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War of Time Special 1: Rival's from the Past, Part 1

by Crystal Ranger

(No base point with the series.)



Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: The Moon Palace. Gridster sits in his throne with a look of anger on his face.


Gridster: Is there not one monster that I can create that will get rid of those Eastern Rangers?


He gets up from his throne and starts to pace back and forth in front of it.


Gridster: There must be a way to deal with those Rangers. It will have to be a mighty monster if it is to stand up to those new powers they gained in that time stream.


He walks to the balcony and looks into space.


Gridster: I just hope those ships that followed them don't attack Earth before me again.


Gridster turns to see a group of Destroyers up against the wall.


Gridster: These robots are even worse. The only thing that ever came close to defeating them other than me were my Gridster Rangers. In fact if it wasn't for that blasted Timeline they would have won.


Gridster gets a dark grin on his face. He waves his hand and a holographic screen appears before him. On it shows Victor activating the device.


(Screen image.)


Victor: Bye bye.


He activates it. The Gridster Morphers spark. The coins fall to the ground and turn black. The Gridster Powers deactivate. The Gridster Rangers fall to the ground.


Scott: It can't be....


There is a flash of light and Gridster's spell wears off.


Beth: Where are we?


The Eastern Rangers walk up to them.


(End image.)


Gridster taps his finger on his chin.


Gridster: Hmm. I still have that Time Core. I could go back and get the morphers after there destroyed and recharge them with my new power. In fact I can create my own kind of ultimate power for them.


He gets a complexed look on his face.


Gridster: But for them to even match the Eastern Rangers I would need those morphers Time Force has.


He turns and looks at the Earth. He sees a warehouse storage department of Time Force and a wooden box that is labeled "Chrono Morphers".


Gridster: You have have to be kiding me. What luck this is. I'll create a monster to keep the Rangers busy so that my Destroyers can steal them. Hahahahahaha!


Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The mall in Silver Hills. Joe and Karen walk together. As do Tai and Kara. Victor and Max tail behind a little. Tai and Joe have large stacks of boxes and bags in their hands. Karen and Kara hold only their purses.


Kara: I love shopping.


Tai: You maybe. You've broken my wallet and back!


Kara: Oh your just upset because you didn't have enough money for that stupid cell phone.


Karen: To be honest it would be cool to have a cell phone from the year 3000.


Joe: How much longer do we have to shop?


Victor and Max walk up next to them.


Victor: Boy its times like this I'm glad I don't have a girlfriend.


Max: I'm glad Kara never made me do this when we dated.


Kara: You never went to the mall with me except for lunch. Whenever I would mention it you'd change the subject.


Karen: Smart man!


Victor: You girls better hurry up. We have to get back to headquarters soon.


Karen and Kara (depressed voice):Ok!


Joe and Tai (in a joyful tone): THANK GOD!!!!!


Scene 2

Setting: The Moon Palace. Gridster stands in the middle of the room.


Gridster: I need to make a monster strong enough to fight them and hold them off, but not one strong enough to destroy them.


He waves his hands around and smoke appears before him. Out from it comes a monster.


It's all green with blue lines going through it. It has spiked shoulders and gold knee pads and shoulder pads. On its chest is a red gem. It has green eyes and a head shaped like a dragons head.


Monster: Dragontron at your service sire!


Gridster: Attack the city. Draw out the Eastern Rangers long enough for me to steal what I need.


Dragontron: Consider it done Gridster.


He bows and teleports away like a dragons head.


Gridster turns to his Destroyers.


Gridster: Get down there and steal six Chrono Morphers. If you fail, then you'd be smart and just let the Rangers destroy you instead of me.


The Destroyers teleport away.


Scene 3

Setting: Downtown Silver Hills. Dragontron teleports in.


Dragontron: Time to have fun!


He fires a beam at a building that sends it crumbling.


Dragontron: That should work.


Scene 4

Setting: Time Force Headquarters. Alarms sound and an officer runs up to Captain Logan.


