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Eastern Rangers Episode 10: The Darkest Day Part 1

Act 1
Scene 1
Setting: Victor is in a field fighting a monster. None of the other Rangers are there.

Monster: Looks like your friends have left you Fire Ranger.

Victor: I can take you all by myself.

He runs at the monster.

Victor: Fire Staff, power up!

He swings it at the monster. Just before it hits the monster blasts it. Victor falls back and demorphs.

Victor: What!?

Monster: Without your staff you have no powers.

It lifts its sword into the air. It begins to lower it on Victor.

Scene 2
Setting: Victor's bedroom. He is sleeping. Suddenly he jolts awake. He is covered in a cold sweat.

Victor: Oh man, it was only a dream. That's the third time this week.

He lays back down and stares at the wall.

Victor: I wonder why I keep having this dream.

Scene 3
Setting: The next day at the Power Chamber. Billy is sitting in front of a monitor watching it scan. Alpha walks up to him.

Alpha: What are you working on Billy?

Billy: I'm checking over the Rangers powers. That prophesy Timeline gave us is worring me.

Alpha: Why?

Billy: He said something about a true source of power.

Alpha: But isn't that the Fire Staff?

Billy: That's what I thought. But we must have tapped into something else.

Alpha: Aye, ay, ay, ay, ay.

Act 2
Scene 1
Setting: The park. Victor and Max are jogging.

Max: You look wiped out.

Victor: I haven't slept good for a week.

Max: Why?

Victor: I keep having the same nightmare every night.

Max: What's it about.

Victor: I really don't want to talk about it.

Max: Suit yourself, but it might help you.

Victor stops jogging and walks over to a bench. He and Max sit down.

Victor: You have to promise not to tell anyone.

Max: I promise.

Victor: I'm in this field fighting a monster. I can't beat him and no one else can come.

Max: What's so bad about that?

Victor: When I call the Fire Staff the monster blasts it. I fall back and demorph. It seems so real.

Max: It's just a dream. Even if it did happen Alpha could just fix it.

Victor: It's not that simple. The staff is the source for all of our powers. If it were destroyed that would be the end of us.

Max: That would be bad.

As they get up to start jogging again some Destroyers appear.

Victor: Let's take these metal heads.

Victor is surrounded by Destroyers. They raise their blasters to fire.

Victor: Uh oh!

He does a leg sweep and knocks them all down. A few of them fire when they hit the ground. The blasts hit some Destroyers that are about to hit Max from behind. He hears the blast and turns around.

Max: Whoa! That was close.

He grabs one standing in front of him and slames it into another one. The two fall and the whole group dissapears. Victor walks over to Max.

Max: What was that about?

Victor: I bet we'll find out soon enough.

Scene 2
Setting: The Power Chamber. Alpha and Billy are talking.

Alpha: Shouldn't you wait untill you've translated the prophesey?

Billy: I'm just gonna tell them about the scans we got of Gridster's base.

He reaches down and pushes a button.

Scene 3
Setting: The park. Victor and Max are just about to start their run again when the communicators go off.

Max: I got this one.

Billy's voice: If you guys aren't busy could you come to the Power Chamber.

Max: We're on our way.

They go behind a group of trees and teleport away.

Scene 4
Setting: The mall. Kara, Karen, Joe, and Tai ane walking around. Their communicators go off.

Billy's voice: I need to talk to you guys.

Tai: See ya in a few seconds then.

They walk to a corner and teleport.

Scene 5
Setting: The Power Chamber. The Rangers all arrive.

Billy: We just got some scans of Gridster's base and I have some good news.

Kara: What is it?

Billy: It seems Gridster only had 5 monsters. He only has one left. Beat it and we beat Gridster.

Joe: Good, then maybe we can get the Zeo Rangers back.

Zordon: Yes, we are already prepairing the scaners to look for them.

Tai: If that's all you needed I gotta get back.

Billy: That was it. See you latter.

