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Eastern Rangers Episode 5: Takeover

Act 1
Scene 1
Setting: Inside a cave on the moon. Gridster is standing there with the Dark Crystal.

Gridster: Once I use the crystal's power I'll become invincible!

He lifts the Dark Crystal above his head.

Gridster: Powers of old, I call you forth. Revive my strength that I might be invincible.

A dark light is emited from the crystal. It floats out of Gridster's hands. The crystal shoots a dark beam at Gridster. He is then covered by the same dark light as the crystal. More bolts then begin to leave the crystal and strike Gridster.

Gridster: Yes! I can feel it's power!

There is a bright flash and crystal falls to the ground. Gridster is standing there. His appearance has been altered slightly. He now is bigger and has more muscle. He also has spiked gloves on his hands.

Gridster: Now nothing can stop me.

Scene 2
Setting: Downtown Angel Grove. Tai and Kara are walking down the street.

Kara: This Ranger stuff is tough.

Tai: Tell me about it. I just hope we can beat Gridster once he gets his new powers.

Kara (annoyed): Well we wouldn't have that problem if a certain someone would have waited 10 seconds before he grabed a crystal.

Tai (sarcasticaly): Well excuse me. It's not like I knew anything would happen.





Kara: AM NOT!

Act 2
Scene 1
Setting: The moon cave.

Gridster: Now that I have my powers back I can finaly destroy those annoying Rangers. All I need is a little help. I think my old friends would love a chance to live again.

He sets the Dark Crystal down in front of him and begins to chant.

Gridster: Ancient forces of evil, hear me. I summon my 5 warriors of destruction.

The crystal glows. Five beams of light come out of it. The beams form into monsters.

Gridster: Ah, my troops.

The 1st monster on the left is blue. He looks like he is made of water.

1st monster: I am Liquidor.

The second monster is green.

2nd monster: I am Terrabot.

The third monster looks like a giant computer chip.

3rd monster: I am Cybertron.

The 4th monster is a skeleton.

4th monster: I am Skeletor.

The fifth monster is just a dark shadow.

5th monster: I am Shadower.

Gridster: You are fine warriors. We will have controll of this galaxy very soon.

Scene 2
Setting: Downtown Angel Grove where Tai and Kara are still arguing. Victor, Joe, and Karen show up.


Kara: AM NOT!

When Victor sees them fighting he runs up between them.

Victor: Knock it off you two. What's the problem?

Tai: She's blaming me for letting Gridster get the crystal.

Kara: Well it is his fault after all. If he wouldn't have grabed the stupid thing we'd have nothing to worry about.

Victor: Listen, Tai made a mistake and he admits it. Right Tai.

Tai: Yeah.

Victor: If we're ever gonna stop him we have to all work together. To do that we can't keep throwing our mistakes in each other's faces.

Kara: I hate to admit it, but you're right. Sorry Tai.

Tai: That's ok. Sorry I called you snotty.

Just then the communicators go off.

Victor: Yeah Zordon.

Zordon's voice: Teleport to the Power Chamber. I want to do some training with your powers.

Victor: We're on our way.

The Rangers teleport away.

Scene 3
Setting: The moon cave. Gridster and his new monsters are standing there. Gridster is looking around carfully.

Gridster: You are fine monsters, but my army is still missing something.

Shadower: May I suggest something master?

Gridster: You may, if it's good.

Shadower: I suggest the Destroyerbots that Lord Cranton used to captue Nelsa 5.

Gridster: The Destroyerbots. Excelent idea.

Shadower: Thank you master.

Gridster lifts his hands in the air.

Gridster: Destroyerbots, come.

He lets his hands down. Bolts of lightning strike the ground and the Destroyerbots appear.

Head Destroyerbot: We are ready to serve you master.

Gridster: Good. With this army I can't lose.

Scene 4
Setting: The Power Chamber. The Rangers teleport in.

Zordon: Rangers, when Gridster uses the Dark Crystals power you will be hard pressed to defeat him.

Joe: So how are we gonna do it?

Zordon: Alpha and I have designed a training program that we think will prepair you for the battles ahead.

Tai: Great! When do we start?

Alpha enters the room.

Alpha: Follow me Rangers.

