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Fusion Episode 3: Resurrection

Act 1
Scene 1
Setting: The year 3000, inside Time Force headquarters. Captain Logan is talking with some of the engineers.

Engineer 1: You want us to do what?

Logan: We need you to create simulated powers using the Ranger's energy signals.

Engineer 2: What good are simulated powers going to do?

Logan: We need them to bring the Elemental Zords back online.

Engineer 1: That would take an enormous amount of power to bring them back.

Engineer 2: I think I understand. That's why we're using simulated powers instead of the real thing?

Logan: Exactly. Can you do it?

Engineer 2: It will take some doing, but I think it can.

Logan: Good. I'll be back in a few hours to see how you are doing.

Captain Logan leaves the room. The engineers move to some computer consoles and begin working.

Scene 2
Setting: The year 1997, inside the Power Chamber. Max and Alpha are at the computer working on the Time Jets.

Alpha: Oh my, this is terrible. The Time Jets are in worse shape than I thought.

Max: We have to get them online soon.

Zordon: Until we have the Elemental Zords the Time Jets are useless to us. At this point we cannot risk losing them.

Max: Still, I don't like the thought of leaving the city defenseless.

Alpha: I'm working as fast as I can.

Max: I just hope Time Force can get the old Zords online.

Zordon: I trust that they can. Their technology combine with your powers makes an unbeatable team.

Max: We'll soon find out.

Act 2
Scene 1
Setting: Inside the Mothership. Cyborgia is talking with one of the cybots.

Cyborgia: I don't think we should take any chances with those Rangers. It's time to speed up this invasion.

Cybot: Do you want me to launch more of our troops?

Cyborgia: No. We already have enough ground troops.

Cybot: Then what are you going to do?

Cyborgia: I'm going to send down a group of giant cybots to crush the Rangers when they show up.

Cybot: Four giant cybots! I almost feel sorry for those humans.

Cyborgia: And if they fight back I'll just crush the whole city.

Cybot: Should I launch them now?

Cyborgia: Not just yet. I want to wait until the Rangers show themselves.

Cybot: As you wish sir.

Scene 2
Setting: A compound inside the city where all the hostages are being held. In a dark corner 5 beams of light teleport up from the ground. Victor, Tai, Karen, Joe, and Kara step out into the light.

Victor: Everyone split up. Try to check on as many people as you can and meet back here in an hour.

Joe: Think the cyborgs will be looking for us?

Karen: Maybe. They did see us unmorphed.

Tai: Then we'll just have to stay out of sight.

Kara: Move slow. It'll attract less attention.

Victor: Good idea. See you guys in an hour.

The Rangers split up and begin moving through the crowds.

Scene 3
Setting: The prison compound. Victor is checking over a group of captives. He talks to one of the women in the group.

Victor: Is everyone here ok?

Woman: If you mean are we hurt, then no, but we are certainly not ok.

Man: The whole city has been rounded up and piled in here.

One of the teenagers in the group recognizes Victor as a Ranger.

Teen: Hey, aren't you a Power Ranger!

The teen was very loud. Victor quickly looks around nervously to see if any of the cybots heard it.

Victor: Keep it down.

He looks again and sees that none of the cybots are reacting.

Victor: Yes I am. And if they find me in here there will be trouble, so don't tell anyone.

Man: If you're a Ranger get us all out of here.

Woman: That is what you're here to do, isn't it?

Victor: Right now we don't have the resources to set you free. There are possibly thousands more of these things just waiting to invade. We have to find a way to cut out the source.

Teen: So why are you here then, shouldn't you be fighting them off?

Victor: We just want to make sure they aren't hurting the hostages.

Woman: What difference does that make?

Victor: If they are then we have to step up our efforts. If not, then we can take our time and make sure we do it right.

Man: Makes sense, I guess.

Victor: Look, I have to keep moving. Remember, don't tell anyone that I'm here.

Teen: We won't.

Victor moves away from the group.

Scene 4
Setting: Still in the prison compound. An hour has passed and the Rangers are regrouping.

Victor: Looks like everyone is safe for now.

Joe: I think we should hurry up and get out of here.

Kara: Yeah. The longer we stay the more chance we have of getting caught.

Tai: Hold on a minute.

Joe: Why?

Tai: I found all of our parents. They are all standing together. We should at least let them know we are all ok.

Karen: I'd like to, but.... What do you think Victor?

Victor: I see no problem with it. But we have to make it quick.

The Rangers begin to move through the crowd as a group.

