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Eastern Rangers Episode 12: The Darkest Day Part 3

Act 1
Scene 1
Setting: The power chamber.

Billy: I can't beleive I was so stupid. I should've brought them back.

Alpha: It's not your fault Billy.

Zordon: It was a valliant effort.

Billy: I just wish the others would get those coins and get back here.

Scene 2
Setting: The moon palace.

Gridster: Excellent. With the Rangers powers destroyed and the Mobile Arsenal eliminated I have won. The Earth is mine to command.

Destroyer: What if the Rangers get the coins?

Gridster: They won't. Even if they do Omnicrusher will beat them. It is over.

Act 2
Scene 1
Setting: A temple under the Red Sea. The waters mysteriously remain outside the temple. Joe and Karen arrive inside.

Karen: Look! This is so beautiful.

Joe: I hate being underwater.

Karen walks up to the wall of water and reaches out to touch it. Joe runs up to her and pushes her arm away from it.

Karen: Hey. What was that for?

Joe: We have no idea what is keeping the water out, or how long it will. So let's just find those coins and get out of here.

Karen: Lighten up some. We might as well enjoy the scenery a little.

Joe: Well while you enjoy the scenery I'm going to find my coin.

He walks of into the temple. Karne comes running after him.

Karen: Look, I know this place freaks you out. We'll get to work.

Joe: I don't mean to be rude, but this isn't the time for games.

Karen: I know. Guess I'm just scared about all this.

Joe: Why?

Karen: Without our powers Angel Grove is history. Plus we still have no idea how to set the Zeo Rangers free.

Joe: You're always the optimistic one.

Karen: That's my way of hiding my fear. I figure if I say everything will be allright enough times then it will.

Joe: Kinda like how I try to do everything by the book. I figure there'll be less chance of messing up that way.

Karen: Yeah, something like that.

Joe: Let's go down that tunnel.

They walk off down the tunnel.

Scene 2
Setting: The tunnel. As Joe and Karen are walking some guardians appear.

Joe: Oh man, this is not good.

Karen: We still might be able to morph.

Joe: Not for long, but it's worth a shot.

Joe and Karen: IT'S MORPHIN TIME!

(Amethyst Morphing Sequence)

(Onyx Morphing Sequence)

Joe: Let's get this over with.

Karen: Yeah.

They run towards the guardians. One swings it's weapon at Joe. He ducks just in time and counters by triping it. Another one goes for his back while it's turned.

Karen: Joe! Move!

He slides out of the way causing the guardian to impale the one he triped. It vanishes. Karen is facing off agaist two guardians. She punches one in the chest. While it's bent over she jumps on it's back and drop kicks the other one. Then she roundhouses the first one. They both vanish. The last one runs toward her. Joe gets behind it and they both hit it at the same time. It vanishes.

Karen: That was just a little too easy.

Joe: I agree.

As he says this they demorph.

Joe: Guess that is the last of our powers.

Karen: Till we get the coins anyway.

Just then the whole place begins to shake.

Joe: What now?

Karen: Not good, look!

Joe looks. A wall of water is starting to fill the temple.

Joe: Run for it!

They take off running in the tunnels. They keep running without paying attention to where they are going. They end up deep inside the temple. They enter a large room with the symbols of their powers on the walls. As the water nears the entrace a door slams shut and holds it back. The guardian of the coins appears.

Guardian: I had hoped to have more time but the others got their coins. This temple is loosing it's powers. Here is your test.

Before Joe or Karen can say a word they are suddenly in Angel Grove. Omnicrusher is about to knock over two buildings. Joe notices this and then sees that Karen is under one, and a group of children is under the other. Just before the buildings land on top of Karen and the children the buildings stop and the guardian's voice can be heard.

Guardian: Chose which to save, but you may only have one.

Joe: What!? But.....I mean.....I can't.....

Karen: It's ok Joe. Save the kids.

Joe: But.....

Karen: I knew the risk of being a Ranger. Those kids had no choice. Save them.

Joe: I love you Karen. I can't.......

Tears appear in both their eyes.

Karen: Goodbye.....

The scene vanishes and they are back in the temple.

Joe: Huh?

Karen: It wasn't real!

Guardian: You are both pure in heart. Take these coins.

The coins float to them. They teleport away.

Act 3
Scene 1
Setting: Inside the Power Chamber. Victor, Tai, Kara, and Max arrive.

Alpha: Rangers! You made it.

Victor: Of course we did.

Tai: We got the coins.

Zordon: Unfortunatley we have a new problem. Behold the viewing globe.

They look. The images of Omnicrusher smashing the city appear.

Max: We gotta stop him. Could we use the Mobile Arsenal to hold him for a while?

Billy: We already tried that. Take a look.

They look again and see the images of the Mobile Arsenal's destruction.

Tai: Oh man. That thing is nasty.

Zordon: It has all of Gridster's monsters powers combine. He will be very difficult to beat.

Kara: Hey. Did anyone notice Joe and Karen aren't here?

