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Fusion Episode 4: Full Scale Assault

Act 1
Scene 1
Setting: The cyborg mothership. Cyborgia is talking with his second in command.

Cyborgia: Those Rangers have put the final piece of the fusion power into place. If we don't finish them now they may find a way to defeat us.

Cybot: But how do we do that?

Cyborgia: We pull out all the stops. I want you to prepare all the assault forces.

Cybot (a bit surprised): All of them?

Cyborgia: Each and every fighting unit is to be ready to launch.

Cybot: Isn't that a bit much? We could probably finish them just by using all the forces that are on the planet already.

Cyborgia: True, but I kind of like how we have the whole city locked down. I would like to do this with the entire planet. For that, I need all the troops there.

Cybot: I see. I will begin the preparations immediately.

Cyborgia: Good. Very soon those Rangers will wish they never learned how to fuse.

Scene 2
Setting: The Power Chamber. The Rangers are inside a dimly lit room. Alpha's voice is heard coming from a speaker.

Alpha's voice: Ready Rangers?

Max: All ready here.

Alpha's voice: Good. Fuse and we'll begin the simulation.

All Rangers: IT'S FUSION TIME!

(Lithium Fire Fusion Sequence)
(Black Lightning Fusion Sequence)
(Purple Diamond Fusion Sequence)

Alpha's voice: Beginning simulation.

The room suddenly changes into an open field. A large group of Cybots appear and move towards the Rangers.

Lithium Fire: Let's do this.

Purple Diamond: One step ahead of you.

She jumps in the air. Her legs extend. She plants them right in a Cybot's face. It explodes.

Black Lightning: Show off.

Lithium Fire and Black Lightning join in the fighting.

Act 2
Scene 1
Setting: The cyborg mothership.

Cyborgia: Are my forces ready?

Cybot: Yes sir!

Cyborgia: Good. Send all the ground forces first.

Cybot: As you wish.

Scene 2
Setting: Another room in the cyborg mothership. Thousands of transports are there. Each one is being completely filled with Cybots. The second in command is there, with Cyborgia visible on a monitor.

Cybot: The troops are being loaded now. They should be ready in about 5 minutes.

Cyborgia: Excellent. The Ranger's defeat is finally at hand.

A few minutes pass. All the Cybots are now loaded in the transports.

Cybot: All transports ready sir.

Cyborgia: Launch!

Cybot: Launch!

Scene 3
Setting: Outside the Cyborg mothership. A panel about 100 feet wide and 100 feet long lifts up at an angle. The transport ships emerge 10 by 10 from the opening. As soon as they all clear the door the panel closes back up. The transports' engines kick in and they fly towards the Earth. As they approach the planet the group breaks up. They scatter around the entire perimeter of Earth and begin to descend.

Scene 4
Setting: Timeline's dimension. He just enters the area where he monitors the different time streams.

Timeline: I should check on Eastern Ranger's situation.

He faces the appropriate monitor. He waves his hand to get the most recent images. The image changes from a still picture of the cybot mothership. In it's place scenes from various cities around the world flash for a short time.

Timeline: This is strange.

He slows the flashing down so he can see what is going on. The image on the screen shows dozens of transports landing in the city.

Timeline: They're attacking another city now too?

The image changes to another city. It also shows a large number of transports landing.

Timeline: Uh oh. This looks very bad.

He frantically tries to establish communication with Zordon.

Scene 5
Setting: The Power Chamber. Timeline appears on the viewing globe.

Timeline: Zordon, listen carefully. The cybots have launched a huge attack across the entire planet.

Zordon: This is troubling news. Alpha, call the Rangers back from their training.

Alpha: Right away.

Scene 6
Setting: Inside the training simulation. The Rangers are beating up on an endless supply of Cybots. Suddenly the Cybots vanish and the rooms changes back into the dimly lit room it was before.

Lithium Fire: What?

Purple Diamond: Who turned off the simulation? Black Lightning: And I was just starting to have fun.

Alpha's voice: Rangers, we need you in the main chamber now. This is an emergency.

Lithium Fire: We better hurry.

They quickly leave the room.

Scene 7
Setting: The main chamber. The Rangers enter the room and stand directly in front of Zordon.

Purple Diamond: What's wrong?

Zordon: Timeline has detected a large number of cybot transports landing all over the planet.

Black Lightning: All over the planet!

Timeline: Yes. I'm afraid the cybots have launched a full scale attack on the Earth.

