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Power Rangers Lightning Force: Fanfic Crossover

by Crystal Ranger

Special 2

"Visitor's from the East, Part 2"

(Crystal Ranger's Note: This special includes the Power Rangers Lighting Force sometime after "Friend or Foe, Part 2" as well as the Eastern Rangers of the series by Joel Welsh/ Fire Ranger between "Return to Earth" and "Gridster Destroyed". It has no base point to the either show and is just for fun. The Victor from Lightning Force is called Victor Powers, only when the two groups meet up. Enjoy the action!)

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: 3000 in Time Force Headquarters. The Eastern Rangers stand there with Captain Logan and the Agent.

Logan: "I don't really like changing time, but in this matter we have no choice. We'll just have to use the Time Jets. I only hope that they handle better this time around."

Tai crosses his arms: "Your telling me. That last ride was brutal."

Kara: "We'll go prep the Time Jets and Warriorzord."

The Rangers turns and walk out the metal sliding door.

The Agent turns to Captain Logan: "Why not tell them that thier leader Zordon is there. They'll suspect something once they see him."

Logan gives the agent a stern look: "Because, the less they know about the epic battle that is to take place in 1998 the better."

The Agent tilts his head: "Why sir?"

Logan: "Because, knowing them they'll want to try and stop it. Which I will not allow."

Logan looks at the Agent: "Now if you don't mind I must contact them and tell them of the monster and the Rangers arrival."

The Agent nods and walks off. Captain Logan pushes a few buttons on the screen in front of him. It flickers and the Power Chamber on Eltar is showen. the Lightning Force Rangers, unmorphed, along with Lunar 7 and Zordon are showen."

Logan: "Hello, can you hear me?"

Everyone inside the Power Chamber turns to see Captain Logan's face and seemed shocked.

{Lightning Force Opening Scene Special: We first see the planet Earth in the year 3000. We then see a quick image of Gridster followed by the Eastern Rangers taking down Destroyers. We then see a quick green flash as the Eastern Rangers power up to their Ultimate Power and Lithium Ranger and Thunder Ranger are standing with them. We then see Eltar and The Lightning Force Rangers fighting Skeletors and Prince Cranston. Next there is a monster standing with Destroyers and Skeletors. After that we see a quick flash as both teams of Rangers stand side by side morphed and ready to fight. Then to finish we see all four Zords fly into the air and look as if they are about to do something.}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber. Everyone watches Logan's face.

Zordon answers: "Yes we read you. I am Zordon. Who might you be."

Logan: "I am Captain Logan of the police force called Time Force for the planet Earth in the year 3000. I've made contact with you to warn you of a monster created by a anicent being, that you may know of Zordon. Does Gridster ring a bell?"

Zordon acturally shows surprise in his face: "Gridster is alive?"

Logan: "Yes. In another parallel time he is freed by Lord Zedd and his wife Rita Repulsa. The Elemental powers are called forth to battle him. They defeat him but he escapes in the year 3000. We bring the holds of the powers to the year 3000 to battle him once more. However Gridster has created a super monster with the copied powers of himself and the Eastern Rangers. He has sent him to Eltar in your time. Our Rangers and your Rangers will not be able to stop him."

Rick looks on in concern: "If niether team can stop him then we're all doomed."

Logan: "The reason I contacted you is because we're sending the Eastern Rangers to help you. However we must ask that you do not tell them of the epic battle that takes place in 1998."

Clark: "How come sir?"

Logan: "Because it may change time and history, even in another time demention. Together both teams will be able to defeat the monster Elemental."

Zordon shakes his head: "Very well. We will do what we can to hold him off. Then once the Eastern Rangers arrive we will make our battle plan."

Logan: "Also, we were hoping you might have a place they can store their Zords."

Angela: "We do have a hanger bellow this Power Chamber with room in it."

Zordon: "Everything is ready. We await your word."

Logan nods and says: "Very well. I'll contact you when they leave." and vanishes.

Victor: "Lets hope that monster isn't as powerful as they say."

Samantha: "I'll say. If he teams up with Lord Cranston who knows what they could do."

Scene 2

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Everyone stands around with Elemental in the middle.

Lord Cranston taps the side of his head: "Something tells me you're just what we need to finish off those good for nothing Rangers."

Man in the shadows: "Perhaps. I've seen too many of Gridsters plans fail before. I highly doubt this one will do any better."

Elemental rushes to the shadowed end of the room: "How dare you insult my master like that. I'll destroy you for doing so."

Man in the shadows: "Do so and you will never have the chance to battle the Rangers."

Elemental shrinks back in fear: "Yes sir!"

Ecliptor: "What should we do first?"

Man in the shadows: "Easy. We attack. Ecliptor, I want you to draw out the Red Ranger. Just to make sure the Rangers don't over power Elemental."

Ecliptor bows: "As you wish sir."

Ecliptor leaves as a green ball of energy.

Elemental turns to the shadowed man: "What of me?"

Man in the shadows: "Attack the other four Rangers and the Lightning Hunter."

Elemetnal bows: "As you wish."

Elemental leaves as a green flame pulling up from the ground.

Scene 3

Setting: The streets of North Star City. It is seems to be in the center of the heart of the city. Around what would pass as the "sides" of a the square are business offices. One however appears to be City Hall. In the center is a squared off yard outlined by a sidewalk with several pathes leading into the grass. In the center is a statue of a man in tribale cloths.

