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Fusion Episode 2: The Power of Two

Act 1
Scene 1
Setting: Inside the Mothership. Cyborgia is rewatching the footage of the Rangers fight against his Cybots.

Cyborgia: It doesn't matter how many times I watch this it still makes me laugh. How can they expect to beat the most powerful cyborgs in the universe?

Cybot: Sir, we've seen something like this before.

Cyborgia: Where?

Cybot: There are fighters like them on Tirforia.

Cyborgia: And how did our forces fare with them.

Cybot: Excellent at first, but the fighters grew strong enough to defeat them. We never were able to conquer the planet.

Cyborgia: Then we cannot afford to take any risks here. Send down the second wave of troops.

Cybot: Yes sir.

He moves away from Cyborgia and faces the crowd of Cybots.

Cybot (ear splitting loud from Cyborgia's position): SECOND WAVE, MOVE OUT!

As soon as he finishes speaking several Cybots from the crowd head towards the transport hanger.

Cybot: They are on their way sir.

Cyborgia: Good. Soon we will have that rich planet for ourselves and we can get off of this horrible ship.

Scene 2
Setting: Timeline's dimension. He is, as usual, monitoring all the different eras to make sure everything is ok. Suddenly one of the monitors in front of him flashes red.

Timeline: What? Something is about to alter the course of history.

He focuses all his attention on that screen.

Timeline: When and where is this happening?

He holds out his hand and touches the screen. There is a flow of light going from the screen, through his arm, and into his head.

Timeline: I see. Someone is attacking the Earth in the year 1997.

He continues to absorb information from the screen.

Timeline: Zordon and his Power Rangers are in that era. I will have to see if they can help me deal with this problem before it is too late.

Act 2
Scene 1
Setting: Inside the Power Chamber. Alpha and the Rangers are all working at different areas of the consoles.

Zordon: Have you had any luck breaking the communication barrier Alpha?

Alpha: Aye ai ai ai ai. No. Nothing is having any effect.

Kara: Nothing is even leaving the building. It's like the barrier is around the building itself.

Zordon: Have you tried to send it underground like the teleportation signal?

Tai: I did. It went underground just fine, but the signal was destroyed as soon as it broke the surface of the Earth.

Joe: Now that makes me nervous about teleporting.

Victor: We'll have to make sure we never try to teleport any higher than ground level.

Alpha: That's for sure.

Max: Everyone watch out for a few seconds. I'm gonna try an underground signal again.

Tai: I already told you it won't work.

Max: You tried it at a normal power level though. I'm going to try to send a massive energy signal and see how far it gets.

Karen: Is that safe?

Max: We'll know in about 3 seconds.

He presses a button on the console. The lights flicker. Sparks fly from several spots on the console. After a few seconds everything goes back to normal.

Kara: Don't try anything like that again.

Max: I don't believe it.

Victor: What?

Max: Even with all that power the signal still didn't get any higher than ground level.

Zordon: We shall have to change our approach to this problem.

Suddenly the sound of static coming from the viewing globe silences.

Joe: What's happening?

Alpha: I don't believe it. We are picking up a signal!

The Rangers run over, very excited.

Victor: Bring it up Alpha.

Alpha presses a button and Timeline appears on the viewing globe.

Zordon: Timeline, it is good to hear from you.

Timeline: I wish I had some good news to bring you, but I must have your help.

Zordon: How can we help you?

Tai interrupts.

Tai: Why are we offering him help? We can't even help our own world right now.

Kara glares at him.

Kara (roughly): Would you shut up.

Victor: Sorry about that. Please continue.

Timeline: No apologies necessary Rangers. Something in your time period is about to disturb the flow of history. It is a massive force and I need your help to stop it.

Max: It wouldn't happen to be a massive force of invading cyborgs would it?

Timeline: I do not have such clear details, but that sounds like it could be the cause.

Joe: Then we have a problem.

Timeline: What would that be?

