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Fusion Episode 1: The Cyborgs Invade

Act 1
Scene 1
Setting: The Power Chamber.

Alpha: Aye ay ay ay aye! The Rangers should be here any minute.

Zordon: It will be good to see them again.

Alpha: It's been a while since they retuned to 3000 to help Time Force.

Zordon: I'm anxious to see Max's Gold Lithium powers. I felt terrible when the Thunder power was lost because of us.

Alpha: He's proved once again that a good Ranger will always find a way.

Zordon: Indeed he has.

Suddenly the lights start flashing. There are sounds like lighting bolts crashing.

Alpah: Here they come.

There is a bright flash of light. Inside it 6 shadows can be seen. The light begins to die down and as it does the figures inside become more visible. Standing there are Victor, Tai, Kara, Karen, Joe, and Max. The light fades away completley and the room returns to normal.

Joe: Hi there.

Alpha: Rangers!

Karen and Kara run over and give Alpha a hug.

Karen: We missed you Alpha.

Kara: It's great to be home.

Alpha: It's good to see you all.

Zordon: Welcome home Rangers. You've earned this vacation.

Max: Ah, vacation. I haven't heard that since I became a Ranger.

Victor: We'll take care of things here quick, then we should go see our families.

Tai: Oh man, thanks for reminding me. I almost forgot about them!

Kara: Typical.

Tai: Hey!

Kara: Truth hurts.

Zordon: I will take care of informing Time Force of your safe arrival. You go have some fun.

Victor: Thanks Zordon. We'll stop by later.

Zordon: You're welcome Rangers.

The Rangers gather in the middle of the room. In another flash of light they teleport away.

Scene 2
Setting: Just ouside of Earth's orbit. A large spacecraft is settleing into orbit around the planet. It is massive. There are no windows, but several thousand lights seem to come from the ship. It is mostly rectangular with the front end coming to a point. It is impossible to tell how large the ship really is just by seeing it in space.

Act 2
Scene 1
Setting: Victor's house, in the living room. His parents are yelling at him.

Victor's Mom: Just where have you been?

Victor's Dad: We've been worried sick about you.

Victor: Would you stop yelling long enough for me to explain?

They both stop talking.

Victor: You know I'm a Power Ranger.

Dad: You told us you were going to be gone for a little bit. It's been 6 months!

Mom: We've had the police looking for you.

Victor: I'm sorry. I would've told you what was happening if I could've.

His dad calms down a bit.

Dad: Then tell us now.

Victor: You remember Gridster, right?

Mom: How could we forget that horrible thing.

Victor: Right now he is imprisoned under the city. We aren't able to destroy him.

Mom: Why not?

Victor: He's connected to all Ranger's powers. If we destroy him the whole universe would be defensless.

Dad: I see.

Victor: In the year 3000 he is accidentaly released. He starts taking over.

Mom: How do you know that?

Victor: Believe it or not there are Rangers in 3000. But their powers can't fight Gridster, so we were sent over 1000 years into the future to stop him.

Dad: So you did it?

Victor: Not yet. We're on a little vacation right now. We were all homesick so we came back here.

Mom: So you have to leave again?

Victor: I'm afraid so. But not right away. I'll be around for a few days.

Dad: Thanks for telling us.

Victor: Don't worry. When things are said and done we'll come back right when we left. You'll never even know I was gone.

Mom: Come on. I'll get some dinner ready.

Scene 2
Setting: Inside the spaceship's command room. It is full of Cyborgs. Most of them are the size of a human. They are mostly metal, with patches of skin scattered around their bodies. They have only one eye. It is machanical and glows blue. In the front area there is a cyborg that is ten times larger than the rest. He is their leader.

Leader: Cybots! Today we embark on a mission of conquest. We shall destroy all organic life on the planet Earth and replace it with our wonderful Cyborg race.

One of the Cybots steps forward.

Cybot: Lord Cyborgia, we are ready for departure to the planet.

Cyborgia: Excellent. Gather the crew for the first wave. You may board the landers and depart at will.

Cybot: As you command.