Elemental appears on top of the statue and starts to fire Diamond and Amthyst beams at the surrounding areas as he laughs: "Hahahaha! This should draw out those Rangers."

Lightning Hunter's voice: "Careful what you wish for."

Elemental turns to see the Rangers, standing there ready to fight.

Red Ranger steps forward and taps his forehead: "I think you may be the one those Earth people warned us about."

Pink Ranger: "He doesn't look like much."

Suddenly a green ball of energy tackles Red Ranger to the ground. The ball becomes Ecliptor: "We have unfinished business Red Ranger."

Red Ranger gets up: "Agreed. Lets take this some place else."

Red Ranger turns and runs across the street in front of City Hall. Ecliptor follows and they begin to fight.

The Rangers and Elemental look at them go at it.

Black Ranger: "Some leader we have."

Lightning Hunter: "Let him take care of Ecliptor. We have this guy to deal with."

The Rangers turn back to Elemental.

Yellow Ranger: "You're going down creep."

Elemental chuckles: "Heh heh heh heh! Lets see that."

Yellow Ranger jumps into the air and lands with a stiff spin kick, but Elemental grabs her foot and forearm back hands her in the back of the knee. She screams in pain and hits the ground. Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger charge and fake punch him to distract him in order to kick him, but Elemental doesn't buy this and slashes them across the chest with his claws. Sparks fly as they land on the ground. Black Ranger charges with his sword. Elemental jumps in the sky above him and fires two beams from his eyes. Black Ranger gets blasted in the back and hits the ground face first.

Elemental turns to Lightning Hunter: "Your next."

Scene 4

Setting: The fight with Ecliptor and Red Ranger.

Red Ranger blocks a spin kick with a stiff forearm head vertically. He then back flips and pulls out his blaster. Ecliptor fills his sword with green energy. Red Ranger jumps into the air and front flips firing his blaster. Ecliptor uses his charged sword as a energy whip. Each blast hits the ground and causes Red Ranger to hit the ground as well as Ecliptor.

Red Ranger gets up with a burnt suit: "You've gotten better Grid Man, but your still no match for the Red Lightning Force Ranger."

Ecliptor holds his sword before him in an attack angle: "You've also improved. I'll enjoy destroying you."

Red Ranger: "You couldn't beat the Space Rangers of KO-35. What makes you think you can defeat us?"

Ecliptor get mad and his eyes glow red: "How dare you!"

He fires red eye beams and the two charge again. Red Ranger goes for a back hand punch, only to get gutter punched and sent into one of the stone pillars out front of the steps. He flys through it and gets back up. He shakes his head and sees the others across the street getting blasted to the ground.

Red Ranger punches his own hand: "That's it Ecliptor. I don't have time to play around."

Red Ranger cartwheel jumps into the air and lands on his Lightning Cycle that has suddenly appeared.

Ecliptor looks on, if his eyes could move they would be narrrow: "Just try me Red Ranger."

Red Ranger revs his motor: "See ya Ecliptor!"

Red Raanger revs the motor: "Lightning Cannonball!"

Red Ranger revs up his cycle and drives at Ecliptor. It becomes a ball of red light and shoots forward like it was fired out of a cannon as it goes through Ecliptor. Red Ranger and his cycle appear behind him. Explosions erupt from his body as Ecliptor hits the ground in an explosion.

Red Ranger turns to the other battle: "Hold on guys I'm coming."

He gets off his cycle and runs to help the others. Ecliptor begins to rise from the smoke.

Ecliptor looks at his scarred body: "Our battle is far from over Red Ranger. One day I'll destroy you."

Ecliptor holds his arms out and leaves as a green ball of light.

Scene 5

Setting:  3000 on Earth. Inside the Time Jet cockpit location. The unmorphed Eastern Rangers stand with Captain Logan and several other officers. The Eastern Rangers stand before their time Jets with their cockpits open.

Logan: "Once you are ready we will open the Time Portal, we've created it using your powers so that it will lock on to you at all times."

Tai shrinks his head back and holds his head back: "Can you speak english please man."

Joe turns his head to him: "He means if anything goes wrong we can take control of the Time Portal ourselves using our Ranger powers."

Karen: "How can that be possible. How can you create a Time Portal that can do that?"

Logan: "We didn't, your friend did."

Kara: "Awesome. Timeline comes through again."

Victor turns to the others: "Let's go guys. It's Morphin Time!"

(Skip morphing sequences. They just flash their own color and are morphed.)

Orange Fire Ranger turns to them all and nod: "Lets take that monster."

Orange Fire jumps and lands in his cockpit.

Blue Lightning Ranger also jumps into his: "Lets teach him to use our powers for evil."

The others jump into thier own cockpits and they all close.

Logan turns to an agent: "Open hanger bay door."

Agent: "Opening now sir!"

The Agent turns and pushes a button on a consule. The door lowers and the Time Jets fire up. They build up pressure and launch out of the holding bay.

(Orange cockpit) Orange Fire Ranger presses a button: "Opening Time Portal!"

The others press their buttons and a portal opens. It's a spiral twisted color portal, the colors are that of the Rangers, orange, blue, white, purple, black, and gold. The Jets fly through and the portal closes.

Logan looks on as the portal closes: "Good luck Eastern Rangers and Lightning Force Rangers. You'll need it."

Suddenly an officer with a clipboard comes running in: "Sir! We have just discovered something."

Logan turns to the officer: "What is that?"

The officer hands him the clipboard still in shock: "This sir."

