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Fusion Episode 5: Defeat of the cyborgs

Act 1
Scene 1
Setting: Inside the Power Chamber. The Rangers are working on their strategy for defeating the cyborgs.

Max: So all we have to do is find some way to get on board the cyborg mothership.

Victor: But just how are we supposed to get into space. It's not like we have a space ship.

Zordon: Actually, we have six space ships.

Joe: We do? Where?

Alpha: That's right! I almost forgot about that.

Kara: What are you guys talking about?

Zordon: The Time Jets can be used in space just as they are on Earth.

Tai: Really? That's great!

Karen: How will we know what to do when we get there?

Alpha: I've managed to decode the floor plans for the ship. I'll upload into the Time Jet's computers. That way you'll know exactly where to go and how to get there.

Victor: What about breaking into the ship. Won't it take some serious firepower to get through the hull?

Max: I would think the Time Jet Megazord would be able to break through.

Zordon: By our calculations the Mega Missile will be more than strong enough for this task.

Victor: This seems all too easy. I just have a hard time believing that they would leave themselves that vulnerable.

Tai: Think of it this way. Fusion is the only power that can stop them to begin with, so that right there makes them almost invincible.

Karen: But they know we can use the fusion power.

Tai: Yeah, but they also have our entire planet under their control. I doubt they know we can get to their ship, and they know we can't beat them from here. From their point of view, there is no way for us to win now.

Victor: It makes sense. They do seem very full of themselves, so I wouldn't put it passed them to underestimate us like that.

Joe: So are we going to do this or what?

Victor: How soon can we leave Zordon?

Zordon: Alpha has prepped the Time Jets. You can leave right now.

Victor: Then it's time for us to go save the planet.

Victor leaves the room, heading for the Time Jet holding bay.

Tai: Right behind you.

Joe: This is our last chance.

Kara: We won't fail the Earth now.

Karen: Those cyborgs are in for a big surprise.

Max: Let's save the world!

The other five Rangers exit the room in the same direction as Victor.

Zordon: Good luck Rangers, and may the power protect you.

Scene 2
Setting: The cyborg mothership. Cyborgia is watching his forces as they march victoriously on the Earth.

Cyborgia: Finally the planet has fallen. Soon we will stock up on what resources we need and be on our way. I have to admit, those Rangers put up a good fight, but in the end no one can defeat the great Cyborgia!

Act 2
Scene 1
Setting: Inside the Time Jet holding bay. The Rangers walk into the room.

Victor: Everyone ready?

Before he finishes his sentence the other Rangers are climbing into the cockpits of their Jets.

Victor: I'll take that as a yes.

He scrambles to enter his jet. Once they all enter their zords the canopies close. The holding bay doors open wide above them.

Victor: Fire Ranger, ready to launch.

Tai: Lightning Ranger, ready to launch.

Kara: Diamond Ranger, ready to launch.

Karen: Amethyst Ranger, ready to launch.

Joe: Onyx Ranger, ready to launch.

Max: Lithium Ranger, ready to launch.

The Jets line up in order. The Orange Jet fires up its engines and launches out of the holding bay. The others follow.

Max: Everything looks good from here.

Victor: Everyone ready to head out of the atmosphere?

Joe: I think so.

Karen: Let's go!

The Jets line up into a V-shaped formation. They quickly switch from horizontal flight to vertical. They are flying straight up. From inside Victor's cockpit the view of clouds slowly starts to shift into a view of black space and the moon.

Kara: This view is incredible.

Joe: I've never seen anything like it.

Victor: Looks like we all made it safely. Now let's find that ship.

The Jets fly past the moon. Several minutes pass.

Karen: Where is it?

Joe: Looks like Alpha forgot to tell us where to look.

Victor: Don't get impatient. I see something up ahead.

The Jets continue to fly. The object in front of them slowly gets larger as they approach. After a few moments it is in clear view.

Tai: That's it!

Joe: According to Alpha's blueprints, the best place to enter is from the left side, near the back.

Victor: Got it. Let's form the Megazord and get in there.