Karen: We can't even begin to fight them. They far out power us.

Kara: To make it worse we can't even collect any information about them. They cut off all communications on the Earth.

Timeline: Do you know anyone who may have information on them. I can set up a communication through a time portal for you.

Victor: I would be willing to bet that Time Force has some information about them.

Timeline: Then I shall connect you to them.

He waves his arms around.

Scene 2
Setting: Time Force headquarters in the year 3000. Captain Logan and another agent are locking up the control room for the night. Suddenly the communication screen activates and Victor appears on it.

Victor: Captain Logan, do you read me?

Captain Logan and the agent slowly walk back into the room.

Logan: Yes, I read you.

Victor: We could really use some help here.

Logan: What kind of help?

Victor: We need you to check your archives for some information.

Logan: What for? Time Force archives are very restricted.

The image on the screen fades from Victor to Zordon.

Zordon: Captain Logan, the Earth is in great danger. A force of cyborgs is invading. They have blocked all communications. Without our scanners we cannot discover any information about them.

Logan: The Cyborgs? I think we do have something about them.

He turns to the agent.

Logan: Bring up everything we have on the Cyborgs and send it to them.

Agent: Right away.

The agent sits down at a computer and begins working. Within seconds a bar appears on the screen, indicating the status of the data transfer. The bar fills and then vanishes.

Logan: That's everything we have Rangers.

Zordon: I thank you Captain Logan.

Logan: You're welcome Zordon.

The communication ends.

Agent: Sir, we have a serious problem here.

Logan: What is it?

Agent: The Ranger powers are completely useless against the Cyborgs.

Logan: What?!. Then how can they possibly.....

Agent: I don't know sir. I really don't know.

Scene 3
Setting: The Power Chamber. The computer is scanning all the information sent by Time Force.

Joe: I hope we find something soon.

Kara: Me too. I don't wanna get beat down again.

Alpha is monitoring the results. He comes over to the Rangers.

Tai: So what did you find Alpha?

Alpha: I'm afraid this doesn't look good.

Zordon: What is it Alpha?

Alpha: I'm sorry Rangers, but your powers are useless against these cyborgs.

Max: What!

Victor: I won't believe that.

Kara: Me either. There has to be some way.

Karen: No one is invincible.

Alpha: No, they are not. However, your powers in their current state are useless. The cyborgs bodies just absorb the power signatures. No matter how hard you hit or how much energy you use it will never be enough.

Zordon: We must find a way Alpha.

Timeline is still visible on the viewing globe.

Timeline: The Cyborgs have been beaten before. I will scan through my data and see if there is anything that can help.

Victor: Thank you Timeline.

Timeline: Thank you, Rangers, for agreeing to help me.

Max: I'm afraid we won't be much help if we can't fight them.

Timeline: I will find a way Rangers, and I'll let you know the second I do.

The viewing globe goes back to static. The Rangers all take a seat near Zordon.

Tai: Well this is an ugly situation.

Joe: We've always found a way. I'm sure we will this time as well.

Karen: I hope so.

Zordon: I have faith in Timeline, and in all of you. If anyone can stop the Cyborgs, it is you.

Act 3
Scene 1
Setting: Timeline's dimension. He is searching for a way to help the Rangers.

Timeline: I know these Cyborgs have been stopped before. I just have to find out when.

Several screens flash on a monitor in front of him. He watches closely but nothing catches his interest. Suddenly the screen changes and locks in place. A buzzing sound can be heard from the monitor.

Timeline: I found something.

He holds out his hand and touches the screen. There is a flow of light going from the screen, through his arm, and into his head.

Timeline: I see. So that's how to beat them.

He removes his hand and pauses for a moment.

Timeline: But can the Rangers do that?

He thinks for a few seconds.

Timeline: I guess we'll find out.

He waves his hand. The monitor in front of him changes to show Zordon and the Rangers.