He turns to the large group of Cybots.

Cybot: First wave, follow me! The rest of you stay here and wait for further orders.

All the Cybots cheer. As the one that gave the order moves to the back of the room several other Cybots fall out of rank and follow him. They all exit the room.

Scene 3
Setting: Another room in the ship. There is a transport ship the size of a house in the center. It looks exactly like the mothership. A door in the room opens and a large group of Cybots enter.

Cybot 1: Does everyone know what command group you belong to?

Cybot 2: We do sir. We are ready.

Cybot 1 pulls out a small device. It is shaped like the ship. On it is a series of buttons with strange symols on it. He presses one of the buttons. The front of the transport ship opens.

Cybot 1: Load in!

All Cybots: YES SIR!

They march in straight line into the ship. It takes a few moments for them to finish loading up. After all the others are in Cybot 1 enters. He turns to face the opening and presses the same button on the controller he did before. The door to the transport closes.

Scene 4
Setting: Outside the Cyborg mothership. A panel about 100 feet wide and 100 feet long lifts up at an angle. The transport ship emerges from the opening. As soon as it clears the door the panel closes back up. The transport's engines kick in and it zips towards the Earth.

Scene 5
Setting: A small Italian restaurant. Tai and Kara are sitting at a table near the back. A waiter just finished taking their orders and is walking away.

Kara: It is so nice to be able to relax for a change.

Tai: I don't know. I think it's kinda boring.

Kara: You think I'm boring now!

Tai:'t mean it like that. It's just that.....I like a little action in my life.

Kara calms down.

Kara: Typical guy. Always wants to fight.

There is a blast near the door. Several people scatter to get out of the way.

Kara: What was that?

Tai: I don't know. I'm going to go find out.

He runs towards the front of the room.

Kara: Tai! Wait!

Her voice never reaches his ears as he is already standing near the door.

Kara: Why do I put up with him?

She runs up to him. Just as she gets there several Cybots enter.


Tai: This looks really bad.

One of the Cybots addresses the crowd.

Cybot: Surrender to the power of the Cyborg race or die!

Scene 6
Setting: Angel Grove park. Joe and Karen are walking along one of the paths.

Karen: Do you think Time Force has things under controll back in 3000?

Joe: I imagine. Captain Logan would contact us if they didn't.

Karen: Still, I can't keep but feeling like something is wrong.

Joe: It's probably just because it's been so long since we've been home. You're not used to it.

Karen: Maybe.

Joe: Relax. If worse comes to worse we can always just return at the same time we left. It worked when we got sucked into the Tigris Dimention.

Karen: I guess if you put it that way...

Joe: And we came out of it stronger than ever before. Things always work out.

Karen: You've changed since you became a Ranger. You used to be so negative. Now you seem to look for the positive.

Joe: I don't think being a Ranger had much to do with that. You changed me more than any battle with Gridster.

Karen blushes a little.

Joe is about to say somthing more when he spots a group of Cybots marching towards them from a distance.

Joe: Quick! We gotta hide!

He pulls Karen aside. They duck into the bushes.

Karen: What are you....

Joe puts his hand over her mouth.

Joe: Shhhhh. They'll hear you.

Karen: Hmm?

Before Joe can respond the Cybots stop in front of the bushes. Karen and Joe watch them through a small hole in the bush.

Cybot 1: I thought I saw something up here.

Cybot 2: Should we look around?

Cybot 3: We'll wait here for a moment, then move on. We have a schedule to keep.

Joe (very softly): This is bad.

Karen (very softly): What do we do?

Joe (very softly): Just lay low till they move on.

Scene 7
Setting: Victor's house. He and his family are sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner.

Dad: This has been a different kind of day.

Victor: This is delicious Mom.

Mom: Thank you.

There is a knock at the door.

Victor: Figures.

Dad: You two eat. I'll get it.

He walks out of the room. Seconds later there is a loud crash followed by a scream. Victor jumps up. So does his mom. They race out of the kitchen and into the hallway. Victor's dad is backed into a corner. A Cybot is standing in front of him.

Mom: What is that thing!