Scene 5
Setting: The year 3000, at Time Force headquarters. Captain Logan is in the main development room with several other Time Force crew members and engineers.

Logan: Have we made any progress yet?

Engineer 1: Some. We almost have the simulated power ready.

A crew member comes up to them.

Crew member 1: Dr. Bogs just finished the simulation. We're ready to start linking the computers to the Zord remains.

Logan: Excellent. Begin at once.

Crew member: Yes sir!

The crew member walks off. He stops briefly at one of the computer consoles and presses a button. A large wall on the side of the room becomes transparent. On the other side are the remains of the Elemental Zords. A mechanical voice is heard from a loudspeaker.

Mechanical voice: Beginning simulation hook up.

On the other side of the wall wires are slowly lowering to the Elemental Zords. About one minute later the wires stop moving.

Mechanical voice: Wires in place. Linkup initiated.

Beams come from each wire and hit the Elemental Zords. The beams take the form of a small, square box with a hole the size of the wire facing the wire. The beams take a solid form. The wires then move themselves into the boxes.

Mechanical voice: Linkup complete.

Logan: Begin the data transfer.

The crew member presses another button on the console.

Mechanical voice: Data transfer initiated.

Light beams can be seen moving from the wires and into the zords. Each beam is the color of the zord it is hooked up to. Slowly, the light begins to engulf the bodies of the zords.

Engineer: When the entire zord is glowing we should be able to reactivate them.

Logan: How long will it take to make the repairs?

Engineer: With this method they should regenerate themselves the moment we activate them.

Logan: Good.

About 10 minutes pass. The Elemental Zords are all glowing.

Engineer: Here we go.

Mechanical voice: Elemental Zord activation engaged.

There is a loud blast. Sparks fly from every console. On the other side of the wall the zords also have sparks coming from them. The wires are completely engulfed in flames. There is another explosion. This one breaks the wall and sends pieces of it flying into the development room. Everyone drops to the floor to avoid the debris. After the blast the lights go out. Everything is dark. Thirty seconds pass and the emergency lights kick on. The room is dimly lit, and all the equipment is offline.

Logan: Is everyone ok?

Crew member: We're fine. But I don't think the zords made it.

Engineer: No! This should have worked.

Logan: See if we can get someone to go check the zord bay. We need to know what shape those zords are in.

Crew member: I'll go find someone.

He doesn't even make it out the door before the lights come back on.

Logan: I don't believe it!

Engineer: I told you it would work!

Inside the zord holding bay the fully regenerated Elemental Zords are standing tall.

Logan: We have to get these to the past right away.

Logan and several of the crew members leave the development room and head for the control room.

Scene 6
Setting: The year 1997, inside the Power Chamber. Max and Alpha are working furiously at the consoles.

Max: We've almost got the Time Jets back up.

Alpha: Just a few more adjustments.

Zordon: You have done well to get the zords repaired so quickly. Now all we can do is hope that Time Force has been successful in reviving the Elemental Zords.

Max: I know they'll come through. They've never let us down before.

Alpha: There, the Time Jets are ready for action again.

Max: Great. Now all we have to do is get the Elemental Zords here and learn how to fuse them.

Timeline appears on the viewing globe.

Timeline: Zordon, Time Force is ready to transmit the Elemental Zords.

Zordon: Excellent. Have them teleported into the zord holding bay.

Timeline: I will. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must contact Time Force and begin the teleportation.

The image on the viewing globe fades.

Scene 7
Setting: The year 3000. Time Force is preparing to open the Time Gate. Just as the Elemental Zords are ready to launch Timeline appears on the communication screen.

Timeline: Stop now! Do not send the zords through the Time Gate.

Logan: What is going on?

Timeline: The zords must be transported through one of my portals.

Logan: Why can't we just use the Time Gate?

Timeline: All signals are blocked in that time period. If you send the zords through the Time Gate they'll be destroyed again on the other side.

Logan: I see. Shut down the Time Gate!

The Time Gate closes.

Timeline: I see you have the zords ready to launch. I'll open my portal where the Time Gate normally opens.

Logan: We're ready when you are.

Timeline: So be it.

He is seen moving his arms around. A portal opens right where the Time Gate normally is.

Logan: Launch!

The Elemental Zords are propelled through the portal. It then closes.

Timeline: Thank you Time Force.

The image fades.

Logan: Good luck Rangers. I think you'll need it.

Scene 8
Setting: The year 1997, inside the zord holding bay. A bright portal opens. Six beams of light, orange, blue, white, purple, black, and gold, flow from the portal and land in the bay. They take the form of the Elemental Zords and solidify.