Scene 2
Setting: Inside the Power Chamber. Timeline has just appeared on the viewing globe.

Kara: Hey guys, it's Timeline!

The Rangers stop working at the consoles and focus their attention on the viewing globe.

Tai: Did you find anything?

Timeline: As a matter of fact I did. But I'm not sure if it will work.

Karen: What do you mean?

Timeline: The only thing in the past that has been able to stop the Cyborgs is a technique called fusion.

Joe: Fusion, you mean combining two things into one?

Timeline: Exactly.

Tai: Well there go our chances. We don't even know where to begin with something like that.

Timeline: There is an ancient technique that I found that may be able to help you. Do I have any volunteers to try it?

Max: I'll try.

Victor: Me too.

Timeline: Good. I need you two to stand about 2 feet apart, facing each other.

The two distance themselves from the others and stand as instructed.

Timeline: Good. Now take your Power Coins out of your morphers.

Max: What?

Victor: Why? We need them to morph.

Timeline: Just trust me on this.

Max: Fine. Let's do it.

They both take their Power Coins from their morphers.

Timeline: Now hold them at chest level and focus all your energy into them.

They focus all of their energy into the coins. The coins begin to glow with their Rangers colors.

Timeline: Good. Now put them at waist level and touch them together.

They lower the coins and touch them together. There is a flash of light and the fused Ranger is standing there. The suit has orange and gold stripes that twist around it. One half of the helmet is shaped like the Fire Ranger helmet. The other half is shaped like the Lithium Ranger helmet. It is striped like the rest of the suit.

Karen: Incredible.

Tai: So who is he now?

The fused Ranger speaks. Both Victor and Max can be heard at the same time.

Fused Ranger: I am the Lithium Fire Ranger.

Zordon: This fusion power is impressive.

Alpha: I've never seen anything like it.

Timeline: Ok Lithium Fire, time to break it up.

Lithium Fire: As you wish.

There is another flash of light. As the light returns to normal both Max and Victor are standing there.

Max: That was different.

Victor: We should be able to take them down now.

Joe: So who's going to fuse with whom for battle?

Timeline: That is an easy question. It is not possible for a male and female to fuse, so your options are limited.

Tai: Why can't a male and female fuse?

Timeline: It can be done, but the resulting being is unable to unfuse. You would be stuck forever.

Kara: There's no way I'm fusing with anyone permanently.

Karen: Same here.

Zordon: Victor and Max will be one fusion. Tai and Joe will be another. Finally, Karen and Kara will make up the third fused warrior.

Timeline: You will have to unfuse to use the Zords, so try to keep the battle from reaching that level.

Victor: You got it.

Max: Everyone ready?

Tai: Let's do this.

Joe: I guess so.

Karen: This should be interesting.

Kara: I'm ready.


(Lithium Fire Fusion Sequence)
Max and Victor stand facing each other. They hold out their morpher arms and remove the power coins from them. They then hold the coins at chest level. They focus all of their energy into the coins. The coins begin to glow with their Rangers color. The two then lower the coins to waist level and quickly push the coins towards each other. The coins touch. A flash of light covers both Rangers. The light then compresses into the shape of a single person. The fused Ranger is standing there.

(Black Lightning Fusion Sequence)
Tai and Joe stand facing each other. They hold out their morpher arms and remove the power coins from them. They then hold the coins at chest level. They focus all of their energy into the coins. The coins begin to glow with their Rangers color. The two then lower the coins to waist level and quickly push the coins towards each other. The coins touch. A flash of light covers both Rangers. The light then compresses into the shape of a single person. The fused Ranger is standing there. The suit has black and blue stripes that twist around it. One half of the helmet is shaped like the Onyx Ranger helmet. The other half is shaped like the Lightning Ranger helmet. It is striped like the rest of the suit.