Victor: I don't know. But I bet it's something I'm gonna have to deal with.

Cybot: Surrender and no harm will come to you at this time.

Dad: Get him away from me!

Mom: Get that thing Victor.

Victor: I don't think that's a good idea right now. Let's just do what he says for now.

Mom: WHAT!

Cybot: Do you surrender?

Victor: It's the only way to help dad right now. Just trust me.

Dad: I trust you son!

Victor: We surrender.

Cybot: You do? How nice. I guess not all of your race is stupid after all. Follow me.

The three follow the Cybot outside. When they leave the house three more Cybots join the group and stand at the sides and rear.

Victor: Great. An armed escort.

They are led down the street and join up with another large group of captured people.

Act 3
Scene 1
Setting: The Power Chamber. Max is looking at some screens with Alpha.

Max: What is that signal Alpha?

Alpha: I have no idea. Zordon, do you know what it is?

Zordon: I have never seen anything like it before.

Alpha: I'll see if I can process it and get a visual.

He walks over to another console and starts pressing buttons.

Alpha: Just a little more...I got it!

Max, Alpha, and Zordon turn to face the viewing globe. An image of the Cyborg mothership appears.

Max: It's some kind of ship.

Zordon: I am unable to sense anything inside it.

Alpha: This doesn't look good.

Scene 2
Setting: The main room inside the mothership. Cyborgia is viewing images of the troops he sent to Earth.

Cyborgia: Things are going as planed. Have they met up with any resistance yet?

One of the Cybots answers.

Cybot: Not yet sir.

Cyborgia: Excellent. This shouldn't take long then.

Cybot: Should I prepair the next wave?

Cyborgia: No. Unless the first wave meets opposition I suggest we conserve our forces. Just to be safe though I think we should block all communication siganls on the planet.

Cybot: It will be done sir.

Scene 3
Setting: Outside the ship. A beam is fired from it towards the Earth. When it reaches the planet it spreads out to cover it.

Scene 4
Setting: The Power Chamber. Max, Alpha, and Zordon are investigating the ship they've picked up.

Max: Have you made any progress on it?

Alpha: I'm not sure. It's such a strange signal. It's not like any the computer has tried to decode.

Zordon: I'm woried about the Earth. Scan it to see if there are any similar signals on the planet itself.

Alpha: Right away.

Suddenly the image of the mothership vanishes and becomes static.

Max: What happened?

Alpha: Oh no. The signal is gone!

Zordon: Contact the Rangers immediatley!

Alpha presses a button on the console. Nothing happens.

Alpha: Ay ai ai ai ai! I can't reach them!

Max runs over to the console and starts franticaly pressing buttons.

Max: I can't get anything to work. We're completley blocked off!

Zordon: Whomever controlls that ship must have blocked Earth's communication signals.

Alpha: So how do we contact the Rangers?

Max: I don't think we can.

Zordon: Teleport to them and bring them here.

Max: Right.

He tries to teleport. He turns into a column of light but quickly returns to normal.

Max: What the heck?

Alpha: The jamming signal must also block our teleportation signal.

Max: Then the others can't come here either?

Zordon: I'm afraid not. And we have no way to tell if they are in trouble or not.

Max: This is bad.

Scene 5
Setting: The restaruant. Kara and Tai are standing right in front of a group of Cybots.

Kara: This does not look good.

Tai: I can take them.

Cybot: I will say it only once more. Surrender to the Cyborgs or die!

Tai: We'll never....

Kara smacks him.

Kara: There are too many innocent people here. Just do what they say for now.

Tai: But I can take him.

Kara: Him maybe, the rest of them I highly doubt. Besides, you make them mad they could kill us all.

Tai: Good point.

Tai turns to the crowd.

Tai: We better do what they say.


Woman: Hey! I remember you. You two are Rangers! Do something!

Kara: We would, but we have no idea what these guys are. It's not safe to try anything.

Tai: We surrender.

Cybot: Good. You have made the right choice.

Cybot 2: Follow us.

