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Power Rangers Lightning Force: Fanfic Crossover

by Crystal Ranger

Special 1

"Visitor's from the East, Part 1"

(Crystal Ranger's Note: This special includes the Power Rangers Lighting Force sometime after "Friend or Foe, Part 2" as well as the Eastern Rangers of the series by Joel Welsh/ Fire Ranger between "Return to Earth" and "Gridster Destroyed". It has no base point to the either show and is just for fun. The Victor from Lightning Force is called Victor Powers, only when the two group meet up. Enjoy the action!)

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: The year 3000. Inside Gridster's Palace Gridster sits at his throne.

Gridster with his head in his right hand: "Why can't one monster I create ever be strong enough to destroy the Eastern Rangers?"

Gridster suddenly jolts up suddenly alert: "Something is causing an inbalance in the Morphing Grid."

He gets up from his throne and heads to a corner where the Time Core sits on a pedastool: "However nothing in this year doesn't run on power from the Morphing Grid. Therefore it must be from the past."

He touches the Time Core. It gives off a projection with a yellow outline.

(Time Core screen:

Space Red is being pinned against the wall of the Dark Fortress by Cyber- Ecliptor.

Zordon: "Andros! Hurry, you must destroy my energy tube. Time is running out."

Space Red breaks free of Ecliptor and spins around striking Ecliptor with his Spiral Saber. Ecliptor spins to the ground with sparks flying.

Zordon: "Andros listen to me. It is your duty as a Power Ranger to save the Universe. Now is the time!"

Space Red holds up his Spiral Saber and preforms its finishing move shattering Zordon's energy tube.

Ecliptor stands up on one knee and yells as a gold glow comes from the shattered energy tube.

We then see several images of all the evil forces being turned to sand.)

Gridster pulls his hand back: "So, thats what it is. Zordon is finished. Hahahahaha!"

Suddenly his head jolts back up: "What's this?"

He touches the Time Core again.

(Time Core screen:

Zordon appears in his energy tube on Eltar.

Clark's eyes grow wide: "Zordon? The great Zordon. I thought you were defeated."

Zordon: "When my energy tube was shattered I lost contact with this universe. I was still in the Morphing Grid. From there I kept tabs on a great force. One more powerful then Dark Spector and all his forces combine."

Angela: "Who is that?"

Lunar 7 sees that Zordon is nerves: "That is not important. What is is that you were choosen by fate to hold a power used to defend the universe over millions of years ago."

We then see the most recent fight between Timezone and the Lightning Force Rangers, along with Lightning Hunter.)

Girdster takes his hand back: "Wait, if that Red Ranger destroyed him that far back, then why did I just now feel it?"

He taps his chin: "It must be an off balance due to me being in the future. Oh well. All this means is that for months Zordon is alive and well on Eltar."

Girdster then gets a look of fear on his face: "Wait a minute! He was talking about the Lightning Force powers. Thats the greatest power there is. Not even I can stand up to it. that must mean the the evil being is none other than.........."

{Lightning Force Opening Scene Special: We first see the planet Earth in the year 3000. We then see a quick image of Gridster followed by the Eastern Rangers taking down Destroyers. We then see a quick green flash as the Eastern Rangers power up to their Ultimate Power and Lithium Ranger and Thunder Ranger are standing with them. We then see Eltar and The Lightning Force Rangers fighting Skeletors and Prince Cranston. Next there is a monster standing with Destroyers and Skeletors. After that we see a quick flash as both teams of Rangers stand side by side morphed and ready to fight. Then to finish we see all four Zords fly into the air and look as if they are about to do something.}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The Moon Palace in 3000. Gridster paces back and forth.

Gridster: "I can not believe this. Ever since he was thought to be destroyed I was known as the strongest warrior for the side of evil. Before that I was only known as the second best. What can I do to reclaim my title?"

Gridster stops pacing: "If I could ally myself with him and destroy the Lightning Force maybe I'll reclaim the title. However, I can not even stand up to the Lightning Force power. What monster could I create that could stand up to them?"

