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Eastern Rangers Episode 19: Final Battle Part 2

Act 1
Scene 1
Setting: The Power Chamber. The portal Gridster sucked the Rangers into is visible on the viewing globe.

Zordon: Alpha, help Billy get a lock on that portal.

Alpha: Right.

Max is looking at the screen nervously. Two arrow shape icons are scanning the portal on the screen.

Billy: Almost.

The arrows stop moving and start flashing.

Alpha: That's it!

Max: So what do we do now?

Billy walks over to the corner and picks up a little remote controll.

Billy: You go into the portal and find everyone.

Max: What! How will I get out?

Zordon: Billy has created a device that will re-open the portal from inside. You can use it to return.

Max: Well, at least I haven't seen any of Billy's stuff malfunction yet.

He takes the remote and teleports away.

Scene 2
Setting: The city. Gridster is standing by the portal. He is about to close it. Max teleports in.

Girdster: So the little chicken Ranger returns to fight me.

Max: You could say that.

Gridster raises his arms.

Gridster: Prepair to join your friends!

A gold beam stikes him and he is sucked into the portal.

Act 2
Scene 1
Setting: Inside Gridster's dimention. Victor, Tai, Joe, Kara, and Karen are wandering around.

Tai: I hope Billy can get a trace on that portal.

Joe: Yeah, I'd hate to think we're lost in limbo forever for nothing.

Kara: Very funny.

Karen: I'm sure Zordon can find some way to get us out.

Victor: Hey guys, what's that?

He points off in the distance. Five shadows are there.

Kara: That's weired.

Joe: It could be the Zeo Rangers.

Tai: Or a trap.

Victor: Only one way to find out. Let's go.

The walk closer to the figures. As they get closer they notice each figure is a different color.

Karen: I think it is them.

Joe: Unless you know anyone else besides us and them who wear colored spandex.

Tai runs up ahead of the group. The others run after him.

Victor: Wait! We still don't know if...

Tai stops. So do the others.

Red Ranger: Hey, who are you guys?

Karen: It is them!

Yellow Ranger: Yeah, it's us, but who are you?

Victor: Oh, sorry. I'm Victor, the Orange Eastern Ranger.

Tai: I'm Tai, Blue Eastern Ranger.

Kara: Kara, White Eastern Ranger.

Karen: My name is Karen. I'm the Puple Eastern Ranger.

Joe: I'm Joe. And I'm sure you guessed by the color I'm wearing I'm the Black Eastern Ranger.

Green Ranger: Eastern Rangers?

Victor: Zordon gave us these powers when you guys were imprisioned by Gridster.

Pink Ranger: So you've been protecting the Earth.

Karen: Yeah.

Tai: I'd say we've done an ok job too.

Joe: Yeah, the city only got trashed once.

Blue Ranger: Trashed?!

Victor: Long story that we don't have time for. There's only one Ranger still not imprisioned here, so we gotta hope Billy finds a way to get us out.

Red Ranger: In the mean time, I suggest we come up with some kind of plan to get Gridster.

Tai: I got one. We get outta here and smash him.

Yellow Ranger: I doubt that'll work.

Tai: Why? What's wrong with my plan?

Joe: First thing, we know seperatly we can't beat him.

Green Ranger: So whatever we do we all have to attack at once.

Red Ranger: Second problem is we can't destroy him even if we have the power to.

Kara: We can't?

Blue Ranger: Tommy's right. Gridster is basically half the Morphing Grid's power. If we destroy him we destroy the Grid.

Karen: I don't think we wanna do that.

Red Ranger: We're just gonna have to find a way to seal him up.

Pink Ranger: Easier said than done. What could possibly seal his power?

Tai: I think I know.

Kara: This better not be another stupid idea.

Tai: My idea's are not stupid, but anyway, here goes.

He looks at the other Eastern Rangers.

Tai: Remember the Dark Crystal?

Joe: Yeah, you grabed it and because of that Gridster got his full power back.

Tai: Exactly.

Green Ranger: I get it. If it sealed his power before, it should be abel to seal him up too.

Victor: Great. Now all we have to do is get out of here.

Red Ranger: I'm sure Billy's working on that right now.

Scene 2
Setting: The Power Chamber. Billy is working frantically.

Alpha: Calm down Billy. What's the rush.