Several Cybots stay inside the restaurant to make sure the crowd listens. Tai, Kara, and everyone else are escorted out of the restaurant. They are led into a large crowd of others who have been captured.

Kara: We need to contact Zordon.

Tai: With this crowd I think we can get away with it if we keep it down.

Kara touches her communicator.

Kara: Zordon, come in. We have a problem.

There is no sound.

Kara: Zordon, come in.

Tai: Let me try.

He tries and also gets no response.

Someone grabs Tai by the shoulder. Tai turns, ready to fight.

Victor: Easy. Calm down.

Tai: Oh man, I thought you were one of those robots.

Kara: They got you too.

Victor: I think they have most of the city already.

Tai: We can't reach Zordon.

Victor: I know. I've been trying.

Kara: What should we do?

Victor: I think Max was at the Power Chamber, so he should be ok. I'm not sure where Joe and Karen were, so we should try to find them.

Tai: Sounds like a plan.

Kara: Think they are gonna notice us moving around?

Victor: They don't seem to care as long as we don't try to get past the gaurds.

Tai: Let's go then.

They start pushing through the crowd.

Scene 6
Setting: The Park. Joe and Karen are hidding in the bushes near a group of Cybots.

Cybot: Spread out and search the area.

The Cybots begin digging through some of the surrounding bushes.

Joe: We're gonna have to run for it.

Karen: What are they?

Joe: I don't know.

Karen: I think we should talk with Zordon before we do anyting.

She activates her communicator. Nothing happens.

Karen: What's going on?

Joe: Something must be blocking the signal.

Karen: Let's go.

Joe and Kara start sneaking away from their location. They carfully watch the Cybots so they can time their movements to avoid them. It looks like they are about to get away when there is a loud snap.

Karen: Crap.

The Cybots turn abruptly.

Cybots: Get them!

Joe: Run!

Karen and Joe take off running as fast as they can. The Cybots quickly catch up to them. Joe turns his head to see where they are.

Joe: They're right behind us!

Karen stops suddenly. Joe bumps into her.

Karen: Wrong. They are right in front of us.

Joe stands slowly.

Joe: This is bad.

Cybot: Come with us or you will die.

Karen: Not much of a choice.

Cybot: Silence!

He pulls up a weapon and prepairs to fire at her.

Joe: No!

Before the Cybot can fire it is jolted.

Karen: What?!

Victor, Tai, and Kara are struggling with the Cybots.

Victor: Come on. Let's get outta here.

Joe: Right.

The Rangers take off running. The Cybots immediatley chase after them.

Victor: This is not gonna work.

Tai: Any ideas?

Kara: Just move it. They are right behind us.

The Rangers run into a wooded area of the park. The Cybots begin to slow down inside the forest.

Joe: They're slowing down.

Victor: They must not be used to this kind of terrain. Let's hurry and find a place to hide.

The Rangers gain some more ground on the Cybots and duck into an area of heavy vegitation. After a few miutes the Cybots get near them.

Cybot: We've lost them.

Cybot 2: We will have to find them later.

Cybot 3: There were only 5 of them. Cyborgia will never miss them.

Cybot: They let's go before he misses us.

The Cybots walk back out of the forrest. The Rangers come out of hiding.

Karen: That was too close. Thanks for the help guys.

Tai: No problem.

Joe: How did you find us?

Victor: Pure luck. We looked all through the group that's been captured. We didn't find you so we split and headed for the Power Chamber. We just happened to come accross you on the way.

Joe: Oh that's comforting.

Karen: So what is going on?

Kara: Some kind of invasion.

Tai: We think they are blocking all communication signals. No one can get through to Zordon.

Victor: Look, we can't teleport so we better get walking. We don't want to be here when they come back.

Kara: Good idea.

The Rangers begin walking.

Act 4
Scene 1
Setting: The desert near the Power Chamber. The Rangers are walking under the hot sun.

Tai: Why does the Power Chamber have to be out in the middle of nowhere?

Joe: I don't think I've ever sweat this much.

Kara: Would you two shut up. You're just making this worse.

Karen: Look on the bright side. Once we get there we won't have to walk back.