A Destroyer steps up: "Master, you and the Rangers are holders of two of the strongest powers. Why not combine your powers with theres to create a super monster."

Gridster: "Perfect. I must make contact with my old 'friend'."

He goes over to the Time Core and touches it. A screen appears before him and shows the throne room of the Sky Carrier from its Viewing Screen.

Lord Cranston gets up from his throne: "Who are you and why do you contact us?"

Man in the shadows: "That is Gridster. The second strongest warrior in evil next to me."

Gridster: "Yes, well I have a idea to run by you."

Man in the shadows: "I'm listening."

Gridster: "You see I have a little bet to run by you."

Man in the shadows getting angry: "What might that be?"

Gridster: "You see. I wish to reclaim myself as the top warrior of evil. I'm creating a super monster with the powers of me and the Elemental Power Coins."

Man in the shadows: "You found the coins. There second to only the Lightning Force in power!"

Gridster: "I don't have them. I'm fighting improved powers of theres here in the year 3000 on Earth. My thought is. If my monster can defeat the Lightning Force Rangers where your monsters have failed. Then you will let it be known that I am the strongest warrior there is."

Man in the shadows: "A stupid little bet for power and title. However I would love to see you fail as badly as you did against Morphster. So I agree. Send the monster to me as soon as you are done."

Gridster: "Agreed."

He removes his hand and the screen vanishes.

Scene 2

Setting: The Sky Carrier. They have just ended the transmission.

Man in the shadows: "That fool. Even if his monster does destroy the Rangers, I'll destroy him."

Prince Cranston turns to the shadowed part of the room: "Then why agree?"

Man in the shadows: "Even if Gridster is foolish, his monsters can be pretty powerful. Besides with the powers of the great Elemental Coins combined with his powers, might stand a chance."

Scene 3

Setting: Girdster's Palace in 3000.

Gridster looks at the Earth: "All I have to do is send a monster to copy their energy."

He waves his hand and a monster appears. There is not much to him. He has a bulky brown body, For hands he has magnetic claws. His eyes are yellow and no mouth. It has very thin arms and legs that somehow hold him up: "I am Copycat, what do you wish of me."

Gridster waves his hand and Destroyers surround Copycat: "Take them and copy the powers of the Rangers in thier most powerful form. Then get it back to me right away."

Copycat bows: "Yes my master."

Copycat leaps into the air and vanishes as Destroyers leave as lightning bolts.

Scene 4

Setting: The Sky Carrier.  Lord Cranston sits in his throne. Prince Cranston stands behind him. Ecliptor and Darkonda stand to the side.

Man in the shadows: "Well that fool prepares his super monster we shall attack with our own plan. All of you are going to attack.

Prince Cranston steps forward: "Isn't that a bit drastic?"

Man in the shadows fires a blast at him and knocks him down. He yells: "NEVER! I MEAN NEVER QUESTION ME AGAIN!"

Prince Cranston gets up: "Yes master."

Scene 5

Setting: Vertical screen. A black shadow is on the right and Gridster is on the left.

Man in the shadows and Gridster together: "LET THE GAMES BEGIN!"


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: On Earth in 3000. Copycat and the Destroyers arrive in thier fashions.

Copycat looks around: "Trash the city and the Rangers will show themselves."

Destroyers open fire with their weapons. Buldings crumble and people run in fear.

Scene 2

Setting: Time Force Headquarters. The Eastern Rangers watch the events going on with Captain Logan.

Logan turns to them: "You have to get out there. Theres a strange energy source about him."

Victor nods: "Right Captain."

The six Rangers step forth and yell: "It's Morphin Time!"

(Five way split of Time Eastern Rangers morphing sequnce)

(Gold Lithium morphing sequnce)

Scene 3

Setting: The city. As people run in fear the Rangers run past them. They stop right in front of Copycat and Destroyers.

Orange Fire Ranger: "Thats far enough Copycat!"