Logan takes the board and looks at it. His eyes grow big and his face grows pale: "He's there. We have it recorded that he was destroyed."

Officer: "I appears we were wrong sir."

Logan: "This is not good. I doubt even with both teams there none of them will be able to stand up to..........."


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Gridster's Palace in the year 3000. Gridster watches the Eastern Rangers going through the Time Portal.

Gridster slams his fist on the railing: "NO! If they help the Lightning Force Rangers I'll never reclaim my title."

Gridster walks over to the Time Core and puts his hand on it. An image of the Sky Carriers main room is seen.

(Time Core screen) Man in the shadows: "What do you want Gridster?"

Girdster: "The Eastern Rangers are being sent back to help out those other Rangers. I'm sending Destroyers to help Elemental in the battle."

(Time Core screen) Man in the shadows: "Very well. The combined powers of the Skeletors, Destroyers, and Elemental we should have no problems destroying the Rangers."

Gridster nods: "Very well then."

Gridster removes his hand and the screen vanishes. He then places it back on the Time Core and this time a portal opens.

Gridster turns to a large group of Destroyers: "Go through the portal and do what they command you to do."

The robots walk through the portal. Once they all go through Gridster closes the portal.

Gridster: "Hahahaha! This plan of mine might, no will work out after all."

Scene 2

Setting: The battle on Eltar. All the Rangers are on the ground except Red Ranger. Red Ranger ducks a punch and throws one of his own.

Elemental steps back: "You fight well, to bad I have to destroy you."

Red Ranger holds up his Lightnig Sword: "I don't see that happening you gaint wind bag."

Elemental becomes outraged: "How dare you speak to me that way."

With that Elemental fires fire beams from his eyes. Red Ranger tries to jumps from them but gets struck down none the less. Elemental then moves in for the kill: "This was easier than I thought."

He holds up his sword ready to strike when he gets blasted from behind. He turns to see the six Time Jets flying at him.

(Purple cockpit) Purple Amethyst Ranger: "Looks like we got here just in time guys!"

(Orange cockpit) Orange Fire Ranger: "Let's land and give them a hand."

The Jets land and the Eastern Rangers jumps out.

Elemental turns to them: "What are you doing here?"

Blue Lightning Ranger: "We're here to send you packing."

Elemental looks behind him and sees the Lightning Force Rangers getting to thier feet: "I'll deal with the likes of you twelve later."

Elemental teleports as a green flame pulling up from the ground.

The Lightning Force Rangers walk over to the Eastern Rangers as they power down.

Clark: "Are you the Eastern Rangers?"

Eastern Rangers: "Power Down!"

The Eastern Rangers demorph.

Victor shakes Clark's hand: "Thats us. I'm Victor, the Fire Ranger."

Tai waves: "I'm called Tai, the Blue Lightning Ranger."

Kara: "I'm the White Diamond Ranger, but you can call me Kara."

Karen: My name is Karen, the Purple Amethyst."

Joe nods: "The name is Joe, Black Onyx Ranger at your service."

Max points at his morpher: "I'm Max, the Gold Lithium Ranger."

Victor Powers: "Thats nice and all, but we should save this all for when we get back to the Power Chamber. Odds are they'll strike again."

Max: "Climb in the Jets, they'll get us there faster."

Rick: "Sweet!"

Each Eastern Rangers climb in their Time Jets and the Lightning Force Rangers climb in the cockpit of their matching Eastern Ranger.

The Time Jets start up and after a few moments take off towards the Power Chamber.

Scene 3

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Elemental, Destroyers, and Skeletors stand before everyone.

Lord Cranston: "With such a large number for one attack seems like over doing it if you ask me."

Darkonda crosses his amrs: "No one did ask you."

Lord Cranston gets up and turns to Darkonda: "You best watch your mouth mutant."

Darkonda doesn't respond, he just turns and leaves the room.

Man in the shadows: "Lets get back to bussiness, go Elemental and destroy both teams, or feel my wrath."

Elemental bows: "At once sir!"

Elemental leaves as a green flame pulling up from the ground. The Destroyers vansih as lightning bolts and the Skeletors leave in thier fashion.

Scene 4

Setting: The Power Chamber. Both groups of Rangers stand with Lunar 7 before Zordon. The Lightning Force Ranger just finished introducing himself

Joe checks out Lunar 7: "Amazing, he looks almost like Alpha 5's twin."

Lunar 7: "Close, I'm Lunar 7, designed to look like the one you call Alpha 5."

Victor Powers: "We have to find a way to stop that monster. He cleaned the floor with us."

Max: "He did the same to us as well. Lets hope our combined powers are enough."

Karen turns to Zordon: "Um Zordon, I was just did you get from Earth to Eltar?"

The Lightning Force Rangers and Zordon seem nerves. Finally Zordon speaks: "Sorry Karen, however I am afriad I can not tell you."

Karen looks down: "I understand."

Clark: "If we fight together we should be able to handle the monster, our only problem is if it grows."

Victor turns to Zordon: "He's right Zordon. If he grows I doubt our Time Jet Megazord will stand up to him."

Zordon: "Do not worry about that for know. Allow Lunar and myself to handle that problem, should it happen."

Suddenly alarms go off. Luanr 7 runs to the controls and press buttons. The viewing globe shows the image of Elemental, Skeletors, and Destroyers attacking the city as people run and scream in fear.

Clark steps up as the Lightning Force Rangers hold up their morphers. Clark: "Ready everyone?"