Billy: With the Zeo Rangers coming back I have to make sure their Zords are ready to fight.

Alpha: That shouldn't be too hard.

Billy: It wouldn't be if I didn't also have to finalize the repaires to the Elemental Zords.

Zordon: I will finish the tests on the Zeo Zords, you focus on the repairs.

Billy: Thanks Zordon.

Scene 3
Setting: Gridster's dimention. Max is wandering around trying to find the other Rangers.

Max: Man, didn't anyone ever tell them when you're lost you're suppose to stay in one place till someone finds you.

He keeps walking. When he takes a few more steps he sees 10 shadows on the horizion.

Max: Bingo.

He runs up to them.

Max: Hey guys.

Joe: Oh great, he got you too.

Pink Ranger: Who's this?

Max: I'm Max.

Red Ranger: Cool, a Gold Ranger.

Max: Gold Thunder to be exact. Anyway. Enough of this. Let's get home.

Yellow Ranger: You can take us home?

Max: Yep. Billy gave me this device.

Victor: Let's not waste any time. We have a lot to do.

Max: Got it.

He pulls out the device Billy gave him and activates it. The dimention beneath them vanishes. They transform into columns of light and fall through the rift. When the are gone the rift closes.

Scene 4
Setting: The Power Chamber. Billy and Zordon are still working.

Zordon: I've finished the tests. The Zeo Zords are now ready for combat.

Billy: No problems developed from sitting so long?

Zordon: None that I could detect.

Billy: That's good. The Elemental Zords will be ready in a few minutes.

Alpha: Ah! Somethings coming in!

Billy: What?

Eleven colored lights appear in the room. The lights materialize back into the Rangers.

Alpha: Rangers! You're all safe!

Red Ranger: Oh man am I glad to be back here.

Yellow Ranger: It seems like we've been gone forever.

Blue Ranger: Wonder how we're gonna explain this one to our parents.

Pink Ranger: I bet that'll be the least of our problems if we don't get that monster.

Green Ranger: Relax. Tai, tell Zordon your plan.

Zordon: It is good to see all of you again. I would like to continue the reunion but unfortunatly the current situation won't allow it.

Tai: I have an idea how to beat Gridster.

Zordon: From my scans I've detected that we can't destroy him or the Morphing Grid will be destroyed as well.

Tai: I know. My plan is to imprision him.

Billy: That's good in theory, but how would you do that?

Tai: Simple. The Dark Crystal can hold him.

Zordon: Excellent idea Tai.

Billy: I'll scan for it now.

Billy presses a button and the scanner starts beeping. After a few seconds it becomes a solid tone.

Billy: It's in the Moon Palace. Someone's gonna have to go get it.

Victor: We'll go.

Alpha: The Zeo Rangers can't beat Gridster by themselves.

Max: No, but Gridster knows our fighting style better than the Zeo Rangers. He can tear us apart no problem. But they can hold out longer solo than us.

Zordon: You are right. Billy, prepair to teleport the Eastern Rangers to the Moon Palace.

Billy: You got it.

He begins programing.

Act 3
Scene 1
Setting: The Power Chamber.

Red Ranger: How's it comming Billy?

Billy: Done. You guys ready?

Karen: Yep. Let's go.

He presses a button and they teleport away.

Green Ranger: So they're the Earth's hope.

Yellow Ranger: They've come this far. No reason to think they can't help us finish this goon.

Tommy looks at the viewing globe. An image of Gridster attacking the city is showing.

Red Ranger: We'd better do something soon, or Angel Grove is history.

Zordon: You should go try to hold him off until the Eastern Rangers return with the crystal.

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pink Ranger: BACK TO ACTION!

Scene 2
Setting: The Moon Palace. The whole place is empty. Gridster caused a lot of damage before leaving for Earth. The Eastern Rangers arrive in the middle of the thrown room.

Joe: Wow, I think Gridster needs a new decorator.

Kara: What kind of moron trashes his own base?

Tai: One who's sure he's not comming back.

Karen: We haven't beet him yet.

Victor: We'd better get searching.

Max: We'll split up into 3 groups. Victor, come with me. Joe and Karen, go that way.

He points down a long hallway.

Kara: Guese that leaves me and Tai to go check the attack.

Tai: Don't worry Max, she's in good hands.

Kara smacks him.

Tai: Ow. What was that for?