Scene 9
Setting: Inside the Power Chamber. Timeline again appears on the viewing globe.

Timeline: The Elemental Zords have been delivered.

Zordon: Thank you Timeline.

Timeline: You're welcome. As soon as the others return I'll teach them how to fuse the Elemental Zords and the Time Jets.

Act 3
Scene 1
Setting: The prison compound. The Rangers have just found their parents.

Karen: Mom!

Karen's Mom: Karen! You're safe!

Joe's Mom: I was worried sick.

Tai: Did you miss me?

Kara's Dad: Are you going to use your powers to get us out of here?

Kara: We're working on it.

Victor's Dad: What do you mean, "working on it"?

He raises his voice as he speaks.

Victor's Dad: You're the Power Rangers! You have to get us out of here!

Victor is quick to try and quiet his father.

Victor: Keep it down dad. If they find us here there'll be big problems.

Tai's Dad: What do you mean?

Kara: Our powers are useless against them.

Karen's Mom: But if you can't beat them, who can?

Karen: We have a way, but it's not easy. Plus it requires all six of us, and Max isn't here.

A siren blares through the compound.

Tai: I don't like the sound of that.

A mechanical voice comes over the loudspeaker.

Mechanical Voice: Attention all guards, Rangers have been spotted in sector E1.

Kara: We better teleport out of here fast.

The Rangers get ready to teleport. Before they can a group of Cybots surrounds them.

Cybot: Halt. If you resist we will start killing the hostages.

Victor: I don't think we can just leave now.

Tai: But you can't fuse.

Victor: You guys go ahead. I should be able to hold my own.

Kara: If you insist.


(Time Fire Morphing Sequence)

Tai and Joe: IT'S FUSION TIME!

(Black Lightning Fusion Sequence)

Kara and Karen: IT'S FUSION TIME!

(Purple Diamond Fusion Sequence)

Black Lightning: You guys ready?

Purple Diamond: I was born ready.

Victor: Don't get too cocky. We're not at full strength and they have hostages.

Black Lightning: You won't last five minutes here. Go back and get Max.

Cybot: If any of you leave we'll kill them all, unless you manage to defeat us.

Tai's Dad: What's going on?

Victor: We have to fuse together to beat these guys.

Kara's Mom: Fuse together? So my baby is gone?

Purple Diamond: She's not gone; she's just part of me right now.

Black Lightning: Enough talk. Let's do this!

Black Lighting and Purple Diamond charge towards the Cybots.

Victor: I'll keep our parents safe.

Purple Diamond: As long as you stay our of our way.

Victor: Am I this bad when I fuse?

There are 10 cybots standing in a circular formation. Black Lightning and Purple Diamond are dashing in opposite directions. In a flash of light they both seem to vanish. In an instant sparks fly from all the cybots. The whole group collapses and their eyes go dark. Purple Diamond and Black Lightning become visible again.

Victor: Nice moves guys.

Purple Diamond: Too bad you aren't fused; we could've taught you how to do that.

Mechanical Voice: Rangers lost, beginning to sweep compound.

Victor: They don't know where we are now.

Black Lighting: Time to go while we can.

Purple Diamond: Agreed. Ready Victor?

Victor: Go!

The Rangers teleport into the ground.

Scene 2
Setting: Inside the Power Chamber. Max, Zordon, and Alpha are talking to Timeline.

Max: I'm getting a little worried. The others should have been back by now.

Alpha: Aye ai ai ai ai. I hope they didn't run into any trouble.

Zordon: They know how to handle themselves. I trust they will be here shortly.

He just barley finishes his sentence when the Rangers teleport up through the floor.

Purple Diamond: That was fun.

Black Lightning: Too bad you missed all the fun Max.

Victor: Our parents are fine, for now. But we did cut it close with those Cybots.

Timeline: Rangers, please un-fuse. I have important news for you.

In a flash of light Black Lightning and Purple Diamond un-fuse.

Victor: I take it we've made some progress.

Zordon: Rangers, the Elemental Zords have been resurrected by Time Force. Pay close attention to Timeline to learn how to fuse them with the Time Jets.

Karen: We will.

Timeline: Listen carefully Rangers. The fusion of the zords will be much easier than you expect.

Joe: Go on.

Timeline: First you must all be un-fused. This will allow you to call the zords.

Max: What about me?

Timeline: You will need to call the Gold Time Jet and the Thunder Battlezord.

Max: Ok.

Timeline: Once you call the zords you teleport into the Time Jet cockpits. Then one of you needs to call out "Fusion Megazord Power".