Rick: "Let's do this."

Michael: "Lets kick some butt."

Smantha: "Lets teach him to mess with the Power Rangers."

Angela: "Lets do it already."

Victor Powers: "Time to rock."

Clark yells: "Lightning Storm!"

Victor yells: Hunter Storm!"

(Lightning Force Red morphing sequence)

(Lightning Force Yellow morphing sequence)

(Lightning Force Black morphing sequence)

(Lightning Force Pink morphing sequence)

(Lightning Force Blue morphing sequence)

(Lightning Hunter morphing sequence)

Victor as the Eastern Rangers hold up their morphers: "Ready?"

Other Eastern Rangers: "Lets do it!"

The Eastern Rangers yell: "It's Morphin' Time!"

(Time Fire morphing sequence)

(Time Lightning morphing sequence)

(Time Diamond morphing sequence)

(Time Amethyst morphing sequence)

(Time Onyx morphing sequence)

(Gold Lithium morphing sequence)

The twelve Rangers stand fully morphed.

Red Ranger turns to Orange Fire Ranger: "Lets do this."

Orange Fire Ranger turns to him: "Ready when you are."

Zordon: "Good luck Rangers."


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The city. Elemental, Skeletors, and Destroyers attack everything in site. People run and scream in fear as explosions erupt everywhere. The Rangers all run past the scared humans and stop before the monsters and robots.

Scared Human 1 as he stops and points: "Look, its the Power Rangers."

Sacred Human 2: "Theres two groups of Rangers."

Scared Human 3: "With two groups those monsters won't now what hit them, now lets get out of here."

The three humans start running again. In a matter of moments the whole area is clear except the Rangers, Elemental, Skeletor, and Destroyers.

Elemental points at the Rangers: "You should have all ran when you had the chance."

Black Onyx Ranger: "Not going to happen."

Red Ranger: "Ok Rangers, sound off!"

Red Ranger poses: "Lightning Force Red!"

Yellow Ranger poses: "Lightning Force Yellow!"

Black Ranger poses: "Lightning Force Black!"

Pink Ranger poses: "Lightning Force Pink!"

Blue Ranger poses: "Lightning Force Blue!"

Lightning Hunter poses: "Lightning Hunter!"

Orange Fire Ranger poses: "Orange Fire Eastern Ranger!"

Blue Lightning Ranger poses: "Blue Lightning Eastern Ranger!"

White Diamond Ranger poses: "White Diamond Eastern Ranger!"

Purple Amethyst Ranger poses: "Purple Amethyst Eastern Ranger!"

Black Onyx Ranger poses: "Black Onyx Eastern Ranger!"

Gold Lithium Ranger poses: "Gold Lithium Eastern Ranger!"

All twelve Rangers yell: "POWER RANGERS!" as an explosion erupts behind them.

Elemental crosse his arms and turns his head: "Your nothing compared to my powers. Destroyers, Skeletors, ATTACK!"

With this command the Destroyers and Skeletors charge to attack the Rangers.

Red Ranger: "Pair off and attack."

All other Rangers: "Right!"

Orange Fire Ranger and Red Ranger team up to take down six Skeletors as well as Destroyers. Orange Fire Ranger front flips into the air and lands in a cart wheel finishing it with a kick to one Skeletors head, all in one swift motion. He lands and sweeps the legs out from under another Skeletor then finishes it by elbow droping it in the stomach. He then gives a swift side kick to another Skeletors stomach. Red Ranger then gives a judo flip to two other Skeletors. Red Ranger then turns and punches the last one in the side of its head.  The two then turn to the Destroyers and hold up thier blasters opening fire taking them down.

Blue Lightning Ranger and Blue Ranger both jump into the air side by side and each kick a Destroyer in the stomach, as they land they knock the legs out from under two Skeletors. Blue Lightning Ranger then gives a swift upper cut to another Skeletor. Blue Ranger forearm blocks an attack from another and then gutter punches it across the street. Blue Lightnign Ranger sees four Destroyers on oppostie sides of the two of them.

Blue Lightning Ranger turns to Michael: "Michael, jump!"

Blue Rangers sees what he means and the two jump as the Destroyers fire their blasters, the attacks hit each other destroying them. The two Rangers land and high five each other. Blue Ranger: "You got some good moves Tai."

Blue Lightning Ranger mockenly replies: "I'm always this good."

Yellow Ranger grabs the fist of one Skeletor and throws it at a Destroyer. The two fall ground as White Diamond Ranger uses her Diamond Cutter to cut through two Destroyers and cut a Skeletor down the middle. Yellow Ranger pulls out her sword and slashes another Destroyer in half, then finished the move by sending the butt of her sword into the stomach of a Skeletor. She then roundhouse strikes another Skeletor and Destroyer with her sword. White Diamond Ranger cast her Diamond Cutter in a white glow and gives it a toss sending it striking down the last two Skeletors.

Pink Ranger and Purple Amethyst Ranger both fake punch two Skeletors then take them off gaurd by smahing the back of their heads with their elbows. Pink Ranger then gives a multi punch attack to two more Skeletors. Purple Amethyst Ranger spins one Destoryer around and round until she stops, throws it and has it take down the other two Destroyers all in one motion. Pink Ranger twist the arm of one Destroyer spining it to the ground. She then pulls out her sword and strikes down the other two. Purple Amethyst Ranger finishes the last two Skeletors by smashing their heads together.