Lithium Fire: What kind of numbers are we talking here?

Timeline: I haven't been able to get any kind of accurate count on the troops, but about 3000 ships landed.

Black Lightning: I wonder how many troops each of those can carry?

Timeline: I hate to tell you this, but the army that has invaded Angel Grove came in just one ship.

Purple Diamond: We're toast.

Lithium Fire: I hate to say it, but I agree. We don't stand a chance against that many.

Zordon: It seems as though our best option is to stay here and try to find some kind of weakness that we can exploit.

Timeline: I agree. No head on assault will stop a force that strong.

Black Lightning: No!

Everyone turns and stares at Black Lightning.

Black Lightning: We have to at least try.

Lithium Fire: There's no way. It's pointless to even try.

Black Lightning: Maybe, but we owe it to everyone on Earth to at least give it a shot.

Zordon: I cannot let you waste your powers on such a task.

Black Lightning: Think about it you guys. How many times did we sit and wait for the Rangers to save us before we ourselves became Rangers?

Purple Diamond: What are you talking about?

Black Lightning: The worst part of all those monster attacks was the times when the monsters had the upper hand and the Rangers never showed up. I don't know about you, but I couldn't help but feel like they abandoned us.

Zordon: You know that was never the case.

Black Lightning: True, but I would've felt much better had I seen them at least try.

Lithium Fire: I see. You want to show the people that we're still here. You want to give them hope.

Black Lightning: Exactly!

Purple Diamond: I know I'm gonna regret this. Let's go!

Alpha: I understand your reasoning, but this is not going to help anything.

Lithium Fire: Give us 20 minutes to try, please Zordon.

Zordon: It is against my better judgment to do so, but do as you feel you must.

Black Lightning: Thank you Zordon.

Zordon: Alpha, teleport the Rangers to the city.

Alpha: Oh, I just know this is going to turn out horrible.

He presses a button on the console. The Rangers teleport into the ground.

Scene 8
Setting: The city. The Rangers teleport up from the ground, right in the middle of a group of cybots.

Cybot 1: Alert! Rangers detected.

All the cybots turn and face the 3 Rangers.

Purple Diamond: You boys ready?

Black Lightning: Ready as I'll ever be.

Lithium Fire: Let's do this just like in the simulation.

The Rangers stare down the cybots.

Lithium Fire: GO!

The Rangers jump into action.

Scene 9
Setting: The cyborg mothership. Cyborgia is watching the progress of the invasion. Suddenly the screen changes to an image of the Rangers fighting the Cybots.

Cyborgia: I don't believe this! Those idiots actually think they can take out my forces this way. Ha!

Cybot: It is laughable, sir.

Cyborgia: I think the whole planet should watch this fight, don't you?

Cybot: Sir?

Cyborgia: We have all the communications blocked right now. Instead of blocking them, transmit this signal to them all. We'll let those miserable humans watch as their last hope of salvation is destroyed!

Cybot: Right away!

He moves to a console near Cyborgia. He presses a few buttons.

Scene 10
Setting: Various places around the world. Images of the Rangers fight appear on all the televisions and movie screens. The Cybots also set up several projectors that show the image in the sky, so all the world can watch the Rangers struggle uselessly against the Cybots.

Scene 11
Setting: The fight. The Rangers are putting forth all their effort.

Black Lightning takes a few Cybots down by punching them in the eyes. Purple Diamond also scores a few points, as does Lithium Fire.

Lithium Fire: There's just no end to these things.

Purple Diamond: You thought there would be?!

Black Lightning: I don't know how much longer we can hold out.

Suddenly the image of the fight appears above their heads.

Purple Diamond: Look!

The other two look up.

Black Lightning: What's going on?

Cyborgia's voice comes from the image.

Cyborgia's voice: Behold, humans. These three Power Rangers are your last hope. If they fail, your entire planet will become mine.

Lithium Fire: What is he doing?

Cyborgia's voice: As you can plainly see, they have no chance.

Black Lightning: Why are you doing this Cyborgia?

Cyborgia: Why, you ask. So the people of this planet will not only be conquered in body, but also in mind and spirit. They will all see their last hope die.

Purple Diamond: You horrible.....

Cyborgia: Here's the deal humans. Any who peacefully surrender to me will be allowed to live. Any who resist and wait for these weaklings to save them will die. You have 2 minutes to decide. In the meantime, enjoy the show.

The voice fades and the Cybots resume their attack on the Rangers.