(Purple Diamond Fusion Sequence)
Kara and Karen stand facing each other. They hold out their morpher arms and remove the power coins from them. They then hold the coins at chest level. They focus all of their energy into the coins. The coins begin to glow with their Rangers color. The two then lower the coins to waist level and quickly push the coins towards each other. The coins touch. A flash of light covers both Rangers. The light then compresses into the shape of a single person. The fused Ranger is standing there. The suit has purple and white stripes that twist around it. One half of the helmet is shaped like the Diamond Ranger helmet. The other half is shaped like the Amethyst Ranger helmet. It is striped like the rest of the suit.

The fused Rangers are standing in front of Zordon.

Zordon: You are the Earth's only hope. Go forth and defeat the Cyborgs.

The Rangers prepare to teleport.

Zordon: And may the power protect you.

Lithium Fire: Thank you Zordon.

Black Lightning: We will not disappoint you.

Purple Diamond: Those Cyborgs better be ready to fight.

The Rangers teleport into the ground.

Scene 3
Setting: The park. The Rangers teleport up from the ground. There are no Cybots around.

Lithium Fire: Looks like the coast is clear.

Purple Diamond: Good. We should be able to choose our battle then.

Black Lightning: Oh man. I was ready for some action.

Lithium Fire: Quiet. Let's sneak over that hill and see if we can find so Cybots.

The three Rangers sneak to the crest of the hill. Just before they reach it they lay on the ground. They proceed to crawl up the rest of the hill. They have an excellent view of the rest of the park.

Lithium Fire (softly): Black Lightning, you watch our backs and make sure nothing comes up behind us.

Black Lightning (very softly): Why do I have to do the stupid stuff?

Purple Diamond (softly): Looks like Tai is the main one in that fusion.

Lithium Fire (softly): Shhh. I think I see something coming this way.

A small group of Cybots steps into sight.

Purple Diamond (softly): I think I can hear them talking.

Scene 4
Setting: The group of Cybots walking towards the Rangers position.

Cybot 1: We have to find those humans who escaped up here earlier.

Cybot 2: What if they are gone?

Cybot 3: They could not have gone far.

Cybot 4: And with the communication signals all blocked they could not have called for help.

Cybot 1: Enough talk. Let's just get this search over with.

Scene 5
Setting: Back to the Rangers.

Purple Diamond: So they're looking for us, huh?

Black Lightning: I say we give them what they want.

Lithium Fire: For once I'll agree with you. Let's find out what we can do.

The Rangers stand up.

Cybot 5: There they are!

Lithium Fire: Are you ready for a rematch?

Purple Diamond: You beat us last time, but we've made some changes.

Black Lightning: And you're going to see just how strong we really are.

Cybot 1: Nothing on this planet can beat us.

Lithium Fire: Let's prove him wrong.

The Rangers charge at the group of Cybots.

Cybot 1: We finish this quickly.


The Cybots release beams of energy that focus on the Rangers. There is a massive explosion.

Cybot 1: That ends this little game. Let's get back to the group.

The Cybots turn away as the smoke clears. After a few seconds one of them looks back.

Cybot 3: NO! Sir, they are still there!

All the Cybots turn and look.

Cybot 1: Impossible! Nothing can withstand the Devastator attack except......

Cybot 5: No. They can't use...

Lithium Fire interrupts them as he lands right in front of the group. The other Rangers quickly join him.

Lithium Fire: Timeline was right. The fusion power is effective against you.

Cybot 2: This is not possible. We hunted down everyone who knew how to fuse.

Purple Diamond: Oh it was no mortal that gave us the info. But you will soon wish it was.

The Cybots don't respond with words. Instead they attack the Rangers. The first two concentrate on Lithium Fire. They fight in unison. As fast as their moves are they are unable to land a hit. After a few more attempts Lithium Fire jumps up in the air. He lands on their shoulders.

Lithium Fire: Time for you two to take a nap.

He lifts his feet up just slightly and kicks both Cybots in the head. Their eyes stop glowing and they fall down.