Purple Amethyst Ranger gives a tumbs up to Pink Ranger: "Nice moves Smantha."

Pink Ranger holds her hands together: "Thanks Karen, your not bad yourself."

Black Onyx Ranger charges like a bull tackling three of the Destroyers. Black Ranger then grabs a Skeletor by the head and spins it to the ground. Black Ranger then uses it to sweep the legs out from under two Skeletors. Black Onyx Ranger jumps into the air and kicks one Skeletor in the chin. As he lands he gives a heel kick to another one. The to finish the third one he chops it in the neck. Black Ranger then finishes it by roundhouse kicking the last three Destroyers.

Lightning Hunter summons his Hunter Blaster already in sword mode and takes out three Destroyers by slashing them in half. Gold Lithium Ranger uses his Lithium Saber to take out three Destroyers by sending it through their stomachs like a stick with a marshmellow. He then spins around knocking them off by sending them into three Skeletors. Lightning Hunter returns his blaster back to blaster mode and opens fire taking down the last three Skeletors.

With them all defeated the Rangers all regroup.

Red Ranger: "Not bad everyone."

Orange Fire Ranger: "Now lets take care of Elemental."

Gold Lithium Ranger: "If we attack together again, he won't be able to block as many of the attacks."

Lightning Hunter turns to him: "Good idea Max!"

Red Ranger: "Ok everyone, hit him hard and hit him fast."

Other Lightning Force Rangers: "Right!"

Orange Fire Ranger turns to the Eastern Rangers: "Lets put the odds in our favor and power up."

Gold Lithium Ranger nods at them: "Go for it guys."

All Eastern Rangers, except Gold Lithium Ranger yell: "Ultimate Power, power up!"

(Ultimate Fire transformation)

(Ultimate Lightning transformation)

(Ultimate Diamond transformation)

(Ultimate Amethyst transformation)

(Ultimate Onyx transformation)

Black Ranger: "Amazing!"

Ultimate Onyx Ranger: "Thanks."

Pink Ranger: "All they did was change colors."

Ultimate Amethyst Ranger: "We may have only changed color, but it increases our power more than you would think."

Elemental gets upset no one is paying him attention says: "Enough of this!" and charges for them.

Scene 2

Setting: Gridster's Palace. Gridster watches the fight through the Time Core.

Girdster: "This is great. Its time to see my monster take care of all those Rangers."

Scene 3

Setting: The Sky Carrier. Everyone appears to be in their normal areas watching the fight.

Prince Cranston turns to his farther in the throne: "Should I prepare to fire the growth beams just in case?"

Lord Cranston: "Yes, I've heard of this Gridster and his monsters. We must be ready fo anything."

With a nod Prince Cranston leaves the room.

Scene 4

Setting: The battle in North Star City. The battle rages on.

Ultimate Amethyst Ranger and Pink Ranger come in to attack. Pink Ranger goes to kick the monster only to get back punched in the face. Ultimate Amethyst Ranger goes for a punch but its blocked and gets under belly punched. Ultimate Diamond Ranger and Yellow Ranger try to side kick hit him, but he forearms blocks the kicks and pushes them forward.

Ultimate Lightning Ranger and Blue Ranger fire thier blasters, Elemental fires his Diamond and Amethyst beams from his hands, the attack sends his and the two Rangers attacks back at the two Rangers causing an explosion that knocks them on thier butts. Elemental then pulls out his sword and strikes down the two Black Rangers.

Elemental looks at the fallen Rangers and laugh: "Hahahaha! You Rangers could at least put up a fight."

Lightning Hunter's voice: "We're not finished yet you bag of hot air."

Elemental looks around trying to find the voice: "What was that?"

Lightning Hunter and Gold Lithium Ranger come from above with their weapons. They strike him down the back and he shows pain as sparks erupt from his back.

Elemental gets mad as he pulls his sword out: "Big mistake boys."

He jumps into the air and becomes a tornado of flame with his sword serving as the bottom point. He goes right through the two Rangers as they fall. The flaming tornado then changes and goes for the charging Red Ranger and Ultimate Fire Ranger. The two stop in thier tracks.

Red Ranger: "There goes our surprise attack idea."

Ultimate Fire Ranger: "I don't beleieve he's using my element."

The two Rangers get struck by the flaming tornado and fly backwards.

The fire tornado stops and Elemental returns his sword to his back hulster: "That was fun, but now I must destroy you."

Lightning Hunter gets up and everyone else follows.

Elemental: "You can regroup all you want. Nothing you dish out is going to stop me. I'm tired of playing around."

Lightning Hunter resummons his axe: "So are we. Me and Max were right when we tested an idea we had. The only thing that will cause you any pain are our weaopns."

Red Ranger waves his hand around in front of him as his sword appears: "I have an idea. Lightning Sword!"

Red lightning bolts strike the red gem on his sword and cast it in a red glow. He charges holding it in front of him with both hands. He jumps into the air and strikes Elemental right down the middle. He lands on one knee and roundhouse sword strikes him with the glowing sword. Elemental spins to the ground.

Red Ranger turns to everyone else: "Break out the toys boys and girls."

Ultimate Fire Ranger: "Good idea Clark."

Ultimate Fire Ranger poses with his weapon: "Fire Staff, power up!"

Ultimate Lightning Ranger poses with his weapons: "Lightning Strikers, power up!"

Blue Ranger poses with his Claw: "Lightning Claw!"

Ultimate Diamond Ranger poses with her weapon: "Diamond Cutter, power up!"

