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Eastern Rangers Episode 14: Hostage Situation

Act 1
Scene 1
Setting: Angel Grove Park. It is dusk. The Rangers are setting around talking.

Victor: I can't beleive they are that powerful.

Joe: I thought after the Fire Staff being destoryed things couldn't get any worse.

Kara: Even the Megazord couldn't hold them.

Karen: Like Zordon said, until we find a weakness all we can do is try to keep them from destroying the city.

Tai: That'll be easier said than done.

Max: Zordon and Billy are working non stop. They'll think of something.

Victor: But will it be in time?

Scene 2
Setting: A house. All the Gridster Rangers are there.

Jeff: We've already proven we can beat them.

Beth: All we have to do is finish the job.

Keith: Won't be easy if they keep running from us.

Scott: Then we need to find their identities.

Jeremiah: And how do we do that smart guy?

Jared: Really. No one knows who they are.

Keith: They are kids like us.

Scott: So.

Keith: So, that means they go to school like us.

Beth: Angel Grove High is the only school in the area.

Jeff: Then we'll get them to come out.

Act 2
Scene 1
Setting: Angel Grove High the next morning. The Eastern Rangers are just arriving.

Tai: Hi Kara.

Kara: Hey Tai.

Tai: Man, I wish I could find a way out of my history test.

Kara: You should try just studying some time.

Tai: Are you serious? That actually works?!

She just shrugs and heads off to class. A few feet up ahead Joe spots Karen and walks up to her.

Joe: Good morning.

Karen (soft and kinda dissapointed sounding): Hey.

Joe: What's wrong?

Karen: They could be here and there's no way we would know.

Joe: I'll do everything I have to to protect you if they are.

He holds her hand.

Karen (a little more enthusiastic): Thanks.

They go to class.

Scene 2
Setting: Inside the school. The Gridster Rangers are talking.

Scott: Everyone remember the plan?

Jeff: Yeah.

Beth: Of course.

Keith: We'll meet at 11:30 and start.

Jeremiah: They'll surrender for sure.

They all walk off to class.

Scene 3
Setting: Tai's class. It's 11:25. His teacher starts passing out the tests.

Teacher: This test is on the last 2 chapters. You may not use your notebooks or anything else to help you. The questions are multiple choice. If you don't know at least try to guess.

Tai (thinking): Man, I really wish I could get out of this.

Scene 4
Setting: The hallway. The Gridster Rangers have gotten out of class and meet up.

Jared: Ready?

Jeff: Let's do it.

All Gridster Rangers: GRIDSTER POWER!

(Comet Morphing Sequence)
(Star Morphing Sequence)
(Black Hole Morphing Sequence)
(Planet Morphing Sequence)
(Cosmic Morphing Sequence)
(Sun Morphing Sequence)

Comet Ranger: Destroyers!

A group of destroyers appear.

Comet Ranger: Start rounding people up. When you get them into the gym call some more destoryers for backup.

Destoryer: As you command.

The Destroyers head off towards the classroooms.

Sun Ranger: Let's go make this official.

They head towards the office. Planet Ranger blasts the door. The principal runs out into the main office to see what is happening.

Principal: What is going on here?

As he says this he spots the Gridster Rangers.

Principal: Power Rangers?

Black Hole Ranger: Wrong. We're like the Power Rangers, only we're evil.

Planet Ranger: Say hello to the Gridster Rangers.

Sun Ranger: We're taking over this school.

Comet Ranger: If the Eastern Rangers don't show their identities we'll kill every student in the place.

He grabs the microphone for the P.A. system.

Scene 5
Setting: Tai's class. As he is taking the test he hears sound coming from the other classrooms.

Tai (thinking): What is that?

Destroyer burst into the room and start grabing people. As Tai prepairs to fight one off Comet Ranger's voice comes over the P.A. system.

Comet Ranger's voice: This building is now controlled by Gridster. Everyone go to the gym or be destoryed.

Tai: I'll see about that.

Black Hole Ranger steps into the room.

Black Hole Ranger: If any of you know who the Eastern Rangers are you better speak up now. If we don't find them we'll destroy you all. Anyone who does not cooperate with us will taste our wrath.

Tai (thinking): Better go along with it. I don't want anyone to get hurt.

Tai follows the rest of the crowd to the gym.

Scene 6
Setting: The gym. Tai's class arrives. He spots the rest of the Eastern Rangers near the back of the room. He makes his way over.

Tai: Oh man, they got you guys too?

Victor: Look. We have to be careful.

Max: If they don't find us they'll start killing people.

Kara: If they do they'll kill us without a second thought.

