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Eastern Rangers Episode 11: The Darkest Day Part 2

Act 1
Scene 1
Setting: The Moon Palace.

Gridster: I can't beleive it! Not only did they defeat all my monsters but they are about to find the Elemental Power Coins. I'll just have to destroy their city while their gone. If I take the remaining energy from my monsters I can make one with all their powers combine.

He waves his arms and a dark figure emerges from the shadows.

Dark figure: You called master.

Gridster: Go destroy Angel Grove.

Dark figure: As you command sire.

It vanishes.

Scene 2
Setting: The Power Chamber. Alarms start going off.

Billy: What's happening?

Zordon: There is a new monster in the city. I detect it is made up of all Gridsters monsters. Contact the Rangers now.

Alpha begins to contact them. Nothing happens.

Alpha: Oh no! They're out of range.

Zordon: You must keep trying Alpha. The city depends on it.

Act 2
Scene 1
Setting: A barren land. There are no solid walls and no distinction between sky and land. Kara and Max arrive.

Kara: Wow, I can see why Zordon couldn't get a fix on this place.

Max: Yeah. I just hope we'll be able to leave.

Kara: How will we even be able to find the coins here. Everything looks the same.

Max: We just have to start moving.

They start walking. They've been walking in silence for about 10 minutes when Max speaks up.

Max: Not quite the kind of surpirse you were looking for is it?

Kara: Not exactly. This place gives me the creeps.

Max: We'll be fine as long as we stick together. Let's just keep going.

She moves closer to him.

Kara: I just have a bad feeling about this.

Scene 2
Setting: Kara and Max are standing in front of a temple.

Max: Some place.

Kara: We can see where we started at but we couldn't see this place from there?

Max: A little disturbing isn't it?

She gives him a puzzled look.

Kara: A little.

Max: We should go in. The coins have to be inside.

Kara: Ok.

They head towards the entrance when strange lights appear all around them.

Kara: What are those?!

Max: I don't know, but I bet they aren't friendly.

The lights take a human shape. They have distorted faces and wear green robes. Each holds a long shaft of green light. One of them speaks, but it sounds as if it comes from all of them.

Creature: We are the guardians of the coins. None shall pass through this gate.

Max: You ready Kara?

Kara: I guess so.

Kara and Max run towards the guardians. One ducks under their attack and smashes Kara in the back with it's shaft. She falls in pain.

Max: Hold on Kara.

As he reaches over to her he is ambushed by two of the guards. One hits him right in the stomach. He bends over and gets uppercut from the other one. A group of them swarm around Kara.

Max: Kara, no!

They pick her up. Two of them hold her up while another one gets ready to destroy her.

Max: I have no choice, IT'S MORPHIN TIME!

(Thunder Morphing Sequence)

Max: Thunder Sabre, power up!

He strikes down his attackers with the sabre then runs over to the ones holding Kara. The one attacking her swings at him. He dodges it and counter attacks. The guardian falls. The two holding her up drop her and run towards him. He swings but the one knocks his weapon out of his hands. The one that fell gets up and also starts attacking him. Kara gets up.

Kara: I'm coming. IT'S MORPHIN TIME!

(Diamond Morphing Sequence)

She calls her diamond cutter and throws it at the guardians. It strikes two of them. Max takes the opportunity to leg sweep the other one. All the guardians then dissapear.

Max: That was too close.

Kara: You said it.

Their powers give out.

Kara: Oh man. I guess we better get those coins now.

Max: I'm just glad we had enough power for this fight.

Kara: Who's to say we won't need it later.

Max: Hope you're wrong. Let's get going.

They enter the temple.

Scene 3
Setting: The inside of the temple. Max and Kara are standing there.

Max: Looks like there are two paths.

Kara: Which one should we take?

Max looks down both tunnels.

Max: Well, we need to hurry so I think it'd be best to split up.

Kara: Is that safe? I don't think we can morph anymore if we run into trouble.

Max: We'll meet back here in an hour.

Kara: Ok.

They start walking.

Scene 4
Setting: Deep inside the cave. There is a room with two coins mounted on the wall. Two paths meet at the entrance. Kara and Max meet up there.

Kara: Wow, guess they both work.

Max: Strange. It's almost like they wanted us to make it.

Kara: Why would they want that?

Max: It's probably a trap.

