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Eastern Rangers Episode 4: Crystal Search

Act 1
Setting: Barren area beyond the Moon Palace. Gridster is sitting by a crater.

Gridster (wearily): Those....pathetic.....fools. As returns, I'll....destroy them.................all.

Gridster passes out.

Scene 2
Setting: Gridsters dream sequence. He and another monster are floating in space in another dimension.

Gridster: You'll never defeat me!

Other monster: Take this you evil scum!

The other monster raises it's arms and fires a blast of energy. Gridster does the same. The blasts collide and cause a massive explosion that continues throughout the dimenstion. Gridster wakes up in a cold sweat.

Gridster: I will recover my lost powers. You'll soon wish you'd never met me Zordon.

Act 2
Scene 1
Setting: Moon Crater. Gridster is sitting there.

Grister: It will not be easy to recover my old power. When Zedd and Rita brought me back they only gave me my body and a little power. I can remember only something about a crystal. I must search for it.

Gridster teleports away.

Scene 2
Setting: Saloon on the planet Onyx. The place is packed with evil monsters. Gridster walks into the saloon and takes a seat at the bar. A monster beside him leans over to speak to him.

Monster: So, who are you and what brings you all the way out here stranger?

Gridster: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Monster: Try me.

Gridster: I am Gridster.

The monster breaks into laughter.

Monster: That's a good one. Someone must have hit you prety hard if you think you're the Great Gridster. (yells to everyone in the saloon) Hey guys! This monster thinks he's Gridster.

All the monsters in the saloon look up and laugh.

Gridster (angrily): I'll show you how weak I am!

Gridster raises his arms.

Gridster: Power of the Morphing Grid!

Lightning strikes his arms. He lowers them so they aim at the monster. A blast hits the monster and he is destroyed.

Gridster: Anyone else wanna try me.

They all just look amazed.

Gridster: Now, I need some information. I know at least one of you knows the location of the Dark Cavern. Speak up, now!

A small monster at the back of the room stands up.

Monster: I know where it is.

Gridster: Tell me now.

Monster: Come here and I'll make a map of the cavern for you. It's a maze and it's very easy to get lost.

Gridster: Very well.

He walks over to the monster and the monster starts drawing a map.

Scene 3
Setting: The planet Molein. The sky is dark. Gridster teleports onto the planet at the entrance to a cave.

Gridster: What do you know. The little twerp told me the truth.

He smiles and enters the cave.

Scene 4
Setting: Angel Grove High. Joe's parents are in Ms Krandal's office.

Ms Krandal: Joe's grades have started to improve.

Joe's father: I'm glad.

Joe's mother: He must have just been going through a phase or something.

Ms Krandal: Probably, but I still think you should keep up on him about his work. We wouldn't want to repeat this whole incident.

Joe's father: We will. Thank you very much.

Ms Krandal: Thank you for cooperating.

Joe's parents shake hands with his teacher and leave the office.

Scene 5
Setting: Angel Grove park. The Rangers are enjoying the day. Victor, Tai, and Kara are playing a game of flag football. Joe and Karen are sitting on a bench watching.

Karen: So, did you get that grade problem taken care of?

Joe: Yeah, I'm doing good now. My mom and dad had a conference with Ms Krandal this afternoon.

Karen: That's good.

Scene 6
Setting: The Power Chamber. Alpha and Zordon are running a scan of the universe.

Zordon: Hurry Alpha. I detected Grister leaveing the solar system and I have a bad feeling about it.

Alpha: I've almost got it.

He turns a knob to fine tune the scanner.

Alpha: There!

A picture of Gridster teleporting onto Molein and entering the cave.

Zordon: This is not good. Contact the Rangers.

Scene 7
Setting: Back at the park. Joe and Karen are still talking and the others are still playing football. Thier communicators go off. Joe and Karen walk to the others.

Joe: Zordon needs us at the Power Chamber.

Tai looks up from the game.

Tai: Well what are we waiting for then?

They teleport away.

Act 3
Scene 1
Setting: The Power Chamber. The Rangers teleport in and walk over to Zordon.

Victor: What's happening.

Zordon: Behold the viewing globe.

The Rangers look. The scene of Gridster entering the cave is showing.

Kara: I thought we defeated him.

Joe: We did. How could he still be alive?

Zordon: Ever since I first saw him I knew there was something familiar about him. What I am about to tell you has never been revealed to any human beings before.

Victor: We're listening.

Scene 2
Setting: Another universe. Zordon is narrating a story. Gridster and the other monster are floating in space.

