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Eastern Rangers Episode 18: Final Battle Part 1

Act 1
Scene 1
Setting: The Power Chamber. The Rangers teleport back after their victory against the Gridster Rangers. They are very excited.

Kara: Yeah! We finaly got 'em.

Joe: I don't believe it.

Tai: They're finaly gone.

Max: Hate to be a downer but they did a lot of damage to the city.

Victor: He's right. The Gridster Rangers were much stronger than any of Gridster's monsters. Just think what he might send next.

Zordon: I do not think that will be a problem.

Joe gets a confused look on his face.

Joe: Why not?

Zordon: As far as we know Gridster has used up all his resources.

Alpha: That's right. His only option now is to fight you himself.

Karen: That could be bad.

Kara: But we beat him before he took over Zedd and Rita, so we could do it now.

Zordon: Now is not the time to discuss this. You all need to return home to rest.

Max: Contact us the second anything comes up.

Alpha: We will.

The Rangers teleport away.

Billy: I'm going too.

Zordon: You've earned a break.

Billy teleports away.

Scene 2
Setting: The Moon Palace. Gridster is furious.

Gridster: I don't beleive it! How could they lose!

He paces back and forth.

Gridster: Those Rangers are more powerful than I though.

He paces some more.

Gridster: I have no one left to fight them.

He paces even more.

Gridster: I'll have to fight them myself. They've beaten me before so I must get ready for this. I will go into deep meditation to focus my power. Then I'll crush them.

He leaves the room.

Act 2
Scene 1
Setting: The Youth Center. Max and Kara are just hanging out. Six weeks have past since they defeated the Gridster Rangers. There is a reporter on the t.v.

Reporter: I'm standing in the middle of downtown Angel Grove. Just six weeks ago a terrible battle occured here between the Power Rangers and Gridster's henchmen.

She walks down the sidewalk. There is still rubble laying around, and construction crews working all over the place.

Reporter: Except for some cleanup, the city is nearly back on it's feet. There has been no sighting of either monsters or the Rangers since this terrible battle happend. Many believe the threat is finaly over. For channel 6 news, I'm.......

Max shuts the t.v. off. Kara sits down beside him.

Max: I'm getting worried.

Kara: About what? Gridster must've just packed up and left.

Max: That or he's planning something huge.

Kara: Hope not. I don't think the city could survive it.

Max: Well just have to wait and see what happens.

He looks down at his watch.

Max: I'm suppose to meet Tai and Victor for a game of football. Wanna come?

Kara: Sure.

They exit the youth center.

Scene 3
Setting: The park. All the Rangers are gathered there.

Joe: Hey guys.

Tai: We gonna play or what?

Victor: Yeah, Max and Kara, you're on my team. Joe, you, Karen, and Tai are on a team.

Karen: That works.

They split up. Victor kicks the ball. Karen catches it and starts running. She is about to get a touchdown when a group of reporters comes over to them.

Joe: Oh no, not again.

The reporters swarm around the Rangers.

Reporter 1: Excuse me, do you have any comment about the lack of monster attacks lateley?

Reporter 2: Why did you let Gridster trash so much of the city before stoping him?

Reporter 3: Is this over, or is Gridster still out there?

Reporter 4: Why are you here? I thought the Zeo Rangers protected the city.

Victor: Um.

Kara: Buzz off!

The Rangers try to leave, the reporters won't let them.

Joe: You wanna know? Fine. To the first question, we have no idea why there have been no attacks.

Karen: As far as the city goes, we did our best. We stoped them as fast as we could.

Max: Gridster is still out there. By the way, don't any of you remember what happened the last time reporters tried following us around?

Victor: The Zeo Rangers do protect this city, we're just helping out at the moment.

Reporter 4: Why do they need your help?

Victor: No comment.

Their communicators go off.

Victor: Excuse us.

They teleport away.

Scene 4
Setting: The Power Chamber. The Rangers teleport in.

Joe: Thanks for getting us outta that Billy.

Tai: Yeah, I thought they were about to mug us or something.

Billy gets a puzzled look on his face.

Billy: What are you talking about?

Max: Nevermind, long story. So what's up?

Billy: I just wanted to give you a status report on the search for the Zeo Rangers.

Karen: Did you find them?