Victor: That's it?

Timeline: Yes. The zords will feed off of your energy at that point to complete the fusion.

Kara: Won't that be dangerous?

Timeline: Not at all. All it uses the energy for it to link you with the Elemental Zords.

Tai: I think we'll actually stand a chance now!

Zordon: If anyone can now stand against the Cyborgs it is you, Rangers.

Alpha: Just the thought of all this fusion is enough to cause overload.

Timeline: Rangers, I will continue to monitor the city for Cyborg attacks. I will let you know if you are needed.

Victor: Thanks Timeline.

Timeline: You're welcome Rangers.

Timeline vanishes from the viewing globe.

Zordon: I suggest you all fuse and do some training.

Tai: Why?

Zordon: Because when you are fused you lose control of your attitudes. You need to train to control this power. If you do not get control of it, it may destroy you.

Kara: Sounds serious. I think we better get on that then.

Victor: Right.


(Lithium Fire Fusion Sequence)
(Black Lightning Fusion Sequence)
(Purple Diamond Fusion Sequence)

Alpha: I have prepared the training simulator room.

Lithium Fire: Thanks tin man. We'll see you in a little while.

Alpha: Tin man!

Zordon: Calm down Alpha. They will get control of themselves soon.

Alpha: I hope so.

He walks towards the edge of the room.

Alpha (quietly): Tin man indeed.

The Rangers enter the training room and the doors close.

Scene 3
Setting: Inside the cyborg mothership. Cyborgia has just gotten the report that the Rangers escaped from the prison compound.

Cyborgia: You had them completely surrounded and they still got away! I don't believe this.

Cybot: We are sorry sir.

Cyborgia: It's time. Launch the giant Cybots!

Cybot: As you wish.

Scene 4
Setting: Outside the ship. A device that looks like a cannon comes out of the bottom. It aims towards the Earth. Four quick flashes of light flies out of the cannon and towards the Earth. They hit the ground just outside the city and solidify into Cybots the size of skyscrapers.

Cybot 1: Our orders are to flush out the Rangers and destroy them.

Cybot 2: This should be fun. The zords are no match for us.

All four of them start laughing.

Act 4
Scene 1
Setting: Timeline's dimension. An alarm goes off. He doesn't bother to try and find where it's coming form. Instead, he immediately turns to the monitor for Angel Grove, 1997.

Timeline: Looks like the cyborgs are moving again.

Scene 2
Setting: Inside the Power Chamber. Zordon and Alpha are watching the Rangers train on the viewing globe. Suddenly the picture vanishes, and is replaced with Timeline's image.

Timeline: We have big trouble Zordon.

Zordon: What is it, my friend?

Timeline: Four giant Cybots have just shown up outside the city.

Alpha: I'll end the Rangers training simulation right now.

He presses a button on the console. The door to the training room opens and the 3 fused Rangers emerge.

Zordon: How do you feel Rangers?

Lithium Fire: I feel great.

Black Lightning: I think that training helped.

Purple Diamond: Sure it did, all 20 minutes of it.

Lithium Fire: I think that comment shows we still have a lot of room for improvement.

Black Lighting: He guys, could you shut up for a minute. I think there's a reason Zordon called us out here.

Zordon: You are correct Black Lighting.

Timeline: Four giant Cybots are outside the city.

Lithium Fire: I take it we need to un-fuse now.

Timeline: That would help.

All Rangers: Power down!

There is a flash of light. Now all 6 Rangers are standing there, unmorphed.

Victor: Ready guys?

Tai: You know it.


(Time Fire Morphing Sequence)
(Time Lightning Morphing Sequence)
(Time Diamond Morphing Sequence)
(Time Amethyst Morphing Sequence)
(Time Onyx Morphing Sequence)
(Gold Lithium Morphing Sequence)
Kara: Time to show these guys our new trick.

Karen: Let's go.

The Rangers teleport into the ground.

Scene 3
Setting: Outside the city. The Rangers teleport up out of the ground.

Joe: This is it.

Max: I can't wait to see this.

Victor: Time Jet's first guys.

Tai, Joe, Kara, Karen: Right!


Setting: A holding bay under the city. The street above opens. The floor tilts up and aligns with the opening, forming a runway. The Time Jets engine's fire up. After building up pressure for a few seconds the jets launch out of the bay. The Rangers teleport to the cockpits.

The Cybots see the Jets coming.

Cybot 3: Oh look, here come those little brats now.

Cybot 4: Let's crush them.

Joe: Here they come!