The Orange Time Jet starts to fly in a formation. The Blue and Black Jets fly on its left and right with the wings almost touching. The White and Purple Jets turn and fly backwards, lining up with the tail section of the Orange Jet. The Gold Jet flies a few dozen feet above the Orange Jet. The Orange Jet transforms its wings and tail fins into slots to hook arms and legs. The White and Purple jets fold their wings up and attach to the Orange Jet. Blue and Black do the same. The Blue and Black jets bend to form arms. The White and Purple Jets bend to form feet. The Gold Jet lands on top of the Orange Jet to finish forming the body. The Orange cockpit swings down revealing a head. The Megazord turns upright and lands.

Max: Time Jet Megazord, ready to go.

Tai: Moving into position now.

On a screen inside the Megazord is a map that Alpha loaded into the computer. There is a dot on the map that represents the Megazord. There is an X on the map of the cyborg mothership where the Rangers are supposed to enter. Within a few seconds the dot is right over top of the X.

Tai: We're good to go.

Karen: Time to make an entrance.

All Rangers: MEGA MISSILE!

The Megazord lifts it arms. They charge up and fire a blast that looks like 2 missiles. They impact the ship and a hole is formed.

Kara: It worked.

Joe: But it's not big enough for the Megazord to fit through.

Max: Maybe not, but it is large enough to get the Jets in.

Victor: Let's split it up then.

The Time Jet Megazord splits back up into its component Jets.

Max: I'll head in first. You guys follow.

The Jets line up in single file. The Gold Jet takes the lead and enters the hole in the side of the mothership. The others wait outside for clearance.

Max: It's all clear.

Victor: We're coming in.

The Orange, Blue, White, Black, and Purple Jets enter the hole.

Joe: There's Max.

Victor, Joe, Karen, Tai, and Kara land near Max.

Max: I ran a check. There is atmosphere in here so we can breathe. But we'll have to hurry; it's draining from that hole fast.

Tai: Got it.

The Rangers quickly exit their Jets and hurry to a door.

Karen: Well, so far so good.

Kara: Let's get to the generators and finish this.

She pushes a button beside the door. It opens and the Rangers hurry through it. It closes behind them.

Scene 2
Setting: The control room of the mothership. Cyborgia is interrupted when alarms start going off.

Cyborgia: What the heck is going on?

A computerized voice answers.

Computerized voice: Damage to hull detected. Storage room A is losing atmosphere. Intruders also detected leaving storage room A.

Cyborgia: Intruders? Give me a visual!

Computerized voice: On screen now.

The screen changes from scenes on Earth to the Rangers in the hallway of the mothership.

Cyborgia: I don't believe it! Those Rangers somehow got on my ship. Send in the defense force.

Computerized voice: Unable to send defense force. All forces have been sent to Earth.

Cyborgia: Oh great. Well, looks like I'll have no choice but to fight them myself. How unlucky for them.

He presses a button. All the equipment in the control room shuts down, including the viewing screen. Cyborgia hurries to a corner of the room. The lights go out, and he is no longer visible.

Scene 3
Setting: A hallway inside the mothership. The Rangers are walking cautiously.

Karen: I heard an alarm go off earlier.

Joe: Then whoever is left here knows we're coming.

Tai: This is just a little weird. We've blown a hole in their ship and are halfway to the control room, yet not one bit of resistance.

Kara: I guess they really did send everything they had to Earth.

Victor: And if we don't hurry, they might destroy everything on the planet.

Everyone gets quiet after that comment. They walk in silence for the next five minutes. They come to the end of the hallway.

Victor: What's on the other side of this door?

Joe looks down at a portable device Alpha gave him.

Joe: According to the map we got from Alpha, it should be the control room.

Victor: Then let's go set the charges and get out of here.

He presses the button to open the door. The room is much darker than the hallway. The Rangers enter slowly.

Karen: I really don't like this.

Kara: Anyone else feel like we're being watched?

Max: I wish they would've at least left a light on for us.

They get to the center of the room, where Cyborgia had been previously.

Karen: This looks like the main computer system.

Joe: All we have to do now is set the charge and run for it.

Victor places a small device to the computer. He presses a button on it. A small screen activates. After a few more button presses the screen displays a 20 minute countdown timer.

Victor: Twenty minutes should give us plenty of time to get back to the Jets and get out of here.

Cyborgia (to himself): So they plan to blow my ship up do they? Well, I'll just make sure they are destroyed along with it.