Alpha: With Timeline's help we've really narrowed the search down. Unfortunatley we still haven't found them.

Joe: I'd hate to think how long it would take to scan the whole universe for them.

Billy: I'm not sure we can find them like this.

Kara: Why not?

Zordon: Although we are scanning dimentions, I feel that Gridster may have imprisioned the Rangers between dimentions. That would hide them from our scanners.

Victor: That's bad. So what do we do?

Billy: The only way would be if the portal actualy opened again. I'd have to lock onto it's signal and trace where it leads to.

Joe: Good luck with that considering Gridster seems to have dissapeared.

Zordon: This long peace is troubling me. Gridster is up to something, I can sense it.

Scene 5
Setting: The Moon Palace. Gridster is sitting in the middle of a dark room. His appearance has changed. He looks much more muscular than he did when he entered his meditation. He opens his eyes and stands up.

Gridster: I'm finally at my full power. It's time to show those pathetic Rangers my true power. In this form I can banish them to my realm just like I did the Zeo Rangers.

He walks back to the thrown room.

Gridster: Look out Rangers, here I come.

There is a blinding flash of light followed by an explosion. It nearly levels the palace. All of the Destroyers are blown up in the explosion. Their energy is then absorbed by Gridster. A streak of light leaves the palace and heads for the Earth.

Act 3
Scene 1
Setting: Downtown Angel Grove, right in the middle of a construction zone. A streak of light appears in the sky over the area. It falls like a meteor and lands. The light dies down and Gridster is standing there.

Gridster: Time to do what I should have done from the begining.

He streatches out his arm. He gathers energy in the palm of his hand. He then hurls it into one of the buildings. There is a massive explosion and peices of debris fly all over.

Gridster: That should get their attention, but I better make sure.

He fires 3 more beams into 3 seperate buildings. As the rubble crashes down people come running out of the buildings. One man comes running out and stops for a moment to look around. His eyes bulge when he sees Gridster.

Man: Oh no! Not again.

He then runs away. Gridster starts walking down the street.

Scene 2
Setting: Inside the Power Chamber. The Rangers are about to leave. The alarms go off.

Alpha: Aye ay ay ay ay.

Karen: What is it?

Alpha: Gridster has appeared in the city. He's blasting the buildings.

Zordon: I'm bringing him up on the viewing globe now.

An image of Gridster marching down the street fireing energy at buildings apears. Gridster turns and seems to be looking right at the Rangers.

Gridster: I was wondering how long it would take you to find me Zordon. Now listen up. Eastern Rangers, get out here now. If you don't I'll destroy the whole city with one blow.

Victor: We have no choice.

Gridster: Oh, and by the way. This is a trap. Hehe.

His image vanishes.

Alpha: How did he...

Max: Let's go do this.


(Fire Morphing Sequence)
(Lightning Morphing Sequence)
(Diamond Morphing Sequence)
(Amethyst Morphing Sequence)
(Onyx Morphing Sequence)
(Thunder Morphing Sequence)

Scene 3
Setting: On a side street. Gridster is about to fire a blast when the Rangers arrive right in front of him.

Victor: Hold it right there Gridster.

Tai: Your reign of terror has come to an end.

Kara: Make this easy and give up now.

Karen: If you try to fight us you'll fail just like your monsters.

Joe: Good is on our side.

Max: So prepair to eat dust.

Gridster: You're all talk. My Rangers almost destroyed you.

Tai: Key word, almost.

Gridster: I'll take you out like I did the Zeo Rangers.

He charges at the Rangers. They stand ready to fight. Gridster reaches them. He touches Tai and Kara. Sparks fly and they fall to the ground.

Gridster: See. I'm just that powerful.

Karen: This is gonna get ugly.

Joe: Watch out!

He pushes her out of the way. Gridster drop kicks him. The force of the kick causes a blinding flash. When the light dies down Joe is on the ground, unconcious.

Karen: JOE! Amethyst Blaster!

She fires at Gridster. The beam just bounces off of him.

Karen: Uh oh.

Gridster prepairs to fire a beam at her.

Scene 4
Setting: The Power Chamber. Zordon is monitoring the fight.

Zordon: Gridster is too powerful for them. Bring them back now.

Alpha: Teleporting now.

