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Eastern Rangers Episode 1: The Beginning

Act 1
Scene 1
Setting: Inside the Power Chamber. Zordon is busy instructing Alpha who is working on a strange device, the fire staff. It is 3 feet long and the head is shaped like a blazing fire. Just as he puts the finishing touches on it Billy walks in.

Zordon: Be careful Alpha. The Fire Staff is extremely powerful and you do not want to cross the wires.

Alpha: I know Zordon. Aye aye aye aye aye. This is complicated.

Billy: How's it coming Alpha?

Alpha: Almost done.

Billy: Good. We don't have much time left.

Scene 2
Setting: On board Serpentera, Lord Zedd's spaceship. Zedd is sitting in his throne with Rita beside him. Finster, Goldar, Rito, and some Tanga Warriors are in the background running the ship.

Zedd: We are almost there my dear. We will finally be able to destroy those Power Punks once and for all.

Rita: They don't stand a chance against our new monster. Finster, bring him out.

Finster: Yes my queen, right away.

Finster leaves then re-enters with a monster beside him. The monster is blue on one side, white on the other. He has bulky arms and strong legs.

Finster: Presenting Gridster you highness.

Rita: He's perfect. Just look at him Zedd.

Zedd: I hope he's better than the other reject monsters you've created Finster.

Gridster: I am much better. I can control everything that runs on power from the morphing grid. Those Rangers don't stand a chance against me. Hahahaha.

All the monsters erupt in evil laughter.

Act 2
Scene 1
Setting: The moon palace. Zedd, Rita, and the others have just entered the room.

Rita: It looks just like it did when we left. How long have we been gone anyway?

Zedd: Too long. Those Rangers are going to pay for this. Rito, get over here.

Rito: Yeah, Ed. What do you need?

Zedd:(agitated) It's Zedd, Lord Zedd. (calms down some) I want you to take some Tanga's and lure those goody good rangers out. Keep them busy until Gridster arrives to finish them off. Do you think you can handle that?

Rito: Piece of cake Ed.

Rito and a group of Tangas teleport away.

Scene 2
Setting: A park just outside Angel Grove. Rito and the Tenga's warp in and start causing trouble.

Rito: Trash the place guys. Now where are those Power Punks?

Scene 3
Setting: Inside the Power Chamber. Alarms start going off.

Billy: What is it Zordon?

Zordon: Rito and some Tangas are attacking in the park. Alpha, contact the rangers immediately.

Alpha: Right away Zordon.

Alpha pushes some buttons on the console.

Scene 4
Setting: Just outside the Angel Grove youth center. Tommy, Adam, Rocky, Tanya, and Kat all walk out the door when their communicators go off. They all go behind some bushes.

Tommy: Go ahead Alpha.

Alpha: Rito and some Tangas are in the park. You must stop them.

Tommy: We're on it.


Scene 5
Setting: The park. Rito and the Tangas are there. The Rangers run up to them.

Red Ranger: Get out of here Rito.

Green Ranger: Yeah, I thought Zedd left a long time ago.

Rito: Yeah, he did and now he's back and boy do we have a surprise for you.

Pink Ranger: Well whatever it is we don't want it.

Rito: Well, like it or not your going to get it. Tangas, attack!

The Tangas charge at the Zeo Rangers who block the incoming attacks. Adam grabs one Tanga and throws him through the air. He turns to punch another one and is drop kicked from behind. He falls to the ground. Tanya pulls out her Zeo Laser Pistol and takes down a few birds. Tommy runs over and kicks the Tangas who are swarming over Adam.

Green Ranger: Thanks Tommy.

Red Ranger: Anytime.

The battle continues. Rocky and Kat are fighting Rito with little success. Kat throws a punch put Rito blocks it and sweeps her leg, tripping her. Rocky returns the favor to Rito and he goes down. Kat gets back up and roundhouses him. Rito flies through the air landing on a pile of defeated Tangas. The other Rangers have defeated the Tangas. Rito stands up and brushes himself off.

Rito: You punks may have beat us but the fun is just beginning.

Yellow Ranger: What do you mean?

Rito: Look for yourselves.

Blue Ranger: Oh no guys, look over there!

The Rangers turn to see Gridster standing between a group of trees.