They follow Alpha out of the room.

Scene 5
Setting: A side room in the Power Chamber. Alpha and the Rangers walk in. There is a giant dome in the room.

Alpha: This is the Virtual Dome. We will run the program in this room. You will have all the sensations that you would in a real battle, including pain.

Kara (sarcasticaly): Great! I love getting pounded by monsters that aren't really there.

Victor: It sounds like a good way to keep in shape.

Karen: Besides, if things start getting bad the program can be shut down.

Alpha: Exactly. I'll be monitoring the program from the main chamber.

Alpha leaves the room.

Joe: This should be interesting.

Act 3
Scene 1
Setting: The moon cave. Gridster is standing in the middle of the room addressing his army.

Gridster: I use to be one of the most powerful beings in existance. Then that idiot Morphster messed up everything.

All the monsters just nod as he speaks.

Gridster: Then those fools Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa came along and resurected me. Just one problem. They didn't give me even a fraction of the power I deserved. Well, now it's time to pay them back. Who's with me?

All the monsters cheer.

Shadower: This will be great.

Liquidor: Let's take them down.

Terrabot: I'm with you master.

Skeletron: Hehehehe.

Cybertron: Zedd and Rita's end is near.

Scene 2
Setting: The Moon Palace. Zedd and Rita are in the thrown room. Finster enters and is acting very upset.

Zedd: What's the matter with this bumbling idiot?

Rita: Yeah Finster, what are you so worried about?

Finster: Your highness, I've detected a group of monsters forming in a cave to the north.

Rita: Why are you so worried about that?

Finster: Because one of the monsters is Gridster. He is forming an army.

Rita: Why would he do that?

Zedd: Probably because he wants to take over us.

Finster: Precisley my thoughts. What shall we do?

Zedd: We'll create our own army and crush him into the ground. No one will EVER take my power!

Scene 3
Setting: Inside the Virtual Dome. The Rangers are standing in the middle.

Kara: So when does this start?

Joe: Too soon for me.

Victor: Relax guys, we need the training.

Karen: Besides, Alpha is monitoring it and can shut it down.

Tai: Good point.

Their communicators go off. Victor activates his.

Victor: Yeah.

Alpha's voice: Morph and I'll start the program.

Victor: Can do.

He deactivates his communicator.


(Fire Morphing Sequence)
(Lightning Morphing Sequence)
(Diamond Morphing Sequence)
(Amethyst Morphing Sequence)
(Onyx Morphing Sequence)

Scene 4
Setting: Inside the Virtual Dome. The Rangers are standing inside. The program starts and the dome seems to vanish as a sceen of the city appears.

Tai: Nice graphics!

Kara: Very cool.

Victor: This is serious guys, keep alert.

Tai: Right.

The Rangers walk over to a building. As the do a monster runs up behind them and grabs Karen. It throws her through the air. She lands hard. The others quickly turn around.

Joe: Are you alright?

Karen: I'm fine. Let's do this.

Victor: Karen and Joe, attack him from the left. Tai and Kara, you go to the right. I'll go straight at him.

Tai, Kara, Karen, Joe: Right.

They go where they were told to. Tai grabs his laser pistol and fires it at the monster. Kara follows the blast with her pistol. Karen and Joe both drop kick him at the same time. The monster is stunned. Victor comes running towards him.

Victor: Fire Staff, online!

The Fire Staff appears in his hands. He fires it at the monster. It's a direct hit. The monster stumbles back.

Victor: Guys, we have to do this as a team.

Joe: We're on it. Onyx Chargers, online!

Tai: Lightning Strikers, online!

Kara: Diamond Cutter, online!

Karen: Amethyst Blaster, online!

Victor: Let's put them together.

Tai, Karen, Kara, Joe: Right.

Victor throws the Fire Staff into the air. It stays suspened horizontaly. Tai throws up the Lightning Strikers. They land sideways on top of the Fire Staff. Kara tosses the Diamond Cutter. It sets on top of the Strikers. Karen throws the Amethyst Blaster. It lands on top of the Cutter with it's handle forming the handle of the Eastern Blaster. Finaly Joe tosses the Onyx Chargers and they hook onto the bottom of the Strikers. The Eastern Blaster falls into Victors hands. The other Rangers stand to his sides.