Scene 5
Setting: The battle. Gridster's beam is heading for Karen. She and the others are teleported away. The beam hits the ground.

Gridster: Oh well. They can run if they want. Gives me more time to destroy the city.

He marches off to continue his rampage.

Scene 6
Setting: The Power Chamber. The Rangers are teleported in.

Zordon: Alpha, help Joe.

Alpha sets Joe on a table. He connects some wires to his suit.

Alpha: Tai and Kara, you need this too.

Tai and Kara go over. Joe wakes up.

Joe: What happened?

Tai: Gridster happened.

Kara: And I don't think we can stop him this time.

Zordon: Rangers, I think with some adjustments to your morphers the energy spikes from Gridster's touch shouldn't affect you.

Victor: I hope so. Cause if not we're finished.

Billy: Place your morphers in those slots in the console.

Victor, Max, and Karen place theirs in. Billy gets Joe's, Kara's, and Tai's and places them in. They each glow with their color. A status monitor appears on the viewing globe. The meter reaches full. The glowing stops and Billy hands back out the morphers.

Billy: That should do it.

Victor: Thanks.

Max looks over to Joe, Tai, and Kara.

Max: You guys ready?

Joe: I think. Let's go get this over with.

Zordon: Be careful Rangers.

All Rangers: BACK TO ACTION!

Scene 7
Setting: The city. The Rangers arrive back.

Gridster: Oh how stupid can you be?

Victor: No matter how hard you try, you'll never crush us.

Gridster: I'm so scared.

Max: Try the blaster. It might work.

Joe: Sounds good to me.

Victor: Fire Staff, power up!

Tai: Lightning Strikers, power up!

Kara: Diamond Cutter, power up!

Karen: Amethyst Blaster, power up!

Joe: Onyx Charger, power up!

Max: Thunder Sabre, power up!


Victor throws the Fire Staff into the air. It stays suspened horizontaly. Tai throws up the Lightning Strikers. They land sideways on top of the Fire Staff. Kara tosses the Diamond Cutter. It sets on top of the Strikers. Karen throws the Amethyst Blaster. It lands on top of the Cutter with it's handle forming the handle of the Eastern Blaster. Finaly Joe tosses the Onyx Chargers and they hook onto the bottom of the Strikers. The Eastern Blaster falls into Victors hands. The other Rangers stand to his sides.

The Blaster Fires. Max slashes Gridster with the Thunder Sabre at the same second the beam hits him. Gridster stumbles back a step and starts laughing.

Gridster: That's the best you can do? Pathetic. Watch this.

He lifts his arms up.

Gridster: Grid powers, strengthen me.

A portal opens in the sky. He is taken into it. There is a flash of light as the portal closes. He then reappears as a giant.

Gridster: Time to cause some real damage.

Act 4
Scene 1
Setting: The Battle. Gridster has just grown into a giant.

Joe: Oh no.

Kara: This just got a whole lot more interesting!

Victor: Let's call them.

Victor, Tai, Kara, Karen, and Joe: WE NEED ELEMENTAL ZORD POWER, NOW!

Setting: The zord holding bay. The main door opens. An orange, blue, white, purple, and black streak of light leave. When they arrive at the scene the orange one touches down and in a ball of flame the Firezord appears. The blue one lands. Lightning surrounds the Lightning Ninja and then dissapears. A bright flash of light shines as the Diamond Slasher appears. Crystals grow from the ground and the Amethyst Ninja emerges from them. The black light touches down and the light forms the shape of the Onyx Deputy. The Rangers teleport to the cockpits.


The zord holding bay opens. A gold streak of light leaves. As it strikes the ground there is a loud blast. The zord appears.

Tai: I don't think our seperate zords will even stand a chance.

Gridster: Don't bother getting your toys out.

He fires a blast at them. It lands right in the middle of the group. Lightning Ninja and Onyx Deputy take heavy damange and fall to the ground. The Thunder Battlezord is able to dodge the blow. Amethyst Ninja is blown into the air and lands hard. Sparks fly from the zord. The rest of the zords are hardly scratched.

Kara: You guys ok?

Joe: Sure, never better.

Karen: I'm ok, but the zord isn't.

Victor: Can you all get up? We need the Megazord.