Zordon's voice: Long ago in my home dimension there were 2 very powerful beings. One was named Morphster, and he fought for good. The other was Gridster, and he was pure evil. The two fought for many centuries untill one day they both had had enough and wanted to finish the fight once and for all.

Gridster: You'll never defeat me!

Morphster: Take this you evil scum!

Morphster raises his arms and fires a blast of energy. Gridster does the same. The blasts collide and cause a massive explosion that continues throughout the dimenstion.

Zordon's voice: The blast created form thier attacks completely destroyed my universe. Very few of us escaped the blast. I and a few others had been lucky enough to be near dimensional rifts durring the blast. The energy from the blast tosses us trough the rifts and destroyed the openings. We all absorbed some of that energy.

Scene 3
Setting: Back to the Power Chamber.

Zordon: That is where my powers came from, also where all of the evil powers came from. My universe is now known as the Morphing Grid.

Tai: If Gridster was destroyed by that blast then how come he is here?

Zordon: He is not the real Gridster. He is only fragments of his evil spirit, and has less that half his power. However, within that cave is the Dark Crystal. If he can get it he can restore his full powers.

Victor: We have to stop him.

Zordon: Alpha is getting the systems ready to teleport you to the cave.

Kara: Hurry Alpha. I don't wanna see that creep blow us up like he did Zordon's world.

Alpha: I'll do my best.

Scene 4
Setting: The Moon Palace. Zedd and Rita have just received news that Gridster is looking for the Dark Cavern.

Zedd: What does that fool think he's doing?

Finster walks into the room holding a scroll.

Finster: I think I found the answer in this old legend. It tells of the creation of the Morphing Grid. According to this Gridster and another monster created it by accident. They both had powers that far surpass anything we have now.

Zedd: Then why isn't he that strong now!

Finster: Well, you see. The Gridster we know now has the spirit of the real Gridster, but not his powers.

Zedd: Than why would he be going to the Dark Cavern?

Finster: Because it contains the Dark Crystal. If he gets it he can become as powerful as his original form.

Rita: We have to stop him! Finster, get a monster ready and send it to the cave.

Finster: Right away my queen.

Finster leaves the room.

Scene 5
Setting: Finsters room. He is putting the finishing touches on one of his clay monsters.

Finster: This one should do nicely.

He picks it up and places it on the conveyer belt of his monster-matic. He throws the lever. The doors open and the monster is taken inside. The machine shakes and a monster flys out of the tube in a cloud of smoke.

Monster: I am Smasher, at your service.

Finster: Go to the Dark Cavern and stop Gridster from getting the Dark Crystal.

Smasher: You got it.

Smasher teleports away.

Scene 6
Setting: The Power Chamber. Alpha is entering some coordinates in the computer.

Alpha: It's all set Rangers.

Victor: Then let's go stop him.

Alpha reaches for the teleport button when the alarms start going off.

Zordon: Rangers, I sense Zedd and Rita have teleported a monster to the area. Be careful.

Victor: We will Zordon.

Alpha: Good luck.

He presses the button and the Rangers teleport away.

Scene 7
Setting: The planet Molein. Smasher arrives just outside the entrance to the cavern.

Smasher: This is going to be fun. Hehehehehehe.

He enters the cave. Just when he is out of site the Rangers teleport in.

Victor: Well, this is it.

Tai: Let's go stop this guy before it's too late.

Victor: Hold it. Let's make sure that monster Zordon warned us about isn't here.

Kara: Let's go already. We don't have much time to do this.

Victor: Fine, this way.

The Rangers enter the cave.

Scene 8
Setting: Inside the cave. The Rangers walk in. The tunnel splits off 3 ways.

Joe: Uh, don't suppose anyone has a map.

Kara: Yeah, I ALWAYS carry a map of other universes.

Joe: Funny, really.

Victor: Quit fooling around. We need to figure out where to go.

Tai: Well I say we just pick a way and try it.

He runs into the left tunel. He is only gone a few seconds when the others hear him scream. They run after him. Tai is on the ground. The others arrive. Smasher is standing in front of them.

Tai: Look out guys, a monster!

Victor: We noticed. IT'S MORPHIN TIME!

(Fire Morphing Sequence)
(Lighting Morphing Sequence)
(Diamond Morphing Sequence)
(Amethyst Morphing Sequence)
(Onyx Morphing Sequence)

Smasher: Look what we have here. Too bad I don't have time to play right now.

He summons a giant hammer and lifts it over his head. He hits the ground causing the tunnel in front of the Rangers to collapse.

Victor: Looks like we have to find another way. Stay on gaurd.

Tai, Kara, Karen, Joe: Right.