He slowly heads towards the door. The Rangers are unable to see his movements.

Victor presses another button and the countdown begins.

Victor: All set, now let's get out of here before this thing goes off.

Tai: Right behind you.

The Rangers take off running for the door. Tai gets ahead of the rest of them. They lose sight of him. After a few seconds they hear him scream, then he comes flying back and slams into Joe.

Karen: What the heck?

Cyborgia: Lights on!

The lights turn on and the Rangers see Cyborgia standing right in front of the door.

Karen helps Tai and Joe back up.

Kara: Who are you?

Cyborgia: I am Cyborgia, the most powerful cyborg in the universe. You thought you could come and destroy my ship this easily? Ha!

Max: I really don't like the looks of this.

Joe: I think it's time to do our thing.

All Rangers: IT'S FUSION TIME!

(Lithium Fire Fusion Sequence)
(Black Lightning Fusion Sequence)
(Purple Diamond Fusion Sequence)

Lithium Fire: This is your last chance to get out of our way before we destroy you.

Cyborgia: Destroy me? That is funny. You obviously have no idea just how much power I have. Allow me to show you.

He charges at the Rangers. Lithium Fire and Black Lightning try to block him. He pushes them away effortlessly. He grabs Purple Diamond by the neck and lifts her up.

Cyborgia: Allow me to finish you first my dear so you don't have to watch your friends get slaughtered.

He pulls his hand back, getting ready to stab her with it. Just as he begins to thrust in her direction sparks fly from his back. He lets go of Purple Diamond and turns around.

Cyborgia: If you two are so eager to die then I'll grant your request.

Black Lightning: Ok, Purple Diamond is free, but who's going to save us.

Lithium Fire: Quit being such a wuss.

Lithium Fire throws a punch, but Cyborgia easily blocks it. He does the same with a kick from Black Lightning.

Purple Diamond is now standing near the door.

Purple Diamond: Guys, forget him. Let's just get out of here.

Lithium Fire: Right.

Black Lightning: Sounds good to me.

They run towards the door.

Cyborgia: I don't think so.

He pulls a small piece of metal off his back and throws it at the door. It hits right in the middle and sticks. It expands and covers the whole doorway.

Cyborgia: If you really want to leave here, you'll have to destroy me. Otherwise, we'll all go down together in the next 15 minutes.

Purple Diamond: I don't believe this. We're really going to die here.

Lithium Fire: Look, all we have to do is take him out and run for it.

Black Lightning: Just how do we do that? We can't even touch him.

Lithium Fire: I'll think of something.

Purple Diamond: Well you better think fast, or we're all dead.

Act 3
Scene 1
Setting: The control room of the mothership. The Rangers are standing near the door. Cyborgia is just standing there laughing at them.

Cyborgia: You thought you could save your world from my forces by coming here. Instead, you've hastened its destruction.

Lithium Fire: What are you talking about?

Cyborgia: Open a communication line to all of my forces.

Computerized voice: Line open, ready for transmission.

Cyborgia: Fellow cyborgs, the Power Rangers are here with me now trying to stop us. It is time to carry out our promise of destruction to all who fail to surrender. Since these Rangers represent the whole planet, I want everything leveled!

Purple Diamond: NO!

Black Lightning: You can't do that!

Cyborgia: I just did.

The viewing screen activates. Images from around the world flash on it. Cybots and Giant Cybots are trashing the cities.

Lithium Fire: Don't worry guys. In 13 minutes this whole place will explode and the threat will be gone forever.

Cyborgia: You really think I'm just going to stand here and let my ship be destroyed? I intend to finish you all off, then deactivate your little bomb.

Black Lightning: Then I guess we have no choice but to keep you busy until it's too late.

Cyborgia: You'll never last that long against me.

Purple Diamond: I think he's right. We can't even begin to fight him at this level.

Black Lightning: Well what choice do we have?

Lithium Fire: I have an idea. You two may not like it, but I think it's worth a try.

Black Lightning: So spit it out already.

Cyborgia: Yes, do tell me what you think you can do Ranger.

Lithium Fire: We try and fuse into one Ranger.

Purple Diamond: You're crazy! What makes you think we can do that?