Gridster: So, you are the mighty Power Rangers I've heard so much about. You don't look so tough.

Red Ranger: We're a lot tougher than we look, trust me.

Gridster: I guess we'll find out.

Scene 6
Setting: Inside the Power Chamber. Billy is looking at one of the monitors.

Billy: I've got a reading on that monsters power and I don't think they can beat him.

Zordon: I sense this monster has the power to control anything that runs off of the morphing grids power. Tell the Rangers to be careful.

Scene 7
Setting: The park. Rocky's communicator goes off. Billy's voice can be heard coming from it.

Billy: Be careful guys. This monster can control anything linked to the morphing grid, mainly your powers.

Green Ranger: We will Billy.

Gridster is standing in front of all the Rangers.

Gridster: As you just heard I control all things with morphing grid power. Now I will destroy you.

He raises his arms to the sky. Lightning strikes them and he chants something.

Gridster: Morphing grid powers that I command, steal their good powers and leave them for dead.

He lowers his arms and as he does the Rangers suits start to glow.

Pink Ranger: This feels weird.

Blue Ranger: What's happening?

Yellow Ranger: He's stealing our powers!

Green Ranger: We have to hold on!

Red Ranger: This can't be happening.

As Tommy says this their suits fade away and they are all thrown to the ground. Gridster is laughing insanely.

Gridster: Now I'll finish the job. Prison of Power!

A portal opens in the sky. Five beams come down, red, blue, green, yellow, and pink. They hit their respective Rangers and they are sucked into the vortex. Gridster continues laughing as the portal closes.

Gridster: There! The end of the Power Rangers. Hahahahahaha.

He finishes laughing then teleports away.

Scene 8
Setting: Inside the Power Chamber.

Billy: Oh no. He's taken their power and imprisoned them. What do we do now?

Act 3
Scene 1
Setting: Inside the Power Chamber.

Alpha: Aye aye aye aye aye. What are we going to do now?

Billy: Zordon, is the fire staff connected to the morphing grid?

Zordon: No it is not.

Billy: Then we can use it to defeat Gridster.

Alpha: But Billy, the Rangers are gone.

Billy: We'll have to recruit some new rangers then, and I think I know who.

Zordon: Go and get your recruits Billy. Bring them here and we shall see if they will become the next Power Rangers.

Scene 2
Setting: A club on the east side of Angel Grove. The place is filled with teenagers. Billy walks in and looks around. He spots a group of kids in a booth in the back. He walks over to them.

Billy: Hey Victor, can we talk for a minute?

Victor: Sure Billy. What's up?

Billy: Look I know you and your friends have been trying to find out more about the Power Rangers. I think I might know of something you guys would be interested in. Wanna come with me?

Victor looks over at his friends, motions them to come with him. They get up and all follow Billy outside. He leads them to the back alley beside the club.

Victor: So what are we suppose to be looking at back here?

Billy: Look, I have to tell you something. I know who the Rangers are, in fact I use to be one.

Victor interupts: YOU! Wow, I've.....

Billy cuts him off: Listen, the Rangers are in real trouble. In fact they're gone. I need to know if you 5 would be interested in becoming Rangers.

Victor looks shocked. He talks with his friends a minute then turns to Billy.

Victor: We'd kill for the chance.

Billy activates his communicator.

Billy: Alpha, they agreed. Teleport them to the Power Chamber.

Alpha: Right Away.

Beams of white light surround Victor and his friends as they teleport away. Billy then teleports as well.

Scene 3
Setting: The Power Chamber. The teens have just teleported into the middle of the room. They are looking around in shock. Billy teleports in behind them.

2nd teen: Wow, this is unreal.

4th teen: Amazing!

Victor: Billy, where are we?

Billy: This is the Power Chamber, the Rangers base of operations.

Zordon appears in his tube.

Zordon: Welcome. I am Zordon of Eltar. Please tell me your names.

Victor: I'm Victor.

2nd kid: I'm Tai.

3rd kid: I'm Kara.

4th kid: I'm Joe.

5th kid: And I'm Karen.

Alpha walks into the room pushing a cart. On the cart are 5 devices that look similar to the other Ranger's zeonizers.

Zordon: This is Alpha 5, my trusted assistant. And I beleive you know Billy.