Billy: They must be having trouble.

Victor: I hope they make it.

Zordon: They are strong, and should be fine.

Two beams of light arrive and Joe and Karen appear.

Joe: We did it!

Karen: The others are back too.

Zordon: The time has come to stop this monster.


Nothing happens

Scene 2
Setting: The Power Chamber. Billy is analysing the coins.

Tai: We go through all that and the coins don't even work.

Karen: I wonder what's wrong with them.

Joe: Maybe they're just too old, or have no power left.

Billy: Well it is possible that the Fire Staff drained away some of their power, but I think the answer lies in the carving on the back. Look.

He hold one up. On the back it has the six coins surrounding an orb with beams going into it from each coin.

Max: What does that mean?

Billy: I don't think the coins are a power source.

Tai: Say what!!! Then what are they.

Billy: They tap into another power source, one which is right now inside the six coins. Each of you hold out your coin towards the others.

They do this. The coins begin to emit an errie glow. Beams of light shoot out from them into the middle of the circle. Where they intersect the beam begins to grow into a round shape. It grows to the size of a softball then the beams of light from the coins cease. The coins still glow as the round light begins to solidify. The voice of the guardian echos accross the Power Chamber.

Guardian: Behold the Orb of Elements. They key to the ancient powers.

The orb floats over to a corner and a pedastool appears for it. It comes to rest on it.

Guardian: You have proven yourselves worthy of the power. You have even solved the puzzle of the orb. It is my honor to have met you. Save this world, and may the power protect you.

The voice fades.

Victor: I think we're back in buisiness.

Tai: Yeah, let's go kick Omnicrusher's butt.

Kara: No one destroys our city.

Karen: I'm up for it.

Joe: I don't wanna be the one around Gridster when he sees us.

Max: Let's do this.

All Rangers: IT'S MORH.....

Billy interupts them.

Billy: I just checked your morphers. They aren't re-engergized.

Joe: What!

Max: Then how come the guardian said we had them back.

Zordon: Your morphers will not be used anymore. From now on all you need is the coin.

Alpha: Since we are bypassing the Morhpers we won't have to worry about the staff anymore.

Kara: Plus it'll be much easier to carry around.

Karen: Very true.

Victor: Ready.

Tai, Kara, Karen, Joe, and Max: Yeah.


(Fire Morphing Sequence)
Victor is standing in front of an orange background. He yells out "Fire Power" and croses his arms in front of him. Flames surround his body and his suit appears. It is unchanged from the original one.

(Lightning Morphing Sequence)
Tai is standing in front of a blue background. He yells out "Lightning Power" and crosses his arms in front of him. Lightning bolts surround his body and his suit appears. It is unchanced from the original one.

(Diamond Morphing Sequence)
Kara is standing in front of a white background. She yells out "Diamond Power" and crosses her arms in front of her. Diamonds surround her body and her suit appears. It is unchanged from the original one.

(Amethyst Morphing Sequence)
Karen is standing in front of a purple background. She yells out "Amethyst Power" and crosses her arms in front of her. Amethyst crystals surround her body and her suit appears. It is unchanged from the original one.

(Onyx Morphing Sequence)
Joe is standing in front of a black background. He yells out "Onyx Power" and crosses his arms in front of him. Onyx Stones surround his body and his suit appears. It is unchanged from the original one.

(Thunder Morphing Sequence)
Max is standing in front of a gold background. He yells out "Thunder Power" and crosses his arms in front of him. Dark clouds surround his body and his suit appears. It is unchanged from the original one.

The Rangers stand looking at each other.

Zordon: More prof that Power Rangers always find a way. Good luck, and may the power protect you.

Max: Thanks Zordon.

Victor: Let's go.

They teleport away.

Act 4
Scene 1
Setting: Downtown Angel Grove. Omnicrusher is still trashing the city. The Rangers teleport in.

Victor: This is bad.

Joe: Call the zords before he sees us.

Kara: Elemental Zord power, now!

Scene 2
Setting: The zord holding bay. The main door opens. An orange, blue, white, purple, and black streak of light leave. When they arrive at the scene the orange one touches down and in a ball of flame the Firezord appears. The blue one lands. Lightning surrounds the Lightning Ninja and then dissapears. A bright flash of light shines as the Diamond Slasher appears. Crystals grow from the ground and the Amethyst Ninja emerges from them. The black light touches down and the light forms the shape of the Onyx Deputy. The Rangers teleport to the cockpits.

Max: Thunder Battlezord, now!

The zord holding bay opens. A gold streak of light leaves. As it strikes the ground there is a loud blast. The zord appears.

All six zords stand in front of Omnicrusher.

Omnicrusher: Oh, I see you need me to trash these too.

Victor: Just try it.

Tai: Yeah, you're toast.

Max: We're gonna shut you down.

Omnicrusher: I warned you.

He runs to the zords. He slashes at the Firezord. He hits it and sparks fly. He continues attacking it.

Victor: Someone get him off me.

