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The Eastern Rangers
Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa return after being exiled by the Machine empire. They create a monster that imprisons the Zeo Rangers. Zordon must now recruit a new team of Rangers with a whole new kind of power to save the Zeo Rangers and the world.
Episode 1: The Begining
Episode 2: Larger than Life
Episode 3: Shadow of Doubt
Episode 4: Crystal Search
Episode 5: Takeover
Episode 6: Bring out the Big Guns
Episode 7: Timeline
Episode 8: The Power of Gold
Episode 9: Divided We Fall
Episode 10: The Darkest Day Part 1
Episode 11: The Darkest Day Part 2
Episode 12: The Darkest Day Part 3
Episode 13: Rise of Evil
Episode 14: Hostage Situation
Episode 15: Gridster Megazord
Episode 16: Power Theives
Episode 17: The Tide Turns
Episode 18: Final Battle Part 1
Episode 19: Final Battle Part 2

The Eastern Rangers: War of Time
In the year 3000 an team of scientist accidentally free Gridster. No one is able to stop him. It is up to Time Force to bring the Eastern Rangers to the future to save the world again.
Episode 1: Gridster's Escape
Episode 2: Big Problems
Episode 3: New Firepower
Episode 4: Gridster's New Toy
Episode 5: Save the Past Part 1
Episode 6: Save the Past Part 2
Episode 7: Thunder's End
Episode 8: Lost in the Tigris Dimention
Episode 9: New Power
Episode 10: Return to Earth
Episode 11: Gridster Destroyed
Episode 12: Isolation
Episode 13: Help Arrives
Episode 14: Followed Home
Episode 15: Promethium Rises
Tai is frustrated by the way things are going with the Rangers and quits. The Tigris Rebels restore the Promethium Ranger power and unleash it on the Earth. The Rangers must find a replacement for Tai and try to stop Promethium Ranger before he destroys everthing.

Fan Written Specials

Written by Crystal Ranger
Rivals From the Past Part 1
Rivals From the Past Part 2
With the Gridster Rangers back Gridster prepares thier Zords for their attack. The Eastern Rangers and Captain Logan try to come up with something that will be able to stop the new and improved Gridster Rangers. However when the Gridster Rangers attack thier plans are cut short. With thier new improved powers and soon to be Zords. Can the Eastern Rangers defeat the Gridster Rangers?

Fusion Mini-series
The Rangers are back in 1997 on a well deserved vacation. Unfortunatly a race of evil cyborgs have arrived. The Rangers powers are no match for the cyborgs, so they must develop a new way to fight off the invasion and save the world.
Episode 1: The Cyborgs Invade
Episode 2: The Power of Two
Episode 3: Resurection
Episode 4: Full Scale Assult
Episode 5: Defeat of the Cyborgs