Everyone except Victor teleports away.

Alpha: What's wrong Victor?

Victor: I keep haveing this weired dream.

Zordon: Why do you seem so alarmed about it?

Victor: It seems so real.

Zordon: What is it about?

Victor: I'm fighting this monster and my staff is destroyed. Then I lose my powers.

Zordon: The Eastern Ranger powers are based on the staff. But it's only a dream.

Victor: I suppose. I gotta run. Thanks.

He teleports away.

Scene 6
Setting: The Moon Palace.

Gridster: You are my last monster. You must not fail me.

Cybertron: I have a plan that will take them out.

Gridster: No need. I will have you destroy the Fire Staff. Then those brats will be powerless to stop me.

Cybertron: Great idea!

Act 3
Scene 1
Setting: Angel Grove suburbs. Cybertron teleports in.

Cybertron: I'll give those Ranger's 10 seconds to get here before I trash the place. One...two......ten!

He fires a blast at some pedestrians.

Scene 2
Setting: The Power Chamber. Alarms start going off.

Zordon: Tell the Rangers to teleport to the suburbs now. Cybertron is attacking.

Scene 3
Setting: The suburbs. The Rangers arrive unmorphed.

Cybertron: I was hopeing you'd get her sooner.

Tai: Sorry to disapoint you. Hope we can destroy you fast enough.


(Fire morphing sequence)
(Lightning morphing sequence)
(Diamond morphing sequence)
(Amethyst morphing sequence)
(Onyx morphing sequence)
(Thunder morphing sequence)

Victor: Time to take this guy out. Fire Staff, power up!

Tai: Lightning Strikers, power up!

Kara: Diamond Cutter, power up!

Karen: Amethyst Blaster, power up!

Joe: Onyx Charger, power up!

Max: Thunder Sabre, power up!

Cybertron: You are so predictable.

He waves his arms and fires at the Rangers. His blast hits the Fire Staff. Victor drops it and it sparks a little as it falls. When it hits the ground there is a big explosion. The Rangers are knocked back and demorph. They all stand up and look around.

Victor: It can't be. Our powers are gone.

Karen: What are we gonna do?

Joe: We have to get out of here. We're no match for him without our powers.

Victor: Teleport.

They teleport out.

Cybertron: I win Rangers. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Scene 4
Setting: The Power Chamber.

Alpha: Let me see the staff.

Victor hands him the Fire Staff. He takes a probe and examines it.

Alpha: I can fix it, but I can't make it hold the powers again.

Joe: Well what good does that do us?

Victor: This is all my fault. I should've been more careful.

Zordon: Do not blame yourself. You had no controll over the situation.

Billy walks in.

Billy: We still have a chance to save your powers. If I can translate the prophesey Timeline left us.

Tai: Great idea.

The alarms start going off.

Zordon: Cybertron is attacking the city. You all must channel your remaining energies to morph and stop him. But be careful. Your powers will not last long.

Victor: Right. They all stick out their hands and lay them on top of each others.


(Fire Morphing Sequence)
(Lightning Morphing Sequence)
(Diamond Morphing Sequence)
(Amethyst Morphing Sequence)
(Onyx Morphing Sequence)
(Thunder Morphing Sequence)

Scene 5
Setting: The city. Cybertron is prepairing to attack when the Rangers arrive and hit him with their laser blasters.

Cybertron: What! I thought I got rid of you.

Max: Well think again.

Scene 6
Setting: The Moon Palace.

Gridster: NO! They should be destroyed. Grid powers, strengthen him.

A portal opens in the sky. The monster is taken into it. There is a flash of light as the portal closes. He then reappears as a giant.

Scene 7
Setting: The battle.

All Rangers: We need Elemental Zord power, now!

Nothing happens. Victor contacts Zordon.

Victor: We need the zords, but they won't come.

Zordon's voice: I'm afraid there is not enough power. You will have to use the Mobile Arsenal instead.