Kara: I'm on it. Blade Cut!

Diamond Slasher deployes it's blades and swings.

Omnicrusher backs off.

Omnicrusher: So you want to play little girl. How's this?

He focuses an energy beam and nails the Diamond Slasher. Both the Firezord and Diamond slasher collapse from the damage.

Tai: Oh man. We gotta take him out now.

Max: Vic, can you and Kara get those zords up and form the Megazord?

Victor: I think so.

Kara: Give me a minute, all my systems need to reboot.

Max: Tai, Karen, and Joe. Get out of the way. I'll distract him. When those two get up form the Megazord.

Karen: Sounds like a plan.

Joe: Overthere looks good.

The Lightning Ninja, Amethyst Ninja, and Onyx Deputy walk towards the edge of the city. The Thunder Battlezord steps in front of Omnicrusher as he is pursuing them.

Max: Where do you think you're going?

Omnicrusher: You have guts. Let me rip them out.

He slams his fist into the Thunder Battlezord. It penetrates the armor. He pulls out a handfull of wires. When he lets go of it the Battlezord falls to the ground.

Max: I'm out of it. Do it now!

Victor: Elemental Megazord power, now!

The Zords jump up into the air. Firezord retracts it arms, legs, and head. Lightning Ninja transforms into and arm and attaches to the left side of Firezord. Diamond Slasher also forms into an arm and connects to the right side. Amethyst Ninja becomes the left leg and Onyx Deputy becomes the right leg. The Firezord head re-emerges with a helmet on.

Victor, Tai, Kara, Karen, and Joe: Elemental Megazord, power up!

Omnicursher: Impressive. I'll enjoy trashing that one too.

Victor: Elemental Megazord sabre.

A sabre drops from the sky into the Megazord's hand. At the base of the blade are the symbols of the Ranger's elements. The symbols light up as the blade strikes Omnicrusher. Nothing happens.

Omnicrusher: Stop it. That tickles.

Joe: Oh great. We're dead.

Tai: No way! What's the problem.

Scene 3
Setting: The Power Chamber. Billy hears Tai's question.

Billy: It seems the Zords are too weak still. You don't have enough power to stop him.

Victor's voice: Then what should we do?

Billy: Keep him busy. I think I can take him back down to normal size.

Scene 4
Setting: The Megazord Cockpit.

Victor: You heard him. Let's do it.

The Megazord walks back up to Omnicrusher as he heads for another building.

Omnicrusher: I guess I'll just have to finish you. OMNIBLAST!

Energy starts gathering in front of him. Just before it is released a beam of white light hits him and he shrinks back down to normal size. His blast hits the toe of the Megazord and doesn't even scratch the paint.

Victor: Let's get out of here and finish him off.

Karen: We're right behind you.

The Rangers jump out of the Megazord. They land right by Omnicrusher.

Omnicrusher: What happened?!

Kara: We're what happened. Time to take you out.

Victor: Fire Staff, power up!

Tai: Lightning Strikers, power up!

Kara: Diamond Cutter, power up!

Karen: Amethyst Blaster, power up!

Joe: Onyx Chargers, power up!

The weapons appear in their hands.

Victor: Eastern Blaster.

Victor throws the Fire Staff into the air. It stays suspened horizontaly. Tai throws up the Lightning Strikers. They land sideways on top of the Fire Staff. Kara tosses the Diamond Cutter. It sets on top of the Strikers. Karen throws the Amethyst Blaster. It lands on top of the Cutter with it's handle forming the handle of the Eastern Blaster. Finaly Joe tosses the Onyx Chargers and they hook onto the bottom of the Strikers. The Eastern Blaster falls into Victors hands. The other Rangers stand to his sides.


A beam with all the Ranger's colors in it leaves the Blaster and nails Omnicrusher. He falls to the ground and explodes.

Karen: We did it!

Joe: I wouldn't beleive it if I wasn't here.

Max comes running up to them.

Max: Great job.

Kara: Couldn't have done it without you.

Victor: Billy, we're outta here. Teleport the Zords away.

Billy's voice: Affirmative.

The Zords and the Rangers teleport away.

Scene 5
Setting: The Moon Palace.

Gridster: I CAN'T BELEIVE IT! With Omnicrusher gone I have no monsters left.

He paces for a little bit.

Gridster: But maybe a monster can't beat them. Maybe it's time to break out my army of evil Rang........

Act 5
Scene 1
Setting: The Power Chamber. Billy and Zordon are the only ones there.

Zordon: Continue to monitor the orb. We must be certain it will hold.

Billy: Right. It's doing good so far.

Scene 2
Setting: Downtown. The Rangers are walking around, trying very hard to stay out of the construction crews ways.

Tai: I've never seen the city damaged this bad.

Karen: He almost won that battle.

Victor: The important thing is that he didn't.

Joe: I agree with Karen. That was way too close.

Kara: We'll just have to work extra hard to prevent Gridster from doing this again.

Max: As long as we stick together, he'll never beat us.

The End

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