Yellow Ranger poses with her Lance: "Lightning Lance!"

Ultimate Amethyst Ranger poses with her weapon: "Amethyst Blaster, power up!"

Pink Ranger poses with her Whip: "Lightning Whip!"

Ultimate Onyx Ranger poses with his weapons: "Onyx Chargers, power up! "

Black Ranger poses with his Mallet: "Lightning Mallet!"

Gold Lithium Ranger poses with his weapon: "Lithium Saber, power up!"

Lightning Hunter poses with his Axe: "Hunter Axe!"

Red Ranger yells pointing his sword at Elemental, who is getting to his feet: "ATTACK!"

Ultimate Lightning Ranger jumps into the sky distracting Elemental long enough for Blue Ranger to grab him with his Lightning Claw around the waist. Elemental looks down in shock and doesn't see Ultimate Lightning Ranger landing with glowing blue Strikers, which he strikes the monster in the back with. Blue Ranger then lets go and strikes Elemental with his claw.

Blue Ranger: "Don't let up now. Keep it coming."

Ultimate Onyx Ranger rushes forward and jams the Chargers on the monsters chest. He sends a wave of energy through them that sends the monster back. While he is falling back Black Ranger jumps from the air and slams his mallet across his chest.

Black Ranger turns to Yellow Ranger and Ultimate Diamond Ranger: "Go for it you two."

Ultimate Diamond Ranger: "Right!"

Ultimate Diamond Ranger and Yellow Ranger charge forward with their weapons.Ultimate Diamond Ranger jumps into the air and distracts Elemental enough that he doesn't see Yellow Ranger strikes him with her Lightning Lance. He looks down in pain when he gets hit in the back by the landing Ultimate Diamond Ranger and her Diamond Cutter.

Pink Ranger cracks her whip: "Lets help out here Karen."

Ultimate Amethyst Ranger: "Right!"

Pink Ranger throws her whip around Elemental's waist so that he can't move and Ultimate Amethyst Ranger steps forward with her Blaster. She fires a ball of purple energy. He takes the blast and Pink Ranger removes the whip only to crack it on his chest. Elemtnal sparks and rolls to the ground.

Ultimate Amethyst Ranger turns to Gold Lithium Ranger and Lightning Hunter: "Max, other Victor. Go for it!"

Lightning Hunter: "I'm game."

Gold Lithium Ranger: "So am I."

Elemental gets up holding his sword: "Let's rock!"

Gold Lithium Ranger charges in with his saber. Elemental blocks the attack only to get a surprise strike from behind by Lightning Hunter. Elemental turns to see Lightning Hunter and gets struck by Gold Lithium Ranger's Saber.

Lightning Hunter: "You would think he would see that coming by now."

Gold Lithium Ranger: "Some monsters just don't learn."

Ultimate Fire Ranger swings his Fire Staff: "Let's wrap things up Clark."

Red Ranger nods: "Right."

Both Rangers go running in. Ultimate Fire Ranger blocks a sword strike from Elemental and Red Ranger strikes the monster with his own weapon. Elemental steps back and Ultimate Fire Ranger fires a ball of fire. Elemental flys back and hits the pavement.

Red Ranger and Ultimate Fire Ranger regroup with all the other Rangers: "Ok Rangers it's time to finish this. Bring the blasters together."

Ultimate Fire Ranger nods: "Right. Ultimate Eastern Blaster!"

(Ultimate Eastern Blaster formation sequence)

Red Ranger: "Ok guys. Lightning Blaster!"

(Lightning Blaster formation sequence)

Ultimate Fire Ranger: "Fire!"

A green beam leaves the Blaster.

Red Ranger: "Fire!"

The two beams merge into a beam of the five Lightning Force colors with a green beam in the middle. The beam strikes Elemental, Lightning Hunter and Gold Lithium Ranger rush up with thier weapons. Elemental tries to get away, but is unable to and gets hit. He goes flying and lands through a building. Once inside the building an explosion is heard.

The Eastern Rangers Ultimate Power vanishes in a green mist.

Orange Fire Ranger: "It has never done this before, what happened?"

Black Onyx Ranger: "We've never had to use it as long as we have this battle. Our bodies may not be able to maintain that much power all at once for to long. I guess, I'm not sure why it did it. I'm just guessing."

Red Ranger: "Lets get out of here."

Orange Fire Ranger points to the sky: "I may not know much about your enemies, but as a Ranger I don't think those red lightning bolts are not a good thing."

Everyone turns to see two red lightning bolts hit inside the building. Then, though the roof Elemental crashes through.

Elemental stomps the ground but the Rangers all jump out of the way just in time.

Orange Fire Ranger: "Zord time. Max, you better split."

Gold Lithium Ranger: "Right. Thunder Split!"

(Thunder Split sequence)

Gold Lithium Ranger: "Lets do it!"

Gold Thunder Ranger: "Right!"

All Eastern Rangers except Gold Lithium Ranger: "Time Jets, Online!"

(Time Jet arrival sequence)

Gold Lithium Ranger: "Lithium Warriorzord!"

(Lithium Warriorzord arrival sequence)

Lightning Force Rangers: "Lightning Megazord power!"

(Lightningzord arrival sequence)

(Lightning Megazord formation sequence)

(Orange cockpit) Orange Fire Ranger: "Time Jet Megazord power!"

(Time Jet Megazord formation sequence)

(Time Jet cockpit) Blue Lightning Ranger: "Lets not waste time on this chump."

