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Eastern Rangers Episode 15: Gridster Megazord

Act 1
Scene 1
Setting: A resturante. Max and Kara are sitting on one side of the table, Joe and Karen are on the other.

Kara: So have you guys seen the previews for that movie?

Karen: Yeah. I'm hoping I can talk a certain someone into taking me.

Joe (jokingly): I don't know....that might be pushing it.

Karen just gives him a little shove. A group of students from the school come into the resturante. They spot the Rangers and run up to them.

First person: Oh man. I don't believe it's actually you!

Second person: What's it like inside those giant robots?

Third person: What do I need to do to become a Ranger someday?

The Rangers ignore the questions and try to leave. They eventually push past the group and duck into a dark corner.

Kara: This sucks. We can't even go in public anymore and it's all because of those idiotic Gridster Rangers.

Max: Calm down. We should meet up with the others tomarrow and figure out how to handle this.

Joe: That's a good idea. We can't just sneak around hoping no one notices us.

Karen: I'll call the others. How does 10 o'clock sound?

Max: That works. See you then.

Max and Kara leave.

Joe: I'll walk you home.

Karen: Why thank you.

Scene 2
Setting: The park at 10. All the Eastern Rangers are there.

Max: And that's what happened.

Tai: It's only been two days and the whole world knows who we are.

Joe: You always said you wanted to be famous.

Tai: Famous, not stalked.

Victor: We're just gonna have to find a way to get people to stay away.

Karen: You mean kinda scare them off.

Victor: Not really scare, just tell them our situation and hope they understand.

The communicators go off. Tai answers.

Billy's voice: I need to see you guys when you get a chance.

Tai: We'll be right there.

They teleport away.

Act 2
Scene 1
Setting: The Moon Palace. Gridster is waiting for the Gridster Rangers to arrive. They step in.

Jeff: You wanted to see us master?

Gridster: Yes, I have a little surprise for you.

Beth: And what would that be?

Gridster: Something to help you defeat the Rangers.

Jeremiah: We don't need any help. We can take them on our own.

Gridster grabs him and gives him a cold stare.

Gridster: Maybe. But I have something in mind that will make sure you don't fail.

Keith looks interested. Gridster glances at him and drops Jeremiah. He walks over to Keith.

Gridster: Glad to see one of you is interested in fulfilling your destiny.

He walks over the his thrown.

Gridster: Behold.

He waves his arms and a portal appears. Through it the Gridster Rangers can see zords. They look exactly like the Eastern Rangers', except they all have Gridster Ranger symbols on them.

Scott: What are those?

Gridster: These are your zords. Now you will crush the Eastern Rangers into oblivion.

Beth: When do we get to try them?

Gridster: Right now. Go to Earth and practice by destroying Angel Grove.

All Gridster Rangers: IT'S MORHIN TIME!

(Comet Morphing Sequence)
(Star Morphing Sequence)
(Black Hole Morphing Sequence)
(Planet Morphing Sequence)
(Cosmic Morphing Sequence)
(Sun Morphing Sequence)

Scene 2
Setting: Angel Grove. The Gridster Rangers arrive.


A portal opens in the sky and 6 meteors fall down. They strike the ground and the Gridster Zords appear. The Rangers teleport to their cockpits.

Sun Ranger: Time to wreck some havac.

Black Hole Ranger: Yeah. Fun time!

They begin attacking the city.

Scene 3
Setting: The Power Chamber. The Rangers arrive.

Max: What's up?

Billy: Well, I've been thinking about your problem with your identities.

Tai: Not much we can do now, except get new faces.

Joe: Oh yeah, that's possible.

Tai: You know what I mean.

Karen: Calm donw boys.

Kara: Yeah, let Billy finish.

Joe: Sorry.

Tai: Me too.

Billy: Anyway. As I was saying, the Gridster Rangers can follow you and you'll never know until you know who they are.

Victor: Any ideas on how we find out?

Billy: Actually......

The alarms go off.

Zordon: Rangers, look into the viewing globe.

The Rangers look up. Images of the Gridster Zords smashing the city appear.

Kara: What the heck are those.

Zordon: Those are the Gridster Zords. They are as powerful as your Zords, if not more powerful.

Tai: We better get out there.


(Fire Morphing Sequence)
(Lightning Morphing Sequence)
(Diamond Morphing Sequence)
(Amethyst Morphing Sequence)
(Onyx Morphing Sequence)
(Thunder Morphing Sequence)

Scene 4
Setting: The city. The Eastern Rangers arrive.