Kara: Great. We gotta try anyway.

Max: Yeah.

They walk over to the coins.

Max: Shall we?

Kara: Let's do it.

They reach their hands out to touch the coins. The coins begin to glow. They shoot out an errie light to the middle of the room. A portal opens up and a figure appears.

Figure: I am the guardian of the coins. Only those of pure hearts chosen by fate to hold these coins may take them.

Max: We really need them. Our city is being trashed by evil monsters.

Figure: This is not my concern.

Kara: We did have the power to hold them off but it's source was destroyed.

Max: This is the only way we can get them back.

Figure: You must find another way, for I cannot let these coins be freed. The power they hold is more than anyone can handle.

Kara: Listen, our powers were from these coins. We had accidentaly tapped into it.

Figure: If you know of these coins then what powers do they command?

Kara: Diamond.

Max: And thunder.

The figure gasps.

Figure: How did you discover these coins. Only a few were ever told of the coins.

Max: Our leader Zordon heard it from a creature named Timeline.

Figure: Timeline is the strongest warrior next to the ones who had held the coins. Any friend of his is worthy of them.

The figure waves his hand at the coins. They glow and float into Max and Kara's hands.

Max: We did it.

Kara: Yeah! Let's get back.

Figure: Good luck.

Max and Kara teleport away.

Act 3
Scene 1
Setting: The power chamber. Zordon, Alpha and Billy are monitoring the monster attack.

Zordon: We've made no progress in contacting them. We must deal with the threat ourselves.

Alpha: But how Zordon?

Billy: I've got it! Remember when we lost the Falcon Zord. I can build a remote simmilar to the one we used on the Ninja Megazord.

Zordon: A good idea, but the Zords will not function without the new Power Coins.

Billy: Maybe not, but the Mobile Arsenal will.

Alpha: Thats it!

Billy: Alpha, come help me modify their controll systems.

Alpha: Right away.

They both leave the Power Chamber.

Scene 2
Setting: Gridsters Palace. He is monitoring the destruction of the city.

Gridster: I think it's time to offer some mercy to the humans. I'll contact Zordon and give him a chance to surrender the planet. After all, it's worth more in one piece than if I destroy it all.

Scene 3
Setting: The Power Chamber. The alarms go off. Billy and Alpha run in from the holding bay.

Zordon: Alpha, there is a message coming through.

Alpha: Tunning in now.

Billy, Alpha, and Zordon turn to face the viewing globe. Gridster's face appears in it.

Gridster: Hello Zordon.

Zordon: What do you want Gridster?

Gridster: My my, aren't we in a rush.

Zordon: I have no time to play your games.

Gridster: Fine then. As you know my Omnicrusher is leveling your city. I know your Rangers are powerless. I'm offering you a chance to surrender.

Alpha: We'll never surrender to you!

Gridster: Maybe when you hear my proposal you will. If you surrender you and all your little Rangers become my slaves. In return I spare your city, but will have command over the entire Earth.

Zordon: I will make no such deal.

Gridster: Very well. Can't say I never offered.

The screen goes blank.

Alpha: Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay. We have to end this soon.

Billy: I'll go finish the modifications on the vehicles. Alpha, start programing the remote console.

Alpha: You got it.

Billy goes back out to the holding bay and Alpha walks over to a table with a controll device on it.

Scene 4
Setting: Downtown Angel Grove. Omnicrusher has nearly destroyed every building in the main part of town. Gridster's face appears in the sky.

Gridster: People of Earth, the Rangers have failed you. I will destroy this planet. Finish the job Omnicrusher.

Omnicrusher: As you command.

Scene 5
Setting: The Power Chamber. Billy comes running in.

Billy: It's all set. Let's do it.

Alpha: Lauching Mobile Arsenal now.

Scene 6
Setting: Downtown Angel Grove. Omnicrusher is about to smash a house when a blast hits him.

Omnicrusher: What was that?

He looks up and sees the Mobile Arsenal coming toward him.

Omnicrusher: You've got to be kidding.

The Firebot fires it's Arm blasters. At the same time the Blue-dimond tank uses it's Pattern Shot and Purple-onyx tank uses Megafire. The blasts all hit the monster at once.

Scene 7
Setting: The Power Chamber. Billy, Alpha, and Zordon are watching the fight.