Officer: Sir! A monster is downtown.


Logan: Is it a Rebel or Gridster monster?


Officer: It appears to have come from the moon sir.


Logan walks up to a communication console.


Logan: Ranger's come in!


Scene 5

Setting: The mall. The Rangers are walking down the strip of stores when their morphers go off. They duck behind a corner.


Victor: Go ahead sir!


Logan's voice: Gridster has sent a monster Downtown.


Victor: We're on it.


Joe and Tai drops the stuff.


Tai: For once I'm glad theres a monster attack.




(Time Fire Morphing Sequence)

(Time Lightning Morphing Sequence)

(Time Diamond Morphing Sequence)

(Time Amethyst Morphing Sequence)

(Time Onyx Morphing Sequence)

(Gold Lithium Morphing Sequence)


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Downtown. The Rangers teleport in front of Dragontron.


Tai: That's far enough creep!


Karen: You might as well give up.


Scene 2

Setting: Gridster's Palace. Gridster sees the Rangers teleport in.


Gridster: Now, do it my Destroyers!


Scene 3

Setting: Time Force weapons Warehouse. The Destroyers arrive and start chasing people all over. A group of officers surround them with blasters aimed.


Officer 1: Stop where you stand.


Destroyer 1: Let us show you power. Destroyers fire!


All the Destroyers fire their weapons and knock the Time Force officers.


Officer 1 (on the ground and through device.): Sir! Destroyers are everywhere. We need the Rangers help here at once.


Scene 4

Setting: The attack in Silver Hills. Dragontron flys through the air.


Dragontron: I've had enough of this crap. Destroyers!


Lightning bolts strike the ground and Destroyers appear.


Max: Let's take out the trash.


Logan's voice: Ranger's, there are Destroyers in the Weapons Warehouse.


Victor: This isn't good.


Max: I have an idea. THUNDER SPLIT!


A gold glow surrounds the Lithium Ranger. His body appears to move to the side. There are now two bodies standing there. The glow vanishes and both the Thunder Ranger and Lithium Ranger are standing there.


Lithium Ranger: Think you can try to handle those Destroyers?


Thunder Ranger: I'll do my best.


Thunder Ranger teleports away.


Victor: Let's hurry this up.


Victor blocks the attack of one and back hands it in the face. He jumps over two and lands behind them. He grabs the two by the head and slams them together. Three more charge but Victor sweeps the legs out from under them.


Tai punches one in the face and elbow punches another Destroyer in the stomach thats coming up behind him. Two more Destroyers try to attack Tai. He however simply side steps and they fall and trip over the last three.


Kara and Karen fight together to take care of six Destroyers. Karen kicks two in the knees as Kara fires at two with her Pistol. The last four surround them and try to fire. They jump just as they fire and the blast take out the last of them.


Joe and Lithium Ranger are trying to fight Dragontron. They get slashed in the stomach and spin to the ground.


Dragontron: Hahaha. You two can't beat me alone.


Lithium Ranger (getting up): I hope my "other self" can handle all the Destroyers.


Scene 5

Setting: Time Force Weapons Warehouse. Thunder Ranger tries to fight off the Destroyers. He kicks one to the ground and the same is then done to him.


Thunder Ranger: This is crazy. Theres to many for me alone. I hope the others finish with Dragontron quick before....


He is cut off as he sees Destroyers running from the area with a wooden box labeled "Spare Chrono Morphers".


Thunder Ranger: This isn't good.


He tries to take off after them only to get blocked.


Thunder Ranger: I don't have time for this. Thunder Saber, power up!


His saber appears and he starts to strike through every Destroyer that gets in his way. He reaches the Destroyers holding the wooden morpher box. As he is about to strike them when they teleport away.


Thunder Ranger: Better tell the captian.


He turns and runs into the Warehouse.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Time Force Headquarters. Thunder Ranger is talking with Captain Logan.


Thunder Ranger: They weren't infused with Ranger powers, were they?

Logan: No. That's why it seems odd that they would take them.