Lithium Fire: It's just a gut feeling, but it may be our only chance.

Black Lightning: But Timeline said that if males and females fuse together it will be permanent.

Lithium Fire: Yeah, but I think it's a small sacrifice on our part if it'll save the entire world.

Purple Diamond: I'm not crazy about it, but I have to agree. They'll destroy the whole world and us along with it if we don't.

Black Lightning: I guess I'm out voted. Let's give it a shot.

Lithium Fire: That's the spirit.

Cyborgia: Oh this I just have to see. Give it your best shot.

Lithium Fire: Alright then.

Lithium Fire, Black Lightning, and Purple Diamond Ranger: IT'S FUSION TIME!

The Rangers stand in a triangle formation, facing each other. They all pull their arms up across their chests. Lithium Fire's right arm glows orange, while his left glows gold. Black Lightning's right arm glows blue, while his left glows black. Purple Diamond's right arm glows white, and her left arm glows purple. They extend their arms so they all touch. The inner triangle their arms form glows with the green color of the Ultimate Powers. In a flash of light the same color, the three fused Rangers vanish, and in their place is standing a single Ranger, clothed in the green Ultimate Power suit. The suit is solid green, with no distinguishing marks. The helmet is equally plain, as the visor is just a circle. The new Ranger speaks. All six Rangers voices seem to be speaking as one.

New Ranger: I am Omni Ranger. Now Cyborgia, you will be destroyed, and the Earth will be saved.

Cyborgia: Impressive. You actually managed to fuse into one. But I'll soon show you that no matter how many Rangers you cram into one body; it will never be enough to stop me.

Omni Ranger: We'll see about that.

Cyborgia charges at Omni Ranger. He tries to strike, but Omni Ranger jumps out of the way before he can even react.

Cyborgia: You got a lot faster.

Omni Ranger: That's not all that improved. Care to see my offensive powers?

Cyborgia: Bring it on.

Omni Ranger: As you wish.

Omni Ranger lifts its arms across its chest and charges at Cyborgia.

Omni Ranger: Fusion Slash!

Omni Ranger's arms begin to glow green. Cyborgia tries to dodge, but before he can move Omni Ranger's arms uncross and cut right through him. Sparks erupt from his body as it falls to the floor.

Cyborgia: Curse you Rangers. Curse you.

He explodes.

Omni Ranger: That takes care of that.

Omni Ranger looks over at the bomb.

Omni Ranger: Uh oh. Only 7 minutes left. I better hurry.

Before the Ranger can take 3 steps there is a flash of light. All six Rangers are now standing there, unmorphed.

Max: Looks like Omni Ranger was too powerful to sustain for very long.

Tai: Don't consider me ungrateful that we're not stuck together anymore, but let's get the heck out of here and figure this out later.

Karen: I agree, let's go!

The Rangers run as fast as they can through the hallway and back to the Time Jets. The board them quickly and start to take off.

Joe: 60 seconds! Hurry!

The Jets fly out of the hole in the hull of the mothership. They don't get very far before the charge goes off. The blast is huge. The Jets are too close, and the force from the blast sends them spinning off in various directions.

Victor: I'm out of control!

Karen: Is everyone still here?

Joe: I think I'm gonna be sick.

Kara: I almost have it!

The Rangers get the Time Jets back under control.

Max: Remind me not to go on this ride again.

Tai: Awesome, we all made it!

Victor: Barley. Let's get back to Earth and find out what happened to the cyborgs.

Tai, Joe, Kara, Max, Karen: Right.

The Rangers fly in formation back towards the Earth.

Act 4
Scene 1
Setting: Different cities around the world. Cybots are tearing up everything, and people are running for their lives. Suddenly, all the Cybots freeze, and their eyes stop glowing. After a few minutes the people begin to realize the Cybots aren't attacking anymore. They stand and stare at them, amazed that they just stopped with no warning.

Scene 2
Setting: Inside the Power Chamber. The Rangers have just entered the room.

Karen: Did it work? Did we stop them?

Zordon: Behold the viewing globe.

The Rangers look at the viewing globe. It displays the images of the Cybots frozen.

Victor: We did it. We beat them.

Tai: Yes! I knew we could.

Zordon: I don't think I've ever been more proud of you Rangers. Against all odds you defeated the cyborgs.