Alpha: I believe that did it, we won!

Billy stares in surpirse.

Billy: No, he's still there!

The watch as Omnicrusher focuses energy and fires it at the Mobile Arsenal. There is a massive explosion. They watch as pieces of the vehicles land all over the city.

Alpah: It can't be.

Billy runs over to one of the monitors.

Billy: It is. The Mobile Arsenal is gone.

Act 4
Scene 1
Setting: The mountains. Tai and Victor arrive.

Tai: Nice place.

Victor: Yeah, you could build a cabin here someday.

Tai: If Gridster doesn't destroy it all.

Victor: We still have some power left. Let's not waste it.

Tai: You mean we can still morph?

Victor: Only once, and only for a short time.

Tai: Then we better get searching.

They walk for a while. They arrive in a empty area.

Victor: We'd better stop and rest for a while.

Tai: No way, we gotta find those coins.

Victor: It's only for a few minutes.

Tai: Fine.

He finds a rock and sits down on it. When he does the rock sinks down. He startles and jumps up. A hole opens in the ground and he falls in. Victor runs towards the hole.

Victor: TAI!!!!!

Victor: I have to find a way down.

He begins searching the area for a cave or any other way down. As he searches guardians appear.

Victor: Whoa. What are these things.

One runs up to attack him. He dodges it and it hit by another one. He falls to the ground. The guardians pick him up. One approaches him with his weapon. As it swings at him he ducks causing the guardians holding him to be struck instead. He pulls away from them.

Victor: That was too close. IT'S MORPHIN TIME!

(Fire Morphing Sequence)

Victor: Let's see how you like a little fire power. Fire staff, power up!

His weapon appears. He blasts all the guardians. The guardians fall and disintegrate. Victor's powers then give out.

Victor: Their cloths are still on the ground. I can make a rope out of them. He quickly sets to work.

Scene 2
Setting: Inside the cave. Tai is standing there watching Victor climb down.

Tai: It's about time you got here.

Victor: Sorry, just didn't think it'd be safe to jump.

Tai: So much for mister tough guy. So what was all that noise up there?

Victor: I got attacked by some creatures. I beat them but I used all my power.

Tai: I used all mine to break my fall.

Victor: We should be near the coins. Let's try this room.

They walk into a big empty room. The coins are hanging on the wall.

Tai: Let's get them.

He and Victor reach out to grab the coins. As they do they coins begin to glow. A large figure appears behind them and pulls the coins away.

Figure: I am the guardian of the coins. No one may take them from this sacred cavern.

Tai: We need those coins.

Victor: Please. The world will be destroyed if we don't get them.

Figure: You must pass a test first.

Tai: Fine, let's do it then.

The figure waves its arms. Victor and Tai are no longer standing in the cave but are downtown watching Omnicrusher destroy the city.

Tai: Great, he sent us back with no powers.

Victor: Then we'll just have to think of something else. Let's try our morphers anyway.

Victor and Tai: IT'S MORPHIN TIME!

Nothing happens. Suddenly a group of destroyers appear. They begin to chase after a young mother and her little boy.

Tai: Hey, over there! We gotta stop them.

Victor: Powers or not we can take the destroyers.

They charge after the destroyers. One of them grabs the mother.

Destroyer: Surrender your lives and we will spare her.

Tai: Victor, what do we do?

Victor: If we surrender they might let her go.

Tai: But who will save the world from Gridster?

Victor: Without our powers there is nothing we can do anyway. It's a deal, for me.

Tai (reluctantly): Me too.

The destroyers approach then dissapear. Victor and Tai are back inside the cave.

Figure: You have proven worthy of the powers. Take them.

The coins land in their hands.

Victor: Allright.

Tai: Let's go save the world.

They teleport away.

Act 5
Scene 1
Setting: The power chamber.

Billy: I can't beleive I was so stupid. I should've brought them back.

Alpha: It's not your fault Billy.

Zordon: It was a valliant effort.

Billy: I just wish the others would get those coins and get back here.

Scene 2
Setting: The moon palace.

Gridster: Excellent. With the Rangers powers destroyed and the Mobile Arsenal eliminated I have won. The Earth is mine to command.

Destroyer: What if the Rangers get the coins?

Gridster: They won't. Even if they do Omnicrusher will beat them. It is over.

To be continued.....

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