Victor: Let's finish him off.


The beam from the Blaster hits the monster in the leg. The leg is destroyed and the monster falls to the ground.

Kara: Gross.

Tai: Great aim Victor.

Victor: Shut up. FIRE!

He fires again and the monster is destroyed.

The flames from the explosion no sooner clear away when the moster grows to giant size.

Joe: Great, it's still alive.

Kara: Bet it's mad.

Victor: Let's not take that chance. Mobile Arsenal, online!

Scene 5
Setting: The moon. Zedd and Rita are still talking to Finster.

Zedd: Go create an army of monsters to destroy Gridster's.

Finster: Yes my lord.

He leaves. Zedd yells to him on his way out.

Zedd: And you better not fail this time.

Scene 6
Setting: Finsters room. He is looking over his selection of clay monsters.

Finster: Hum, he looks good.

He grabs the monster.

Finster: Oh, I must use them.

He picks up a few more.

Finster: Just a few more should do it.

He picks up 3 more. He places them all on the conveyerbelt of his machine. He pulls the lever and the monsters are taken inside. The machine shakes and smokes and out come the 6 monsters.

Finster: Quickly, follow me.

He leaves the room. The monsters follow him.

Scene 7
Setting: The Virtual Dome. The Rangers are standing there staring up at the monster.

Victor: Mobile Arsenal, online!

The Mobile Arsenal vehicles appear out of thin air.

Tai: Whoa! Almost fogot this isn't real.

The Rangers teleport into the cockpits.

Joe: Can we get this over with?

Kara: Depends on if Victor can hit him this time.

Victor: Very funny. Move in.

The Firebot moves in for attack. The monster charges at him.

Victor: Arm blasters, fire!

The monster is hit by the lasers and continues to charge. It grabs Firebot.

Tai: Let's get him.

Karen: Careful not to hit Victor.

Tai: I aim better than him.

Victor: That's getting old.

The Blue-diamond tank spins in circles and fires at the monster. It lets go of Firebot.

Victor: We can only beat him if we all hit him at once.

Tai: Gotcha.

Victor: Arm blasters, fire!

Tai and Kara: Pattern shot!

Karen and Joe: Megafire!

The blasts hit the monster at the same time. It falls back and explodes. As it does the program ends. The Rangers are left standing in the blank room.

Victor: That was great.

Kara: Yeah, maybe I should hold the Eastern Blaster from now on. You know, just so no one looses a leg.

Victor(agitated): I'm really sick of hearing that!

Karen: Calm down Victor. Everyone just leave him alone. It's not like it was real.

Joe: We'll all make mistakes. If we go at each others throats with each one we'll end up destroying ourselves.

Kara: Good point, sorry Victor.

Victor calms down a bit.

Victor: It's ok.

They leave the Virtual Dome.

Act 4
Scene 1
Setting: The moon. Gridster and his army are prepairing to march.

Gridster: Remember, once we do this we'll be in charge.

Cybertron: I can't wait.

Shadower just laughs quietly.

Gridster: Let's march!

The monsters pick up their weapons and leave the cave. Gridster stays behind.

Gridster: I'll catch up latter.

They march for about 20 minutes before they are withing sight of the Moon Palace.

Terrabot: There it is. Let's do this for Gridster.

Shadower, Liquidor, Skeletron, and Cybertron: For Gridster!

They take off running for the palace.

Scene 2
Setting: The Moon Palace. Zedd is on the balcony watching Gridster's army run towards the castle. Finster and his monsters enter the room.

Finster: Here is your army your highness.

Zedd: It's about time! Gridster's army is almost here.

Finster: I'm sorry. I'll be faster next time.

Rita: If this doesn't work there won't be a next time.

Zedd: Don't just stand there you morons. Go stop those monsters.

The six monsters leave the palace.

Scene 3
Setting: The flat area outside the palace. Gridster's army is charging. Zedd's army comes out of the palace and races towards Gridster's.

Liquidor: Here they come. Get them.

On of the monsters runs up to Skeletron. He tries to fend off it's attack. It first tries to kick him. He blocks it and as soon as he does the monster punches him in the face. He is surprised by the attack. The monster takes the chance and sweeps his leg out from under him. He falls to the ground.