Victor: Let's do this guys.

Joe: Be careful. Don't overdo it.

Max: Yeah. We need all the power we have so don't blow your Zord.

Kara: Enough talk.


The main door of the zord holding bay opens. An orange, blue, white, purple, and black streak of light leave. When they arrive at the scene the orange one touches down and in a ball of flame the Firezord appears. The blue one lands. Lightning surrounds the Lightning Ninja and then dissapears. A bright flash of light shines as the Diamond Slasher appears. Crystals grow from the ground and the Amethyst Ninja emerges from them. The black light touches down and the light forms the shape of the Onyx Deputy. The Rangers teleport to the cockpits. A gold streak of light leaves. As it strikes the ground there is a loud blast. The Thunder Battlezord appears. Max teleports to the cocpit.

Karen: Good luck.

Joe: We'll need it.

Comet Ranger: Look who came out to play.

Cosmic Ranger: Let's not dissapoint them.

The Gridster zords stop what they are doing and head for the Eastern Rangers.

Tai: Heads up guys.

Victor: This could be an advantage. They only want us.

Max: Then let's keep 'em busy.

The Comet zord slams into the Firezord. Sparks fly.

Max: You ok Victor?

Victor: I'm losing power fast. Watch yourselves.

Max is about to say something back when Sun zord swings at him. He ducks just in time.

Max: Too close. Thunder Destroyer!

The Blasters fire and nail the Sun zord. It falls back, but doesn't appear to have taken much damage. The Star zord attacks the Lightning Ninja. Lightning Ninja jumps to get away. It gets hit in the leg. When it lands it falls.

Tai: I'm down.

Star Ranger: And don't bother getting up.

Star zord grabs Lightning Ninja's sword and shoves it into the chestplate. It shuts down.

Tai: Crap.

The Black Hole and Planet zords close in on Kara and Karen. They fire lasers at Diamond Slasher and Amethyst Ninja. They stumble back and trip over a building.

Black Hole Ranger: Pathetic.

Planet Ranger: Not worth my time.

Joe: Guys, we can't do this.

Victor: Not much choice. At least they aren't attacking the city.

Kara: I doubt even the Megazord could handle this.

Max: Not with 6 against two anyway.

Cosmic Ranger: Hate to interupt this touching moment but....

The Cosmic zord hits Onyx Deputy hard.

Joe: That hurt.

Tai: I'm sick of this.

He presses a few buttons on the console. The zord starts up again.

Kara: What are you doing?

Tai: Taking care of some trash.

Lightning Ninja lifts it's sword into the air. Tai focuses all the zords energy into the blade. A bolt of lightning leaves it's tip and the zord falls back down. The blast hits the Gridster zords and shorts them all out.

Comet Ranger: What?!

Black Hole Ranger: Imposible!

Victor: Good job Tai.

Planet Ranger: This isn't over.

The Gridster zords vanish and the Gridster Rangers teleport away.

Victor: Let's get out of here.

The Elemental zords power down and teleport back to the holding bay. The Rangers return the the Power Chamber.

Scene 5
Setting: The moon palace. Gridster is looking over the Rangers. They all look very nervous.

Gridster: And why did you not destroy them?

Jeff: We almost did. In fact the only reason we didn't finish them is cause Lightning Ranger shorted out our zords. But we did outpower them.

Gridster: That is good. I suppose I should give you the ultimate power then.

Keith: Ultimate power?

Gridster: The next time you fight them you will not use the zords individualy. You will call on the Gridster Megazord.

Jared: They don't stand a chance!

Gridster: That is all for now. Go home and rest. It's gonna be a fun battle later.

They teleport home.

Scene 6
Setting: The Power Chamber.

Victor: Zordon, we can't take them like this.

Tai: We got lucky that time. They'll be more careful.

Alpha: Just calm down Rangers.

Zordon: You did what you could for now. That is all that is expected of you.

Kara: That's not gonna stop these guys. We have to take them out.

Billy: Look, your only real chance is to find out their identities.

Joe: What are we suppose to do? Just go around asking for the Gridster Rangers?

Billy: If you'll let me finish.

Joe: Oh. Sorry about that.

Billy: I've built a device that will let you find out.

Karen: Really?

Billy: Next time you fight them use it.

He hands a small cell phone size device to Victor.

Billy: It will interupt the power to their morphers and shut them down.

Tai: Billy, you're a genious.

Billy: Thanks.