Blue Lighting Ranger: "Lets hurry up and take him out."

Copycat: "Not so fast. Destroyers" yells" CHARGE!"

Purple Amethyst Ranger: "Lets take care of them fast."

Orange Fire Ranger: "Fire Staff, power up!"

Blue Lightning Ranger: "Lightning Strikers, power up!"

White Diamond Ranger: "Diamond Cutter, power up!"

Purple Amethyst Ranger: "Amethyst Blaster, power up!"

Black Onyx Ranger: "Onyx Chargers, power up!"

Gold Lithium Ranger: "Lithium Saber, power up!"

Orange Fire Ranger: "FIRE!"

The Rangers charge up their weapons at the Destroyers. However Copycat's claws come rushing up and take the energy. The claws then come back to Copycat.

Copycat: "Not a bad start. Now lets finish this."

Black Onyx Ranger: "Guess we take it the hands on way."

The group of Rangers and Destroyers head into a fight. Orange Fire knocks four down with his staff. Blue Lightning rushes through a group of five striking them with his Strikers. White Diamond throws the Cutter choping the heads off of six. Purple Amethyst and Black Onyx fire their wepons taking down another set of eight. Gold Lithium rushes through and in several quick gold flashes the remaining Destroyers collapse.

The Rangers gather in front of Copycat.

White Diamond Ranger: "Now its your turn."

Purple Amethyst goes in to fire a blast but Black Onyx Ranger blocks her: "Wait, he can absorb energy attacks. We have to try the hands on fighting. Or at least keep him busy so that he doesn't notice."

Copycat: "You think your tough....."

Copycat trust his claw hands forward and two more split from each hand. They hook to a Ranger and they glow their own color.

Gold Lithium Ranger struggles: "AAAHHHH! That does it!"

He holds up the Lithium Saber. He's about to strike when all the claw retreat. The Rangers fall to the ground on thier knees.

Copycat laughs: "Hahahaha. No you know why they call me Copycat."

White Diamond Ranger: "I don't believe it. He copied our Ranger powers."

Scene 4

Setting: North Star City in Eltar. Lord Cranston, Prince Cranston, Ecliptor, and Darkonda march side by side firing at every building and person in their path.

Lord Cranston laughs while firing: "I should have done this long ago."

Victor's voice: "Stop right there!"

The villians turn to see the six Rangers standing there.

Angela: "This stops now."

Samantha: "We'll take you clowns down for good."

All 5 Rangers yell: "Lightning Storm!"

Victor at the same time yells: "Hunter Storm!"

(Six way split morphing sequnce)

Lord Cranston points his sword at them: "Charge!"

The Rangers break up and take on a villain Yellow Ranger tangles with Ecliptor. She jumps in with a spin kick. Ecliptor blocks the attack and fires his eye beams at her. Yellow then jumps to her feet holding her sword. They clash weapons, but Ecliptor gains the upper hand by kneeing her in the stomach.

Darkonda and Blue Ranger match sword and claw strikes. Blue Ranger aims his claw to try and grab Darkonda's waist, but Darkonda warps behind him and deals out a dozen quick slashes to Blue Rangers back. He falls but fires his blaster on the way. This does more for Darkonda than for Blue Ranger as Darkonda reflects them right back at him.

Pink Ranger and Black Ranger jump back to miss a punch from Prince Cranston. Prince Cranston take off two pieces of his chain hair and they enlongate and wrap around the two Rangers. He then sends energy through them. The Rangers get shocked and are on their knees.

Pink Ranger holds up her Lightning Whip: "This is how he wants to play? Fine."

She wraps the whip around his hands to break his hold but he fires eye beams that stops it short. He then flings the two Rangers in the air.

Lightning Hunter and Red Ranger face off with Lord Cranston. All three have their weapons in hand. Red Ranger goes in to strike but Lord Cranston blocks the attack and pushes him to the ground. Lightning Hunter comes in. The two warriors block attacks. Lightning Hunter then gets him in a sleeper hold as Red Ranger strikes him with his sword. Lightning Hunter then lets go. They barly see thier attack did no good before Lord Cranston strikes them to the ground.