Lithium Fire: Two down. Four to go.

Black Lightning is toying with the two Cybots he is fighting. One swings a punch. He grabs its fist. He then redirects it at the other one. The fist goes right through its chest. It falls. The other struggles to get its hand out of the fallen one.

Cybot 3: Not even the fusion should be this strong.

Black Lightning: We're Power Rangers. Anything that would make a normal person 100 times stronger would make us 10,000 times stronger. Get it.

Cybot 3: This is not possible!

Black Lightning shuts him up by punching out his eye. The body then falls on top of the other one.

Purple Diamond looks like she is in trouble. She is lying on the ground. The Cybots she is fighting are standing over her, about to impale her with a branch.

Purple Diamond: Help me!

Cybot 6: There is no one who can help you now.

Purple Diamond: Oh. In that case....

She starts into a back flip. In the process she kicks both Cybots in the chin. They tumble backwards. As they hit the ground Purple Diamond jumps into the air. She lands right on the Cybots, with her knees in their eyes. They shut down. She gets up and joins Lithium Fire and Black Lightning, who are calmly watching her fight.

Purple Diamond: Nice to see you boys would've rescued me if I really needed help.

Black Lighting: If you really needed help with those two you should hand in your morpher, little girl.

She sweeps Black Lighting's legs out from under him.

Purple Diamond: That's for the little girl comment.

He gets back up.

Black Lighting: Not bad. You have some good moves.

Lithium Fire: I guess we should figure out how we're going to set this city free.

Black Lighting: Probably should head back to the Power Chamber to plan.

Purple Diamond: Sounds good. Let's go.

They teleport into the ground.

Act 4
Scene 1
Setting: Inside the Power Chamber. The Rangers teleport up through the floor.

Alpha: How did it go Rangers?

Lithium Fire: We took them out with no problem.

Black Lightning: This fusion stuff is great.

Purple Diamond: We should have no problem beating the rest of them.

Zordon: You all seem very confident in yourselves.

Black Lighting: With these powers nothing can stop us.

Zordon: I'm afraid you are wrong Black Lighting. You may not have had any problems with a small group, but there are thousands on the planet now and possibly millions yet to be sent.

Purple Diamond: You worry too much.

Timeline is still on the viewing globe.

Timeline: It seems these fused Rangers have too much attitude for their own good.

Zordon: I am inclined to agree with you there.

Lithium Fire: Attitude or not, those Cyborgs are going down.

Scene 2
Setting: Inside the cyborg mothership. Cyborgia watches the Rangers fight his Cybots.

Cyborgia: I don't believe this! How did they get that powerful all of a sudden?

Cybot: We received word from one of the Cybots in the group that they used fusion.

Cyborgia: That's impossible. We destroyed everyone that knew about that technique centuries ago.

Cybot: It must have been written down somewhere then, because that is what they used.

Cyborgia: Then it's time to quit playing around. Send down a Giant Cybot.

Cybot: A Giant Cybot? Are you sure that's necessary? They cause so much destruction.

Cyborgia: Even with fusion those little people won't stand a chance against a Cybot that size. So do it!

Cybot: Yes sir!

Scene 3
Setting: Outside the ship. A device that looks like a cannon comes out of the bottom. It aims towards the Earth. A quick flash of light flies out of the cannon and towards the Earth. It hits the ground just outside the city and solidifies into a Cybot the size of a skyscraper.

Scene 4
Setting: Back at the Power Chamber. The Rangers are being lectured by Zordon about their attitudes.

Black Lightning: Enough! I don't have to put up with all this.

Purple Diamond: Same here. Keep it up and I'm outta here.

Lithium Fire: I think you two just demonstrated his point.

Black Lightning: Now you're going to turn on us too?

Lithium Fire: Look. I'm noticing our problem too. This fusion is more than we've ever dealt with before. We have to dig deep and learn to control its power.