Victor: I wouldn't say that. It's possible those things took out the Power Chamber before they invaded.

Joe: If they did, that means they must've known about us.

Karen: I don't think we have to worry about that. If they knew we were Rangers we never would've got away.

Kara: You have a point.

Joe: We made it!

Everyone looks up. On top of the hill in front of them is the Power Chamber.

Victor: Let's get inside quick.

The Rangers run for the entrance.

Scene 2
Setting: Inside the Power Chamber. Zordon, Max, and Alpha are there.

Alpha: I still can't get any signal from the Rangers.

Zordon: I feel an evil pressance all around the Earth.

Max: I hope the others are ok.

The main door begins to open. Max and Alpha look worried.

Alpha: Aaahhh! What's that!

Max: I hope it isn't from that ship we spotted.

The Rangers nearly collapse as they come in the door.

Max: Guys!

Alpha: Oh my. They must be exhausted.

Victor: We're fine. What's going on out there?

Zordon: I think it would be best for you all to rest awhile. As it is we have only a limited idea what is happening, so there is no hurry to tell it to you.

Kara: I think a nap would be good right now.

Victor, Tai, Karen, Joe, and Kara slowly walk to the far end of the Power Chamber. Alpha presses a button on the console and 5 beds appear.

Max: Alpha and I will keep trying to figure this out. We'll let you know what we come up with.

Victor: Thanks.

They lay down in the beds a try to sleep.

Scene 3
Setting: Inside the Power Chamber several hours later. Joe is just waking up. He is the last. He makes his way over to Alpha and the others.

Zordon: I'm glad to see that you are all safe.

Tai: What's going on Zordon?

Alpha brings up the image of the mothership on the viewing globe.

Zordon: We picked up this signal this afternoon. We have no idea who or what is inside it.

Kara: They look like Cyborgs. Hundreds of them are taking everyone in the city hostage.

Victor: We barley made it away from them.

Zordon: I see. Just minutes after we picked up the signal we lost it. They have blocked all communications on the planet.

Max: We kept trying to get a signal on you guys, but no luck.

Alpha: I think I've created a program that will let us use the teleportation system.

Karen: How?

Alpha: Instead of teleporting you at a high altitude we are going to try passing the signal underground. It might work.

Joe: Does anyone know what we are up against here?

Zordon: I think the best thing we could do know is have you go out and confront them.

Victor: You can't be serious! We have no idea what they can do!

Max: We have no choice. We need information on them, and since the scanners are useless we have to go ourselves.

Zordon: You should try to find an isolated group of these cyborgs. We don't want to risk any hosatges getting hurt.

Victor: I guess we have no choice.


(Time Fire Morphing Sequence)
(Time Lightning Morphing Sequence)
(Time Diamond Morphing Sequence)
(Time Amethyst Morphing Sequence)
(Time Onyx Morphing Sequence)
(Gold Lithium Morphing Sequence)

The Rangers are standing fully morphed.

Alpha: Ready?

Kara: Let's go.

Alpha: Teleporting now.

The Rangers teleportation beams sink into the floor instead of flying into the sky.

Alpha: I hope they're ok.

Zordon: Have faith in yourself Alpha. You did a fine job getting the system to work.

Alpha: Thanks Zordon.

Scene 4
Setting: The park. The Rangers teleport up out of the ground. There are no Cybots around.

Max: Looks like we're clear.

Victor: Good. Now we have to find some of them.

Joe: Should we start looking?

Karen: Quick! Hide! I hear something comming.

The Rangers duck into a grove of trees. A group of 12 Cybots crest a hill nearby.

Tai: Looks like we found our targets.

Victor: Everyone ready?

Kara: Let's get this over with.

The Cybots get closer to the Rangers. Quickly the Rangers jump out of hiding and ambush the Cybots.

Cybot: Get them!

The Cybots split into teams of two and separte the Rangers. Victor tries to kick one of them. It grabs his leg. He kicks his other foot straight into the air in an attempt to free himself. The other Cybot grabs this foot causing his head to hit the ground. The Cybots laugh then begin to drag him around. They then lift him above their heads and hit him off the ground a few times. After he stops struggling the let him go.