Zordon: Rangers, you should go rest. I'm sure the Gridster Rangers will be back soon.

Alpha: In the mean time I'll repair the zords.

Billy: I'll help you Alpha.

Zordon: You go too Billy. You could use a break.

Billy: Call me if you need me.

Alpha: You got it.

Billy and the Rangers teleport away.

Scene 7
Setting: Outside the high school. The Eastern Rangers are leaving for the day. As they start to walk away a group of reporters shows up.

Victor: Just great.

Tai: Let's split up. Maybe they'll leave.

Max: Good idea.

The Rangers all go their own way. The group of reporters split up and continue to follow them.

Act 3
Scene 1
Setting: A back alley by the school. Max is trying to get away from a reporter. She just keeps following him.

Reporter: Sir.

Max ignores her and keeps walking.

Reporter: If I could just ask you a few questions.

Max turns around to tell her to go away. Before he can speak there is a flash of lightning and a group of destroyers appear.

Reporter: Oh my god!

Max: Get behind me! And stay out of my way.

The destroyers charge at them. There are 4 of them. Max starts a fight with two of them and the other two get past and chase after the reporter.

Reporter: Get off of me!

One of the Destroyers takes a swing at her.


(Thunder Morphing Sequence)

A blast nails the destroyer. It falls to the ground. The 3 remaining ones try to surround Max. They aim at him and fire. He ducks just in time. Two of the destroyer's beams hit each other but the third hits the reporter. She screams and drops.


He runs over to help her.

Max: It's gonna be ok.

Reporter: .............

She is bleeding bad. Max picks her up and takes her out of the alley. He contacts Victor.

Victor's voice: Go ahead.

Max: I just got attacked by some destroyers. A reporter was injured. I need an ambulance sent here right now.

Victor's voice: I'm on it. After it gets there meet us at the Power Chamber. We gotta do something about these reporters.

Max: Got it. Later.

Scene 2
Setting: The Power Chamber.

Zordon: This is indeed a distrubing situation. With the Gridster Ranger's out there we must not let this continue.

Tai: We need some way to get the city to understand our problem.

Joe: I got it!

Karen: Really?

Joe: Yeah, that reporter's injury may be just the thing we needed.

Kara: I'm lost.

Max: How does someone getting hurt help us?

Joe: Listen for a minute. We just use this as an example of why we keep our identitties secret.

Victor: Sounds good to me.

Alpha: I'll contact Billy and have him make the necessary arrangements.

Joe: Thanks Alpha.

Scene 3
Setting: The park. The Eastern Rangers are having an outdoor press conference. Victor steps up to a microphone.

Reporer: What do you have to say about the reporter that was injured earlier today?

Victor: That's why we called you here. We hope this is a wake up call to the world of why we keep our identities secret.

Max: I'd like to add that we are all sorry about what happened. You all need to remember that we are targeted by Gridster constantly. It's not safe to follow us around.

Reporter: If you were really worried about public saftey why not just go to some remote location?

Kara: Gridster is after the Earth, not just us.

Joe: That's right. He attacks us because we are here and in his way.

Reporter: Do you have anything to say about the school incident?

Victor: That was beyond our controll. We had no idea the Gridster Rangers were there. If we would have known they would have been stoped.

A strange hush falls over the crowd. Suddenly a loud shout fills the area.

Voice: Why don't you tell everyone the truth for a change?

Tai: Who said that?

The Gridster Rangers step into view. Comet Ranger speaks up.

Comet Ranger: I did. You got a problem with that?

Max: Everyone get outta here NOW!

Sun Ranger: Not so fast.

She creates an energy wall around the crowd.

Victor: Let them go.

Star Ranger: I think they all need to hear this.

Kara: Hear what?

Cosmic Ranger: That you cause the monster attacks in this city.

Everyone gasps.

Tai: What are you talking about?

Karen: That's a lie.

Planet Ranger: Oh come now. Think about this people. As long as there are monster attacks they get to play hero and save the city.

Black Hole Ranger: Their plan is to get you to trust them, then destroy the city.

Mumbled voices: I never thought of it that way.
That's awful.
You can't trust anyone anymore.
Joe: That is not true. We would never do that.

Cosmic Ranger leans over to Sun Ranger.

Cosmic Ranger: I think that's all we needed.

Sun Ranger: Right.

She shuts down the energy field. The people leave, all of them in a state of doubt about the Eastern Rangers. After they all leave the Eastern Rangers step up.

Comet Ranger: Well, that was fun.