They backtrac to where the 3 tunnels intersect.

Karen: So which way do we go.

Kara: We've already seen that Tai's tactic doesn't work.

Tai: Hey.

Victor: Shhhh. Be quiet.

Joe: Why?

Victor: I'm gonna listen for noises in the other tunnels.

Joe: Oh. That's a good idea.

They all stand in silence. Suddenly a voice can be heard down the right tunnel.

Victor: Let's go.

They walk down the tunnel. They walk for about 20 minutes.

Kara: Are we there yet?

Tai: So who liked my way better.

Victor: I can't hear the voice anymore. Either they're not talking or they're waiting for us.

Joe: Oh boy. An ambush would just about fit this whole thing.

Suddenly Smasher comes through the wall.

Smasher: You punks are getting annoying. Prepair to be smashed.

Smasher lunges out. Victor and Tai dive to the ground to avoid being hit. Kara is knocked down by Smasher. He's lifting his hammer when Joe grabs him from behind, spins him around, and punches him right in the face. Smasher puts his hand to his face.

Smasher: You'll pay for that.

Tai jump kicks him before he can reach Joe. He falls back and Karen punches him right in the back. Before he can even react Kara trips him. While he is on the ground the Rangers regroup.

Victor: No more games, weapons online.

The weapons appear in their hands.

Victor: Fire Staff, power up!

Tai: Lightning Strikers, power up!

Kara: Diamond Cutter, power up!

Karen: Amethyst Blaster, power up!

Joe: Onyx Chargers, power up!

Victor: Fire!

Their weapons all fire at Smasher. He stumbles backward.

Smasher: It's gonna take more than that to finish me off.

He lifts his hammer above his head and strikes the wall. Rocks fall from the ceiling and hit the Rangers.

Tai: Now I'm getting mad.

He charges at Smasher.

Tai: Lightning Strikers!

The Strikers glow with blue light. Tai streches them out. Lightning shoots from them and hits Smasher's hammer. It is destroyed.

Smasher: I'll get you for that.

Tai: I don't think so. Eastern Blaster power, now!

Victor throws the Fire Staff into the air. It stays suspened horizontaly. Tai throws up the Lightning Strikers. They land sideways on top of the Fire Staff. Kara tosses the Diamond Cutter. It sets on top of the Strikers. Karen throws the Amethyst Blaster. It lands on top of the Cutter with it's handle forming the handle of the Eastern Blaster. Finaly Joe tosses the Onyx Chargers and they hook onto the bottom of the Strikers. The Eastern Blaster falls into Victors hands. The other Rangers stand to his sides.


The beam nails Smasher in the head. He falls to the floor and explodes.

Tai: Now that's how the Eastern Rangers work.

Victor: Let's go, I see a light up ahead.

They enter a large room. There is an altar in the center of the room. A dark light surrounds it. On the altar is the Dark Crystal. Gridster is standing there.

Gridster: I was wondering when you'd show up.

Act 4
Scene 1
Setting: The large room in the cave.

Gridster turns to face the Rangers.

Gridster: Once I have the Dark Crystal nothing will be able to stop me.

Victor: Then we'll just have to make sure you don't get it.

Gridster: Good luck with that one Ranger. If you only knew about the prophesy.

Victor: What prophesy?

Gridster: You'll find out soon enough.

Tai: Enough talk, let's get him.

Victor, Kara, Karen, Joe: Yeah!

They charge at Gridster. Victor does a flip and kicks Gridster in the chest on his way down. Gridster counters by tripping him as soon as he lands. Joe and Kara help him up.

Victor: Thanks, now lets find a way to keep him from getting the crystal.

The battle continues. Tai goes to punch Gridster and is trown across the room. He lands near the crystal.

Tai: I've gotta get the crystal before Gridster does.

He reaches out toward the crystal. His hand touches the dark light surrounding the altar that it's on. The light begins to flash and surrounds Tai. The flashing distracts the others and they all look at him. Gridster also turns to see whats going on.

Scene 2
Setting: The Power Chamber. Alpha is showing something to Zordon.

Zordon: Quickly Alpha, contact the Rangers and tell them not to approach the Dark Crystal.

Alpha: Right away Zordon.

He presses some buttons on the console.

Scene 3
Setting: The cave. Tai is still surrounded by the dark light. The Ranger's communicators go off. Tai can't hear it.

Victor: Go ahead.

Zordon's voice: Victor, the column of dark light is a force field. It won't let anyone evil get near the crystal. Don't try to get it.

Victor looks up at Tai.

Victor: That is gonna be a problem.

Zordon's voice: Why?