Zordon: He is right. The combination of each of your individual attitudes and your new power are creating an unstable result. You feel invincible so you act like nothing can harm you. I suggest you follow Lithium Fire's example and try to learn to control it.

Purple Diamond: Fine. I'll try to get a hold of myself.

Black Lighting: If you two can do it, so can I.

Timeline: Nice to see we're making some progress, but it's time for you guys to split.

Lithium Fire: Why? Shouldn't we try to train with our new powers?

Timeline: You should, but right now you need to call the zords. There is a Giant Cyborg loose in the city.

Purple Diamond: Let's do it then.

All Rangers: Power down!

There is another flash of light. As the light returns to normal all the Rangers are standing there, unmorphed.

Timeline: Once you morph, I'll teleport you to your zords.

Victor: We have them hidden under the city, so we can get to them with no problem.

Timeline: As you wish.


(Time Fire Morphing Sequence)
(Time Lightning Morphing Sequence)
(Time Diamond Morphing Sequence)
(Time Amethyst Morphing Sequence)
(Time Onyx Morphing Sequence)
(Gold Lithium Morphing Sequence)


A gold glow surrounds the Lithium Ranger. His body appears to move to the side. There are now two bodies standing there. The glow vanishes and both the Thunder Ranger and Lithium Ranger are standing there.

Thunder Ranger: I'm ready.

Karen: Let's go then!

The Rangers teleport into the ground.

Scene 5
Setting: The edge of the city. The Rangers teleport up out of the ground. Right in front of them is the Giant Cyborg.

Victor: Let's call them.

Victor, Tai, Joe, Karen, Kara, Thunder Ranger: TIME JETS, ONLINE!

Scene 6
Setting: A holding bay under the city. The street above opens. The floor tilts up and aligns with the opening, forming a runway. The Time Jets engine's fire up. After building up pressure for a few seconds the jets launch out of the bay. The Rangers teleport to the cockpits.


A gold beam leaves the Lithium Ranger's morpher. The sky turns black. Three gold lightning bolts strike the morpher. Where Lithium Ranger was standing his zord now stands.

Victor: Let's do this fast.

Thunder Ranger: Fighter Strike!

The Jets align themselves in a somewhat circular shape. They begin to spin around. Soon the individual jets seem to vanish and a large energy ring replaces it. The ring flies at the Giant Cyborg. The Cyborg lifts his arms to block just as the ring hits it. He struggles a few seconds to hold it back. He then pushes his arms forward. This breaks up the strike and sends all the Time Jets spinning off in different directions.

Joe: That didn't work very well.

Kara: Lithium Ranger, get him!

Lithium Ranger: My pleasure. Warrior Strike!

The Lithium Warrior Zord pulls back both its fists. They charge up. It pushes them forward like a punch. The energy from the fists flies out and strikes the Cybot. Sparks erupt, but not from the Cybot. The Lithium Warrior Zord stumbles backwards.

Victor: Are you alright?

Lithium Ranger: I'm fine. But my zord isn't. He fried the controls. I'm going to have to pull back.

Thunder Ranger: We'll meet you back at the Power Chamber then.

Lithium Ranger: Sorry guys.

Tai: Don't worry about it. We'll get him.

The Lithium Warrior Zord vanishes. Lithium Ranger teleports into the ground.

Victor: No more time to mess around. We have to take him out now.


The Orange Time Jet starts to fly in a formation. The Blue and Black Jets fly on its left and right with the wings almost touching. The White and Purple Jets turn and fly backwards, lining up with the tail section of the Orange Jet. The Gold Jet flies a few dozen feet above the Orange Jet. The Orange Jet transforms its wings and tail fins into slots to hook arms and legs. The White and Purple jets fold their wings up and attach to the Orange Jet. Blue and Black do the same. The Blue and Black jets bend to form arms. The White and Purple Jets bend to form feet. The Gold Jet lands on top of the Orange Jet to finish forming the body. The Orange cockpit swings down revealing a head. The Megazord turns upright and lands.