Alpha hands each kid a device.

Zordon: These are your Zeonizers. They will allow you to morph into the .......

He breaks off.

Zordon: I guess we need a name for our new team.

Victor steps up.

Victor: I suggest, since we're all from the east side, that we be called the Eastern Rangers.

Zordon: Does everyone agree on this?

No one objects to the name.

Zordon: Then you will from this moment on be called the Eastern Rangers. Each of you has a special power based on a different element. Victor, you will be the leader of the team. Your power is the Orange Fire. Tai, you will controll the Blue Lightning. Kara, your power comes from the White Diamond. The power of Purple Amethyst will belong to you Karen. And finaly you Joe, will command the Black Onyx. With these powers you will defeat the evil of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa.

Billy: When Gridster comes back, we'll have a real surprise for him.

Scene 4
Setting: The moon palace. Zedd and Rita are celebrating their apparent victory over the Power Rangers.

Zedd: We finaly did it. The Power Rangers are history.

Rita: Finster you finaly created a useful monster.

Rito: Yeah, well without me the plan never would have worked.

Zedd: Be quiet you numbskull. Gridster, come here.

Gridster walks over in front of Zedd.

Zedd: With the Rangers out of the way the world is ours for the taking. Go now and destroy the city.

Gridster: Right away boss.

He teleports away.

Scene 5
Setting: Downtown Angel Grove. Gridster teleports in and people start runing. Gridster turns towards a parked car.

Gridster: This looks like a good place to start.

He shoots a beam from his arm and the car explodes.

Gridster: This is fun. I can't wait to finish this city off.

Scene 6
Setting: The Power Chamber. Alarms start going off.

Alpha: Oh no, Gridster is back.

Billy: I was hoping for a chance to test the Eastern powers before we had to fight.

Zordon: That is a luxury we don't have. Rangers, are you ready to save the world?

Kara: We're ready Zordon.


Fire Morphing Sequence
Victor's body is surrounded by flames. The flames solidify. His suit is similar to the Zeo Rangers suits. It is Orange and the helmet has the same flame symbol on it as the fire staff.

Lightning Morphing Sequence
Tai's body is struck by lightning and his suit appears. It is zeo-like and is blue. The symbol on the front is a lightning bolt.

Diamond Morphing Sequence
A diamond appears in front of Kara and moves backward untill she is inside it. A white light flashes and the diamond turns into Kara's suit. The helmet has a diamond on it.

Amethyst Morphing Sequence
An amethyst crystal appears in front of Karen and moves backward untill she is inside it. A purple light flashes and the crystal transforms into Karen's suit. The helmet has an amethyst crystal on it.

Onyx Morphing Sequence
An onyx stone appears in front of Joe and moves backward untill he is inside it. A black light flashes and the stone turns into Joe's suit. The helmet has a round onyx stone on it.

Act 4
Scene 1
Setting: Downtown Angel Grove. Gridster is trashing the city and the people are running in a panic. The Rangers teleport in behind Gridster. The Rangers pull out their laser pistols and fire at him. He turns to see who is firing at him. He is shocked to see 5 Rangers returning their weapons to thier holsters.

Gridster: What is this? Zordon is sending more pathetic Rangers to try to stop me. Ha!

Victor: The jokes on you Gridster.

Tai: Cause we're gonna take you down.

Kara: You don't stand a chance.

Karen: Leave while you still can.

Joe: Cause we're the Eastern Power Rangers!

All rangers: HIYA!

The Rangers do an attack pose.

Gridster: I'll just do to you what I did to your other friends. Morphing grid powers that I command, steal their good powers and leave them for dead.

He lowers his arms and expects the Rangers to lose their power. Nothing is happening.

Gridster: What?! It's not working!

Tai: That's right. Our powers don't come from the Morphing grid like the other's did.

Gridster: I'll just have to crush you myself then. Tangas, attack!

Some tangas appear and charge at the Rangers. Victor and Kara split off to the left, Joe and Tai go to the right, and Karen heads right up the center. Victor tries to punch on of them and is blocked. Three other tangas grab him and send him flying over thier heads. Joe is overwhelmed by four birds and gets hit repeatedly. He falls to the ground. Kara trips two tengas with a leg sweep. She quickly turns and roundhouses another one. Tai runs over and punches one of the tengas attacking Joe. Joe stands up and helps him take out the other three. Karen runs over to Victor and helps him up.