Kara: I think you know.

Everyone else leaves to go search.

Kara: Come on. The sooner we find that thing the sooner we save Earth.

They leave the room.

Scene 3
Setting: Downtown Angel Grove. The Zeo Rangers teleport in to fight Gridster.

Gridster: What! How did you get out?

Blue Ranger: Nevermind that. Your finished.

Gridster: That's the second time I've heard you losers say that. Now prove it.

Red Ranger: You got it!

The Zeo Rangers charge at Gridster.

Kat and Adam jump into the air. Gridster prepairs to block the kicks when Tommy and Rocky punch him in the stomach. He drops his gaurd and the kicks knock him down.

Yellow Ranger: My turn.

She body slams him, then joins up with the others.

Gridster: You got lucky, now it's my turn.

He sends an energy blast at them.

Red Ranger: Get down!

They all duck, but the blast explodes right above them. It creates a crater in the ground. Adam, Tonya, and Kat are inside the crater. Tommy and Rocky were blown away from it.

Gridster: How'd you like that?

The Zeo Rangers strugle to get up. They do and regroup.

Red Ranger: Zeo Cannon.

The Zeo Cannon appears and the Rangers fire it at Gridster. The force of the blast knocks him 10 feet back. He prepairs to open a portal to his dimention again.

Pink Ranger: Uh oh.

Before the portal opens a white light hits him. The energy he gathered to open the portal vanishes. The light dissapears as well.

Gridster: What happened?!

Billy's voice comes over the communicators.

Billy's voice: Guy's, I was able to block the power he uses to open the portals. You'll have to hurry though. It will only last a short time.

Red Ranger: Good enough.

Scene 4
Setting: The Moon Palace. The Eastern Rangers all come from seperate tunnels into the same room.

Kara: Well that was useless.

Joe: No kidding.

Max: So where's the crystal?

Victor: Spread out and search the room.

Tai walks over to the far wall.

Tai: Hey, this looks kinda cool.

He touches it. The ceiling opens and a dozen small black objects fall out onto the floor. Max walks up to one.

Max: What in the world is this?

He reaches for it. Just before he gets his hand on it it explodes.

Max: Get away from them!

The Rangers scatter trying to find an empty area. As they do the rest of the objects explode as well. When it stops the Rangers all regroup in the middle of the room.

Joe: What's the matter with you Tai?

Kara: Yeah, I thought you'd learn by now to not just go grabing stuff.

Tai: Well excuse me. I was trying to find the...

The ceiling opens up again and an alter with the crystal on it lowers.

Tai: See!

Karen: Let's get this thing and get out of here.

Victor: Sounds good to me.

He grabs the crystal from it's holding place. The whole building begins to shake.

Max: Must be another trap.

Joe: We better teleport.

They teleport out. Just as they are gone the whole palace collapses.

Scene 5
Setting: Angel Grove. The Zeo Rangers are still battling Gridster.

Gridster: You Rangers think you're so smart. Let's see how you deal with this.

He lifts his arms up.

Gridster: Grid powers, strengthen me.

A portal opens in the sky. He is taken into it. There is a flash of light as the portal closes. He then reappears as a giant.


The Zeo Zords arrive. The Rangers teleport to the cockpits.

Billy's voice comes over the communicators.

Billy's voice: Small problem guys. The Megazord program is down. You'll have to do without it for a few minutes.

Blue Ranger: That's not gonna be easy.

Green Ranger: Kat, Tonya, are you ready?

Kat: Let's do this.

Tonya: You know it.

Red Ranger: Go get him.

Zeo Zord 1 and 2 fire their weapons at Gridster. The blasts hit him but cause no damage. Tommy circles around with his zord and fires. It also has no effect.

Tonya: Not a good start.

Gridster: Now it's my turn.

He prepairs to fire at the Zords. They vanish and the Rangers are teleported back to the Power Chamber.

Gridster: Cowards.

Scene 6
Setting: The Power Chamber. The Zeo Rangers teleport in.

Pink Ranger: Why'd you bring us back?

Blue Ranger: Gridster's gonna tear the city apart.

Alpha: Calm down Rangers. Without the Megazord you have no chance.

Zordon: If you would have continued the Zords would've been destroyed.

Alpha: The Eastern Rangers should be back soon with the crystal.