Joe: This is bad. Even if we morph we're no match for them.

Karen: Joe's right. Fighting head on would be suicide.

Max: Not to mention the rest of these people would get hurt.

Sun Ranger steps up on a platform in the front of the gym. By now all students have been taken hostage and are in the room. The rest of the Gridster Rangers join Sun Ranger. Destroyers surround the room watching the crowd.

Sun Ranger: I know you're in here Eastern Rangers. You have 10 minutes to show yourselves before we knock off one of your fellow students.

Victor: We need a plan.

Kara: We need to let Zordon know.

Joe: If we use our communicators in here they'll find us for sure.

Karen: Then I'll sneak out and call him.

Joe: No way! I can't let you take that risk.

Tai: Joe's right. Let me or Victor go.

Karen: Look, I'm the smallest. It'll be easier for me to escape than you.

Joe: But if.....

Karen: You have to trust me. I can take care of myself.

Joe: I know.

He gives her a hug. Joe: Be careful. And if anything happens I've got your back.

Karen: Thanks.

She heads to the side of the room near a door. She looks around. When the nearest Destroyers look away she slips out of the room.

Scene 7
Setting: The hallway.

Karen: Zordon. Come in.

Zordon's voice: I read you Karen.

Karen: We have an emergency at the school. The Gridster Rangers have taken eveyone hostage and are gonna kill all of us if we don't reveal our identites.

Zordon's voice: Are the other Rangers with you?

Karen: No, they are with the hostages. I was the only one who could get away.

Zordon's voice: You must distract the Gridster Rangers and give the people a chance to get away.

Karen: I don't stand a chance agaist them.

Zordon's voice: I know. I am sorry but you must try. Until I can find a weakness with them you are all in mortal danger. Good luck, and may the power protect you.

Karen: Oh man, this is bad.

Act 3
Scene 1
Setting: The gym. Sun Ranger steps back up to the microphone.

Sun Ranger: You have 5 minutes Rangers. (to Star Ranger)Bring up the first victim.

Star Ranger: You got it.

He walks down into the crowd and grabs a girl. He drags her up on the stage. Cosmic Ranger steps up with his weapon drawn.

Cosmic Ranger: You cowards will watch her die if you don't surrender.

Tai: Man, this sucks. I hope Zordon can come up with something good.

Joe: I'm just glad they didn't catch Karen.

Scene 2
Setting: The hallway. Karen can hear Cosmic Ranger.

Karen: Well, here it goes.

Scene 3
Setting: Back inside the gym. A mumbled voice is heard through the walls.

Mumbled Voice: IT'S MORPHIN TIME!

Victor: Not good. Everyone spread out and get ready to fight on my signal.

Max: Got it.

Victor, Tai, Kara, Joe, and Max spread out and make their way to the edges. The door to the gym busts open and Amethyst Ranger steps in. Some Destroyers head to her. As she tries to fight them off she yells out.

Karen: Everyone get out of here!

While she battles the Destroyers some of the people make their way out of the doors.

Victor signals. The other Eastern Rangers begin fighting the Destroyers unmorphed. Some of the other people in the room see them and start doing the same. More and more Destroyers head towards Karen. Cosmic Ranger yells into the microphone.

Cosmic Ranger: Grister Rangers! GET HER!

Comet, Star, and Sun Rangers head over. Black Hole and Planet Ranger head out into the crowd to restore order. The battle slows down. Everyone has stoped fighting except for Karen.

Vic, Tai, Joe, Kara, and Max regroup.

Tai: We can't afford to keep fighting without morphing.

Max: If we morph we're history.

Joe: What about Karen?

She strugles with the Gridster Rangers a bit but they overpower her. The drag her up on the stage.

Planet Ranger: Now to find out who you really are.

He reached down and puts his hands on the buckles for her helmet.

Kara: Too late!

Planet Ranger pulls her helmet off. She hangs her head as everyone in the room stares at her. They are all shocked. A few people in the crowd can be heard mumbling.

Person: Her!

Another: I don't beleive it.

Another: How?

Planet Ranger shouts out to the crowd.

Planet Ranger: SILENCE! ALL OF YOU!

Comet Ranger: Now that your secret is out why don't you tell us who the others are?

Karen: Never.

Black Hole Ranger: Not talking huh? Then we have no use for you. Planet Ranger, you may have the honor of destroying her.

Planet Ranger: Gladly.

He walks up with his weapon. He is about to strike her when Joe yells out.

Joe: STOP!

Planet Ranger: Why should I?

He begins to swing again.