Tai jumps into a tree. He jumps down and sets up to punch the two Cybots that are after him. Just before he hits them they move back. Tai can't react and slams hard into the ground. One of the Cybots steps on his back. He lifts his head. The other Cybot wraps it's hand around his helmet and picks him up. Tai tries to pull it's hands from his head, but to no end.

Cybot: Pitifull creature.

It tosses him away.

Kara punches a Cybot right in the face. There is a loud metal thud. She pulls her hand back in pain.

Kara: That hurt.

Cybot: My turn.

Both of the Cybots attacking her punch at once. They hit her in the stomach. She is sent flying backwards from the hit. She and Tai collide in mid air, then fall to the ground.

Karen is being carried around on a Cybot's shoulders and is struggling to get free. Another Cybot comes over carring Max.

Cybot: Let's try a little game.

Cybot 2: Ok.

The one Cybot tosses Max into the air. As he falls the other grabs Karen's ankles. When Max gets to it's eye level it swings Karen like a bat and nails him. He goes flying. The Cybot then tosses Karen after him.

Cybot: That was fun.

Cybot 2: We'll do it again sometime.

Joe is fighting with everything he has. He punches, kicks, and jumps continuously but is still being overtaken by the Cybots. Finaly a Cybot let's him land a punch. It then grabs his arm and spins him in circles. After a few revolutions it releases him. He lands near Karen and Max.

Joe: I think I'm going to be sick.

Karen: We have to regroup.

They struggle to get up, then stumble to where Kara and Tai are laying. Victor is there as well.

Victor: We can't even touch them.

Karen: I don't like their fighting style too much.

Joe: If I have to do this again it's gonna get real messy in my helmet.

Max: Maybe the Ultimate Power would help.

Tai: It's worth a shot.

Victor, Tai, Kara, Karen, and Joe: ULTIMATE POWER!

(Ultimate Fire Transformation)
(Ultimate Lightning Transformation)
(Ultimate Diamond Transformation)
(Ultimate Amethyst Transformation)
(Ultimate Onyx Transformation)

Victor: Here they come!

The Cybots are charging at the Rangers as a long line. The Rangers also move towards the Cybots.

Cybot: They have changed.

Cybot2: We take them down now!


The Cybots realeas beams of energy that focus on the Rangers. There is a massive explosion. The Rangers go flying backwards, as do the Cybots. The Rangers powers give out.

Max: I never even saw that coming.

Tai: Looks like they roasted us.

Joe: I think we should get out of here while they recover.

Karen: I agree.

Victor: We didn't even scratch them. This is not good.

The Rangers teleport into the ground.

Act 5
Scene 1
Setting: Inside the Power Chamber. Zordon is talking with the Rangers.

Kara: We have no idea what their weaknesses are. We couldn't even stand up to them.

Tai: I've never seen anything that strong.

Max: They combination of flesh and machine that they use makes them far stronger than any human can fight.

Zordon: I see. We will avoid further confrontation until we find a way to hurt them. Until then I suggest you all stay here.

Victor: What about our families?

Zordon: I know you are concerned, but there is nothing you can do for them right now.

All the Rangers get depressed looks on their faces.

Zordon: Be patient Rangers. I'm sure we will find a way.

Victor: I hope so. I really hope so.

Scene 2
Setting: Inside the Cyborg mothership. Cyborgia is listening to a report from the Earth.

Cybot: We've taken most of this city captive already.

Cyborgia: Excellent. Have you met up with any opposition?

Cybot: A group of fighters attacked a patrol squad, but they are of no concern. They only survived because the squad was to close when the used the Devastator attack.

Cyborgia: I see.

Cybot: I'm transmitting you some footage of the battle.

On a large screen the battle between the Rangers and the Cybots becomes visible. Cyborgia watches as the Rangers get tosses around. He begins to laugh.

Cyborgia: If that's the best they can do I feel sorry for them. This will be the eaisest mission we've ever had!

He continues to watch the battle and laugh.

The End

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