Billy: I'm picking up a signal from the Moon Palace.

Red Ranger: Is it the others?

Billy: I hope not, because it's just been destroyed.

Act 4
Scene 1
Setting: The Power Chamber.

Alpha: Billy, are you sure the signal was destroyed?

Billy: Unfortunatley, yes.

Blue Ranger: Then we have no choice but to take Gridster out ourselves.

Pink Ranger: Let's go get this over with.

There is a flash of light and the Eastern Rangers teleport in with the crystal.

Victor: We have the crystal Zordon.

Green Ranger: Oh man, you guys had us scared.

Karen: Why?

Alpha: Billy picked up a signal from the Moon Palace that was destroyed.

Max: That was the palace itself. Gridster had it set to self destruct if the crystal was removed.

Zordon: My Rangers, it brings me great pride to see you all work together to save the world. Eastern Rangers, should you succeed this will be your final mission as Power Rangers. You have served your planet with honor and courage. All of you go forth and bring this terrible monster down. May the power protect you.

All Zeo and Eastern Rangers: BACK TO ACTION!

Scene 2
Setting: The city. The Rangers teleport in. Gridster is still giant.

Victor: This is it.

Tai: Let's nail this succer.

Joe: Succeed or fail, either way this is our last fight.

Karen: Seems stange huh.

Kara: Don't go soft on us. Let's just do this.

Max: Time to rock.

Victor, Tai, Kara, Karen, and Joe: WE NEED ELEMENTAL ZORD POWER, NOW!

Setting: The zord holding bay. The main door opens. An orange, blue, white, purple, and black streak of light leave. When they arrive at the scene the orange one touches down and in a ball of flame the Firezord appears. The blue one lands. Lightning surrounds the Lightning Ninja and then dissapears. A bright flash of light shines as the Diamond Slasher appears. Crystals grow from the ground and the Amethyst Ninja emerges from them. The black light touches down and the light forms the shape of the Onyx Deputy. The Rangers teleport to the cockpits.

Victor, Tai, Kara, Karen, and Joe: ELEMENTAL MEGAZORD POWER!

The Zords jump up into the air. Firezord retracts it arms, legs, and head. Lightning Ninja transforms into and arm and attaches to the left side of Firezord. Diamond Slasher also forms into an arm and connects to the right side. Amethyst Ninja becomes the left leg and Onyx Deputy becomes the right leg. The Firezord head re-emerges with a helmet on.


The zord holding bay opens. A gold streak of light leaves. As it strikes the ground there is a loud blast. The zord appears.

Red Ranger: Now it's our turn.


The Zeo Zords exit the holding bay. The Rangers teleport the cockpits.

Red Ranger: Let's pull it together.

Zeo Zords 3 and 4 release 1 and 2. One and two transform. Three and four transform and lock together. They land on 1 and 2. Tommy brings in Zeo Zord 5 to form the head and complete the Zeo Megazord.

All Zeo Rangers: Zeo Megazord, battle ready!

Yellow Ranger: I think we might need just a little more fire power.

Red Ranger: I'm all over it. RED BATTLEZORD POWER, NOW!

The Red Battlezord is fired from the holding bay. Tommy teleports into the cockpit.

Red Ranger: Let's take this guy out.

Max: Sounds good.

Victor: Move in.

The Elemental Megazord moves in to hit Gridster. The Thunder Battlezord and Red Battlezord close in on his sides. The Zeo Rangers come up behind him. Gridster is completley surrounded.

Gridster: You fools think all these toys will stop me?

Joe: Maybe you're stronger, but we've got you seriously outnumbered.

Green Ranger: Just try to get outta here in one piece.

Gridster: My, such confidence. Let me beat it out of you.

He swings at the Zeo Megazord. The Zeo Megazord makes no attempt to dodge the blow because as soon as Gridster swings the Red Battlezord and Thunder Battlezord punch him in the sides.

Max: How's that feel buddy?

Gridster: You'll pay for THAT!

He grabs the Thunder Battlezord.

Red Ranger: Fire!

The Red Battlezord opens fire on Gridster.

Tai: Now's our chance.

Blue Ranger: Let's finish this.

Victor: Elemental Megazord Sabre, now!

The Elemental Megazord Sabre drops into the Megazord's hand.

Pink Ranger: Zeo Megazord Sabre!