(Lightning Megazord cockpit) Blue Ranger: "Just be careful. We don't now what this guy can do."

(Lithium cockpit) Gold Lithium Ranger: "I'll go in first."

The Lithium Warriorzord marches forward firing the blasters on its shoulders. The blast has no effect. It only causes smoke. The Lithium Warriorzord is then hit by a tornado of flame. The flaming tornado then follows though taking down both Megazords.

(Time Jet cockpit) Sparks erupt as the Rangers shield their vasor out of reflex. Purple Amethyst Ranger: "The Megazord is losing power fast."

(Lightning Megazord cockpit) Even more sparks erupt from their controls. Pink Ranger: "Clark! Power levels are droping way to fast."

(Lightning Megazord cockpit) Red Ranger: "Theres not much we can do. Try to save as much power as possible."

(Time Jet cockpit) Orange Fire Ranger turns to Onyx Ranger: "Joe! Try the same thing."

The Lithium Warriorzord gets up. Wires hang from it, as well as the Megazords.

(Lithium cockpit scene) Gold Lithium Ranger: "The Zords are to damaged, we won't last much longer."

Elemental switches sword hands: "This is to much fun. Your toys are even weaker than you. Bwhahahahaha....."

Elemental is suddenly struck down by a gaint Axe blade.

He steps forward enough for us to see the Hunter Lightningzord holding its Axe.

(Hunter cockpit) Lightning Hunter: "I'll try to hold him off. Try to save as much as that energy as possible, then try to finishers."

The three Zords nod their heads.

Elemental turns to the Hunter Lightningzord: "You'll never be able to stop me."

(Hunter cockpit) Lightning Hunter points at Elemental: "Your kind of evil will never win in the end."

Elemental: "Just try me loser."

(Hunter cockpit) Lightning Hunter: "Hunter Lightning Slash!"

The blade of the Axe is cast in a gold glow. The Hunter Lightningzord lifts it over it's head as the sky grows dark from storm clouds gathering. It lowers it on Elemental. Elemental shows mixed feelings of pain.

(Hunter cockpit) Lightning Hunter: "Now guys!"

(Time Jet cockpit) Orange Fire Ranger: "Mega Missle!"

The Megazord lifts it arms. They charge up and fire a blast that looks like 2 missles. They head for Elemental.

(Lithium cockpit) Gold Lithium Ranger: "Warrior Strike!"

The Lithium Warrior Zord pulls back both it's fists. They charge up. It pushes them forward like a punch. The energy from the fists fly out and head for Elemental.

A beam of light appears in the Lightning Megazord's hand forming the saber.

(Lightning Megazord cockpit) Red Ranger: "Lightning Strike!"

The Megazord is now in front of a gaint storm cloud and two golden lightning bolts strike the saber casting it in a golden glow. It then lowers down on Elemental at the same time the other attacks hit. Theres an explosion and the Megazords turn away.

(Lightning Megazord) Red Ranger cracks his knuckles: "Thats how they crumble."

Suddenly a sword comes from the smoke striking each Megazord, then returning to a hand. The smoke clears and it belongs to Elemental. The Zords are all on the ground, barly online.

(Time Jet cockpit) The lights start to go out. Gold Thunder Ranger: "We have just enough power to maybe stand up, thats it."

(Lithium cockpit) Lights also start to fade out: "Same here. Back up power is even down."

(Hunter cockpit) Lights come on and off Lightning Hunter: "What can we do?"

(Lightning Megazord cockpit) Red Ranger feels for something on his console through the dimming lights: "I can't get nothing working. He must have hit all of our main power cores."

Zordon's voice: "Clark, Max and Victor's, listen to me. There may be one way to stop him. If I was to use energy from the Morphing Grid, it may allow you to form the Megazords and the gold Zords into Ultrazords."

(Time Jet cockpit) Blue Lightning Ranger: "Is that possible Zordon?"

(Lightning Megazord cockpit) Blue Ranger: "We have no choice. How do we do it Zordon?"

Zordon's voice: "Just summon their powers."

(Lithium cockpit) Gold Lithium Ranger: "You ready Lightning Hunter?"

(Hunter cockpit) Lightning Hunter: "You bet I am."

(Split screen of all four cockpits.) All the Rangers yell: "ULTRAZORD POWER!"

(Time Lightning Jet Ultrazord formation sequence: The Lightning Megazord and Time Jet Megazord fly into the air. The Time Jets break apart and fly in a V formation The Purple and White Jets fly off and attach to the legs upside down. The wings fold backward to wrap around them. The front folds forward to match the feet. The Blue and Black Jets fly off. They connect to the bottom of the feet like shoes. The Gold Jet flys off and splits in two down the middle. Each attaches to the arms so that the fronts look like missles on the wrist. The Orange Jet folds its wings and connects to the chest. The cockpit folds down. However it shows a symbol that looks like a over lap of the letters "E" in Eastern Rangers and "LF" in Lightning Force with the "E" in the middle. The Ultrazord lands and takes a pose.)

(TLJ Ultrazord cockpit) It's a mix of both cockpits put together. Each Eastern Ranger is behind their matching Lightning Force Ranger: "Time Lightning Jet Ultrazord, power up!"