Victor: Then let's hurry.


The main door of the zord holding bay opens. An orange, blue, white, purple, and black streak of light leave. When they arrive at the scene the orange one touches down and in a ball of flame the Firezord appears. The blue one lands. Lightning surrounds the Lightning Ninja and then disappears. A bright flash of light shines as the Diamond Slasher appears. Crystals grow from the ground and the Amethyst Ninja emerges from them. The black light touches down and the light forms the shape of the Onyx Deputy.


The zord holding bay opens. A gold streak of light leaves. As it strikes the ground there is a loud blast. The zord appears.

Tai: Fusion time.

Kara: Let's go!

The Time Jets fly directly over their corresponding Elemental Zords.


All the zords turn into beams of light. The lights from the Time Jets merge with the lights of their corresponding Elemental Zords. The lights move towards each other and begin to swirl together. The lights become one, and begin to take on a form. The form becomes solid. It looks like the Time Jet Megazord is wearing the Elemental Megazord as armor. It is much larger than the normal Megazords.

The Cybots quit charging.

Cybot 3: What is that!?

Cybot 4: I don't know.

Cybot 1: It seems like they have a new trick.

Cybot 2: No matter. Without fusion they don't stand a chance.

Max: So you think we have to fight you giants without fusion, huh?

Victor: Why don't you come over here and we'll show you what the power of a fused Megazord can do.

Cybot 3: Fused Megazord? I don't like the sounds of that.

Cybot 1: Quit acting so scared and just charge.

Cybot 3: But....

Cybot 2: Enough. I'll go.

He charges at the Fusion Megazord. Cybot 4 follows.

Joe: I think we should end this quickly.

Tai: I agree.

Victor: Then we'll just take them out.

The Elemental Saber appears in the Megazord's left hand. It charges quickly.

Kara: Bye bye Cybots.

Cybot 2: Now you die Rangers!

The Fusion Megazord swings the Elemental Saber. It strikes both Cybots. The begin to fall. They explode before they even hit the ground.

Cybot 3: Im...impossible!

Cybot 1: I don't believe this.

He also charges at the Megazord.

Karen: So you wanna play too. Fine.

The Megazord swings the saber again. The Cybot jumps in the air. The swing just misses the bottom of his feet.

Joe: Not so fast.

The right arm lifts and aims right at the Cybot.

Cybot 1: Like you can punch me from there.


The Mega Missile fires and destroys the Cybot.

Cybot 3: No. This can't be. You can't fuse your zords.

Kara: Wrong.

Tai: Last time we fought a giant we couldn't. Now we can.

Victor: This ends now.


The Elemental Saber charges up and slashes. The right arm fires a Mega Missile. Both strike the cybot. It collapses, shrinks down to normal size, then quickly expands back to giant size and explodes.

The Rangers are jumping around in the cockpit.

Victor: Yes. We did it!

Joe: We might actually be able to beat these guys after all.

Karen: This fusion power is unbelievable.

Max: We should head back. Now that we can fight them off it's time to figure out how to set this city free.

Kara: Hold on dad. We're almost ready.

Tai: Hear that cyborgs? You're going down!

Act 5
Scene 1
Setting: Inside the Power Chamber. The Rangers are standing in front of the viewing globe talking with Timeline.

Victor: So now that we can beat their forces we have to free the city.

Kara: But they have us seriously outnumbered.

Karen: Not to mention the forces that might still exist on their ship.

Timeline: The course of action is not for me to decide. It is up to you Rangers and Zordon to save the earth.

Zordon: Rangers, for now the best thing we can do is wait.

Max: But the whole city could be destroyed at any time.

Zordon: The cybots have not taken that course yet, so I think we can spare the time for now.

Tai: I can't just sit around while my family is out there.

Zordon: As Kara said, they have us vastly outnumbered. We must wait until their weakness shows itself.

Victor: You're right Zordon.

Alpha: I've setup some cots in the training room. Why don't you all go rest up?

Joe: Thanks Alpha. I think we could use a little rest.

The others nod their heads. They all walk towards the training room.

Scene 2
Setting: The Cyborg Mothership.

Cyborgia: I can't believe they found a way to fuse the zords! This has gotten completely out of hand.

Cybot: What are your orders sir?

Cyborgia: It's time to end this. We're pulling out all the stops.

Cybot: Yes sir. I shall begin to prepare the others.

The Cybot leaves Cyborgia's side.

Cyborgia: All you've managed to do today Rangers is destroy any change the human race had for survival. You will soon feel the full wrath of the Cyborg race.

The End

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