Victor: You'll pay for that.


(Fire Morphing Sequence)
(Lightning Morphing Sequence)
(Diamond Morphing Sequence)
(Amethyst Morphing Sequence)
(Onyx Morphing Sequence)
(Thunder Morphing Sequence)

The Eastern Rangers stand off agianst the Gridster Rangers.

Black Hole Ranger: You know you can't beat us!

Victor: How about a taste of your own medicine.

He reaches for the device Billy gave him.

Comet Ranger: Not so fast.

As Victor pulls the device up the Gridster Rangers call their weapons.

Victor: Hold them off till I get this working.

Tai: We're on it.

He charges for the Gridster Rangers. Star Ranger blasts him. The other Eastern Rangers try to attack and get blasted too.

Black Hole Ranger: Pathetic. Let's just finish them off.

All Gridster Rangers: GRIDSTER BLASTER!

Their weapons fuse together and become a blaster. The Easter Rangers regroup.

Max: Weapons, NOW!

Victor: Fire Staff, power up!

Tai: Lightning Strikers, power up!

Kara: Diamond Cutter, power up!

Karen: Amethyst Blaster, power up!

Joe: Onyx Chargers, power up!

Max: Thunder Sabre, power up!

Victor: Eastern Blaster!

Victor throws the Fire Staff into the air. It stays suspened horizontaly. Tai throws up the Lightning Strikers. They land sideways on top of the Fire Staff. Kara tosses the Diamond Cutter. It sets on top of the Strikers. Karen throws the Amethyst Blaster. It lands on top of the Cutter with it's handle forming the handle of the Eastern Blaster. Finaly Joe tosses the Onyx Chargers and they hook onto the bottom of the Strikers. The Eastern Blaster falls into Victors hands. The other Rangers stand to his sides.

Comet Ranger: Gridster Blaster, FIRE!

A dark beam shoots out at the Eastern Rangers.

Victor: Eastern Blaster, FIRE!

A beam with all the Ranger's colors shoot at the Gridster Rangers. The beams collide in the air. The dark beam scatters the colored one. It then goes down the barrel of the Eastern Blaster and causes it to explode. The Eastern Rangers are sent flying.

Act 4
Scene 1
Setting: The Battle. The Eastern Rangers are scattered all around the area.

Sun Ranger: We win.

Comet Ranger: Let's forget them for the moment and have some real fun.


A portal opens in the sky and 6 meteors fall down. They strike the ground and the Gridster Zords appear. The Rangers teleport to their cockpits.

Black Hole Ranger: Get the city. If the Eastern Rangers get up we get the megazord.

Cosmic Ranger: Sounds like a plan.

The Gridster Zords head for the City. The Eastern Rangers start getting up. Joe looks up and sees the Gridster Zords.

Joe: Get up guys!

Tai: I dont' know if I can.

Joe: Well you better. The Gridster Zords are heading for the city.

Victor and Max jump up.

Max: I'll try to hold them off while you guys get up.

Victor: Go.

Max: Thunder Battlezord power, now!

Scene 2
Setting: The zord holding bay. The bay opens. A gold streak of light leaves. As it strikes the ground there is a loud blast. The zord appears. Max teleports to the cockpit. It heads for the Gridster Zords.

Victor: Come on Tai. We need you buddie.

Tai starts comming to.

Joe runs over to Karen.

Joe: Are you allright?

Karen: I'll be fine. Let's get those Ranger wannabes.

He helps her up.

Victor and Tai both help Kara up.

Kara: Let go. I can get up by myself.

Victor: This is gonna be ugly.

They watch Max fighting the Gridster Zords. Thunder Battlezord gets slamed hard and falls.

Victor: Time to go.


Scene 3
Setting: Setting: The zord holding bay. The main door opens. An orange, blue, white, purple, and black streak of light leave. When they arrive at the scene the orange one touches down and in a ball of flame the Firezord appears. The blue one lands. Lightning surrounds the Lightning Ninja and then dissapears. A bright flash of light shines as the Diamond Slasher appears. Crystals grow from the ground and the Amethyst Ninja emerges from them. The black light touches down and the light forms the shape of the Onyx Deputy. The Rangers teleport to the cockpits.

Planet Ranger: Oh goody. Now we get to have some real fun with them.

Firezord and Onyx Deputy go towards the Gridster Zords. Comet zord grabs them both by the shoulders. Cosmic zord grabs the heads and begins to twist.

Cosmic Ranger: This is so much fun.