(Onyx Morphing Sequence)

Everyone is staring at him and Karen.

Cosmic Ranger: The two of you don't stand a chance against the 6 of us.

Victor, Tai, Kara, and Max step up.

Kara: Then how about the six of us?

Victor: Ready guys?

Victor, Tai, Kara, and Max: IT'S MORPHIN TIME!

(Fire Morphing Sequence)
(Lightning Morphing Sequence)
(Diamond Morphing Sequence)
(Thunder Morphing Sequence)

They step up with Joe.

Joe: The six of us will defeat you.

While they are distracted Karen breaks free and joins the rest of the team. She puts her helmet back on.

Karen: You're history.

Victor: You got what you wanted. Now let everyone else go.

Sun Ranger: Not a chance.

Comet Ranger: Destroyers, get them.

The Destroyers head for the Eastern Rangers.

Victor: Everyone split up.

They go different directions and fight the Destroyers. Victor has three after him. He does a spin kick knocking two of them down. He grabs one of them by the leg and throws it into the third.

Victor: Piece of cake.

Tai also has three to take out. He jumps in the air. One of the destroyers jumps too. Tai sees it and lets it go over his head. While in the air he grabs in and slams in down hard into the floor. He lands on one and punches the other one in the head.

Kara only has one to worry about. It ducks her first punch and hits her leg. She almost falls but catches her balance just in time. It tries to hit her again but she is too fast for it and slams it in the chest. It falls.

Kara: As if one of you could ever take me down.

Karen is cornered by four Destroyers. They try to blast her. She jumps out of the way as they shoot and they hit each other.

Karen: Not too bright are they?

The two that were after Joe headed towards Max when he took one out. Joe runs over to give him a hand.

Max: Thunder Sabre, power up!

Joe: Onyx Chargers, power up!

Max slashes one and Joe hits two. They turn around and do the same thing to the ones behind them.

Max: Thanks for the hand.

Joe: Anytime.

All the destroyers are defeated. The Eastern Rangers regroup in front of the stage.

Act 4
Scene 1
Setting: The gym. The Eastern Rangers are standing in front of the stage.

Victor: Now we've got you.

Karen: Give up now.

The Gridster Rangers are searching for a way out.

Comet Ranger: We should just take them down.

Planet Ranger: I agree. We have more than enough power to do it.

Sun Ranger: I got a better idea. Just watch.

She runs over to the to girl on the stage. She grabs her and puts her weapon to her neck. The Eastern Rangers get nervous.

Joe: We can't let Sun Ranger hurt her.

Kara: Let her go!

Sun Ranger: Yeah right. Power down or the girl gets it.

Tai: I'll show you.

He moves towards Sun Ranger but Victor stops him.

Victor: She might hurt the girl. Just do what she says.

Tai: But....

Victor: Do it now!

Tai: Fine.

Eastern Rangers: Power down.

Their suits vanish. They are standing there unmorphed.

Sun Ranger: Very good. Comet Ranger, let the others go. We only need this one.

Comet Ranger: You better know what you're doing.

Black Hole Ranger: They're not gonna do anything stupid. As long as Sun Ranger has the girl they are under our command.

Cosmic Ranger grabs the microphone.

Cosmic Ranger: You all have 2 minutes to clear out or we'll wipe you off the face of the planet.

There is a mad scramble as people hurry out the doors. Within 45 seconds the room is empty except for the Gridster Rangers, Eastern Rangers, and the girl.

Sun Ranger: Let's get outta here. We got what we came for.

She lets the girl go. The girl scrambles to her feet and takes off out the door. The Gridster Rangers then make their way for the door.

Victor: NOW!

Eastern Rangers: IT'S MORPHIN TIME!

(Fire Morphing Sequence)
(Lightning Morphing Sequence)
(Diamond Morphing Sequence)
(Amethyst Morphing Sequence)
(Onyx Morphing Sequence)
(Thunder Morphing Sequence)

The Gridster Rangers bolt for the exit when they hear Victor. They've almost made it out when the Eastern Rangers appear in front of them fully morphed.

Comet Ranger: Let's take this up a level shall we.

Cosmic Ranger: Sounds good.

They hold out their coins. They glow, then a light shoot out of them towards the ceiling. A portal opens. The Gridster Rangers are taken into it. There is a flash of light as the portal closes. They then reappear as giants. Debris falls all around as they crash through the roof. They take off in the direction of the city.

Joe: How much you wanna bet we get a bill for this?

Kara: Very funny. Let's get the Zords.

Victor, Tai, Kara, Karen, Joe: WE NEED ELEMENTAL ZORD POWER, NOW!