Victor: Ok.

Max: I'll go back to the Power Chamber. Good luck.

Kara: Thanks.

All Rangers: Mobile Arsenal, online!

Act 4
Scene 1
Setting: The zord holding bay. The mountain opens up and the Moble Arsenal Vehicles come out. They stop just short of where the Rangers are standing. The Rangers jump up and land in their cocpits.

Victor: Let's get this guy.

Karen: Right. Megafire!

The Purple-onyx tank fires it's biggest gun. Cybertron stumbles a little. He then fires at the Mobile Arsenals. His blast hits the Firebot and Purple-onyx tank. They deactivate.

Cybertron: My blast will shut down anything technological.

Tai: We gotta stop him now. Pattern shot!

The Blue-diamond tank spins in circles and fires all the guns.

Kara: Again. Pattern shot!

The Blue-diamond tank spins in circles again and fires all the guns. Cybertron falls to the ground and explodes.

Victor: Good job guys. Let's go see if Billy knows anything yet.

The Mobile Arsenals vanish and the Rangers teleport away.

Scene 2
Setting: The Power Chamber.

Victor: That takes care of Cybertron.

Karen: Now we just need to think of how to get our powers back.

Billy: I think I figured out what Timeline was talking about.

Tai: Really? What is it?

Billy: I found out that we never did create a power source for you. We simply tapped into an already existing one.

Kara: I'm lost.

Zordon: Let me explain. Long ago a group of heros found a way to harness the elements. They did this with 6 coins. The elements they gained controll of were fire, lightning, diamond, amethyst, onyx, and thunder.

Tai: Those are our elements!

Zordon: When they defeated their enemies they hid the coins so no one could ever steal their power and use it for evil.

Billy: And when we created the Fire Staff it was able to pull their energy into your morphers.

Max: So now we have to go get those coins.

Alpha: I'm affraid it's not that easy.

Joe: Of course not, nothing around here can ever be easy.

Karen: Chill out Joe. It can't be that bad.

Zordon: You will have to pair up in teams of two. The six coins are in 3 different locations.

Kara: I'm with Max.

Joe: I'll go with Karen.

Tai: Oh man, guess I'm stuck with you Vic.

Victor: Hey, that sounds like your insulting me!

Tai: I'm not! Sorry.

Victor: Ok then.

Alpha: I've located them. One set is in the Nerima Mountains.

Victor: We'll go after that set.

Alpha: There is one under the Red Sea.

Karen: We'll get it.

Joe: But I hate the water.

Karen gives him a sharp look.

Joe: On second thought that sounds good.

Max leans over to Joe.

Max (whispering): Way to stand up to her.

Joe (not so quietly): Shut up. Who asked you?

Alpha: I've found the last set, but I can't get a fix on the area around it.

Kara: I love surprises.

Max: As long as it's not a fatal one.

Zordon: Good luck Rangers. May the power protect you.

Alpha presses a button and they all teleport away.

Billy: Hope they can get them.

Zordon: Trust them Billy. If anyone can free the coins it is them.

Billy: I just have a bad feeling about this.

Act 5
Scene 1
Setting: The Moon Palace.

Gridster: I can't beleive it! Not only did they defeat all my monsters but they are about to find the Elemental Power Coins. I'll just have to destroy their city while their gone. If I take the remaining energy from my monsters I can make one with all their powers combine.

He waves his arms and a dark figure emerges from the shadows.

Dark figure: You called master.

Gridster: Go destroy Angel Grove.

Dark figure: As you command sire.

It vanishes.

Scene 2
Setting: The Power Chamber. Alarms start going off.

Billy: What's happening?

Zordon: There is a new monster in the city. I detect it is made up of all Gridsters monsters. Contact the Rangers now.

Alpha begins to contact them. Nothing happens.

Alpha: Oh no! They're out of range.

Zordon: You must keep trying Alpha. The city depends on it.

To be continued........

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