Scene 5

Setting: Earth, 3000. The Eastern Rangers get blowen to the ground by an explosion.

Orange Fire Ranger tries to get up but falls: "How can we beat something that can copy powers?"

Black Onyx Ranger snaps his fingers: "Yeah, but if you over load something it can short out."

Gold Lithium Ranger: "All we have to do is power up."

The Rangers get up.

Copycat prepares a beam of energy between his claws in front of his chest: "Prepare to meet your maker!"

Orange Fire, Blue Lightning, White Diamond, Purple Amethyst, Black Onyx yell: "WE NEED ULTIMATE POWER, NOW!"

(Ultimate Eastern Rangers Trasformations all at once.)

Gold Lithium Ranger:"THUNDER SPLIT!"

(Thunder Split sequnce)

Copycat: "Die!"

He fires the beam but the Rangers knock it aside.

Ultimate Fire Ranger: "This ends now Copycat."

The Rangers charge. Ultimate Fire sweeps the legs out from under him. While on the ground Ultimate Lightning and Ulitmate Onyx elbow drop him. Copycat is finally getting up when White Diamond comes up from the right and Purple Amethyst from the left. They jump into the air and spin into a spin air kick kicking him to the ground. Thunder and Lithium then come running up sabers ready and strike him in the sides. However as he starts to spark it stops.

Copycat laughs as he pulls the energy into his claw type hands: "Now to finish what I came here to do."

His hand claws split up again and each attach to a Ranger. They fall to thier knees flashing green or for the two Gold Rangers, gold. Copycat soon stops and pulls his claws back. The Rangers fall to the ground in pain.

Ultimate Lightning Ranger suddenly gets up: "He must have only copied our powers again, becasue I fell fine."

The others then follow.

Ultimate Onyx Ranger: "Then why did it affect us last time?"

Ultimate Amethyst Ranger: "No idea."

Gold Thunder Ranger: "This ends now!"

Copycat closes his eyes and focuses his power in front of his chest. A multi colored orb colored green and the other Eastern Ranger colors, with a massive size its glow shines on their vasors.

Copycat snaps his fingers and a Destroyer appears. He hands the orb to the Destroyer: "Get it out of here. I'll continue to fight the Rangers."

The Destroyer nods and leaves as a lightning bolt.

Copycat turns back to the Rangers: "Now lets finish this little game."

He begins to march towards the Rangers.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Eltar. The Lightning Force Rangers huddle together.

Lightning Hunter fires his blaster but each shot just hits the ground in front of the monsters and does nothing.

Lightning Hunter: "Whatta way to go!"

Suddenly the evil group leaves as black mist coming up from the ground.

Red Ranger steps forth in shock: "What happened?"

Pink Ranger confussed tilts her head to the right: "Why would they leave when they had us at thier mercy?"

Lightning Hunter: "We should just get out of here before they come back."

They all nod and teleport away.

Scene 2

Setting: Earth, 3000. At Gridster's Palace. He stands before the Time Core and Orb of energy.

Gridster gloats to the Destroyers: "The time has come!"

He touches the Orb with a glowing blue hand. The Orb's size increases. It leaves his hand and takes the form of a monster.

The monsters basic color is green. He wears purple shoulder pads, elbow pads, and back hand covers. On his legs are white knee pads, and hip pads. On his left knee is a piece of cut up scarf colored white, and on the right is one colored blue. On his back rest a sword. His eyes are shaped like little blazes of fire. On his finger tips are little black Onyx stones that look like nails. On his right peck is a gold thunder cloud and on the left peck is a black thunder cloud. All over the rest of his body are small needle type objects shaped like lightning bolts.

Monster bows to Gridster: "Oh great master, I'm ready to fight for you."

Gridster: "Great Elemental. Go to Earth and destroy Copycat. After that test your power on the Eastern Rangers."

Elemental: "Yes sire!"