He turns to look at a screen that shows the Rangers getting throwen around by Dragontron.


Logan (turning back to him): You better get back there.


Thunder Ranger: You got it!


Thunder Ranger teleports away.


Scene 2

Setting: Gridster's Palace. Gridster has six Chrono Morphers setting before him on a plaform in front of his throne. He stands between the two.


Gridster: Now for the finishing touch. Destroyers!


A dozen Destroyers surround him.


Lead Desteroyer: Yes mighty master.


Gridster pulls out the Time Core and touches it. It shows a hologram with two split screens. One shows the black and powerless Gridster Coins on the ground. The other half shows the old Gridster Rangers walking away.


Girdster: Six of you are to get the Coins and the other six are two bring me my old Rangers.


He then opens a green with blue trimed portal. The Destroyers turn to lightning bolts and go through it. The portal closes.


Gridster: At last I will be rid of those Eastern Rangers.


Scene 3

Setting: The year 1997. A portal opens and the lightning bolts come from it and take the forms of the Destroyers.


Destroy 1 (pointing to the last six in the group): You go get the humans.


Six run off to about a mile away. The former Gridster Rangers are still walking home after losing thier powers.


Jeremiah: What happened to us back there?


Destroyer 1: The same that is about to happen again.


The teens turn to see the six Destroyers grabing them and turning into lightning bolts. A portal opens and they are taken into it. The six Destroyers that got the Gridster Coins come running up. They turn to lightning bolts and go into the portal.


Scene 4

Setting: Silver Hills in 3000. Thunder Ranger and Lithium Ranger have become one again and the Rangers are kicking and punching Dragontron.


Dragontron: Enough of this cute stuff. DRAGON FANGS!


The gem glows and shoots out several small energy bullets that look like fangs. They hit the Rangers and they fall to the ground. They quickly get up.


Kara: We have to hurry up and finish this guy.


Victor: Right, try the Ultimate Power.


Victor, Tai, Kara, Karen, Joe: WE NEED ULTIMATE POWER, NOW!


(Ultimate Fire Transformation)
(Ultimate Lightning Transformation)
(Ultimate Diamond Transformation)
(Ultimate Amethyst Transformation)
(Ultimate Onyx Transformation)


Dragontron: Oh crap!


Max comes up from behind and grabs him by the arms.


Max: Go for it guy's!


Tai and Kara come running in punching him in the red gem. It shatters and his body seems to go limb a little. Joe and Karen come down from the sky kicking him in the face. Victor finishes it with a foramtion of kicks and punches. Max then spins him around and punches him in the face.


Max: Time to break out the weapons!


Victor: Fire Staff, power up!


Tai: Lightning Strikers, power up!


Kara: Diamond Cutter, power up!


Karen: Amethyst Blaster, power up!


Joe: Onyx Chargers, power up!


Max: Lithium Saber, power up!


Victor: Eastern Blaster!


Victor throws the Fire Staff into the air. It stays suspened horizontaly. Tai throws up the Lightning Strikers. They land sideways on top of the Fire Staff. Kara tosses the Diamond Cutter. It sets on top of the Strikers. Karen throws the Amethyst Blaster. It lands on top of the Cutter with it's handle forming the handle of the Eastern Blaster. Finaly Joe tosses the Onyx Chargers and they hook onto the bottom of the Strikers. The Eastern Blaster falls into Victors hands. The other Rangers stand to his sides. The Blaster turns the same color green as the Ranger's suits.


All Rangers: FIRE!


A green beam leaves the Blaster and strikes Dragontron. At the same time Max comes up and strikes him with the Saber. He falls back and egnites in sparks and explosions.


Victor: Talk about easy.


Kara: Too easy if you ask me.


Tai (pointing at the sky): It's not over yet. Look!


They turn to see a portal open in the sky. The Dragontron is taken into it. The portal closes and there is a flash. Dragontron reappears as a gaint.


Dragontron: Care for round two?


Max: Think we should just stick with the Time Jets Vic?