Lithium Fire: Don't surrender! We'll find a way to stop them.

He gets punched in the stomach and drops.

Black Lightning: It's not too late....

He is hit in the back of the legs and falls.

Purple Diamond: No. This can't be the end...

A group of Cybots pile on her. Several minutes pass and none of the Rangers emerge. Then Cyborgia's voice is heard again.

Cyborgia's voice: Rangers, I know you can still hear me. You should know that half the world has already surrendered to me.

Scene 12
Setting: Inside the Power Chamber. The Rangers are watching Cyborgia's transmission on the viewing globe.

Lithium Fire: No way. They wouldn't surrender.

Cyborgia's voice: I heard that Ranger. Here's the proof.

Several images flash on the viewing globe of capital cities. All the images show people being led away by Cybots.

Cyborgia's voice: I trust you all liked that image. Here's one of a country that hasn't surrendered.

The image changes again. This one is different. No humans are visible and all the buildings are in ruin.

Cyborgia's voice: The rest of you have 1 hour to make your final decision. See you then.

The transmission ends and Timeline reappears on the viewing globe.

Black Lightning: I don't believe this. They've actually conquered the world.

Zordon: Rangers, I suggest you unfuse and rest. We need you at full power.

Purple Diamond: Right.

All Rangers: Power down!

There is another flash of light. As the light returns to normal all the Rangers are standing there, unmorphed.

Alpha: I've prepared the simulation room for you. You can rest there.

Kara: Thanks Alpha.

The Rangers slowly walk towards the room. Victor turns around just before he enters the door.

Victor: Thanks for teleporting us out of there Zordon.

Zordon: You are welcome Victor.

Victor enters the simulation room and the door closes.

Act 3
Scene 1
Setting: The main room of the Power Chamber. Zordon, Alpha, and Timeline are talking.

Alpha: We have to think of something. We can't just let them have the Earth.

Timeline: I'm afraid that we can't do much with the limited firepower we have.

Zordon: The Power Rangers were created to fight small scale battles. There was never any intent to stop entire armies.

Alpha: Time Force has a sizable army. Maybe they could help us.

Timeline: It's worth a shot at this point. I'll set up a communication link immediately.

The image on the viewing globe splits. Now both Timeline and Captain Logan are visible.

Captain Logan: Is there something I can help you with Zordon?

Zordon: The Cyborgs have launched a full scale attack against the Earth. Many countries have already surrendered.

Logan: That's awful.

Zordon: As you know, the Rangers are not equipped to fight an army of that size on their own. I request that you send as many Time Force soldiers as you can to aid us.

Logan: I have some bad news then. The invasion is causing all kinds of chaos in the time space continuum. If I open a portal there is no way to tell where it will actually lead to.

Timeline: I should be able to open a direct portal.

Logan: That should work. I'll begin to prepare....

The image of Captain Logan fades from the viewing globe.

Alpha: What happened?

Timeline: This is bad.

Zordon: What is it?

Timeline: The flow of time has become so unstable that even I can't control it anymore!

Zordon: Then we are on our own?

Timeline: I'm afraid so. And if the Rangers don't stop the Cyborgs, all of time from this point on will collapse.

Zordon: Alpha, begin processing all the information we have on the Cyborgs. They must have some kind of weakness that we can take advantage of.

Alpha: Right away, Zordon.

He begins working furiously at the console.

Scene 2
Setting: The cyborg mothership. Cyborgia is watching as his armies cover the globe. His assistant is watching with him.

Cyborgia: This is going perfectly. How many more countries have surrendered?

Cybot: Only a handful more sir.

Cyborgia: What! They must actually believe the Rangers will find a way to save them.

Cybot: I suggest we launch the giant Cybots. That should crush all their hopes.

Cyborgia: That's an excellent idea. Send them at once!

Cybot: Yes sir.

The Cybot leaves the room.

Scene 3
Setting: Outside the cyborg mothership. Hundreds of giant Cybots emerge from the ship. They head towards the Earth.

Scene 4
Setting: Inside the Power Chamber. Alpha and Zordon are still scanning all the data they have on the cyborgs.

Alpha: I still haven't found anything we can use. This could take weeks.

Zordon: I'm afraid we don't have weeks. We must hurry.

Timeline is still on the viewing globe. An alarm can be heard behind him.

Zordon: What is happening?

Timeline: Uh oh. This is bad. It looks like...

Timeline vanishes from the viewing globe. An image of Cyborgia appears in his place.