The Zeo Megazord Sabre appears. The Megazord lifts it high. It begins to glow. The Megazord then swings the sword at Gridster.

Kara: NOW!

The Elemental Megazord Sabre glows. The Megazord swings. Both attacks hit him at the exact same time.

Red Ranger: Fire again!

The Red Battlezord attacks again. Gridster is weakening quickly.

Gridster: I won't go down this easily!

Max: Thunder Destroyer.

The blasters fire and nail Gridster. He falls to the ground. The Megazords break formation and stand back.

Gridster: I'm not through yet fools!

Karen: Looks like we need just a little more power to beat him.

Kara: You up for it Max?

Max: You know I am.


The Thunder Battlezord and Elemental Megazord fly into the air. The Thunder Battlezord breaks apart. The pieces connect to the Elemental Megazord to form armor and a massive set of blasters on the arms. It lands.

Blue Ranger: Cool trick. We got one two.

The Red Battlezord and Zeo Megazord touch hands. The Red Battlezord swings back behind the Zeo Megazord. It raises itself a little and turns it's arms so that they are sitting on the Megazord's shoulders and facing Gridster. The head of the Zords locks down to form a helmet for the Zeo Megazord.

All Eastern Rangers: THUNDER CYCLONE!

The Thunder Megabattlezord fires both blasters. They combine in mid air and form a massive column of energy.

All Zeo Rangers: FIRE!

The Zeo Ranger's zord fires a series of blasts at Gridster. Both Attacks hit him at the same time. Gridster tries to absorb the energy. It enters his body and he gets a look of extream pain on his face. He shrinks back to normal size.

Red Ranger: Time to go finish this.

All the Rangers teleport out of the Zords. They land right where Gridster is lying.

Gridster: Go ahead and destroy me. Just remember, I am part of the Morphing Grid, and you will be sorry.

Tai: Oh I think we have a much more unpleasant fate in store for you.

He pulls out the crystal.

Tai: Help me out guys.

All the Rangers stand behind him. They focus their energies on the crystal.

Gridster: NO! You wouldn't!

The Dark Crystal begins to glow. A beam of light leaves it and hits Gridster. He begins to look like he is fading away. When he seems to have vanished the light pulls back inside the crystal. The communicators go off.

Zordon's voice: Rangers. I have prepaired a chamber far beneath the city to store the crystal. Alpha will teleport you there in a moment. When you get there place the crystal in the holder that is waiting. You will notice around it are 6 slots with the symbols of the Eastern Rangers coins on them. You are to place the coins in the slots to act as a permanent seal for the crystal.

Victor: We understand.

They are teleported away.

Scene 3
Setting: The chamber. The Rangers teleport in.

Kara: Wow. This should hold him.

Joe: Let's hope so.

Victor: Place the crystal in it's spot.

Tai places the crystal in it's holder.

Karen: Let's complete the seal.

The Eastern Rangers walk around the table and stand in front of the slot with their symbol. Victor takes out his coin and places it in the slot. The others do the same. The coins glow and an energy field surrounds the Dark Crystal. The Ranger's suits glow, then vanish.

Yellow Ranger: Come on everyone. We better get back to the Power Chamber so Zordon can seal this thing up for good.

They all teleport away.

Act 5
Scene 1
Setting: The Power Chamber. All the Rangers teleport in.

Joe: We did it Zordon. We beat Gridster.

Max: But not without a lot of help.

He and the other Eastern Rangers walk over to the Zeo Rangers.

Victor: I guess this is goodbye.

Tommy: You did great man.

Tai: I'm gonna miss this.

Rocky: It's good to know the Earth was in good hands.

Kara: Keep the world safe for us, will ya?

Kat: I promise.

Karen: One thing I've learned is you never know what you can do if you try.

Tonya: That's what being a Ranger is all about, learning more about yourself while protecting others.

Joe: I almost can't believe it all worked out.

Adam: Take good care of yourself.

Max: Goodbye everyone.

Zordon: You have done well Eastern Rangers. You have defeated a foe that even I would not have been able to stand up against.

Alpha: And rest assured that Gridster will never get out. We've placed a monitor on the vault and will make sure he never escapes.

Victor: Thanks Alpha.

Zordon: I wish you luck in your lives, and may the Power protect you!

The Eastern Rangers are teleported home.

The End

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