Kara: We almost didn't.

Joe: Yeah, the Cyborgia was tough.

Alpha: How did you defeat him?

Excitedly the Rangers begin to explain what happened.

Max: It was incredible. He had us trapped inside the ship.

Karen: We fused, but we couldn't even touch him.

Joe: Then he ordered his troops to start destroying the world.

Victor: We knew we had to move fast or lose everything.

Kara: We decided to all fuse into one.

Tai: That's when we became Omni Ranger.

Joe: And Cyborgia didn't stand a chance against Omni Ranger.

Zordon: You have done well Rangers.

Alpha: Rangers, I'm going to teleport you to your families now.

Karen: Oh! I almost forgot about them. They must be worried sick.

Victor: We're ready Alpha.

Alpha presses a button and the Rangers teleport away.

Scene 3
Setting: Inside the compound where the Cybots had the Rangers parents help prisoner. Their parents are all together, searching for them. In a flash of light the Rangers teleport in.

Kara: Mom! Dad!

Kara's parents: Kara! Thank goodness your safe.

Each Ranger runs up to their parents. The each explain what went on since they went to fight off the Cybots. About an hour passes. Then the communicators go off.

Alpha's voice: Rangers, I hate to break up the reunion, but you must return to the Power Chamber immediately.

Victor: We're on our way Alpha.

The Rangers say tearful goodbyes to their parent and teleport away.

Scene 4
Setting: The Power Chamber. The Rangers teleport in.

Zordon: I'm sorry to interrupt your celebrations Rangers, but you must return to the year 3000 now.

Tai: But why now?

Timeline appears on the viewing globe.

Timeline: I can answer that.

The Rangers turn to face the viewing globe.

Timeline: The events that happened here were never supposed to occur. Your presence in that time period is keeping the rift in the time-space continuum open. If you do not return to 3000, all of time may collapse.

Max: That would be bad.

Kara: What about our parents? Will they be ok after all of this?

Timeline: Do not worry about them. Once you return to the year 3000 this alternate timeline will cease to exist. Only Time Force, you Rangers, and myself will remember what happened here.

Joe: Why Time Force?

Timeline: Because they have it on their records as one of millions of alternate timelines that could have happened, but were prevented. Preventing timelines like this one is what Time Force was created to do, and so far they have done an outstanding job.

Tai: You mean stuff like this happens all the time?

Timeline: Yes, it's just that no one ever remembers it. It is essentially erased, for the good of the entire universe.

Karen: Well, I guess we should go then. Goodbye Zordon! Bye Alpha!

Zordon: Goodbye Rangers, and good luck with whatever you face in the future.

Timeline: I'm opening the portal now.

He waves his arms and a portal appears in front of the Rangers.

Timeline: I'll send your Time Jets back separately. I think you've worked hard enough for one day.

Tai: I'll agree to that. Thank you Timeline.

Timeline: It is I who need to thank you. You all fought bravely and saved all of time from collapse. You should be proud of yourselves.

Max: That's what being a Ranger is all about.

The others nod in agreement.

Victor: Let's go guys.

The Rangers walk through the portal. It closes and Timeline vanished from the viewing globe.

Zordon and Alpha watch the scene, and then turn to each other in puzzlement.

Alpha: Why was I just staring off into space like that?

Zordon: I'm not sure Alpha, but I was as well.

Alpha: Hmm. What a strange day. Oh well, at least everything is quiet.

Act 5
Scene 1
Setting: Time Force headquarters. The Rangers step through Timeline's portal, right into the control room. Captain Logan and most of the Time Force crew is there waiting.

Captain Logan: Three cheers for the Rangers, they saved history from the Cyborgs!

Everyone cheers loudly.

Victor: Even though this isn't our time, I still say it's good to be home.

Tai: I just hope we never have to do anything like that again.

Kara: It wasn't that bad. Besides, we never know when that fusion trick might come in handy.

Joe: Good point. We did learn a lot from it all.

Captain Logan: Rangers, you've worked hard enough the past few days. Relax and come join the party.

Max: Sounds good to me.

Karen: I won't argue with that!

The Rangers hurry to join with Captain Logan and the others. They grab some refreshments and the festivities begin.

The End

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