Zordon: Alpha, get the Rangers out here now!

Alpha presses a button. Alarms sound all over the Power Chamber. The Rangers stumble out of the simulation room.

Victor: What's happening?

Kara: Why did you wake me up? I was having the best dream.

Tai looks up and sees Cyborgia on the viewing globe.

Tai: Him again!

Cyborgia: People of the Earth, you have failed to meet my demands. I suppose some of you still thing those pathetic Power Rangers are going to save you. Allow me to demonstrate that this will never happen.

The image changes. It now shows several of the giant Cybots landing on the planet. It flashes about 10 times, each showing a different location. It then goes back to Cyborgia.

Cyborgia: As you can see, I've sent my giant Cybots to crush any resistance my ground forces meet up with.

The image changes again. It shows giant Cybots crushing buildings in various cities.

Cyborgia: Enjoy the end of your world.

Cyborgia stops talking, but the images of destruction continue to broadcast.

Zordon: I suppose you want to try and give the people hope again?

Max: I think we have to at least try.

Karen: But the Fusion Megazord won't stand a chance against that many Cybots.

Joe: It doesn't matter. The people need to know we're still here.

Tai: I agree. We can't just sit back and watch this.

Kara: I know you and Alpha will find a way to actually beat them, but until then this is all we can do.

Victor: You ready guys?

All the other Rangers nod.

Victor: Then let's do it!


(Time Fire Morphing Sequence)
(Time Lightning Morphing Sequence)
(Time Diamond Morphing Sequence)
(Time Amethyst Morphing Sequence)
(Time Onyx Morphing Sequence)
(Gold Lithium Morphing Sequence)

Scene 5
Setting: Outside the city. Several giant Cybots are in the area. The Rangers teleport out of the ground. Zordon's voice comes over the communicator as soon as they arrive.

Zordon's voice: More countries have surrendered. You must hurry.

Tai: We're all over it.


Setting: A holding bay under the city. The street above opens. The floor tilts up and aligns with the opening, forming a runway. The Time Jets engine's fire up. After building up pressure for a few seconds the jets launch out of the bay. The Rangers teleport to the cockpits.

Victor, Tai, Kara, Karen, and Joe: ELEMENTAL ZORDS, POWER UP!

The main door of the zord holding bay opens. An orange, blue, white, purple, and black streak of light leave. When they arrive at the scene the orange one touches down and in a ball of flame the Firezord appears. The blue one lands. Lightning surrounds the Lightning Ninja and then disappears. A bright flash of light shines as the Diamond Slasher appears. Crystals grow from the ground and the Amethyst Ninja emerges from them. The black light touches down and the light forms the shape of the Onyx Deputy.


The zord holding bay opens. A gold streak of light leaves. As it strikes the ground there is a loud blast. The zord appears.

The Time Jets fly directly over their corresponding Elemental Zords.


All the zords turn into beams of light. The lights from the Time Jets merge with the lights of their corresponding Elemental Zords. The lights move towards each other and begin to swirl together. The lights become one, and begin to take on a form. The form becomes solid. It looks like the Time Jet Megazord is wearing the Elemental Megazord as armor. It is much larger than the normal Megazords.

Victor: Time to bring some hope back to the world.

The Fusion Megazord heads into battle.

Act 4
Scene 1
Setting: Outside the city. The Fusion Megazord is walking towards a group of giant Cybots.

Joe: Let's do this as quickly as we can.

An image of the Megazord appears in the sky, just as the earlier battle against the ground forces did.

Cyborgia's voice: I think the whole world needs to see how pathetically outmatched you really are.

Kara: I'm starting to really hate that guy.

Karen: Then let's make him look like a fool.

Max: I just got an idea. While we fight these giants let's try and use the Megazord's feet to stomp out some of the ground forces.

Victor: Good idea. Joe, you and Karen work on making those feet hit the ground troops. The rest of us will focus on the giants.

Joe: You got it.

Karen: Can do.

As the Megazord continues its advance hundreds of Cybots are stepped on.

Kara: That's one way to take them out.

Max: Normally Zordon would have a fit if we used the Megazord to fight small monsters, but I don't think he'll mind in this case.

The giant Cybots see the Fusion Megazord coming. There are 4 in that group.

Giant Cybot 1: Looks like they're looking for their own destruction.

Giant Cybot 2: Let's take them out.

Giant Cybot 3: This will be too easy.

Giant Cybot 4: Enough talk. Let's do this.