Giant Cybot: Haven't you figured it out yet? I'm invincible!

Victor: We'll see about that. MEGA MISSLE!

The Megazord lifts it arms. They charge up and fire a blast that looks like 2 missiles. The Giant Cybot grabs them in mid air and throws them back at the Megazord. Sparks fly all over the Megazord's body and inside the cockpit. Also inside the cockpit the lights begin to flicker.

Joe: We've taken heavy damage.

Karen: Nothing we have can even touch him!

Kara: We need to think fast. Here he comes!

The Giant Cybot grabs hold of the Megazord's right arm and starts pulling. The control panel in front of Joe begins to spark. Before the Rangers can even react the Cybot rips the arm off the Megazord. Joe's control panel catches fire. The Rangers struggle inside the cockpit to put the fire out.

Joe: Get it out! Get it out!

Karen: We're trying!

A mechanical voice comes from the Megazord's computer.

Voice: Activating emergency fire system.

A mist fills the cockpit. The fire goes out. After a few seconds the mist clears.

Tai: That was close.

Kara: We better get out of here before he destroys the whole thing!

Thunder Ranger: I think we're too late. Look!

The Giant Cybot slams his fist into the Megazord's chest. It penetrates the armor. No sparks come from the Megazord this time. The lights inside the cockpit simply go out.

Victor: We've lost all power!

The Giant Cybot pulls its hand out of the Megazord. The Megazord collapses.

Giant Cybot: You're finished. I will leave you here as an example of what happens to those who oppose the Cyborgs.

The Giant Cybot turns back into a beam of light and heads back to space.

Karen: I don't believe it. He destroyed the Megazord.

Victor: Let's get out of here. Hopefully Zordon can help us figure out what to do.

The Rangers crawl out of the damaged Megazord, then teleport into the ground.

Act 5
Scene 1
Setting: Inside the Power Chamber. The Rangers are all standing there, unmorphed. They look bruised up. The viewing globe has two images on it. On one side is Timeline, on the other is Captain Logan.

Max: None of our attacks worked.

Victor: It's just as our Ranger powers were against the Cybots.

Timeline: It seems we will have to find a way to fuse the Zords as well.

Captain Logan: We have nothing to fuse them to.

Zordon: If the Elemental Zords were still intact we could fuse with them.

Timeline: I could try to bring them out of the past.

Captain Logan: I would advise against that. If we take them from the past and they are destroyed then all of time will be damaged.

Zordon: This invasion is already damaging all of time. We may have no other choice.

Joe: Wait. I have an idea.

Tai: Well speak up then!

Joe: Captain Logan, are the remains of the Elemental Zords still at Time Force headquarters?

Logan: Yes they are.

Joe: And you have all the data from our coins?

Logan: Of course.

Timeline: What are you getting at?

Joe: If the Elemental Zords were reinfused with our powers they might be useable again.

Zordon: That is a great idea Joe.

Logan: I don't know how we'll do it without bringing you back here.

Joe: Just simulate our powers. You don't have to completely recreate them.

Logan: We will get to work immediately.

Zordon: In the meantime Alpha and I will repair the Time Jets and Lithium Warrior Zord.

Timeline: It sounds like a plan. I just hope it works.

Scene 2
Setting: The Cyborg mothership. Cyborgia is speaking with a Cybot.

Cyborgia: So the Zords were no match at all for the Giant Cybot?

Cybot: It seems so.

Cyborgia: That is good news. Now we can continue the invasion as planed. Just one thing still bothers me.

Cybot: What would that be sir?

Cyborgia: I'm sure they will find a way to improve their zords. So we should speed things up. I don't want to have to deal with any more resistance than we already are.

Cybot: I will tell the Cybots to hurry then.

He walks out of the room.

Cyborgia (to himself): This new emergence of fusion could become a real problem.

The End

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