Scene 2
Setting: The zord holding bay. The main door opens. An orange, blue, white, purple, and black streak of light leave. When they arrive at the scene the orange one touches down and in a ball of flame the Firezord appears. The blue one lands. Lightning surrounds the Lightning Ninja and then dissapears. A bright flash of light shines as the Diamond Slasher appears. Crystals grow from the ground and the Amethyst Ninja emerges from them. The black light touches down and the light forms the shape of the Onyx Deputy. The Rangers teleport to the cockpits.


The zord holding bay opens. A gold streak of light leaves. As it strikes the ground there is a loud blast. The zord appears.

Max: We know we can't stop them.

Victor: They may be stronger, but we're smarter.

Joe: We need to think here. If we form the Megazord we're an easy target. If we stick with the individual zords we may have a chance.

Tai: Till they start ripping on us.

Victor: It's worth a try. Everyone try to keep one of them busy. If they can't attack together they'll be a lot weaker.

Karen: Let's do it.

Amethyst Ninja heads for Planet Ranger.

Planet Ranger: Time for me to kick your face in.

Karen: Let's see you try.

Planet Ranger lunges at the zord. Karen barley dodges the attack. As the zord is getting it's balace he sweeps it's legs out from under it.

Karen: So you want to play dirty, huh?

She pulls the zord up and prepairs to attack.

Karen: Star Blade!

Amethyst Ninja tosses a throwing star at him. It's a direct hit. He falls back.

Planet Ranger: No way you beat me.

He collapses.

Karen: Got one!

Victor: Good job. My turn.

Comet Ranger races towards the Firezord. He attacks a few times but never makes contact with the zord.

Victor: Fire Blasters!

The zord shoots fire from the arm blasters. Comet Ranger is hit hard. As he falls Victor taunts him.

Victor: You're just too sure of yourself.

Kara: Nice work. I'll take a piece of the action too.

Tai: Count me in.

Joe: Two down, four to go.

Max: Don't get too happy. Even if we slow them down this won't be over.

Kara: Quit being such a downer. Let's just worry about this fight.

Lightning Ninja, Diamond Slasher, Onyx Deputy, and Thunder Battlezord go after the remaining Gridster Rangers.

Tai: Lightning Sword!

Lightning Ninja lifts it's sword into the air. A bolt of lightning leaves it's tip and takes down Star Ranger.

Kara: Blade Cut!

Diamond Slasher deployes it's blades and swings at Black Hole Ranger. He tries to avoid the attack. The first blade misses but the second nails him.

Black Hole Ranger: I can't believe it.

Kara: I knew I could take him.

Joe: Sure you did. Twin Blasters!

The Onyx Deputy pulls out it's guns and fires. Cosmic Ranger is overpowered by the blast.

Cosmic Ranger: These Zords are too much.

Max: Time to finish the job. Thunder Destroyer!

The blasters fire and nail Sun Ranger.

Sun Ranger: This isn't finished. We can take you.

The other Gridster Rangers slowly get back up.

Comet Ranger: That's the best thing about us. Just when you think you've beaten us we just get back up.

Victor: No way!

Max: Didn't work. We need a new plan.

Black Hole Ranger: I have one. Surrender.

As he sais this all the Gridster Rangers attack the Zords. Sparks fly. The Eastern Rangers counter attack. Both the Elemental Zords and the Gridster Rangers fall.

Act 5
Scene 1
Setting: The Moon Palace. Gridster is watching the battle.

Gridster: They almost won that one. Time to call back my Rangers and call out the secret weapon.

Scene 2
Setting: The battle. Star Ranger recieves Gridster's orders.

Star Ranger: Gridster Orders us to return.

Comet Ranger: What! We've almost got them.

Sun Ranger: It'd be stupid to run.

Star Ranger: We're almost out of power. Let's go.

They return to normal size and teleport away.

Victor: Let's get back to the Power Chamber.

The Zords vanish and the Rangers teleport.

Scene 3
Setting: The Power Chamber.

Zordon: You all handled that situation very well.

Karen: They found out who we are. We had to morph in public. Zordon: This is very bad news. Now not only can the Gridster Rangers track you, but the public can also interfere and try to get your powers. From now on you must be very careful and always watch each other's backs.

Victor: We will Zordon.

Billy enters the room.

Billy: From the battle information I think I might have found a way to determnine the Gridster Ranger's identities.

Tai: That's great. How?

Billy: It's complicated. I better get to work.

Max: Good luck Billy.

Billy: Thanks. You guys should go get some rest.

Victor: Sounds good.

They teleport out.

The End

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