Tai: Yeah, but let's hope this is the last time we need these things cause I don't think they're gonna be too easy to fix.


The Zords jump up into the air. Firezord retracts it arms, legs, and head. Lightning Ninja transforms into and arm and attaches to the left side of Firezord. Diamond Slasher also forms into an arm and connects to the right side. Amethyst Ninja becomes the left leg and Onyx Deputy becomes the right leg. The Firezord head re-emerges with a helmet on.

Victor, Tai, Kara, Karen, and Joe: Elemental Megazord, power up!

Gridster: You two tin cans instead of six will help you any. Give it your best shot.

Kara: You heard him. Elemental Megazord sabre!

The sabre glows as it swings towards Gridster. It hits him right in the chest.

Max: Thunder Destroyer.

The blasters fire and nail him. The light from the Megazord sabre dies down. Gridster is nowhere to be found.

Karen: Did we get him?

Joe: I doubt it. There should be something here if we did.

Max: Keep your eyes open. I don't like this.

The Megazord and Battlezord walk around the city a little trying to find him. Gridster suddenly re-appears in the sky above the Thunder Battlezord. He lands on it and rides on it's shoulders while fireing blasts at the Megazord.

Gridster: Stop attacking your friends goldie!

The Battlezord stubles around with the extra weight on it.

Max: I can't get him off!

Victor: Hold on Max. We're gonna hit him.

Max: You better aim well!

Tai: Relax.

Max: Yeah right.

The Elemental Megazord charges the sabre up again and swings it at Gridster. He sees the sabre coming and hops down. As soon as his feet touch the ground he lifts the Battlezord up. The sabre hits it and sparks fly.

Max: What the.........!

Joe: Oh no!

Gridster drops the Battlezord.

Gridster: You children need to learn how to fight better.

Max: I'm fine guys. This isn't working. We need more power.

Victor: As long as we're seperated he can use us against each other. Time to pull it together.


The Thunder Battlezord and Elemental Megazord fly into the air. The Thunder Battlezord breaks apart. The pieces connect to the Elemental Megazord to form armor and a massive set of blasters on the arms. It lands.

Gridster: I'm not affraid of that toy either.

All Eastern Rangers: THUNDER CYCLONE!

The Thunder Megabattlezord fires both blasters. They combine in mid air and form a massive column of energy. Gridster holds out his hand and the column vanishes.

Joe, Tai, Kara, Max: No way!

Victor: I don't believe it!

Karen: I think we're in trouble!

Gridster: My turn.

He holds his hand to the sky. Energy begins to gather. Soon a large glowing sphere is in his hand.

Girdster: Enjoy it Rangers. POWER SURGE!

The sphere leaves his hand. Time and space seem to warp around it as it moves. It hits the Thunder Megabattlezord in the head. Sparks fly and pieces start to fall off. The Rangers are ejeceted from the cockpit. They land on top of a building. They watch in horror as the zords connections shut down and the Megabattlezord falls apart.

Victor: It's....not possible.

Joe: Now what do we do?

Kara: We will find a way to crush him!

Tai: For every innocent person he's harmed.

Max: Let's get him!

Gridster returns to normal size and teleports onto the rooftop. The Rangers prepair to fight to the finish.

Karen: It ends here Gridster.

Gridster: Well, now that the games are over let's get down to buisness. Prison of Power!

A portal opens in the sky. Six beams come down, orange, blue, white, purple, black, and gold. Max ducks out of the way as the beams hit the other Rangers. They are sucked into the portal. It closes. Max hides before Gridster can see that he didn't go up with the others.

Gridster: Now the Earth is mine!

Act 5
Scene 1
Setting: The Power Chamber. Zordon, Alpha, and Billy watch the Rangers get sucked into the portal.

Alpha: OH NO! What do we do now!

Zordon: I do not know Alpha. We have run out of options.

Billy runs over to the console.

Billy: If I can get a lock on that portal I think I can get everyone back.

Zordon: Hurry Billy. You are now our only hope.

Max teleports in.

Alpha: Ahhh! Max, you're still here!

Zordon: I am glad you escaped.

Max: Is there ANY way to get them back?

Billy: I'm working on tracing the portal. If I can get a lock on it's signal, I can bring everyone back.

To be continued...

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