Terrabot fires at another monster. It reflects the attack and Terrabot is knocked out.

Liquidor gets attacked from behind. The monster hits him but his hand passes right through Liquidor. Liquidor turns and laughs, untill he sees the monster is made of fire. The monster makes Liquidor start to evaporate.

Shadower is stuggling with one of the monsters. The monster grabs a sword and manages to get Shadower in a choke hold. The sword is at his throat.

Cybertron is getting pounded by a monster and also by the one that triped Skeletron. He is lying on the ground.

Cybertron: We can't take this anymore.

Skeletron: We need help.

Scene 4
Setting: The Moon Palace. Zedd is watching the battle.

Zedd: We're pounding them into the ground!

Rita: Finster may have actualy done something right.

Finster: I try.

Scene 5
Setting: The battlefield. Nothing has changed.

Cybertron: Forgive us for our failure Gridster.

As he sais this Gridster appears on the battlefield.

Shadower: Help me!

Gridster blasts the monster holding Shadower. It falls to the ground and explodes. He does the same to the one attacking Liquidor.

Liquidor: You saved my life boss.

Gridster walks over to the monsters beating on Cybertron. He grabs them and flings them both into the air. He blasts them before they hit the ground. The last monster charges at Gridster. He simply turns and blasts it.

Gridster: Do you think I would let my army be crushed by Zedd?

Cybertron: Not at all.

Gridster: I knew you didn't stand a chance. I just wanted to do this to humiliate Zedd.

Liquidor: I think it worked.

Scene 6
Setting: The Moon Palace. Zedd looks on in disbelief.

Zedd: It can't be! He crushed them all.

Rita: Let's make them giant so they can just crush him.

Zedd: Good idea my sweet.

They cross their wands.

Zedd and Rita: By the power and force of lightning, make our monsters grow!

A bolt leaves the wands and heads towards the monsters.

Scene 7
Setting: The battlefield. The bolt hits the fallen monsters. They all grow to giant size.

Shadower: We need to grow.

Gridster: By all means, go ahead.

He waves his arms in a circle.

Gridster: Grid powers, strenghten them!

A portal opens in the sky. Gridster's monsters are taken into it. There is a flash of light as the portal closes. The monster's then reappear as giants.

Terrabot: Now this is more like it.

Cybertron: Yeah.

Shadower attacks one of Zedd's monsters. When it blocks his attack he grabs it and tosses it toward Cybertron. Cybertron see's it coming and impales it with a sword. The monster is destroyed.

Two more monsters charge and are blasted before they get to Shadower. They are destroyed.

The last three monsters just stare at each other.

1st monster: What do we do?

2nd monster: I don't know. We can't win this.

3rd monster: I suggest we run.

1st and 2nd monster: Good idea.

They all three teleport away.

Scene 8
Setting: The Moon Palace. Zedd and Rita are running around the room in a panic.

Zedd: We have to leave. NOW!

Rita: Let's go before they get here.

Finster: Wait for me!

Zedd, Rita, Finster, Goldar, and Rito all flee from the palace. Serpentera can be seen leaving the moon.

Scene 9
Setting: The battlefield. Gridster's monsters return to normal size. Gridster looks on in approval as Serpenterra goes out of sight.

Gridster: Excellent.

Act 5
Scene 1
Setting: The Moon Palace. Gridster is now in controll.

Grister: Now that I'm in controll those Ranger's days are numbered.

Terrabot, Shadower, Liquidor, Skeletron, and Cybertron: We are with you master.

Scene 2
Setting: The Power Chamber. The Rangers have just entered from the hallway. They walk over to Alpha.

Victor: That program is great.

Tai: Yeah, good way to stay sharp.

Karen: Good job Alpha.

A beep is heard from the main consloe.

Joe: What's that?

Zordon: Someone is trying to communicate with us.

Alpha: Bringing in the signal now.

Billy appears on the viewing globe.

Alpha: Billy!

Billy: Hi guys. Just figured I'd let you know I'm on my way home. Did I miss anything?

Tai: Not really, just Gridster becoming unstopable.

Billy: I guess we'll have to finish those Zords when I get back.

Victor: I think that would be wise.

The End

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