Victor: Yeah.




Setting: A holding bay under the city. The street above opens. The floor tilts up and aligns with the opening, forming a runway. The Time Jets engine's fire up. After building up pressure for a few seconds the jets launch out of the bay. The Rangers teleport to the cockpits.




The Orange Time Jet starts to fly in a formation. The Blue and Black Jets fly on it's left and right with the wings almost touching. The White and Purple Jets turn and fly backwards, lining up with the tail section of the Orange Jet. The Gold Jet flys a few dozen feet above the Orange Jet. The Orange Jet transforms it's wings and tail fins into slots to hook arms and legs. The White and Purple jets fold their wings up and attach to the Orange Jet. Blue and Black do the same. The Blue and Black jets bend to form arms. The White and Purple Jets bend to form feet. The Gold Jet lands on top of the Orange Jet to finish forming the body. The Orange cockpit swings down revealing a head. The Megazord turns upright and lands.


Dragontron: Bring it!


Scene 5

Setting: Gridster's Palace. The Destroyers stand with the teens in chains. Before them is the platform with the Chrono Morphers. In front of each Chrono Morpher is the blackened Gridster Coins. Gridster stands before it.


Gridster (waving his hands): Evil ancient power of the first created! Give my coins greater powers than they were first created!


The coins glow their color and return to normal. They lift into the air float over a Chrono Morpher. They are pulled in and the Chrono Morphers are active. On the side is a symbol of each Gridster Ranger symbol.


Jeff: We'll never work for you agan.


Kieth: Just try to make us!


Gridster: Gladly. I'll use something stronger this time. DARK MIST!


He holds his hand up above thier heads and brings it down. A black sprinkle hits the teens. Their eyes glow red and once again they are under Gridster's control.


Beth: We are ready once again master.


They each walk up and take a morpher.


Gridster: Morpher. I want to see what these new powers will do.


All Gridster Rangers: TIME GRIDSTER POWER!


(Time Gridster Ranger Morphing Sequnce)

They all stand in front of a blue and white clock face. They cross thier arms in front of them. The hands move from 9 and 3 making there way to 12. They strike 12 and give off a blue and white flash. The Gridster Rangers stand there morphed. They look like thier Eastern Ranger counterparts suit, only with thier designs.


Time Comet Ranger: What now master?


Time Star Ranger: Shall we attack the Rangers?


Time Black Hole Ranger: I want some action!


Time Planet Ranger: Shut up you three!


Time Cosmic Ranger: Let the master talk.


Time Sun Ranger: Please continue master.


Gridster: These new powers are great. However they have a new power called an "Ultimate Power". Therfore I've given you one called "Ultimate Gridster Power". Call on this power with that command. This will allow you to beat them with thier strongest power.


Time Star Ranger: What about Zords master?


Gridster: I will take the remians of your old Zords with advanced weapons and armor.


Time Black Hole Ranger: Nothing will stop us.


Scene 6

Setting: The Megazord fight. The Time Jet Megazord finishes a rapid assault of punches. Dragontron falls but then rolls back to his feet.


Tai: Let's finish this creep!


All Rangers: Mega Missle!


The Megazord lifts it arms. They charge up and fire a blast that looks like 2 missles. They hit Dragontron and he explodes.


Kara: Alright!


Max: Better get back to Headquarters.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: Captain Logan's office. The Rangers stand with Logan unmorphed.


Victor: Why would Gridster want powerless Chrono Morphers?


Logan: That's not all. He also used the Time Core and sent Destroyers back in time.


Karen: Back to where?


Logan (with a grim face): March of 1997.


The Rangers face get looks of fear on their faces.


Tai: You don't think?


Karen: No! Not even Gridster could do that.


An agent comes running in.


Agent: Sir! We got readings from the Moon. A power similar to the Rangers was just detected.


Max: I don't beleve it!


Kara: Gridster did it.


Logan: It appears we have a problem.


Victor: To say the least. The Gridster Rangers are back.


To Be Continued. . .