He leaves as a green flame pulling up from the ground.

Scene 3

Setting: The Sky Carrier in Eltar's skys. The villains arrive the same way they left.

Lord Cranston looks around: "What are we doing back here?"

Man in the shadows: "I brought you back because Gridster is testing his monster on that other group of Rangers. I thought you'd like to watch this."

Lord Cranston sits in his throne. Prince Cranston stands behind him. Ecliptor and Darkonda stand next to them. The main screen shows Earth in 3000, leading us to......

Scene 4

Setting: The battle with Copycat and Eastern Rangers.

Ultimate Onyx strikes down Copycat: "Without that copied energy you're nothing."

Elemental appears in a green flame pulling up from the ground.

Copycat turns to him: "You must be the monster that was created from their energies."

Elemental nods: "Yes, I'm Elemental. I am to destroy you and test my power on the Rangers."

Copycat steps back: "Wait a minute!"

Elemental holds up his right hand and it glows orange. He sends a beam of fire at Copycat that destroys him.

Ultimate Diamond steps back in fear: "What power!"

Gold Thunder Ranger: "We have to take him out quick."

The Rangers charge Elemental. Ultimate Amethyst throws a punch only to have it blocked and elbowed in the gut. Ultimate Diamond tries to roundhouse kick him, only he grabs her foot and slams her to the ground. Ultimate Lightning and Ultimate Onyx try to sneak up on him but he turns, pulling back his hand, and opens fire on them with a pair of lightning bolts.

Elemental lowers his hand and pulls out his sword: "Who else wishes to try?"

Gold Thunder Ranger steps up with his counterpart, both holding their Sabers: "We will!"

The two charge, however mid way their theres a gold flash that causes them to become one Ranger. Gold Lithium continues to charge. The two block sword, but with his free hand Elemental fires black Onyx stones from his finger nails striking Gold Lithium in the chest making him fall. He then turns to Ultimate Fire and fires fire beams from his eyes. He is sent flying and hits the ground hard.

Elemental laughs as they regroup: "I'll test one last thing before I go."

He holds up both hands and fires two types of beams. His right hand fires Amethyst crystals and the left Diamonds. They hit the Rangers and they fly through the air. They land on the ground and demorph.

Elemental laughs as he leaves: "You're just to weak." he completely vanishes.

The Rangers pick themselves up.

Victor holds his shoulder: "Something tells me that the worst is yet to come."


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: 3000. Gridster's Palace. He is talking with everyone on the Sky Carrier.

Gridster: "I'm sending Elemental now. When he is ready I'll send Destroyers."

Ecliptor: "That will not be needed. We have the Skeletors."

Gridster nods: "Ah yes, them! Very well. I'll only send them if needed. I'm sending him now."

He touches the Time Core and a green portal with purple trim opens and Elemental goes through it. Once he is gone the portal closes. Gridster ends his transmission.

Gridster walks over to his throne and laughs: "Hahahahaha! Soon I'll reclaim my title as the strongest evil. Mwhahahaha!"

Scene 2

Setting: Time Force Headquarters. The Rangers are talking with Captain Logan.

Logan sighs: "With this Elemental being made from copied powers of you and Gridster I don't think it will be easy to defeat him."

An Agent comes running up: "Sir! Gridster has just sent the monster to the past. A planet called Eltar I think."

Logan and the Rangers get worried looks on their faces.

Victor: "That's Zordon's home world. Why would he be there?"

Logan: "Becasue there is another group of Rangers there. I just wish I knew why he would attack them."

Karen waves her hands and not sounding or acting like herself says: "I say this is great news. Let that team worry about that thing."

Tai: "For once we agree one hundred percent on something."

Agent: "Sorry Lightning Ranger and Amethyst Ranger, but not even that team alone can defeat him. However if you go back in time to help, perhaps you can all defeat him."

Logan gets a complexed look: "I hate tampering with time but theres no choice. Prepare yourselfs, your going back through time again."

To Be Continued. . .

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