Rangers looks in shock. It shows a close up of Red, then Pink, then Black, then Yellow, and then Blue.

Michael: "This is getting crazy."

The Ranger doubles hold out their blasters and destroy buildings. Blue Ranger turns and fires at the Rangers. They fly from the explosion. Pink Ranger double steps up: "In case your new. When we attack you run in fear."

The Blue Ranger then turns to the right and sees a little boy stuck under a beam: "HAHAHA!! It's time to have fun."

Clark yells: "NO!"

Clark takes off runing and is covered in a red glow. He is now morphed and takes the blast.

Blue Ranger looks with shock: "Who are you?"

The other Rangers join Red Ranger in front of the boy.

Rick: "I think it's save to say we're not in North Star anymore."

Angela: "You watch too many movies."

Michael: "Enough. Lightning Storm!"

The other four glow their color and are transformed. Both groups of Rangers stand their looking at each other. Waiting for a move.

To Be Continued. . .

Narration: "Next time on Power Rangers Lightning Force."

Clip 1
Ecliptor's voice: "With the Rangers traped the city is ours."

A gaint Timezone, Darkonda, and Ecliptor attack the city.

Clip 2
The Rangers fight their clones.

Red Ranger: "We are the real Power Rangers. Your fakes."

Clip 3
Timezone confronts the evil Rangers.

Timezone: "Combine with me and have ultimate power."

Clip 4
Timezone's voice: "At last. I have reached ultimate power. No one can stop me now."

The five Rangers turn into energy and merge with Timezone.

Clip 5
The Rangers are tooken down by the powered up Timezone.

Clip 6
The Rangers hit the ground from an explosion within an explosion.

Clip 7
The Lgihtning Megazord takes on all three monsters at once.

Zordon's voice: "We must do our best to protect the city until the Rangers return."

Clip 8
The Rangers hold out their weapons before the warped Timezone.

Red Ranger: "You'll never defeat us.

Clip 9
The Rangers fall off a cliff from an explosion.

Narration: "On the next Power Rangers Lightning Force."

(Roll Credits)

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