(Lithium Hunter Ultrazord formation sequence: The two Zords fly into the air at high speed. They glow in a gold aray of energy and swirl together. The two become one and the out look looks like the two combined. It has the head of the Hunter Lightningzord. On the shoulders set the blasters of the Lithium Warriorzord. The chest looks like the Lithium Warriorzord and the arms and legs look like the Hunter Lightningzord. It's solid gold but has black streaks going all the way through it, much like the gold lines that go through the Lithium Rangers suit. The Ultrazord lands and is ready for battle.)

(LH Ultrazord) The cockpit is that of both the Zords put together. Lightning Hunter and Gold Lithium Ranger: "Lithium Hunter Ultrazord, power up!"

An explosion erupts behind the two Ultrazords.

Elemental still doesn't show fear: "That won't help you."

(Time Lightning Jet cockpit) Red Ranger: "Let's find out buddy."

(Time Lightning Jet cockpit) Orange Fire Ranger: "Let's do this."

The two Ultrazords advance on him. The Lithium Hunter Ultrazord throws a punch. Elemental trys to block it, but in the process gets knocked back.

Elemental gets back up: "Lucky shot!"

The Time Lightning Jet Ultrazord rushes forward and fires two Mega Missles. Elemental blocks one with his sword, but the other hits its mark sending the gaint monster into a near by building.

(Time Lightning Jet cockpit) Purple Amethyst Ranger pumps her arm: "We have to finish this guy."

(Time Lightning Jet cockpit) Gold Thunder Ranger looks at his panel: "Karen is right. We may be stronger, but the Megazords can't handle the power. It must be due to the fact that it's drawing to much power from the Morphing Grid."

(Time Lightning Jet cockpit) Red Ranger turns to the right: "Ready to finish this little bro?"

(Lithium Hunter cockpit) Lightning Hunter: "Ready when you are Clark."

(Time Lightning Jet cockpit) Orange Fire Ranger turns to the same direction: "What about you Lithium Ranger?"

(Lithium Hunter cockpit) Gold Lithium Ranger nods: "Let's put this guy in his place."

A flaming tornado comes from the sky. Elemental's voice is heard: "Feel my fury, Rangers!"

The tornado of flame hits the two Ultrazords, but does nothing. It bounces off and reforms into Elemental.

Elemental looks at his smoking, broken sword: "My greatest attack and it failed. Those Ultrazords are truly powerful."

(Time Lightning Jet cockpit) Red Ranger: "Took you long enough to figure it out."

(Time Lightning Jet cockpit) Oranger Fire Ranger: "To bad for you it took you so long, now your evil ends here."

(Lithium Hunter cockpit) Gold Lthium Ranger: "Ready other Vic?"

(Lithium Hunter cockpit) Lightning Hunter: "Let's just do this."

(Lithium Hunter cockpit) Gold Lithium Ranger and Lightning Hunter: "Striker Slash!"

The Ultrazord stands in front of a spinning vortex. It pulls back its right arm and holds up the Hunter Axe in the left hand. It lifts the Axe above it's head and they both glow in a gold light. It pushes its fist forward and the pressure sends a blast at Elemental. The blast hits and the Ultrazord brings down the Axe across the chest.

Elemental starts to stagger: "I'm not finished yet."

(Time Lightning Jet cockpit) Lightning Force Rangers and Eastern Rangers: "Ultra Strike!"

The Ultrazord stands in front of a clock face thats green. The Time Lightning Jet Ultrazord leans in a little and flys forward holding up both arms. They fire the Mega Missle, only multi colored of all eleven Rangers. As they fly foward the Lightning Saber appears and is cast in the same kind of glow. The Ultrazord flys past him and strikes Elemental in the side as the Mega Missle strikes him. It stops and takes a pose.

Elemental can't take it and starts spinging around with sparks erupting: "You've done something I thought could never happen, you've defeated me, but don't think either of you have won the war."

With that he falls to the ground and explodes.

(Time Lightning Jet cockpit) White Diamond Ranger: "We'll see about that freak."

(Time Lighting Jet cockpit) Black Onyx Ranger: "He got what he had coming to him for copying our powers."

(Lithium Hunter cockpit) Gold Lithium Ranger: "Let's get out of here."

The two Ultrazords seperate into the four normal Zords.

Scene 5

Setting: 3000 in Gridster's Palace. Gridster watches the defeat of his super monster.

Gridster turns outraged: "I'll find a way to destroy the Eastern Rangers and reclaim my title somehow."

Gridster storms out.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber on Eltar. The Eastern Rangers stand to the right as the Lightning Force Rangers stand to the left.

Each shake hands with their respective Ranger. Clark: "Thanks for your help."

Victor: "Anything we can do to help."

Victor Powers: "It's good to know that even in alternate dementions their are Power Rangers there to fight the evil that threatens it."

Kara: "No kidding. It really makes you think of how many Power Rangers there are out there."

Max: "I hate to break up this conversation, but we have to get back to our time."

Victor and the other Eastern Rangers walk out, but turn around one last time. Victor: "May the power protect you Power Rangers Lighting Force."

Clark smirks: "And may the power protect you Eastern Rangers."

The Eastern Rangers leave and the door closes behind them. The Rangers look at the viewing globe and see the six Time Jets, flying in a V foramtion enter the Time Portal.

Scene 2

Setting: 3000 in Time Force Headquarters. Captain Logan and other Time Force officers are watching the Rangers return home.

Agent 1: "Sir their on their way back and I don't think they encountered you-know-who."

Logan with a stern voice and face: "Good. If they would have encounted him they never would have survived. Not even the improved Eastern Rangers powers could fight........."

The End.

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