Sun zord picks up the Thunder Battlezord.

Max: Put me down.

Sun Ranger: That's the plan.

The Sun zord tosses the Thunder Battlezord accross the city.

Planet zord blasts Amethyst Ninja.

Planet Ranger: They could at least put up a decent fight.

Joe is sitting in his cockpit. Sparks are flying as the Onyx Deputy's head begins to break off.

Joe: Not to be pushy but I'm about to lose my head.

Tai: Help is on the way.

The Lightning Ninja steps up. Lightning Ninja lifts it's sword into the air. A bolt of lightning leaves it's tip. Cosmic zord moves out of the way. Comet zord moves the Firezord and Onyx Deputy into it's path.

Tai: Oh crap!

The bolt hits the zords and sends them flying.

Kara: You guys ok?

Victor: We're fine.

Joe: At least our zords are still in one piece.

Karen: This is not going well.

Black Hole Ranger: I think it's time to finish this little party.


The Zords jump up into the air. Comet zord retracts it arms, legs, and head. Star zord transforms into and arm and attaches to the left side of Comet zord. Black Hole zord also forms into an arm and connects to the right side. Planet zord becomes the left leg and Cosmic zord becomes the right leg. The Comet zord head re-emerges with a helmet on. The Sun zord spilts apart and attaches to the rest of the Gridster Megazord as armor.

Comet Ranger: How do you like us now?

Kara: We don't.

Victor, Tai, Kara, Karen, Joe: ELEMENTAL MEGAZORD POWER, NOW!

The Zords jump up into the air. Firezord retracts it arms, legs, and head. Lightning Ninja transforms into and arm and attaches to the left side of Firezord. Diamond Slasher also forms into an arm and connects to the right side. Amethyst Ninja becomes the left leg and Onyx Deputy becomes the right leg. The Firezord head re-emerges with a helmet on.

Victor's communicator goes off.

Victor: Go ahead.

Zordon's voice: Be very cautious. The Gridster Megazord is more powerful than the Elemental Megazord.

Karen: We will Zordon.

Victor: Let's not play around with this guy. Elemental Megazord Sabre, now!

A sabre drops from the sky into the Megazord's hand. At the base of the blade are the symbols of the Ranger's elements. The symbols light up as the blade swings at the Gridster Megazord.

Sun Ranger: Two can play that game. Sun Blade!

A blade pops out of the arm of the Gridster Megazord. It lifts the arm to defend itself against the Elemental Megazord Sabre. The sabre strikes the blade. There is a flash of light. Half the blade of the Sabre falls to the ground. The Eastern Rangers stare in disbelief.

Kara: No way!

Max: That thing destroyed the Megazord Sabre!

Planet Ranger: Now to finish the job.

The Gridster Megazord forms it's right arm into a blaster. It fires at the Elemental Megazord. The beam destroys the chest of the Megazord. It shuts down and collapses.

Max: Thunder Destroyer.

The blasters fire and hit the Gridster Megazord.

Cosmic Ranger: That's funny. Look at the runt trying to take us on all by himself.

The blaster fires again. Pieces of the Thunder Battlezord fly all around.


A staticy voice comes over the intercom.

Max: I'm fine. But I think we're about to be destroyed.

The Eastern Rangers watch as the Gridster Megazord perpairs to fire a third time.

Joe: This is the end.

Victor: I'm sorry guys.

Tai: We did our best.

Just as the blaster is ready to fire sparks fly out of it. The Gridster Megazord loses power. It's just standing there.

Karen: What.....happened?

Joe: I don't have a clue.

Comet Ranger: Crap! This things overloaded.

Star Ranger: If we don't bail out we could blow up!

Sun Ranger: You've survived this time Eastern Rangers, but this isn't over!

The Gridster Rangers bail out of their Megazord.

Act 5
Scene 1
Setting: Outside the Megazords. The Gridster Rangers are running away.

Tai: This is our chance. Let's cut them off.

Victor: Let's go!

They jump out of the zords and land in front of the fleeing Girdster Rangers.

Max: Stop right there!

Comet Ranger: You know we can out power you.

Victor: Oh yeah, try this.

He activates Billy's device. Sparks fly from the Gridster Rangers suits.

Sun Ranger: What's happening?

Planet Ranger: Our powers are shuting down!

There is s flash of light. When it dims the Eastern Rangers are staring at the now unmorphed Gridster Rangers.

Victor: I......

Joe: Imposible.

Jeff: That's right. We're just like you, only evil.

The End

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