Victor: Because Tai already has it.

The dark light surrounding Tai stops flashing and then dissapears. Tai holds the crystal up victoriously.

Tai: Yeah! I got it guys.

The others are running towards him. Before they can reach him Gridster jumps behind Tai and grabs the crystal out of his hands. He then kicks Tai away from the altar. The others come and pick him up.

Gridster: Hahahahahaha. Nothing can stop me now. I finaly have the Dark Crystal. Watch out world, Gridster is back!

He then teleports away.

Victor: Oh no, he got the crystal.

Kara: What were you thinking Tai?

Tai: What did I do?

Kara: If you would wait 10 seconds to think things through before you did them this never would have happened.

Tai: What are you talking about?

Karen: Just after you grabed the crystal Zordon contacted us. He said Gridster couldn't break the force field. That's why he was just standing there when we came in.

Tai: Oh man! I realy blew it this time!

Victor: We'll just have to deal with Gridster later. Let's get home.

Scene 4
Setting: The moon palace.

Zedd: That monster was useless.

Rita: Oh Zeddy, aren't you forgeting something?

Zedd: Like what?

Rita: Gridster may have escaped but those Power Brats are still in the cave. If we make Smasher grow he can crush them.

Zedd: Excellent idea my sweet.

Zedd and Rita cross their wands over each other.

Zedd and Rita: By the power and force of lightning, make our monster grow!

A beam shoots from their wands towards Smasher.

Scene 5
Setting: The tunnel where the Rangers defeated Smasher. He is hit by the beam and grows.

Smasher: Yeah, I'm back and bigger than ever.

Scene 6
Setting: The Crystal room. The Rangers are still arguing when the cave start to collapse.

Victor: Stop arguing, let's get out of here now!

They all run from the cave. When they get outside they find Smasher teleporting away.

Karen: I'll give you one guess where he's headed.

Victor: Angel Grove.

He activates his communicator.

Victor: Zordon, teleport us home now. Smasher is on his way.

Zordon's voice: Prepair to teleport.

They teleport away.

Scene 7
Setting: Just outside Angel Grove. Smasher teleports in.

Smasher: With those Rangers traped in the cave this city is toast.

He begins to approach the city. As he does the Rangers teleport in.

Victor: He's headed for the city.

Tai: Not for long. Moble Arsenal, online.

The Moble Arsenal vehicles come out of the holding bay. The Rangers teleport into thier cockpits.

Victor: Firebot, power up.

Tai and Kara: Blue-diamond tank, power up.

Karen and Joe: Purple-onyx tank, power up.

They come up behind Smasher. He turns around.

Smasher: What?! I thought I burried you in the cave.

Kara: You couldn't be that lucky.

Smasher summons his hammer. The Purple-onyx tank is approaching for an attack. He swings his hammer and hits it. Inside the cockpit sparks go flying. The Zords exterior is badly damaged.

Joe: Oh no. We're too damaged to keep fighting.

Karen: You guys will have to finish this one without us.

The Purple-onyx tank turns slowly around and heads back to the holding bay.

Victor: Let's do it. Arm blasters, fire!

The blast hits Smasher's legs. He falls to his knees.

Tai: Finish him. Pattern shot!

The tank spins in circles and fires the guns facing Smasher. He falls back and explodes.

Kara: That was a little too close.

Victor: Too bad we couldn't stop Gridster too.

Tai: I already said I was sorry. What more do you want?

Victor: That's not what I meant.

Act 5
Scene 1
Setting: The Power Chamber. Zordon is talking to the Rangers.

Zordon: We must be on alert. The power Gridster could gain from that crystal is unimaginable.

Tai: I'm sorry I messed everything up Zordon.

Zordon: All humans make mistakes Tai. I'm sure that if you all stick together you can stop Gridster.

Karen: I hope so.

Scene 2
Setting: A crater on the moon. Gridster is standing there with the crystal.

Gridster: As soon as I absorb the power of the Dark Crystal I'll be invincible. Then I'll finaly be able to pay back those stupid kids.

He looks up towards Zedd's palace.

Gridster: And those who just left me for dead when I appeard to fail them.

Scene 3
Setting: Angel Grove Park. Tai is sitting on a bench. Victor and Joe are going over some football plays. Karen walks up behind Tai.

Karen: You look worried. Mind if I ask why?

Tai: It's this thing with Gridster.

Karen: You can't change the past. It was a mistake. You can't let it ruin your life.

Tai: That's just it. If Gridster destroys the Earth then it's my fault.

Karen: Don't be so hard on yourself. We'll get him.

Tai: I hope so. I really hope so.

The End

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