The four Cybots charge the Megazord. The Megazord strikes first by punching at one of the Cybots. It is knocked back a bit, but not much. The other three strike before the Megazord can strike back. It stumbles backwards about 10 steps. As is walks more and more ground forces are crushed under its feet.

Giant Cybot 3: They're using the Megazord to crush our ground troops.

Giant Cybot 2: Then we need to punish them even harder.

Cybot 1 and 3 grab the Megazord's arms and start squeezing. Sparks fly inside the cockpit.

Tai: We have to break free.

Kara: Then we'll have to do something about that.

She presses a button in front of her. Both of the Megazord's arms begin to glow.

Kara: Bye bye boys.

The glowing moves from the arms into the Cybots. They explode. The blast causes some damage to the Megazord, but not much.

Victor: Good job Kara.

Kara: Thank you.

Before the Rangers get a chance to celebrate 3 more giant Cybots show up.

Max: Great. We destroy 2 and 3 more show up.

Giant Cybot 5: Looks like you guys need some backup.

Giant Cybot 6: Let's end this game.

Giant Cybot 7: Allow me.

Cybot 7 fakes a punch. As the Megazord tries to dodge it he sweeps its legs out from under it. It falls hard.

Victor: Oh no you don't.

Victor pulls a lever. The Megazord jumps back to its feet, just as Cybot 2 tries to put its knee into the Megazord's chest.

Joe: That was close.

Victor: Enough games. Fusion Strike!

The Elemental Saber appears in the Megazord's left arm. The right arm lifts up and aims directly at Cybot 2. The Elemental Saber charges up and slashes. The right arm fires a Mega Missile. Both strike Cybot 2. It collapses, shrinks down to normal size, then quickly expands back to giant size and explodes.

Max: Now for the rest of them!

The Megazord uses the Fusion Strike on Cybot 4, 5, 6, and 7. They all explode.

Cyborgia's voice: Nice work Rangers, but you forget I have hundreds more just waiting to fight you.

Kara: Incoming!

Sixteen more giant Cybots appear on the horizon. They charge in without saying a word. The Megazord scrambles to defend itself. After taking a few hits it drops the Elemental Saber. In just a few short seconds the Megazord is being held in place by the Cybots.

Victor: We're stuck!

Karen: This looks bad.

Tai: It's about to get worse.

Joe: Why?

Tai: The ground forces are climbing up the Megazord.

Max: What?!

Kara: They've activated their self destruct mechanisms!

Victor: We have to find a way out of this!

Giant Cybot: It's over Rangers. You are finished.

Zordon's voice comes over the communicators.

Zordon's voice: Rangers, you have tried your best, but now you must retreat.

Joe: Easier said than done right now.

Zordon's voice: Unfuse the Zords to set them free. If you don't do it now they will be destroyed.


There is a flash of light. The Fusion Megazord vanishes. The Rangers jump to the ground as it does. The Cybots that were climbing the Megazord begin to fall.

Max: GO!

The Rangers teleport into the ground just as the Cybots hit the ground.

Scene 2
Setting: Inside the Power Chamber. The Rangers teleport up from the floor.

Kara: That was too close.

Cyborgia's image is on the viewing globe.

Cyborgia: Rangers, the world has just watched your defeat. Even though you escaped from my forces, you have no hope of winning now. It would be wise for you to surrender. The rest of the world already has.

The image changes to cities across the world. All of them have surrendered.

Victor: I don't believe it. We failed.

Tai: We're the only ones left.

Kara: We can't give up, not now.

Karen: There has to be a way.

Joe: I'm not giving up.

Max: What should we do Zordon?

Zordon: Rangers, don't give up hope. Alpha and I may have found a solution to our problem.

Act 5
Scene 1
Setting: The Power Chamber. Zordon and Alpha are explaining their plan to the Rangers.

Victor: So what's this plan of yours?

Alpha: We have discovered the location of their power source. Destroy it, and you destroy them all.

Max: I bet it's well guarded.

Zordon: Actually, it isn't.

Karen: Explain.

Zordon: Their power comes from the generators of their mothership. With all of their forces attacking Earth, there are few, if any, left on board the ship.

Victor: Then all we have to do is figure out how to get to the ship.

Kara: They'll see how powerful we really are.

Scene 2
Setting: The cyborg mothership.

Cyborgia: This is the most fun I've ever had conquering a planet. There is no way those pathetic humans can beat me now, even with the fusion power.

He begins to laugh.

The End

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