Victor: Man, these guys are tougher than the Rangers made them look.

Karen: Yeah, but we're the Rangers now so we have to stop them.

Joe and Tai run over and join them. Kara is fliped by a tanga and falls at the other Rangers feet.

Joe: We're gonna have to pull it together if we want to stop them.

Tai: I agree. We need a plan.

Karen: I have one. Victor, you run up to them and try to keep them busy. Joe, Kara, Tai, you follow me.

Victor: What are you gonna do?

Karen: You'll see. Let's go.

Victor, Kara, Tai, Joe: Right!

Victor runs up to the tangas and begins fighting them. He isn't doing any better than he was earlier. Karen, Joe, Tai, and Kara run out of his sight.

Scene 2
Setting: The Power Chamber. Billy, Alpah, and Zordon are monitoring the fight.

Alpha: Aye aye aye aye aye. They don't seem to be doing too well.

Billy: Give them time. They've never done this before.

Zordon: It will take a while before they learn how to fight as effectivly as the other Rangers did.

Scene 3
Setting: Back at the battle. Victor sidekicks a tanga and sends him flying into a few others, knocking them all down. One charges from behind him and he ducks just in time. The tanga goes over his head and kicks another group down.

Victor: Now this is going a little better. I hope the others do whatever they're gonna do soon.

As he says this he is overtaken by two tangas. They hold him down.

Tanga: Gridster, we got one! Come get him.

Gridster walks up. He pulls up a sword and lifts it above his head.

Gridster: Guess you didn't save the day after all did you Ranger? It'll all be over soon.

He prepares to swing when four beams hit the tangas holding Victor. He backs away just as Gridster's blade hits the ground where he was at.

Victor: Now that was close!

He runs up and joins the other Rangers.

Karen: Not bad huh?

Victor: A little close don't you think?

Tai: Better close than not at all.

Victor: Good point. Now let's finish this. Laser Pistols, ready.

The Rangers all pull out their laser pistols and aim at the tengas.

Victor: FIRE!

They shoot and hit the tangas. Feathers go flying as the tangas teleport away.

Joe: Alright! We did it.

Karen: I knew we could.

Tai: Don't celebrate yet. Look!

They look out and see Gridster standing there. He begins walking towards them.

Scene 4
Setting: The Power Chamber.

Billy: Alpha, close up the weapons adjustment panels. They need them now.

Alpha: Closing pannels now. All done.

Billy presses a few butons on the console.

Billy: This should do it. (turns on communicator) Rangers, activate your weapons.

Scene 5
Setting: The battle.

Kara: Right Billy!

Victor: Let's do it guys.


Their weapons appear. The Fire Staff appears in Victors hands. A pair of daggers that look like lightning bolts appear in Tai's hands. Kara had a disk with blades on it. Karen's weapon is a blaster. Joe has two devices that look like oversized tasers.

Victor: Fire Staff, power up!

Tai: Lightning Strikers, power up!

Kara: Diamond Cutter, power up!

Karen: Amethyst Blaster, power up!

Joe: Onyx Chargers: power up!

Gridster: Those weapons don't scare me.

Victor: FIRE!

The Rangers fire at Gridster. He is hit and falls on one knee.

Gridster: You haven't beaten me yet Rangers. I'll be back.

He teleports away.

Joe: We did it.

Kara: Yeah!

Tai: Awsome.

Karen: Bye bye baby.

Victor: Next time you won't get away.

The Rangers teleport back to the Power Chamber.

Act 5
Scene 1
Setting: The Power Chamber.

Zordon: Let me say how proud I am of all of you. You have proven yourselves worthy of being called Power Rangers.

Victor: We won this time, but what if he comes back?

Billy: By the time he returns we'll have a few surprises for him.

Zordon: We are working on creating the weapons you will need to defeat Zedd and Rita. You all must also train on your own. You have a long way to go to be strong enough to defeat them. You must do this if there is any hope of you saving the other Rangers.

Joe: You can count on us Zordon.

Zordon: Yes Joe, I know I can.

The End

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